The March of the Carnivores!

(Vic) #362

At least she is still moving around a little bit. Good for her.

She should say " you shure can tell when plants, junk and carbs run you in the ground". Has nothing to do with 40y.

You must feel like a 30y old now Frank, in reference to that nice lady.

The sadness is, they don’t know its food and don’t want to know.


That’s nice :slight_smile: I prefer the cuts which I can’t buy with skin on and it’s easier too (I just toss it into the oven) but sometimes I still make cracklings. It’s popular food here, too expensive for that overly fatty stuff for me, no matter how crunchy, I prefer the ones with some meat. Whenever I have pork skin*, I fry cracklings except if it’s boiled and tender and edible already.
But I don’t want much or often and I couldn’t do much with the rendered fat anyway.

*The tiny piglet I bought in the winter was an exception. That skin was pure awesomeness when properly roasted…


Oh my. Someone ages super quickly then… 40 is young and if it’s just walking, I honestly doesn’t expect any problem until 110 or something… But definitely not in a few decades. I am 44, I feel pretty young but I didn’t reach my prime for sure as I was a slightly active but not muscular young one and I still hope I can change this :smiley: I run better than ever too, it’s still bad but I am the type who walks.

Okay, I want a long, healthy life and I am a bit extreme (well, healthily so…) but this story WASN"T OKAY!
Well, I heared 20 year olds complaining about a tiny walk… I doubt that woman had any normal activity until now if she is that weak, even in mind, I mean, if I am weak and have little stamina (I experienced nowadays), I say I am rusty (true) and should go out more and it will be solved just fine. I never ever thought being over 40 means that I started to get weaker or something. Yeah, some parts allegedly aren’t in their super top shape but I am just a normal person, not an athlete so no decline yet on my level.

There is lack of exercise too. In my case, it’s always that. I didn’t notice any difference regarding my mild activities like walking in the small mountains in Hungary, cycling etc. when I drastically changed my diet. It probably matters for many others but activity is key. If we ignore it, of course we will be weaker, rustier, lacking stamina…


yea that is probably it. Coffee if you are doing alot can truly suppress eating and if you are noticing it THAT much then yes, a dial back is smart. So sorry on that work stress FB, never fun when that hits us. I hope it dials back for you also on your workload/schedule.

Loved your post FB, so much great stuff to read of interest.
Ocean swimming! Sharks biting surfboards. Older dudes surfing :slight_smile: and the youngers ones huffing and puffing!

I used to have trouble in soft sand and would do some huffing and puffing but not anymore! Older I get now the more I love my sand, it is my metal detecting preferred venue! I walk miles swinging a metal detector and love it, older days I would huff and puff the same, but now, I can’t wait to get miles of sand walking under my belt and hopefully find some doubloons if lucky!!

@Carnivoor, nice restaurant meals Vic…your meals are so cool they gotta wear shades!!

----------in some big rain storms again. another few days of crazy monsoon type storms. alot of lightening and thunder. Love that part of a big storm but the darn near flooding aspects of it stinks and alot of big wind too. Gray dark dreary days.

ZC going well. Will cook my country pork ribs today. Have a nice Tbone for later. Got a hankering for tuna and mayo (yea I use regular old Hellmans mayo. Rarely use it so I don’t bother making any carni mayo anymore. Easier to use a tablespoon of Hellmans a few times a year) :wink:

Keep eating super well carnivores! From what I am reading every is enjoying and benefiting from their meats!!


how many do I eat?
2 for sure, 3 or go all in and eat all 4 LOL

starving now that the country pork ribs are done.

off I go to enjoy!


Oh I wish my zillion coffees could suppress my appetite, hunger, need for food and temptations (did I cover everything? compulsions aren’t my everyday companions…) :smiley: Nope.
Okay, I actually don’t wish that. I like that my body is smart and if it is hungry, it wants food or else it stays hungry (now it can go off for a while too, that’s moderately new. but I don’t go back to satiated for sure, just not hungry. that’s convenient).
And it wants proper food with proper nutrients in proper amounts. Carbs and fats and tiny meals don’t work at all. Well, it’s normal, it’s a warm body of a pretty big mammal, it needs its susteinance. It’s always baffling to me when someone expect their body to function without proper feeding.

But on the 1st of April I start my strictest month ever, at least that’s the plan. Without feeling that, hopefully.
No coffee first. I expect I will last a couple of days at most as I will have coffee at home… I don’t have a strong enough motivation but I still know it would be a tiny bit better and more normal without.
Dairy will be the second I will bring back I suppose… And I do my best to keep things at that.

I am not in my top shape but I have read @FrankoBear’s story and went to climb a small hill before I become one who has so tiny stamina that I need to rest after a few steps :smiley: (Fat chance… But whatever works on my lazy self.) I am so tired now.

Oh, Fangs, this bunch of meat is something I can easily imagine to eat up on any day… Not every day of the month but it would take some time to get bored of it.


Back after a challenging week! I’ve been staying carnivore but have not cut out dairy and coffee for this final week as I’d hoped I could. My musculoskeletal pain started getting worse last week. My best guess is that it was related to a very congested intestinal tract. Then on Friday night I had my second dose of Moderna covid vaccine. I was hoping that carnivore would minimize the side effects most people report after the second dose, but my muscle pain really intensified Saturday. (Fortunately, no other effects at all – except exhaustion.) I held out as long as i could to let my immune system fully react to the vaccine but finally had to take 2 Advil. Within 20 minutes, all my pain was gone. Then this morning, my bowels emptied out, and I am currently feeling better (as in, very low pain level) than I have all month! Our bodies are such a mystery!


Glad you’re feeling better!

Carnivore tracking well here. Appear to have lost a couple of inches.

Had a bit of a minor blip with something non-carnivore, but no real drama - I sat and thought about why it was so appealing and figured I wasn’t eating enough, upped my protein intake, and all is well.

(Karen) #369

Partially retired , Edie, i do 19 hours a week average over 38 week period. Some weeks i do more hours some weeks i do less. Long day today got about 5 hours sleep and the night guy kept his word and relieved me about 6.30pm. Quiet day though.

Did the stair run and 20 pu’s at 4.30am!

Had all my food prepped ready to take to work which was more or less the same as friday.

Looking forward to a lay in tomorrow feeling pretty worn out now x

(Linda ) #370

Last night I cooked up some beef ribs in the foodi then air fried them on my grill came out super tender. So that was food for today.

Tomorrow is shopping day yayy… since it’s Easter weekend approaching one of our supermarkets has standing prime rib on sale for 6.99 a pound not quite as cheap as 5.99 for Christmas but still too good to pass by… so im going to stock up…they cut it down to steaks for free and package it so yup I’m pretty happy… I’ve been paying 9. 98 per lb for cheaper cuts…


great deal, and yes I have those rotating prices where the sale varies by a $1 of so and I always want that lowest price too :slight_smile: but even at 6.99/lb I would be stocking up also. Good deal.

-------------March is almost over :slight_smile: April showers brings May flowers :slight_smile:
and summer time will march all over us soon. I know I can’t wait for hot weather to come!

yesterday I ate 3 of the pork ribs. omg so much fatty delish goodness.
can of tuna/mayo

today is I must eat that Tbone I been putting off and will finish off that last pork rib. Maybe more? Not sure. Doing fine and not focusing much on food right now, which I love, so will just eat as I need now in my day. Doing well with all things zc at this time :sunny:

(Vic) #372

Liver, eggs and some crap I normally don’t eat.
Doesn’t have to be perfect, close enough :wink:


Vic, please don’t show me cheese in plastic HAHA

I hate that plastic cheese but you are eating out and alot of times it happens that way but here, where I live in my area, any cheese in plastic is omg so bad LOL

I had to order ‘cheese on the side’ one time out and about and I got the plastic wrapped cheese slice also. It curled my toes :wink: ugh— I sure ate the darn thing tho :crazy_face:

Your plate looks great and you are finding some good ordering out to suit you…cool!!


Big shopping day for me. I have a headache all day, I am bad with pain and not used to this… Ouch. But I am at home now so I expect getting better. Visiting crowdy places and many shops are stressful. I am used to not seeing people, just trees here, the air is fresh too…

I bought a nice amount of beef leg (it was on sale and it ended up being more than I asked for but I said fine. my freezer has space now), I boxed a little for a day when I fancy some fried beef, the rest will become a big stew eventually… Some turkey necks (there were no wings, well, necks are fine too and less fatty so ideal for a good soup. maybe too lean for that? no problem, I put some chicken into it then), all the chicken liver in the supermarket (they had so little…) and smoked ham for Easter! :slight_smile: I guess April will start with Easter for me, it will be a long one… :smiley:
I will eat some nice cheese in the next days (my favorite camembert and smoked parenica) and stop when April arrives. For a while.
We go to the city again in 2 weeks so it’s fine we couldn’t buy fresh pork this time.

I think I am ready for April.

The weather is perfect. More hotness and I would have problems. But the morning was still cold. Sunshine all day… It was nice to come home where I don’t smell smoke but flowers.
Alvaro’s Mom was sick in the last week and has her health problems anyway. But she still smokes a lot :frowning: She lost appetite so she lives on orange juice and rolls with margarine.
Sigh. I am totally powerless.
She didn’t even touch the pork she fried for us, we ate it up, it was nice especially the fattier cut (there was two kinds). She usually eats much meat though.

I never understood when sick people only eat carbs (it’s even the advice for stomach problems or something. sounds scary). I surely would become way sicker. Even when I handled carbs and my body didn’t know any better, I did it in the presence of lots of fatty protein, that was mandatory. How can someone skip that? (The protein, I mean, I can understand eating lean protein with the carbs. No family member of mine ever did that regularly but still.)

She got her vaccine though, the first one :slight_smile: The Russian one called Sputnik :smiley:

(Edith) #375

I think it’s pretty good you can order liver at a restaurant. I’m not sure any restaurants in the US serve liver.

(Vic) #376

Chicken and squit for dinner. Lean but tastytasty

Its not common to find liver for breakfast, think its a first for me too


I never saw liver for breakfast (not like I ever went to a restaurant in the morning… I only had breakfast in hotels) but a very big portion of restaurants in Hungary has liver. Not everyone likes liver even here but duck and goose liver is popular. I don’t like the liver of forcefully stuffed animals, no matter the taste and texture or anything, I stick to my normal, quite cheap options.
I should use some other recipes, not just frying the liver and potentially adding onions (it was fine in the last several months but it starts to get old and I usually use chicken liver and it’s a bit bitter and strong alone… not bad at all but still)… The soaked in cream version seems tempting but I want to avoid dairy for a while… What can one do with liver?
Is there a thing as liver soup? :smiley: Oh indeed, I made liver dumplings before!
I can ground it and mix with eggs, obviously :slight_smile:
I wanted to make liver sausages… Liver and meat, I don’t think I ever ate a thing like that but it sounds promising…
Liver deviled eggs…
Okay, I won’t have any problems with ideas. I wonder how my recipe collection will progress when I will do my best to make interesting recipes with meat and eggs only. Dairy made me lazy :smiley:

By the way… I met some quite odd thing the other day. Some people make sponge cake using brain (I didn’t read the specifics)… I did some weird stuff in my life but it was much even for me.

(Vic) #378

:joy: and there i thought I was weird. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


Hey all.
Tried to get caught up on all the posts…lol! sounds like y’all have been rockin’ this March of the carnivors! March for this girl has been a bit rough and tumbly…not eating bad stuff, but wrong stuff at wrong intervals. Feeling quite out of it. So, I buckled up and fasted for a couple days or so, which is my re-set button - and then last night, boy oh boy! A pack of zero-carb dried beef, 3 angus hot dogs, and three Tbone steaks, cooked in butter. 10 hours later…I’m still full. Its so good to be “back in the zone”… Such weirdly amazing sensation- its hard to explain. But, my whole body has this slight tingly feeling, very energetic and focused.

Like @Fangs … I was having trouble sleeping for a night or two.Thought maybe it was the full moon. Maybe that was part of it, but many times- just can’t turn the thinker off at night. Slept great last night, though - woke up before 530 today- no alarm. Another sign of being “in the zone”. Is it me, or does that zone thing make anyone else think of FInding Nemo, and the turtles that get caught in the current? :joy: Or, maybe i just weird.

Lots of stuff going on here…work is getting interesting. I won’t get into particulars, but, our head shed is doing things that make little to no sense, and the losses are stunning - both in product and personnel. I’m not concerned about my particular job- its not being eliminated while other positions are (and I don’t really need a job, anyways). But the out-of-touch-with-reality white collars have their heads up their respective asses if they think they are improving efficiency and the bottom line. Absolutely stunning stupidity coupled with ignorance. And they get paid the big-bucks. I’ve had to do things at work to appease these idiots- that pisses me off and keeps me awake at night. Thankfully, I found my happy reset and here we are.

So the plan is, 100% carnivore plus Intermittent and Extended fasting (or Intuitive eating-) only when the ghrelins start screaming their song in my belly. This is what keeps my metabolism on its toes, burns stored fat, and makes me feel the absolute best. So after last night’s feast, I just wait until the tummy growls get close to out of control and then I’ll eat again. This is my n=1. I know its not for everyone, but from experience, its what works best for me. Well- off to work - then finally have a day off tomorrow!! YAY!!!

Have a good one, all! SB

(bulkbiker) #380

hi Vic
I hope you mean squid… here in the UK squit means something else…

Disaster pants kind of thing… you have the “squits”



@Shinita, hope that nasty headache is gone and you are feeling better!

@MarkGossage, tooo funny, I was hoping that was a typo and a D, not the nasty D but a d meant squid :scream::rofl:

@SecondBreakfast, that was a wonderful report!!! I loved the Finding Nemo reference cause heck yea, it DOES remind me of that in a way LOL ZC Zen, you got it ya know, you are on fast forward real healthy interaction with life :slight_smile: feels good too! I hate when I can turn off the ol’ noggin and just think thru the night, drives me batty but I also get enough great deep sleep to not worry on sleep truly for me, lucky on that one. I sleep alot less too now on carnivore.

wow on your job. that stress stinks doesn’t it? let it go, let it go LOL sometimes we wanna scream about it all but in full truth we have almost 0 control over what corporations do in their biz ya know. Drop those tough thoughts and think about good crap in your life :slight_smile: I had to do just that. Believe me ya feel better when ya say —whatever—and just let it go sometimes!

You did find ‘your carnivore way’ that works so good for you. Keep it up and hold strong to what works for your body. You are gaining great ground doing just that SB!!

--------------so March is so close to being gone. April is almost upon us and everyone think a little if they wanna work on a goal or change up or try something on zero carb ya know. Nothing dramatic :slight_smile: slow changes are best and a month of ‘working on ourselves’ is never a bad thing!!

I ate good yesterday. 2 Tbone steaks. thinner cuts so not the big boys but delish. 1 leftover rib, they are gone, need to cook up a pile more and leave in fridge for fast go to food for me. I am liking them again alot right now. 10 slices bacon with a bit of melty cheddar on them.

Sodium hit on that bacon. I do feel the bloat. I am using ‘less salt’ but still had my moments of using ALOT but that bacon bloated me up for sure but heck I don’t care, bloat is easy and not an issue kinda :wink: if I want bacon I am having bacon :call_me_hand:

thinking shrimp and chicken today. maybe tuna and sardines.
I am ‘steak’d out’ a bit. WHAT? Don’t get me wrong, I could eat one in a flash but I just wanna eat lighter a bit and my beef is a heavy hitter but my body is saying ‘lighten up the intake’ a bit so I will listen.

rock on carnivores! We gonna go Easter Bunny hunting in little while :scream::clown_face: