The March of the Carnivores!


Ouch. I am not allergic to normal things but I am to human stupidity. It’s painful to read these things and I don’t even know what it is about!

Sounds great to me. Well I am so not ready to EF but carnivore + IF (OMAD or 2MAD, whatever suits my day better), that’s my plan too for April… Until I last, I can’t imagine me doing carnivore for a whole month. Theoretically possible, I never say never… I don’t even understand why I go off, it’s not like I feel a problem, it just happens somehow. I will watch as a hawk now, I want to see the reason at least! My hypothesis is that my rebellious self gets bored. But that’s one reason I try to do a stricter version so me going slightly off still could be carnivore and that’s still wonderful in my book. As long as I stop there.

Stomach growls are not hunger so I don’t care about those (but I don’t care about stomach hunger either), I should wait for either real, strong hunger, weakness or 7pm with the feeling I wouldn’t last until the next evening (it’s not ideal if I eat too late). I can do it on Zornfast, it’s harder to keep at it every day. Especially that theoretically, just carnivore without rules about timing should work fine too… But it’s not always the case. I wonder, if I do it longer term, will my days be more similar or I still will have days with one and days with 6 meals when I eat whenever I feel any urge to do so? I am used to IF and then carnivore came and my timing is all over the place (except I still don’t eat in the morning).

Thank you, yes, I am fine :slight_smile: It’s extremely rare that a headache of mine survives the night, fortunately. But the painkiller already helped in the evening. I wonder when I can stop having them. I want a medicine free life. I only have several mild painkillers per year but that’s still too much. I have ideas what I should do better…

Alvaro keeps eating meat, tiny pieces but still. And he ate a piece of shoulders with all the fat on it! :smiley: And said no word against my supply hoarding (I was very mild anyway. No 5 kg pork chuck slabs or anything, just the 2.5 kg beef leg and some fowl and 1 kg smoked ham but it’s Easter soon. We go to the pig farm shop tomorrow so we will get some good sausage and some other smoked meat too, carefully as I wouldn’t survive that level of saltiness that the pork ribs there have.)
But I totally need to prove him that I actually can lose fat if I eat my cute amount (not too little, not too much) of meat (I know that I lost in November and gained in December and not the meat forced me to eat more carbs… what forced my body to gain is still mysterious, whatever. carnivore is totally the way, I feel better and stop overeating too, it’s very clear). But it’s more important I need it for myself, of course. Whatever, I need all the determination and motivation I can have. And enough nice meat to make things easy enough as I have my limits.
I don’t expect wonders regarding fat-loss. I am still mostly building better habits and my health and well-being is more important and not very correlated with my excess fat as it’s not that severe. But it’s very realistic to get it all. And that stupid illogical and unheard-of big December gain totally must go, I can’t get over THAT.

Coming April, I try to stop these thoughts or at least writing them, I better bring some nice photos now and then and talk about actual good things happening. They will, I am just unsure how much :slight_smile:

(Vic) #383

Oh dear, silly me :joy:

Dictionary.Com says:

1 an insignificant person
2 nonsense; rubbish

Rubbish,guilty :face_with_hand_over_mouth: . But I did not eat an insignificant person :rofl:


but in apocalypse times??? might be nice meal on a spit??? :imp::alien:
heck I will join that BBQ if needed :call_me_hand:

(Vic) #385

No such thing as an insignificant person, we are going to have to hunt the easter bunny :laughing:


OK OK I will give ya that one :slight_smile: but can we eat the zombies that are trying to eat us? maybe? we can cook the disease out of them?
yes I am a SCI FI fan and have no trouble eating a zombie if required :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:
you won’t find me fighting for the last canned beans or soup or pasta bags around, I have to wipe out the canned meat aisle and then might have to eat a zombie then :wink:


Question to the group:
If you have seasonal allergies, have they changed on the carnivore plan? And how?

I’ve been thinking about health problems rooted in an immune response, which I hypothesize is hard to change. Because once your immune system decides something is a “foreign invader”, it can create a permanent (lifelong) response to it. I’m pondering the implications for those of us trying to heal immune dysfunction. And can seasonal allergies be used as a model for what is possible (vs. not) in terms of treating autoimmune conditions on a carnivore diet?

(Vic) #388

Yep, I lived in pain. Back and joints.
All gone now.


no for me on seasonal allergies.

some get great change, I got nothing truly and I SO DARN wanted it.

I was living Northern and never knew what an allergy was til I moved South. Then I got nailed and have been and believe me I wanted zc change but never got it for me so??

thing is if I stayed in my original area I was born and adapted to that area, if I never moved? would all allergies be easier? maybe? I don’t know LOL

sadly I get sinus clogs, ear clogs, neck pain and woozey and brain fog and just ‘out of it’ thru seasonal allergies and I just suck down sinus meds and allergy meds as I need and they help alot. Big storms bring pressure changes I can feel in my head sinus easily so???

yea for me I am the same and wanted change but nope. Good interesting question cause when I read on the zc forums that ‘my allergies improved so much’ I am like, WTH? why not me?

but I know me ya know on allergies and I have to say one very small notice…I don’t go down ‘as much’ in times with pollen around and storms and wonder why I am not feeling worse??? SO maybe there is a small improvement but so small thru my eating WOE that I can’t put those 2 and 2 together?

eh it is what it is for me, I survive thru it tho LOL

and that is why we are here :slight_smile: for that health improvement we all so desire and ya got healthier and that is wonderful to read Vic…happy for you!!

(Vic) #390

Oh, I had no idea I was inflamed at the time, I tought the pain was wear and tear from living a wild and rough life. Just wanted to loose weight 4 years ago. Tryed keto, it did much more than loosing the fat. As soon as I realised that I was metabolicly sick i switched to carnivore 3 years ago. You have no idea how happy I am now. The list of bad things was a mile long. All gone.

And then I discovered this place :orange_heart:


and I say super congrats and more to you cause truly I was the same.
years of riding horses/breaking horses and some falls and more I thought ‘all the aches/pains and more was physical’ issues and it was not…never putting 2 and 2 together that carbs/food was my downfall more than physical crap I did ‘to take me out’ when older. I SO HEAR you Vic!

inflammation and oxalates in our joints and toxins ruining our bodies and all that physical life fun we had ‘that hurt us now’ when older, and if not true med issue thru physical med hurt issue…it IS ALL about the food we eat and how we change.

I was lucky like you. I thought darn that buck off from that young horse nailed me but in the end, hell no, the damn food I ate is WORSE than that offender in my life.

I tell you I am super thrilled you found this forum :slight_smile: :slight_smile: You get it, what zc eating can do to heal and I do too and so many will!!

I was one ‘getting older’ issues sucks but ya know what, find zc and it doesn’t LOL


Animal based April on its way.


as it it should be all the time on this thread LOL :slight_smile:


Yep. Until I didn’t go low-carb, I had no idea what I feel is avoidable. I had no big problems but slugginess after a meal, sure. But everyone had it after a big meal, it’s how meals work, right? :smiley:

I am still not particularly energetic after a big meal but it’s very different from the old times (or new ones if I eat much carbs for some usually not good enough reason… I liked my rare carby days in my “just low-carb” years - about 80g net carbs a day, automatically, just changing my food items - except when I got way too wild but almost nothing is worth it nowadays. the joy from carbier food drastically dropped while my normal food is great, my body got choosier and it complains easier… still not real pain but still, stupid idea most of the time. it makes me more motivated as I don’t want to behave as a stupid one).
But high-carb became past right when I went low-carb and felt the difference. And it wasn’t a huge difference but significant and enough for me to change my ways for good. It’s not like I had to sacrifice anything important, my food was tastier than ever.
Alas, I had to evolve further and my difficulties started. But I am nothing if not stubborn.

I still feel sorry for all the people who don’t know the difference. Maybe they even could make the first steps very easily like I did but health and well-being should be priority anyway.
But most of us grow up eating wrong and it’s not even about money, time or effort! We just don’t know better. If I haven’t started to read about nutrition and options when I had enough of my weight just growing… I don’t know what would have happened. I was health-conscious but I had to try things to figure out what I should change. I already ate lots of good food, various nutrients, I felt fine… I just ate a ton of wrong things too. And years passed even on my on/off keto until I realized I need to go lower and change my food groups. I had NO IDEA. Until some point I saw less carbs work better but then it got harder without significant enough benefits and I had to jump into a direction I never thought possible to make it easier again, it wasn’t logical.
I only made my jump (even if I do it on/off and less strict, it was a big one for me) because the carnivores on this forum were so charming and tempting and chill and happy :smiley: Or I don’t know why but it was a factor. WHY I suddenly lost interest in most vegetables I haven’t the vaguest idea. I was a HUGE fan, then I chilled in carni threads I didn’t belong at all and suddenly I realized I don’t want them anymore (except a few, maybe but not always and never much). Since then, I may go off, I may eat very nearly anything but almost never veggie dishes. Nope, not my world. It happened with my homemade chocolate too, huge fan becomes disinterested. What.

But I am still a huge dairy fan :smiley: I just want a smaller amount lately. I eat my fill today and tomorrow (I have quark, cream and cheeses) and we will see how long I last without them in April :wink: It’s just a tiny experiment, I won’t forcefully keep myself from those…

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Yesterday I felt very tired when I got up and quite literally plodded through the stair runs.

Brunch was a cheese omelette and afterwards popped over to my dance partner friend and sat in the sunshine on his porch and caught up after my work shifts.

Got home and had a mug of stock and daighter phones to see if I fancied joining her for an evening walk as the weather was so good. So off I trot to her house to meet her as she returned from work and we went on a 6 mile very brisk walk and talk.

When I got home I ate 450g of ham trimmings. Not quite as nice as the trimmings I got the other day but they went down as I was feeling a bit peckosh.

This morning i was quite tired again so put the rock ‘n’ roll tunes on and that spurred me into a good workout doing the stair runs.

Weather beautiful again today and for brunch I had a beef burger and 4 chipolata sausages followed by a small bit of cheddar.

Roasted a whole duvk and ate a leg, thigh and wing which was tasty albeit a bit lack8ng on meat. Ripped the rest of the meat off and put in fridge and made stock from carcass and enjoyed a mugful this afternoon. Little piece of chorizo and thinking I will have to eat something else very shortly.

Just got a ribeye out of fridge to cook up. It was meant to be last nights meal but after the walk it felt a bit too late to eat it.


I just imagined some much more “normal” folk saying “I am a bit peckish… Let’s eat 450g ham trimmings” :smiley:
I can relate (though it never was ham for me… I barely ate ham since I eat meat again but now I have some, I so hope it will be tasty) but still. I can’t help to look at things from a different viewpoint… It makes life funnier.

I had dinner and I don’t think I am into dairy now anyway… I will enjoy my first strict days I think.

(Karen) #397

@Shinita that made me laugh because I dod think i was being a piggy eating the whole lot but the packet said once open eat within 24 hours so i didn’t want to waste it. Also I do keep reminding myself that I am not calorie counting AND I had done 2 lots of good exeecise during the day lol. But yes i agree there wouldn’t be many people saying that. Peckish to me means it is time to eat regardless of how much!!!

(Vic) #398

Cod and steak for dinner.


No, it’s not being a piggy, it’s a nice amount of meat, we here know that :slight_smile:
I just couldn’t help but imagine “normal” people and their reactions :smiley: Especially the ones who eat meat almost as spice from my viewpoint. 100g or something a day and the like. I never was that type (my egg sandwiches and eggs with bacon aside. I mean normal meat, a roast or stew). When I was almost-vegetarian, I had about 360 vegetarian days a year and I ate 10 drumsticks at dinner when I visited my Aunt. I didn’t use meat as some tiny extra stuff, I wanted to eat it as food. So, proper amounts were needed.

Apropos ham. Maybe I don’t buy more as I have that soft raw stuff from the store BUT the pig farm has various kinds of good smoked stuff now that Easter is coming and we go and buy some! We socialize a bit too, the lady is so nice, we always talk a lot, about meat, about the baby pigs (they are maybe 1 week old now, the newest bunch? they put photos onto(?) their FB page… it’s a significant part of my very very nearly zero social life now!)… I want some fatty stuff as the ham I bought is lean, no visible fat. The variety was little and I didn’t want to buy the things with a very huge added water content… The ham had tiny. And I liked ham so much and then forgot about it…

One more day and April starts! Yay!

(Vic) #400

Doesn’t that bother you?, you strike me as a very social lady who loves to talk to other people.

For me its absolutely impossible not to be around other people. My many friends are just like me.


People are eating good! Karen roasted a whole duck…yum
Vic has surf and turf and darn that steak looks delish on that plate!

today I got burgers.
probably pair up with chicken.

I am a ‘tad beef’d out’ but that won’t last long :wink: Yea I don’t count burgers as beef HAHA – A steak a day keeps the Dr away for sure, but every now and then I change out a bit. I do have a nice NY Strip defrosting, yea I might attack it later if chicken holds no thrill for me LOL

I just patty’d out 16 burgers I am putting in the freezer for my camping trip. I need alot of burgers coming with me…so got that done. Now off to take the little dog to the groomer.

wow guys March marched right over us and we got a new month going down and I have to say everyone is doing so darn well in our support group!! Rock on carnivores!! Grrrrr, Roar :star_struck: Carnivore plan rules!