The March of the Carnivores!


Oh I didn’t even think of bunnies… Just eggs and ham :smiley: The latter is on sale but not only ham, various kinds of cooked, smoked pork (ham, chuck, shoulders, chops) in a net or not, I probably will buy chuck :wink:
We go to shopping on Monday but we won’t visit the usual hypermarket this time so I won’t buy big meat packages.

As usual, I will go for carnivore(-ish) in April too, now I just stay close but maybe experiment a bit. I want to know what gave me the drastic changes in appetite and behavior/desires? Only very low net carbs or there are other important factors? Meat does good to my nutrition, I know that much, I want to know what makes me a calm, not so eating oriented one who reaches satiation easily, says there for long and this satiation is a superior feeling too. And anyway, I would get bored without my experiments. I continue my lower-fat experiment too as I happen to have less fatty food today, liver, fish, quark, only a few eggs and more whites than yolks…
I think I can pull off 50% fat today. Then I make a super fatty day, like 80% :smiley: I can’t help it, it’s fun to have extreme numbers. And I actually can do that with dishes I like, I just wouldn’t want it every day as I need to plan and have all those lean (or fatty but that’s easier) stuff around at the same time.

I feel absolutely okay, well I could use more energy, it’s not sunny and it’s the most important factor in my energy level as far as I know. But my mood is good, food is no problem, there is piece and I like that.
My weight is huge, I dared to step on my scales. No change but it’s a patience game and I am very very good at that after all those years except I want to get my November weight back, that’s way too high too but way lower. This sudden gain disturbs me, it’s abnormal. Maybe my body wants to make me motivated to stay low and I can say it’s highly effective. But only because my compulsions went away.

Oh sorry, I truly didn’t want to write much again but this is on my mind now and I am still not fully awake and my tiny control is tiniest then.

Have a nice day, everyone! (I want sunshine :sob: )


maybe like…GreenEggs&HamApril?
sounds cool

might be a good title name :sunny:

@VirginiaEdie, wow that is drawing me more toward buying one cause when something is used darn near like that it means it replaces ovens and more :slight_smile: I am liking that review!

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omg gosh that is getting long now LOL

why do we all want to eat the easter bunny and not take its’ treats?
we bad predators :wink: :scream:


I don’t care but MY April will be rich in eggs for sure! :smiley: And they are very important at Easter…
I better avoid boiled eggs in the near future or else I will be bored of them… And boiled eggs and deviles eggs are the Easter things. Not like I care about traditions but Easter food is so perfectly suit my tastes. I don’t know where I lost my preference for ham though… I am sure I still would love some but getting it fatty enough is tricky… Maybe I should pair it with something else.

My protein rich lunch wasn’t a success, the pickled herring wasn’t good at all and the beef liver had those inedible chewy pieces inside. But when I sliced them raw, I saw nothing. And it’s liver. What can be that? My eggs were good, at least but I only have a few left.
I got out the turkey drumsticks (another leaner meat, fits my day perfectly) from the freezer to ensure I will have enough food at dinner, I kind of miss some proper meat anyway especially when I see the photos in this thread. It’s fowl but I have no satiation problems lately.
Stupid shop started to have turkey drumsticks in a big box, it was just wrapped into some plastic earlier… Maybe I should be social and buy not prepackaged turkey but most shops haven’t that option. The hypermarket we won’t visit on Monday has those huge bags with the most perfect package per meat ratio, that’s nice.

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THAT’S it to me…love it LOL

Beware is the best first word in it all!

ok guys we got our title for next month :slight_smile: and hope ya’ll agree it is hysterical and fitting for us Carnivores~!

ahhh ya missed the fun in naming the next month :frowning: but super cool if not into that part of it LOL

nothing worse then ‘chewy’ for when we rely on our big meat meal to be the end all to be all and make us happy but ya know when I hit that, IF I am so disappointed, and yea it happens from time to time on eating, I just find me more meat food that ‘just gives me that edge’ to be happy and even if ‘off in a way’ on food choice I eat more to KNOW that I ate and can eat LOL works for me LOL

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That’s why I mentioned the salmon to you. :rofl:

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Kind a feel sorry for all the critters that died to produce those veggys, and I just toss them in the garbage.
Cant convince the restorant to serve without the vegs, at least they understand no rice or french fries.


yea what I say to a waitress is NO anything else on the plate. And then I truly ‘dumb down’ and it is the saddest thing I ever have to say truly and it irks me beyond anything…I say I ‘eat weird’ and want my way so do exactly as I say and truly then ;‘they understand’ you are a ‘weirdo eater’ and want what you want…they then give you true thought, but unless I go that route I noticed they won’t listen alot of times.

yea very sad but true thru my experience

but DARN that food looks SO delish in that pic :slight_smile:


I always love watching the month naming, I just can’t participate :smiley:

I am unable to get hungry again. It’s 8pm and I ate little today. Oh well, it will come eventually, I should enjoy this peace until it lasts. I heard about people who could starve themselves but my body is very different and all my fat proves that (though some people manage to starve and keeping their fat too… whatever, that’s not me).
It’s just super odd and happens now and then even if just get close to carnivore. But I had some higher-calorie carni days too. Normally it’s in between.

We will see if I will jump the turkey at night. But it never feels right the next day when I do that nowadays, this is new. So I better eat enough during the day but I just can’t now.

I have a little raw turkey too, I want to make my own deli meat. I saw recipes and they are easy for lazy me.

EDIT: Nevermind, I ate my turkey at 9, it’s a fine day. 51% fat (+/- who knows how much, of course).

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Started the day with some rock n roll stair runs and do I sweat doing them at that pace … !

Omelette n cheese and one of the 2 eggs i used was a double yolk so the omelette was nice and rich.

Nice cuppa qith my friend in his sunny porch. Been a while since we’ve been able to sit out so a nice change.

Home and a chicken in the oven to cook ready to put in pack up for work tomorrow. Also cooked up some mince beef and made stock from the chicken carcass.

So i have overtime tomorrow then working fri sat and sun shifts and have asked for overtime on mon so we will see if I get it. Won’t cope with 5 days on the trot but hey ho at least they won’t all be early starts.

Ribeye steak with king prawns n melted cheese on top.
A mug of stock and a little bit of ham to see if it was nice enough to take in my pack up. Hate tasting stuff first thing as it sets me off wanting to eat and i have got into a nice habit of not eating till after 1130am.


this had me laughing :scream:
Jump the turkey at night!! too funny :clown_face:

I am glad you jumped the turkey and enjoyed it.

remember on carnivore your eating will change alot. You will not eat some days cause you just don’t need it, but if you ‘feel hungry’ a tiny bit then try some food, then ya might eat more than you think but thing about it all is YOUR body is the driving force. Just yet it happen.

You become a whole new eating style person on carnivore. We all change up and in the end one thinks, wow I never ate like this before in my life, what’s up…on carni you are nourished, the body is truly nourished and we find a whole new us of a natural eating pattern.

good post S and glad your turkey was delish!


ohh sounds good!

I never do eggs anymore cause they just never hold me, like eating nothing for me now, but yea I lived on them back in the day…but the other day I wanted a bacon cheese omelet and I was out of cheese. So I didn’t make it cause I must have cheese with eggs LOL
I don’t know, you made me think of that :slight_smile: Haven’t done a big monster bacon cheese omelet in a long time, now I want one darn it.

Your pick of your surf and turf meal is wonderful. I love your plates too :slight_smile: Festive!

------------So carnivore is going well.
just chillin’ and eatin’ well

have 2 nice Tbone steaks to attack.
but might do bacon cheese omelet since I do have cheese in the house now. I eat so much less cheese now I forget to buy it sometimes and the other day I was out and wanted darn cheese, I had to wait…hit store, got cheese :wink:

been checking our carnivore sauces…alfredo I make already, but saw a nice cheese sauce, super simple I might make. thought about this one, never tried it: 8 ounces cream cheese --8 ounces cheddar cheese–
1-1/2 cups cream----------of course I would cut that down to like a few oz of cream cheese a few oz of cheddar and little cream and check consistency to make a very small batch. I never do big batches of anything like this stuff. Yea might experiment a bit, seems that sauce over a steak might be very tasty or kill me, not sure which HAHA

So my husband is off work today and he says he is driving down to the welders to check his surf buggy he is having work done…and I think real fast, OMG he is going right past my BBQ Smokehouse joint I love. I said, can ya stop and get me a full rack of ribs please? He said Yes…woohoo…and I said, mind you, a full rack for ME and you get something if ya want it :wink:

ok ribs today with a steak probably. but that darn omelet is on my mind but that darn omelet is alot of friggin’ work. fry bacon. crack eggs…then make the darn thing. yea that is alot of work to me LOL

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I’m currently living on breakfast and dinner.
Its out of necessity, getting carnivore lunch is to complicated here.

By the time its 15:00 I’m really hungry, so every day I have to live with hunger for 4hours, not used to it anymore, very annoying. I miss my lunch, dinner only style 16/8 fasting kind of habbit.

Anyways, staying carnivore here is easy, takes no effort really, been in much worse places.

I’m in Mozambique for the moment and my project just got extended with a few more weeks

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I agree! Great name, Vic!

DH is continuing to move along on carnivore. He headed to a store last night and confessed this morning that he had every intention of buying crap and caving, but he didn’t. YAY for him! He said he just didn’t want it. I’m very proud.

DD is struggling some. She is sick of her regular carnivore foods that she typically has (NY strip steaks - sorry @Fangs) and ground beef. She’s going to try to eat pork chops and boneless skinless chicken breasts. My only concern is a lack of fat with those foods. She does add ghee to them, so maybe she’ll be okay.

I’m in some sort of transition or something as well. I just feel “off” - like not fueled properly and tired.

I’m still holding strong to carnivore, with zero desire to go off, but struggling to find foods that satiate me. I did get sick of my 80/20 ground beef, so I went to 90/10 sirloin. It’s okay, just so bland, which is how I typically eat my ground beef. Boneless skinless chicken breast gives me digestive issues, so that’s off the table for now. I’m getting kind of tired of the big 1 pound ribeyes I usually eat for dinner (too fatty), so I’m going to have a smaller one tonight and pair it with a center cut pork chop.

I’m die hard when it comes to my wimpy two days per week workouts of super slow burn combined w/ HIIT cardio. I can see I’m building muscle, but but I don’t think I would need to up my intake of food because of those minor workouts.

Just trying to figure things out.


ohhh that is kinda on that fence, so glad you have good work :slight_smile: but darn ya have to ‘find your carnivore’ menu out and about.

I feel ya on this Vic! I absolutely understand the longer carnivore we time we go the ‘more so set’ we are on our eating pattern and to ‘be hungry’ and wait can be darn painful to us :wink: I know that feeling for sure.

hey are ya only ordering from restaurants? Any chance your hotel room or corporate apartment has any type of cooking situation you can take advantage of in any way? Probably not cause you would have done that :wink: but I just want to throw you a steak when you need it! I wanna help you eat carnivore easily LOL cause I know if that was me in that situation, I would want someone throwing me a big Tbone at some point HA

sorry, not making light of it but I get your tough situation but from the meals I do see you eating and all, you are doing VERY WELL for sure!!

(Edith) #339

Wow! Mozambique! Do you do any sightseeing while you are there?


and that is SO normal and so cool you are in transition. WE ALL transition alot thru the time on this plan, even years into it and one thinks, WTH? but yea we do continue to change and YOU WILL find your sweet spot again-----then wait for it to change years down the road maybe LOL

Love your attitude RR!!

Don’t worry on your daughter. Truly. She is younger and way healthier than when we all tried changing our lifestyles and her body could be ‘a keto body’ and she could ‘add back a few things’ and do very very well ya know…with her being younger a very good extreme LC type menu could float her boat thru her life giving here those ‘little options’ to be healthy but navigate thru life’s adventures eating a bit more toward ketovore…not saying this might go down, but she has options us older people don’t have ya know. Your daughter is a rock star to me finding her way and her best nutrition thru life eating plan will find her for sure.
Not discounting her being carnivore for all time and it would be cool, but if she can ‘add back’ and do stellar on a few select things then more power to her to find her spot ya know!!

Your hubby, super cool too!!! He is ‘feeling physically’ the benefits of being off sugar and while darn we all crave time to time, when the body’s nutrition level is evening out, we have that extra Ummpft to say NO to crap we just want! Great report on your hubby and tell your hubby from me, DARN great effort and we got his back too!!! New carnivore all the way!!

And RR I had the weirdest thing. On this forum I chatted about it. About 8 or so months ago I ‘changed’. I can’t put my finger on it but I lost more weight and it rolled along slow but I got lbs off and my ‘ZC ZEN’ went thru the roof in ‘I just felt so different and diff. meaning GREAT inside and out’. These aren’t things we can put to words alot of times ya know, but I know I had some ‘transition’ I sure couldn’t explain but I loved it :slight_smile:
Your path is leading you, you just follow!!

(Heather) #341

Thank you for your response. I completely remember you writing about that, Karen!

Over the past week or two, I think I’ve had some moments like that, where my energy was through the roof! I couldn’t sit still for anything. I can honestly say, I don’t think I’d want to feel that way all the time, because it would drive me crazy. I love having energy, but waking up at 3:30am this morning and having that energy…not so great - LOL. My husband enjoyed my surplus energy😉.

Sometimes I try to pinpoint what I ate that made me feel that way and duplicate it exactly, but our bodies just aren’t that predictable. There’s so many other things that come into play - hormones, water retention, cortisol, etc.