The March of the Carnivores!

(Heather) #402

It’s hard to believe today is the last day of March of the Carnivores! Wow! This month has flown by. I’m looking forward to warmer weather. It’s supposed to be 70 degrees on Sunday here, so that will be nice.

DH is still going! He’s really embracing the benefits and keeping things simple, which seem to work best for him.

Last week, DD decided to take a break from carnivore. She was tired of the foods and wanted more variety. I mentioned a potential “ketovore” option, but she wasn’t interested in that either. She has enjoyed pancakes, donuts, ice cream, candy, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese the whole gammut. She indulged for 3 days. On the 4th day, I came home from shopping and she was wearing her “Carnivore Queen” shirt. I said, “Hey! You can’t wear that! You’re not a carnivore anymore.” She said, “I changed my mind.” She told me how all of the bad things are coming back - pimples, bloating, and the worst for her - pooping everyday. She says, “Mom, I don’t want to poop everyday!” It was hilarious. I’m glad to have her back. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had been moving along in a lower eating mode for quite some time, maybe a week or so (1 boneless skinless chicken breast and a 1 pound ribeye per day). Yesterday, my body screamed for food, so I satisfied it.

boneless skinless chicken breast
1.3 lb. chuck roast
.5 pound taco meat
turkey sausage bites (BOO on eating processed foods :unamused:)
5 eggs

The eggs finally topped me off. Thank goodness! I can’t remember the last time I was that hungry!

(Edith) #403

I think it’s great that you allowed her to find out for herself that the way she’s been eating works for her, and that she was smart enough to make the connection to not feeling good and what she’d been eating for the past three days.


Sending a big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to this thread! I would call my 30 day trial a success, and it’s because of the ideas and inspirations you have shared. My pain levels are definitely lower than when I started the trial.

Was it easy? No (but it got easier). Did I love my food? Well… I’m trying! I was never much of a meat eater. It’s a reconditioning process, but I am getting there. I have been slowly experimenting with eating the fat and other parts of animal products that I would not have previously considered edible. I will also continue to try to improve my cooking skills. I think knowing what cuts to buy is also important for success in the longterm.

So, bye for now, and sending everyone best wishes for the best of health!

(Karen) #405

Not so yired this morning. Think I may be over the shock of the clocks going forward!

Rock n roll tunes again this morning and did a good time with the stair runs.

Brunch duck leg/ thigh meat sauted in buttet with cheese melted in. Plus 1 mug of duck stock.

This afternoon I power walked to my dance partners house which is a fraction over 4m which I managed in 1hr 3 mins. Then he said “I don’t suppose you fancy a walk now that you’ve walked here.?” So off we went for a 2 mile stroll as he can’t walk too fast. That took us 42mins. Then I power walked back home a slightly different route which was more off road which was 4.37m and that took 1hr 8mins. Weather was amazing and i managed to work up a good sweat.

Peckish when I got home but had forgotten to get steak out of freezer so had a beef burger and the 8 remaining chipolata sausages. Popped to the shop as I had run out of cheese :hushed: so now I have had a bit of red leicester and a bit of medium cheddar.

Good day not wasted.

See you all in April :grin::grin:

(Linda ) #406

This month certainly has rolled by fast…when I first jumped into carnivore I wasn’t convinced this was a me thing but I wanted to give it a honest attempt since I’m under Dr Cywes and the paperwork he gave me was to end up carnivore.

At first I really did miss my little added spoon of veges here and there but the further into the month I got not so much… I came into carnivore 6 or 7 lbs from goal as of this morning im now 4 lbs from goal. So all the gains I’d had are gone for now anyway.

Now on the last day of the month I’m ready to commit to the month of April with no apprehension what so ever…
Its been kind of strange feeling to me that for now at least I’ve moved from my beloved bacon and ribeye over to chuck pot roast, short ribs both flanken and English style and ground beef and butter… I’ve never been a huge fan of braised meats before, my go to has always been grilled or roasted. So this sudden want for slow cooked meat was unexpected but ill roll with it and the steaks can wait a bit longer in the freezer lol…

I did go rib eye shopping the other day and ended up with 2 huge roasts and a third I got cut down to steaks.

So im looking forward guys to sharing the journey through April together. I’m stocked up and ready to March forward…

For some reason everytime I try to post pictures here lately I keep getting message error please try again…so not sure what I’m doing wrong…

(Vic) #407

They cant be to large.
Also sometimes it take 2 or 3 attempts before it works.


end of March and onto the new thread for April

it was wonderful reading how well everyone did in March :slight_smile: more carnivore power to us in April :wink:

(Edith) #409

Hi Everyone,

@Wendy198, good luck with the rest of your trial and figuring out what works for you and you health.

@Azi, it’s interesting to hear how much your tastes changed just in one month. You will be amazed at how things keep on changing over the next several months. One things I’ve learned it that what our bodies want are always changing.

@Fangs, you are a wealth of support and encouragement. This thread would not be the same without you.

So… I am finished my seven month trial. It has definitely had its ups and downs. There has been one benefit. I do believe my joints, including my back are feeling better. My back is not back to normal, but it is better. I do think it is from the diet.

But… I’ve also had problems on carnivore that I’ve had to trouble shoot: oxalate dumping, histamine trouble, heart palpitations, and my body reacting negatively to beef. I thought I could do carnivore without supplements. In fact, my body seemed to reject magnesium after a while, but it it turns out that to improve all the problems I developed, I needed to go back to my supplements, especially salt.

So, where and I going from here? Well, according to the low oxalate group to which I belong, all the problems I described can be caused by oxalate dumping. How can I test that, though? Well, I need to add some oxalate food back in and if the symptoms go away, then most likely they were caused by dumping.

My husband and I talked about the direction we want to head dietarily and he is happy staying meat heavy. He never went strict carnivore but relatively close. I am going to add in a few oxalate containing non carnivore food items and see what happens over the next month.

Have a good April everyone.


No, it’s perfect! I love not seeing people at all. Well, usually. Some talk once a week or month is fine (apart from living with Alvaro) but only if I am in the mood and the other person and me click.
I am not very social online either, most of my online self-expression happens here, I just read, watch or draw elsewhere (some tiny roleplaying may happen on a drawing site, that’s nice and sadly, rare nowadays). I am very much interested about humans but I like to be an observer from far away.

I think I love to talk/write about my thoughts, not with people though I need them somewhere, I don’t write my thoughts for myself. It’s the product of my extremely lonely childhood. Almost no one talked with me ever so I am used to inner monologues and lots of thinking. Real life talks are exhausting if I want to focus on the other person (even the mimics and other not language tools) and my thoughts too, I very easily slip into my monologues if the other person is a more silent type. But it’s not very severe I guess, I always can talk with other people (unless we are totally incompatible but that’s rare. I have so many topics! :smiley: sometimes I can even listen!), I just don’t form real friendships. I have a high standard and people so easily drop others… Not everyone but I wasn’t that lucky. But I have Alvaro and he’s a good friend though not talkative except if it’s about computer hardware sigh.

It was the shortest reaction I was able to write.

What. Is that a bad thing? I already knew some people doesn’t poop everyday on carnivore (I probably never skipped a day myself but I am not that type)…

Wow, I NEVER ate that much food on carnivore… A pound of meat and some eggs are plenty for me under normal circumstances. It will be interesting what I will do when I get more active now and then. I always eat much when I cycle for hours. I didn’t do it since I brought home the piglet in December. I don’t like to do it alone. The places around here are better for walking except the wildlife park (that’s great for both walking and cycling), I should go there, the weather is great already… Alvaro starts to think about getting a new bike, that will help.

It’s basically summer here, it was so hot today! So suddenly. So we stopped heating.

Now I go and post into the new one too ~

(Heather) #411

Not a bad thing, just a nuisance for her.


also you could introduce her to some ‘keto desserts’ if she wants to bother going with like a stevia or whatever based sweetener and see if she can make something appropriate. I mean we as adults know that won’t work for many of us, but her being younger, maybe a ‘few keto dessert’ options as a go to when needed might be a good ‘lesser evil’ type slow walk into ketovore but give her a little edge to wander a tad and ‘feel better’ doing it ya know…just a little suggestion LOL

but ya know even though younger, she will have her own individual path she will have to walk to find that sweet eating lifestyle spot for her she can do long term…she has time to figure it out :slight_smile: She is way ahead of so many with her knowledge and experiences so that helps alot~!


@VirginiaEdie I’ve been reading a lot about oxalates and other plant toxins lately. I tend to think there is something to the claims of some of the adverse health effects they can cause, and I even joined the group you mentioned.

Here’s my issue though. I tend to be skeptical when someone says eliminating oxalates can improve a bunch of symptoms while at the same time saying adding them back can also improve symptoms. Maybe there is a dumping phenomenon or maybe not. But to me, it sounds like the theory is designed to make it impossible to conclude that oxalate consumption simply doesn’t matter (for that person’s symptoms).

There are many plant toxins and they all might matter in large amounts. Maybe they don’t matter at all in small amounts. Of course, everyone is different.

(Edith) #414

You’ll have to read up on dumping. In the long run, removing oxalates helps people heal. The leaders of the group recommend decreasing oxalates slowly because, for some people, dumping can be debilitating enough to land them in the hospital.

What they mean by adding them back in can help, is that adding oxalate containing foods back into the diet, will soften/slow the dumping symptoms making them more bearable.

I was low oxalate for almost two years before my carnivore trial, but removing the rest of the plants kicked the dumping into high gear. I was drinking black tea every day to keep the symptoms calmer, but then the histamine trouble started. Black tea can block DAO or affect its production, something like that, so I dropped the black tea.

If adding some oxalates back into my diet doesn’t resolve the problems, then I’ll know something else is going on. I would like it to be oxalate. :grinning:

Some day in the not too distant future, I’m making an appointment for a physical. I haven’t had one for a while.:grimacing:

(Heather) #415

That’s a good point. I was hesitating to do that, as I cannot have those without resulting in cravings. However, I have to remember that she is not me and can perhaps handle things differently than I can.


It may work for her. And you wrote she ate sugary desserts. So it doesn’t even matter if she gets cravings as she already have them… Low-carb sweets are better than sugary ones.

I ate much sweets every day on keto originally out of necessity (but I had a huge sweet tooth too, sure). It wasn’t ideal for me but it was this or quitting keto (going back to my previous low-carb woe, not eating adding sugars). Sweeteners were okay enough, (bigger amount of net) carbs were the problem. So I chose the way smaller and more enjoyable “bad” (as I can’t accept eating a lot of sweeteners and sweets every day as a truly okay thing, at least if it’s about me… It seems like addiction, necessity be damned, I found another way in the end).

(Linda ) #417

Yes it suprised me too because I love steak normally and had stocked up lol but its all good I’m sure I’ll go back to it. But the chuck has so much flavour.

(Linda ) #418

Good luck I hope you get sorted out what ever it is that’s messing with you…keep us posted don’t dissappear on us lol


yea that is me too. I walked that path and found it didn’t suit me at all but being older and ‘dieting warped’ ya know…I was wrecked.

but her being younger, think buying a 90% chocolate bar. Or make a keto cheesecake. Or just think a few berries with delish whipped cream.

Key is allow her some options that aren’t JUNK ya know and being younger, she should then find any ‘real junk like sugar sweet candy or donuts etc’ really do suck and she might easily choose the low carb/keto options and just ‘put that little allowance’ into her life when needed.

I would think that would be ‘safer’ and better training on how to eat better options vs. ‘that tough elimination at such a young age’ and then the binge into junk. I know that isn’t a path you want for her at all.

luckily my kid is ‘low carb’ in thoughts and she still eats junk, but she chooses better options alot of times in that she won’t eat bread if she has some pasta, she opts for salads alot of times. Will have no hashbrowns when she orders an omelet at a restaurant. Like she ‘has those little options’ in her head that seem to be working well for her as ‘an evened out simple’ eating style.

So JUST STUFF to think about LOL It is good to chat out ways forward, some fit good and others we throw away that don’t fit us, but it is a journey and we all find ways!