The March of the Carnivores!


this is just too funny to read :shushing_face: but darn more power to ya!! :100:

and I agree, we can’t duplicate. I know I tried that too and I get that.

when change is going down for each of us it goes down like it must which is why saying over and over never compare to another person your journey is so important. I used to ‘compare’ all the time til that day I really knew I AM ME and not one other will truly ever walk this way ya know.

I can’t wait to see where it all goes for you :slight_smile: I know better is coming for you truly!!

(Vic) #343

I’m in a hotel now, Ill probably hire a villa next week and hire a cook + housekeeper full time, that is way more cheaper than hotels and restorants anyway.

Yes, alway do when I can.
But mostly I try to live the life of the locals. I’m a very social person, already have a few friends to hang out with from time to time.

(Sama Hoole) #344

Glad I’m not the only one waking up at 3:30. It’s infuriating.

Feel fresh as a daisy though :man_shrugging:

(Karen) #345

Up at 4.45am for work and got those 100 stair runs done and dusted plus 20 pu’s. Last overtime shift for a while but hey ho that means more yime away from the prison!!!

Full long shift tomorrow so I will be getting to bed shortly to be up at 4.45am again.

Today in my pack up I took chicken/butter/cheese to put in mikey and some ham and some beef mince with a knob of butter. Not much in the way of calories so when I got hone at 6pm had 350g of seafood selection sauted in butter with melted cheese. Very nice and tasty but a little salty for my liking. Just tried to ignore the saltiness and ate the lot.
Pic looks a bit blurry because it was steaming hot lol it was quite nice and colourful.

(Edith) #346

I frequently wake at 3:30 am, too. I actually think it has something to do with stress and cortisol getting released. I’ve heard not enough salt, not enough food during the day. I haven’t figured my reason out, yet.


It seems it haven’t sent, it happens often.

My hunger is back but the right kind (I probably never even have the annoying insatiable type anywhere close to carnivore :thinking: ) so I had a big and unusually fatty lunch :smiley: Without even the turkey, probably I will nibble on it a little later. It’s so good turkey is very much available here as it tastes so much better than the normal, cheap chickens (chicken basically has 2 types, the common bad one and the good one and the latter is 3-4 times more expensive. I rather buy pork - or beef leg that is even more expensive but way more satiating. I looked at ribeye prices - every proper steak cut is somewhat similar -, nope, definitely not for me, not even trying out, I am not that curious. a small piece costs as much as all my food for 3-4 days. beef leg costs a fragment of that and it makes a delicious stew).

I ate cheese, pancakes, egg stew, a little fish and sausage today. It seems little… Oh, of course, I had scrambled eggs with salt pork, that added quite much fat and calories, the kind that is satiating to me. And too much salt, I am not used to that anymore. About 9 eggs, nothing extreme but higher than average for sure. I am very much into pancakes now (it’s serious as I always could eat several almost every day), I should do a pancake day where I only eat pancakes :smiley: It means some pancakes will be filled with a nice meaty stew. (For the new ones, I am Hungarian and we have thin pancakes filled and rolled up. A famous kind has some stew, I think traditionally veal…? I never had that but it sounds nice. Most pancakes are sweet and mine was like that too, I mean, mostly sweet, I liked some savory kinds… But things shifted a bit when I made carnivore-ish my default woe. I still eat dessert pancakes as those are my favs, sadly… Mascarpone with some vanilla and coffee powder doesn’t need any extra sweetening, it’s pretty good. I won’t stop eating desserts any way soon so at least it should be carnivore enough.)

I will eat very properly in the weekend, I mean my big, fatty roast will be the main attraction.

Yep, I ate some turkey, it was great but I couldn’t eat much of it. Snack sized meals are still super odd to me. So I had one proper meal and even using fatty items (maybe I automatically limit those at this point… but I had cheese and very very fatty salt pork), the total food intake wasn’t much, just a very nice amount I can function right with. Pretty normal on carnivore or close to it for me and I don’t need to worry about getting hungry at night. A higher-calorie day will happen eventually as always. Maybe tomorrow when I finally weightlift, no matter what.

I tried to make turkey deli meat. It became something else but it seems a great thing, I will test it tomorrow (turkey, white bacon, why overcomplicate things? though I used some spice for the half of it).

Alvaro didn’t touch the turkey but he had all the leftover egg stew. Maybe tomorrow.

3:30am is more like a time to go to bed though that’s a bit late even for me.
If I get up before 9-10am, I am immensely pleased. I always was like it (after I finished my schools… those times were hard in the morning), my brain doesn’t even function in the morning, pretty pointless to try to use it then.
And close to nothing can wake me up if I go to sleep. That’s probably useful. Tons of water before bed? Noises? Even hunger (that’s rare but once I went to bed hungry. I regretted that)? Nope, I sleep my 6-9 hours.
I lost the ability to go to sleep quickly in my darkest, most stressful times and going back to sleep is my old skill I totally lost somewhere but at least I don’t wake up without a very good reason.

I wake up tired and in no mood to do anything (with some exceptions) but that’s me. I am really not a morning person at epic levels. Did I wrote before that once I worked from home and I started my 8 hour day at 4pm? :smiley: That’s my time, too bad it took away my beautiful late hours too. Though midnight is kinda early still…

Alvaro wakes up super early sometimes and can’t go back to sleep, that’s quite bad. And now the last clock setting thing (I forgot the term when we suddely lose an hour) will happen, they should have stopped that ages ago, it ruins many people’s weeks around the time it happens. It can’t do much to me, maybe because I wake up late either way?

THIS is the higher-calorie day. I got hungry again. Was it the more than usual amount of cheese and other not satiating fats? The tiny dinner (nope, I had such things before)? Too low protein? I had about 106g (with the usual inaccuracy), I often experienced that long term satiation is hard that low (at least with my usual less satiating items).
Whatever, I tasted the not deli meat turkey. I apparently made turkey sausage (turkey/pork but the pig only gave fat tissue) and it was suberb. I am quite content now.

(Heather) #348

Ditto! Just when so think I’ve figured it out, my body changes on me. Grrrr…


that would be nice I am sure. A tad more control with your food would be a pleasure!

Grrr, yup :sunny:
longer on plan everything evens out and you find you change much slower so keep on truckin’ and ya know things find their settling point :slight_smile:

---------------good carnivore morning

yesterday I ate: 3/4 rack of ribs, have 1/4 of the rack left for today

the good BBQ place was closed? huh? no clue why, no sign, nothing so hubby trucked it on over to another BBQ place that is OK but not as good as the other. I have to say ribs were fine but they use a ‘spicy heat’ rub kinda. Maybe cajun spice in it? I had to take a Tums. Yup, got me some heartburn from it LOL but I survived.

Ribs was all I ate cause they satisfied me and shut me down for food the rest of the day and that tad of heartburn didn’t thrill me and kinda put me a bit off eating more.

Must eat my big Tbone steak I got defrosted today.
Pair up with ? not sure what I might want, I woke up very not hungry and food is not a focus so we shall see what I hound down later.

March is almost over and we are focusing on next month eating eater bunnies…the real one, not the candy ones HAHA


I just saw in an advertisement paper that bunny and chicken shaped Gouda is apparently a thing… For 2.5 times more money than the normal, perfectly fine one.
I can live without them. Actually, I am sure I can live without cheese but as Alvaro needs some and we keep a few kinds at home all the time, I don’t always resist.

Beef legs are on sale again so we will buy some and make a nice stew. Pork shoulders are too perfect as a roast, my piece is a cute medium size too (2kg) so I only fry a little for today dinner, the rest goes into the oven.

Big eating yesterday or not, I got a bit hungry at lunchtime again so I had a small, egg based meal. My main meal will be dinner today.

(Vic) #351

Combined 2 plates of chicken and a steak. Already dumped the veg in the garbadge.
The sauce is kind of buttery. Nice taste. Hope its real butter?
And if not, then its not perfect but at least its not junkfood

(Karen) #352

So i got up at 4.45am again and did the stairs and pu’s then to work ill 8.30pm … got a bit of a flier. On feet all day with loads of running around the wings collecting the prisoners for video link and then the evening duty in healthcare processing the new guys in from the courts.
Pack up as per yesterday with a couple of hard boiled ehgs chucked in for good measure but only ate one. This evening had some chorizo cheese and cormed beef…

(Linda ) #353

Its kind of strange I got a freezer full of steaks but last few days I have been eating braised chuck in both short ribs and pot roast and ground beef and butter… if I get hungry I been adding a slice or two of bacon.

Husbands birthday is good Friday so for that cooking up a prime rib for him … what are you guys eating?

(Vic) #354

A hotel that serves beef liver at breakfast.
Not very common. Makes me happy.


wow, that sure sounds like a mouth watering treat :slight_smile: Happy Bday to your hubby!!

nothing for good friday or easter etc. I don’t truly do those holiday type meals as a ‘thing’ anymore. Just older now and just me and just how I roll now LOL Thanksgiving and Christmas are my 2 days that the ‘planning of the meal’ is important to us here but other than that, none of the celebrated type stuff impacts me anymore. I just eat whatever I want when I want and I do love how simple it is on me for not having to deal with big fancy meal time in my kitchen :slight_smile:

@Carnivoor, you hit a good restaurant to get what you wanted, cool pic of your meal!

---------WOW March is ticking down fast now!

ate bacon cheese omelet yesterday for first meal before running errands and hitting the road. 2 eggs, some melted cheese and 10 slices of bacon.

held me ok. Got home and ate a Tbone steak around 4 and that shut me down. food done for the day :slight_smile:

No new report other than the same. feel great, hanging strong on plan, stupid head allergies got me a bit but meds help with that and just ‘doing zc’ and feeling fine.

got another Tbone for later today and ? Not sure. Maybe just some chicken but I do have some country style big pork ribs I want to cook up, might eat a few of them and hold the rest for leftovers.

Eh, same old same old but I AM ONE TO LOVE my same old same old LOL


This beauty (pork shoulders). Isn’t it nice and fatty? :smiley: With jelly next to it under the fat layer… It never fails to amuse me. Jelly is fun.
I eat most of it warm but it’s pretty and enjoyable cold too :wink: (And I need coldness for the jelly at least.)
And I eat fattier than this as Alvaro needs some protein with his veggie dish so I cut off the fatty parts for me…

(Karen) #357

Up at a reasonable time today as I have double up my shifts this weekend and doing both on Sunday. Feel tired from the early starts and being on my feet for such a long shift yesterday but gor straight on with the stair runs and then went for an 8 mile brisk walk with my daughter. Love my walks with her as we just talk the whole way round about how our week has been.

Arrived home very hungry so got stuck in to some suated chicken n cheese followed by some bkue stilton and a little later finished the ham off.

Dinner was 2 sirloin steaks. No trouble getting through them both and very tasty. I think I just needed the fuel as I don’t eat as much when working.

Clocks spring forward tomorrow and I have to be up earlier than usual to get into work for just after 6am. That means i will have to be up by 4.30am to get the stair runs done and ready for work. So not only do I lose an hour with the clocks moving butI will have to lose another hour to get to work so early! Fortunately the night staff I am taking off in the morning is going to come in ultra early for me in the evening so at least I won’t have to work till 9pm. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Edith) #358

My daughters used to do competitive swimming and we were up at 3:45 am for morning swim practice. Daylight savings time as a killer! I’m a morning person, but I was glad when they stopped going to the morning practices.

It doesn’t sound like you are retired.

(Linda ) #359

Looks really yum…I like pork too I buy mine skin on so I can make crackling…but lately I been buying beef chuck ribs and pot roasts and slow cooking those for the extra fattiness and ground beef and adding butter…your pancakes sound good …

(Vic) #360

Squit fish and chicken for dinner.


I’ve been ocean swimming the past two days as there are no waves to surf.

Tried two different isolated beaches that required soft sand hiking to get there and back. This morning I climbed the sand dune to get back to the car park. It takes some effort. I felt ok.

Was brushing the sand off at the car. A young lady walked down the trail. She was red faced and gasping. But had enough air to announce to her waiting friend, “That’s hard work. You can sure tell when you get over 40.” I thought, hang on a second. That young lady is about 15 years younger than me, and she’s suffering from a mild exertion walk. My heart rate got up a little on the dune climb but I wasn’t puffing. I was wondering if I should’ve jogged it and felt a bit bad for wimping out and walking. Listening to the young lady and seeing some empathetic nods from other parent aged people I realised how sick we are as a society. People get very serious about improving their health when they discover they are sick. But I looked around that car park filled with shiny, air-conditioned 4 wheel drives (also known as SUVs), with a new appreciation that many of us, my age and a bit younger, don’t realise we are sick. There were some teenage surfers running up and down that dune carrying surfboards. There may be more hope for them.

The days are sunny but the nights have chilled a bit since a final autumnal heat wave a week ago. Someone’s surfboard got bitten by a 5ft shark (tiddler) at the local beach last weekend. But more importantly the surfer was 75 years old. I reckon that’s a bigger story.

It has been difficult to get through the steaks and baked beef ribs the last two weeks. I think I have gone off the rails with over-caffeination. Too much appetite suppression and have reduced sense of calmness. I have to dial that back for April.

It’s almost tree planting time. I think we’ll start early as we got some rain during March. The water tanks are full. That is bizarre as usually they are at their lowest tide in March.

Today’s breakfast 1:30pm: 4 (small) eggs omelette cooked in beef tallow rendered from the rib eye steak bake last night. Added a 120g tin of tuna. Need to restock the pilchards. The seafood added to breakfast has worked well for the past month.

Still on 2MAD. Keeping things real in the general good news stream. Work stress is no good and stalling out visible health gains. I’m heading out into the sunny afternoon now with my wheelbarrow and spade to get more sunshine on my skin and build up that immune supporting natural Vitamin D in my body fat ready for flu season that starts very soon.

The photo is last Thursday night’s rump steak. My Italian father-in-law was a chef. He says the best tasting cut is the rump steak. But people tend to go for more tender cuts like the fillet. The steak was delicious it filled the fry pan.