The March of the Carnivores!


It is March and here we go, like FB said, we are marching toward great health carnivore style!!!

Any goals or experiments or a new focus for March tell us about it :slight_smile:

-----------for me I am tackling salt a bit tougher. Weather is changing alot warmer now for us so far and early early spring is on my mind and I feel like my winter eating boredom time will be shutting down so I am going to focus on that. Be aware of all I do eat and if it is real or boredom, boredom eating means I eat alot HAHA which is fine, I never gain, but darn I never lose even my 1/2 lb either so…will see where I land in all of it.

Onward ZC!! Let’s rock out March in great carnivore style!!

(Laurie) #2

Thank you for the new March of the Carnivores! thread.

My March project will be nipping my “wouldn’t it be nice” thoughts in the bud. These come in two forms:

  1. Thinking about baked goods and sweets. How delicious and harmless they are.

  2. Thinking about eating just because I’m bored, frustrated, etc. I’m a food addict, and eating 2 meals a day at certain times works for me. I eat as much as I want, and if I really feel hungry I have a third meal. If I have something going on, I can be flexible. I have a variety of delicious foods. No problem. The problem occurs when I’m not hungry and I idly start thinking about how yummy a certain carnivore item would be right now.

I’ve had such thoughts before (both 1 and 2), but they were fleeting. Now they last longer. It’s just a bad habit coming back because of where I am in my life right now.

(Vic) #3

Lets start the month with some colour.


@Carnivoor All I need is an address…

(starts car)

(Vic) #5

Your welcome :smile:


Reminds me of something: You know you’re a beloved carnivore when you’re sitting in your vehicle, getting an oil change, and one of the technicians who’s a former sous chef shouts, “Hold on, I got something for ya!” and runs up with a baggie.

No, it wasn’t drugs. It was the last of the large, homemade smoked beef sausage links his butcher connection recently made for him. Which, for a carnivore, is drugs.

March is covered.

(Karen) #7

Hello happy Marchers!

Been up since 445am and ready for bed… its half 8pm!

Stair runs and 20 pu’s before going into work my overtime. Pretty boring day just glad I was working with some characters today and we all had a bit of a laugh. My ears start to hurt with the noise level after a while though as everything echoes in the video link where the contractors are working but it isn’t the contractors making the damn noise but the staff talking iver each other and laughing :roll_eyes:

Last night I cooked a roast chicken and 2 duck breasts and took the latter to work for lunch. Very tasty.

Came home and ate a ribeye steak with melted cheese and a 6oz chilli beef burger also with melted cheese on too as I was still hungry. Follwed by more cheese and some canned corned beef.

Put 500g of shin beef in the slow cooker to cook overnight.

During march my goal is to have another attempt at cutting back on the cheese, which I tried before but it krept back in to my meals and in between them too!

Weight maintained I think … I never stand on scales, don’t even own any but my work trousers have felt more comfortable this past couple of weeks. Not sure they will continue to feel more comfortable round the waist if I continue to eat so much cheese though hence must cut back.

Going to see how long I can stay out of shops and just rely on the stuffed freezer in March. Planning to empty it to give it a clean before refilling it. May need to top up the lard and butter though.

Exercise will continue as per because I can’t imagine my life without exercise in it.

Got my letter through post today inviting me to have the covid vaccine so plan on booking the appt. tomorrow for end of week.

Thats me folks so bring it on!


I am confused. Why my body and taste do this to me? :smiley:
I suddenly want my meat SUPER FATTY. Chuck was just perfect before and now I ate up the fattiest parts of my pork shoulders and ended up with the “lean” parts as leftovers.
My non-meat food was fattier than usual too (I had leftover yolks). I just desire more fat right now, it seems.
(Added fat is close to zero as it should.)

I looked at my data and found my fat percentage gradually raising since last Monday. It always happens a bit when I eat more as my protein intake is much more stable than my fat intake, my current fattier meat sources obviously play an important role but the change is bigger than normally under these circumstances and I actually feel the need for more fat for some reason. I clearly can handle it way better than before. I only felt nausea on such fatty days in the very beginning but even afterwards I automatically paired my fattiest items with leaner ones to get my ideal 65-70%. Now I went higher and stayed there. I am curious how it will change when/if my food intake drop a bit again. I hope it’s “when”. 200+ g fat is a bit much for me all the time, it just feels good when I have it. I am not sure it’s satiating enough even if it’s in my protein sources but I need to be strict for several days to see if higher-fat works for me. That’s the plan.

I keep forgetting to bring the CF card of the camera upstairs but it happened now.

My roasted pork shoulders in the sunshine (we have sunshine every day now).
It’s allegedly around 3500 kcal.
It looks so little.
So I was very careful with it today - and ended up eating the usual amount. And lots of dry sausage and several eggs and even some dairy. I except a looooooooong satiation, like, 24+ hours and everything being better tomorrow.

I have plans for tomorrow and I am curious how I will mess them up (it doesn’t mean my day would be bad, just that I can’t follow my plans). I truly switch to zero dairy now, it helps.

Harmless. Those. Sure. Black radish is harmless (I tasted it today. I dislike that hard strong thing so the chance of eating more than 10g a year is pretty low but it was white-ish this time and Alvaro said it smelled great and I had carbs yesterday so I am not in my top form regarding such things so I tasted it. That is harmless for me.)

I NEVER ever bring and cook old, raw kidneys from Alvaro’s mom. It’s bad enough I get the normal stuff for the cats and they leave most of the bones on our doormat. But this stuff stinks like crazy… The cats eat it but we rather buy their favorite cat food and I could buy meat for myself with that money :smiley: Well it’s not so much sparing money but not being wasteful. I like that.

My poor new microwave oven where I make our food! My beloved kitchen. My hands!!! They all stink.

These can come back due to getting used to things too. When I first went low-carb and later keto or cut out lactose or gluten, there was momentum, novelty, challenge, new things… But years passed and yeah, I don’t want to try hard anymore, I get nostalgic feelings sometimes… And it’s not like I pay a significant price if I go off… Except sometimes, it’s not that clear anymore… So many things can be against us, it’s scary… We are all little heros not failing all the time (just me but I could fail way, way more in the past, I assure you.)

If you just want something nice, can’t you use some (almost or totally) no calorie drink? I do that often. Not ideal but better than eating very unnecesarily… And for me water works too sometimes (carbonated but it’s fine for me and it’s fun).

Someone is very lucky…
It’s good I have a big homemade freshly pork sausage in my fridge or else I would be jealous.
(But I never ate beef sausage… :cry:)

(Heather) #9

Sometimes our body just wants what it wants, without any rhyme or reason. Part of me has given up trying to figure it all out. :roll_eyes:

My goal for March is to stay off the God-forsaken scale (starting tomorrow😬). That stupid thing has dictated my mood for too long. I need to be free of it! Wish me luck-I’m going to need it!

(Edith) #10

Hi Everyone, I can’t believe it is March already! It will be one year on the 10th since the social distancing started in Virginia. OMG!

My vow for March was to not use carnivore snack type foods: no beef sticks, no pork rinds. I have to admit, it was challenging not to give in today. I don’t have quite enough non processed foods to eat if I need a snack. I will have to work on that.

Usually I eat breakfast around 10 or 10:30 am, have a late afternoon snack, and then dinner. Today I learned that I really shouldn’t snack. If I’m hungry I should just eat a meal. I had breakfast a little early this morning, so I was hungry around 3 pm. Dinner wasn’t going to be ready until 6, so I ate a couple of carnivore waffles (bacon and eggs) and about two ounces of steak. I was just feeling crummy with low energy. As soon as I ate dinner, 1/2 pound of hamburger and 4 baby back ribs, my energy returned. So, I’m adding to my goals for March: no snacks, just whole meals.

I’m glad that everyone else is doing well. I enjoy our little group. I would love to meet each and every one of you in person.

@Karen18, you are an inspiration with your dedication to getting those stair climbs in. I do body weight strength training and jogging, but not a fan of high intensity. More power to you!

@Redrobins, good luck with staying off the scale. I’m one who likes to weigh every morning. It’s funny, but I’ve actually gotten to the point where I can look at myself and tell what I am going to weigh within about a pound. I’m short, so 5 pounds makes a difference between looking lean or doughy. :grinning:

I find that keeping busy and not at home makes me less likely to want to eat between meals. I know the pandemic isn’t helping, particularly since I’m home so much now. I hope you can figure out something that works for you.

@Fangs, did you notice any differences with cutting back on salt?

(Edith) #11

I made these yesterday. I make chaffles for the family, but I can’t eat dairy. Now I have a carnivore waffle I can eat. It is actually pretty tasty!


I will do this in a few days I think (I can’t squeeze such a thing into my tomorrow, I have nice plans), I happen to have some bacon now. I use them as they are, in tiny cubes first.
No idea about the weight of bacon strips (well they aren’t the same for sure) but I get the 1:1 ratio if I use 5g bacon for every egg.

I don’t have a properly working waffle maker, just a sylicon waffle mold but we will see. In the worst case (and in the first one I am sure) I will have an interestingly shaped bacon omelette, it’s something :smiley:

(Laurie) #13

Thank you, @Shinita. You’re right – the honeymoon phase is over. I am still motivated though. I do have some tasty herbal teas and such.

Thanks @VirginiaEdie. I will figure it out. The recipe looks interesting!


These two are just having a rest. Baked for about 40 minutes in a 150’C oven. I’m doing morning cooking. It’s a sunny morning.

Summer is still here. But the local aboriginal people gift us a different calendar with six seasons. It’s more accurate than a translocated 4 season European calendar. We get two ‘summers’! Yay! We are in second summer. It’s the season of white flowers when coastal tea trees and some eucalyptus trees bloom. This season is called Bunuru. We also have cyclone season in the tropics to the north. And sometimes those storms come spinning down the coast from thousands of kilometres away to bring some rain.

We live off-grid in the woods. I watch the weather and the charts. There is a tropical low inching its way south toward us. It’s hot and humid here. The humidity signals the approach of the unstable tropical air. Like the atmosphere in a room changes when an ex-spouse walks in. And I’m cooking rib-eye steaks with part of the rib bone cut off to make them into “cattleman” steaks, and easier to bake (or I need to get a bigger oven pan). It’s because that low pressure system will bring cloudy days. We need to be frugal with our electricity use. So, while it’s sunny, I can cook, and wash clothes, and build stuff, and have a hot shower. But on cloudy days that will be dense clouds and rain for a few days it’s candlelit nights of conversation and dinners of pre-prepared whole foods. That’s so we don’t wastefully drain our battery storage. With power comes responsibility. So, the fridge, freezer and water pump have enough power.

In winter we have a wood stove to offset the cloudy days. In summer the bushfire risk is too high to light a fire for cooking and kettle boiling.

I liked the start of February. It felt good. Ingredients for March will be mackerel, salmon, eggs, some butter, and beef steak in different delicious cuts. Coffee will be dairy free. Cheese reduction will be a goal. I’ll drop in daily salty beef bone broth as a psychological wedge.

During this March I’m aiming for more waist loss and alert consciousness. Waist loss not weight loss, as weight loss is a waste.

I dropped a 2 inch pants size early in February when I tightened up the carnivore britches. Then had some dietary roller coaster riding. But that waist loss has stayed for the start of March.

Today’s eating is on plan.


This makes all kinds of sense to me.

Portland, OR, has 6 seasons as well: Mud, Flowers, Dust, Wildfire Smoke, Apples, and Mud. We have more than one kind of mud, you should see our carpets.

Do you drink your coffee cold in summer? Not that that’s a bad thing…


Yes, often. Iced long black. Or, a cold double espresso from the fridge extended out with cold rain water to fill a stainless steel milkshake cup.

Hot coffee for cold mornings, cold coffee for hot summer days (usually mid-November until the end of March).

Sometimes, like now, I wonder what a “Carnivoor Affogato” would be like? Named after @Carnivoor Vic and his carnivore ice cream (from February). Pour a hot double shot stove top El Salvador (nutty) brew over a Carnivoor ice cream boule.

(Linda ) #17

Hi guys I’m going to jump in here this month if that’s ok and see how it goes… End of this month will be 11 months of ketovore for me the last 5 days I’ve pushed bacon in an attempt to try get satiation back that I wasn’t getting from steak,and mushrooms…so far its really been helping the hunger has dropped and tonight I added in some pork belly to the mix…The side affect being bathroom issues but I been there before… so for now I’ll just put up with that.
My plan for now is try and cut snacking on pork rinds even though Ive bought them back to only eating at the end of a meal…and try and stick to two meals a day…I see Dr Cywes next week again so I’ll talk to him also.
My cholesterol results are in again and although my total cholesterol dropped my triglycerides are climbing good cholesterol is dropping not good …
I’m prob only 9lbs from my goal although dr cywes thinks I could end up 130 which is 13 -15 lbs…we will see…

(Vic) #18

Hi Linda,

Dont worry to much about the cholesterol, the levels are exactly what your body needs it to be that day. Today it could be something different, like totals higher and trigs lower etc. It was just a moment in time.

Hope you get to your goal


Welcome, Linda! The more the merrier!
Yeah, we need to tweak our woe sometimes… I still don’t know what the best fat/protein ratio for me but my body will decide. Now I go for fattier cuts and dropped my added fat intake to zero.

Another sunny day here. We have our least common, elusive season here: SPRING! It’s pretty normal for it just not being here or just for 1-2 weeks between a loooooooong winter and a long, coming early summer. I dislike that as I prefer spring and autumn (a long, warm one with an October perfect to take loooong walks in Nature). Winter is too boring, summer is too hot so exercise is hard.
But now it’s perfect. We don’t need heating during the day and little at night :slight_smile: But it’s unusually warm for early March, there surely will be colder times.

I am too curious about the bacon womelette so I will do that today. My mind wasn’t proper last night and I didn’t read the recipe, obviously it must be mixed well together… Okay. I will try that. And then there will be various egg+meat things as I don’t clean my grounder just for this bacon thingie, I need to make others. I have meat for that purpose anyway.

I looked at my leftover pork. Enough for 2 meaty days but it looks tiny. I don’t know how I can sort this out in my mind, I am bad with being moderate with my main dish but it’s really dense and should be enough. Maybe I should add 1-2 chicken thighs as well (and stick to one meal if possible. I am ready for decent sized meals again)… Not today, I make chicken soup so there will be a little meat. Not much as it’s the boniest parts of a single chicken.


it is wonderful your thoughts on handling your goals is lasting longer now :slight_smile: that is a key factor, longer on zc plan, the control of handling issues becomes very doable, so you hang in there and get’er done!

your cheese is my salt :wink: We got this! No stupid cheese or salt can beat us right? We got the superior brain power right? or do we? HAHA I am like you on my freezer, sometimes we have to just eat it down before stuffing new meat in it!

If that is what you desire then you have at it :slight_smile: Newer to carnivore people flip around on needing and cutting back their fat intake, just listen to your body and just eat as it asks. And oh boy, delish fatty chunks on pork roasts and more, yum!

Oh I know you got this one! Sending good luck vibes :partying_face: :crazy_face: I wish everyone would not stake all their efforts on a number. A scale number. It became the ruling factor of ‘dieting’ ya know, hey I was caught up in it like everyone but now on zc the scale faded into the past for me, well kinda, I still want to get on it every now and then and see a lower number LOL not having it rule our lives is so nice truly.

sending you a big high 5! I also gave up snacking and thought just like you, a meal is key. Just eat a meal and forget the ‘little eating’ which can put us out of balance. If you want food then eat a meal just like you said, when we do this we find a whole new pattern to our appetites and more so it is cool you are changing it up like this, you will be very well!!

Salt I cut back, but still a salter and some days I let loose and salted up alot LOL but this month is more control. Like others it is time to get a handle on something I do have control over…time to not be a wussy anymore and put in effort and see results and changes :slight_smile: All of us together, we can do it!

That is just wonderful FB! Your FFFF treated you well and you are going into March full speed and on plan, with a delish pic of those fab steaks! I can’t wait to see how March treats you and what great updates that come your way on carnivore! Longer you hold carnivore tight the better the good benefits that come to you!

You always have such interesting posts to read, I sure enjoy them!

Could you just add a few batteries to your whole battery pack to get extended power use. One thing I know is many off grid solar people have a generator back up available, especially those in big winter situations with snow weather issues. You do have genny back up right?

HI and sure jump in and be carnivore with us! It is great you are close to goal and doing well. Nice thing about zero carb eating is your body finds its own end number, there is no real lose whatever to goal, many people do go lower and settle on their bodies set point ya know. Just need all in time and commitment to carnivore and things happen :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Happy you are on the thread!

I think I got caught up with everyone.
WOW it was fab to read all these posts. What a bunch of great carnivores! Everyone attacking their own little goals they want to handle and we will…we are predators and we will change the few little things we wanna change :slight_smile: We aren’t wishy washy individuals at all, we are go getters and will make changes as we need. I like that!!

-----------food yesterday was
pork ribs, really delish for first meal
steak and chicken paired for dinner

I did cut back the salt shaker. Making it a focus and forefront now.

My winter boredom eating is getting controlled better now. I eat alot when bored, big meat :slight_smile: but with a few days of warmth and sun I see spring/summer coming now and my mind is flipping to eat less, move more. Out of hibernation time for me! Putting new batteries in my metal detectors, getting my kayak gear in order, working on the rv and getting ready for trips and more…all my outdoor focus is coming back to me and I love that! Mood way improved knowing we are mostly out of any snow/big ice times with early early spring jumping in and to me it is imperative since I am a hot weather person :100:

This is going to be a spectacular march thru this month for ALL OF US!