The March of the Carnivores!

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This is the recipe I use.

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Great idea. I will have to do that. I love pork shoulder chops.


any and all lids, see if one fits? if you got a weirdo type oval crockpot type you might not have one, but round type, maybe?

alum. foil works too.

you can still use that sucker actually!

Oh boy your beef brisket sounds delish!!! I am such a brisket gal :slight_smile:


I never ever cooked meat before I tried out carnivore :smiley: I came from vegetarian keto/low-carb (or close to it but the few meaty dishes per year in the end were prepared by someone else), what can I say? The difference is quite huge :smiley: But I had enough experience so it wasn’t nearly as hard as keto in the beginning (it wasn’t that hard, I enjoyed my food and I always could eat something - as a beginner paleoer, I had problems regarding what on earth to eat… I was so, so, so inexperienced! - but still, I had to throw out all my vegetable dishes and we pretty much lived on them). I just roast or fry my meat and it’s perfect. But some more variety is welcomed and probably needed so I slowly collect and make carnivore recipes (my biggest fun was gradually making a really carby vegan recipe into a carnivore one and it got better with every step. I am very bold at substitution and it sometimes works).

Pork? There is no cut and method everyone likes… I like fatty pork and simplicity. Good ingredients are amazing without a lot of work.
I buy 5-7 pounds of chuck (shoulders work too) and toss into the oven with a little salt for some hours (I have a mini oven, one of the biggest but still smaller than a proper one so I only can fit this much). It’s my top favorite except when I want something fattier. (But I am not patient so I cut off a small slice and it will be done way earlier. When the big piece is smaller due to losing water and a bit fat and I ate the small one, I cut the big one into slices too to get my beloved reddish brown color everywhere but it’s probably a taste thing. I love roasting and frying everything into oblivion - okay, just one step before charcoal appears - except beef liver. But sometimes juicy, not very roasted pork is nice too…)
I usually roast a bit less, that’s fine but if my meat is too small, I need to add water too. But it’s probably depends on many things…? I experiment with my own oven and settings and maybe I did a dozen roasts this far, I am still a beginner.

But if I am not into the meat this way, I always can depend on my stews but those contain onion and paprika so it’s just for me who doesn’t mind that (I still avoid plants if I can but stews are amazing and some meat isn’t good as a roast. I need a chuck level fat content if possible. I roast my turkey too but it’s not fatty enough, I just don’t have a better idea and it’s not sooo bad. I add fat but that can’t do much. I definitely didn’t master roasting fowls, I can’t even get crispy skin so I fry those in a pan).

Chops are insanely lean to me, my SO find them great but I don’t bother with meat I can’t even eat, we buy some fattier cut and the lean parts are perfect for him, fortunately (so my chuck is actually fattier than the original slab! it’s great as chuck has a great fat/meat distribution, my last pork was very fatty but it was in lean meat/fat tissue stripes as it’s visible on my photo in this thread. wasn’t bad but I like when the chuck is marbled and have some bigger fat veins and maybe an extra fat stripe outside. not all chuck is that great and it’s Hungary, I have no idea about pork elsewhere, I just know there may be differences).

This is what I like, minus marbling, this one hasn’t that though it’s hard to see when the meat isn’t raw and red anymore…



Thank you @VirginiaEdie @Fangs @Shinita !! [quote=“Fangs, post:304, topic:107347”]
you got a weirdo type oval crockpot type you might not have one,
It’s a weird oval but the foil method is a great idea. However… brisket is already in the oven at 300, rubbed (kind of similarly to the recipe) and wrapped in foil. Will check this again in 4-5 hours! Fingers crossed!


oh your oven method should be delish for sure!

I am not an oven person. I am flash fry meat on stove top, or fire up grill or long term in a slow cooker for ‘not heating’ up the house with an oven since I live more southern and never wanna add to a hot house :slight_smile: and now I am right on that doorstep of an ‘air fryer’ purchase cause VE said she loves hers.

tell me when dinner is ready please :wink:


My go-to pork shoulder recipe is for the Instant Pot:

There is a slow cooker version:

I ate it a lot on keto; since going carnivore, I ditched the garlic (because I don’t have spices in any other meals).

I moved from pork to beef because I felt more satiated by beef, but the Instant Pot has always worked well for me. I used to do pork ribs on high pressure for 45 minutes, and they’d come out fantastically.


If I ever manage to find brisket somewhere, I will try that out. I keep hearing about it :smiley:

My beef liver had some inedible parts this time. Well, I made a cat happy, it’s something… Beef liver is fun sometimes but I won’t use that very frequently. I will stick to the widely available tender chicken liver Alvaro prefers (and maybe try turkey liver but it’s harder to find) but it’s bitter to me and I need to make pâté or something other mixed dish from it. And I like simple. My lunches are still many-course ones, at least my dishes should be simple.
I like the variety liver gives me so I keep it.

Oh yep, I don’t know what I will do in the summer… Heating is welcomed in winter so I bake and cook for long without a care… But my kitchen is never really hot as it never gets much sunlight (it’s more hot than ideal in the hottest 2-3 weeks) so some unavoidable cooking is fine. But I probably won’t do my 3 hour roasting sessions then :slight_smile:

I like using a pan but I need to be there and only a tiny amount of meat fits. I like to roast a big piece once in every other week, that’s very convenient. I probably will half-fill the freezer with roasted meat in summer so those few hot weeks will be a smaller problem (a really tiny as we will have air conditioning if everything goes well. I don’t want to use it much - it will be primarily for heating - but it will be great sometimes).

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Dinner, squid and fish

No sleep for the last 36h, no time.
Living on 2 massive carnivore meals a day, big breakfast and double dinner. Need the energy.

Hard to find a carnivore lunch, so I don’t bother.


Vic sorry your trip is wearing on you!
but you are finding good carnivore thru it and yes, eat all ya need!
Hope a good sleep is coming your way soon!

--------------So I got starved and fried up my pork boston butt slices.
omg almost ‘too much fat’ and could barely just finish all 3 but I DID! and super satisfied right now.

That was fry hottest hot, the flip and lower temp and put on lid, then watch and then ‘turn up heat to hottest hot’ when I flipped and put on lid again. Tender, yes! Pork not overcooked, fat melty and crispy and delish and I tore into it all with my fingers :100:


finally got my pic in LOL
PIA on this site to load a pic for sure :slight_smile:


So I tried to eat less fat today… And I did. 54% and 73g, super low in my world! My protein isn’t very high as I ate little food.
Carnivore satiation effect is at full strength, it’s quite hard to eat much. Maybe I shouldn’t eat lunch in the first minute when I am actually able to eat (around 3pm this week), it doesn’t work now, it did in the past. Eating always triggered hunger. Oh well.
I am completely stuffed now. Not really uncomfortable but not exactly ideal especially that I am thirsty and the tea doesn’t seem to fit.
But I didn’t eat much even volume wise. I didn’t even have soup or egg milk like in the previous days… Odd.

I ate these and 4 more eggs and more quark… But I left some from almost everything, barely touched the egg stew today (with all those carbs inside. no problem, I still reached 20g, I don’t need plants for that. I know it doesn’t matter but it’s fun to look at the macros).

I will have some proper day again but I have roast days (the best ones, I only can ignore dairy then) and I have less meaty days when I have liver, sausage, fish, whatever I have. I need a break from my roasts and stews and other proper meat dishes I can eat in bigger amounts, liver is great for that but I need many other things as well as I can’t eat just some liver and a dozen eggs.
So my no dairy plan was very short lived. I will practice that when I make a roast again. But my cheese consumption dropped, it’s something.
Coffee is totally back, I focus on other things now and it’s the most stubborn opponent and mostly harmless.


Brisket done and quite tasty!

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Looks delicious! Good job!

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Foody pics looking tasty

Up early today and did a mix of exercises with the stair runs. Early brunch of one of two lamb neck chops on the bone. Not really what I wanted at the butchers as i like the neck rolls off bones. Hey ho they were a bit tough which is my fault cos I was in a hurry to cook and eat them before going to the doctors surgery for appt.
Had my last smear test, unless they find any nasties which they won’t lol.

Returned home and had the 2nd chop, which was a bit less tough a bit of cheese. Then popped over to have a cuppa with my dance partner friend en route to another appt, fortunately I checked my bag for my purse for change for the parking meter and realised I had left it at home on the kitchen table. :roll_eyes: returned home again and realised I had not only left my purse on the kitchen table but also left the front door unlocked :upside_down_face:

So off to 2nd appt, breast screening, so up todate with everything now.

Dinner was 3 frying steaks some cheese and sone pork and venison salami.

These were tasty.

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@Fangs, I cooked salmon in the air fryer this evening. :yum:

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.Since Cywes asked me to up my fat I’ve gained about 1.2lbs but for the most part I’m not hungry if I get enough fat… the days I don’t I way over ate . Prob where the 1.2lbs came from that decided to stick around)
I got to admit though gaining when you’ve spent almost a year losing is not easy to adjust to but if I can eat when hungry and not bother about dieting and counting macros the payoff maybe worth it …at least that’s what I’m trying to convince my brain…
So im trying to eat chuck short ribs and will try out ground beef and butter… we have a Spanish store that cuts them into steaks so I bought one of those as well as the pork belly to really get behind this eat more fat to see if it helps cholesterol. Uploading: 20210323_180635.jphig…

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Lots of wonderfull pictures in this tread y’all :sunglasses:


yes. you will not have to convince your brain cause eventually your body will heal up better, you re-balance your hunger signals and more and boom, you hit a ‘sweet spot’ and all falls into line for you :slight_smile: You keep on rockin’! You are doing great! The healing payoff for a natural normal eating pattern and true hunger signals and more, yes, priceless!

@Wendy198, wow that brisket looks fab! Bet the taste was even better!

@VirginiaEdie, your air fryer is gonna get used alot I think…become a staple for your cooking!

@Carnivoor, nice breakfast you could order! When are you done with your trip and home to cook again for yourself? You are doing great tho on the road with your carnivore!

-----------marching thru March :slight_smile: We are getting toward the end. wow it flew by to me!

nothing to report again. feeling wonderful. Chillin’ on zc. Eating is not a focus, I am in a good spot. feeling very settled on plan. So far all good here still :slight_smile:

Have 2 steaks for today. Not sure but I got a hankering for alfredo sauce soon. Might make some but it sounds like too much work for today HAHA Shrimp in alfredo sauce, yum.

Carnivore on all!

oh and think about naming April…something like ----CookedEasterBunnyApril

hmm, little carnivore humor there LOL

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I use it almost everyday.