The March of the Carnivores!

(Vic) #281

African steak, beaten with spiked hammers and tortured in the deepest dungeons.
But very tasty


carni’s call that tenderized beyond belief and glad is was delish!!

(Vic) #283

Didn’t eat the orange and green decorations.

(Edith) #284

They do add a nice splash of color to the presentation.

(Karen) #285

Don’t think i posted yesterdays food, i got distracred somehow.
I was up and stair running to rock n roll tracks again the slowest was Lucille and fastest was Jools Holland. Crazy fast :scream: food was the usual sauted chick with cheese and a sirloin later with some cheesy snacks in between.

Today stair running to the rock n roll again, all crazy fast this morning, then out for a lovely walk with my daughter and … wait for it … my son yesssss. First time in over a year. We had a lovely time and he was so good even put a mask on to emter the cafe to get some food and drink to take away. Hope to have more frequent walks with him now.

Food today, 2 small sausages w/o the cob from the cafe then later some butchers sausages followed by some cheese and corned beef.

(Vic) #286

Kfc, pull the discusting skinns off and it makes an emergency meal.


@Carnivoor, yea I have done that too with breading when in an emergency. Still tastes strange alot of times to me on doing that, must be the oil they use etc. and I just don’t eat that oily cooked stuff anymore, but yea, in a pinch :slight_smile:

----------our March carnivore days are winding down and we are gonna be heading into April soon. Man time flies :slight_smile:

hit some Tbones for a low sale price. Stocked up a bunch of very nice looking steaks in my freezer, I feel better knowing I got that stash!

Not much to update. Just doing my usual zc thing. No troubles…all good. On that easy cruise of my eating lifestyle.

I do have shrimp on my mind today, thinking pair with a steak and good to go!

(Karen) #288

After our walk yesterday with my son we dropped him back at his care home and stopped at our local town on the way home as my daughter wanted to get fresh fish for sushi. Well bad move, i was doing so well not spending money. I had taken my card so i could get my son coffee cakes , drinks etc on the walk (£15) and there we were looking at all the fresh fish :roll_eyes:

I ended up spending nearly £20 on 4 fresh crevettes, 2 packs of anchovies, cooked welks and some Harrogate blue cheese!!! I had a couole of bites of the welks this morning YUK! so chewy and no flavour and straight in the bin! Cooked the 4 crevettes in butter which were pretty tasty but not enough for my greedy belly so had to follow it with sautéd chick n melted cheese!

My daighter then wanted to go to my favourite butchers and I spent a further £11 on sausages burgers and lamb! My daughter has a lot to answer for.

(Vic) #289

It looks good and is very healthy.

(Edith) #290

I still need my electrolytes on carnivore. I thought my need had decreased over the past six months, but I was wrong. I’ve upped my salt and Mg and feel much better.

(Edith) #292

That must’ve been absolutely wonderful. I am happy for you that you had that opportunity.


@Karen18, yea I was happy to read how happy you were being able to get a great walk in with your son, get him out and about in the fresh air.

but ohhh, your daughter, making you spend all that money LOL

I can’t do chewy, sorry on those welks. I so wanted to love calamari and all but when it gets that rubbery tough chew like that I can’t enjoy that…but sorry they had to go into the trash!

----------------maybe a good carnivore morning :wink:
didn’t sleep well last night…but have stuff I gotta do this morning so up I am with a few hrs sleep. Just lying in bed and my mind did the racing about this and that, about college for my daughter, about trips I have planned coming up, thinking about financial issues we are addressing and changing monies around and ALL THAT stupid stuff. I couldn’t shut off my brain at all…ugh…but luckily I know I will be super tired tonight and I can always try to fit a nap in later, maybe? But darn that racing brain times, just annoy me actually…hadn’t had one of those nights in a long time…guess it was time LOL

got nice big NY Strip steak for later
probably do some shrimp with it

food is not interesting me right now, which I always like for the sheer easy of it. will see if the above is enough today or need more…play that by ear.

All good…off to get stuff moving here and little of this and that today but already wanna go back to bed LOL but will muster thru as we all do!!

(Karen) #294

@Fangs Hope you got a wee nap at some point today. Nothing worse than feeling sleep deprived. It is the nearest I get to feeling hungover since giving up alcohol 21 years ago!

Yes my day out was super and I am just blaming my daughter so I don’t have to take responsibility for my over spending hahaha . Love her to the moon and back.

@VirginiaEdie thank you it was such a lovey opportunity of which I am really grateful for. We were meant to have Ben for Christmas but because we were only getting the 5 day reprieve before goung back into lockdown the carehome had to put a halt on it. Fortunately Ben hadn’t been told so he wasn’t expecting us. I know of other care hones that are only allowing a visitor (1) rather than allowing the resident out . That wouldn’t suit my son so we were really lucky. He had his covid jab a few weeks ago and I had mine and my daughter and I had a lateral flow test as soon as we arrived at his care home. We also agreed to wear masks while in the car with him which we did. We can’t wait till we can take him on another walk. He is as happy as larry walking nd walks at a real fast pace which is great for us.


I probably need both protein and fat to get satiated, my taste clearly demands something around 1:1 ratio… To me, the type of fat matters. Added fat does nothing or little to my satiation but fat tissue is great, I actually had a nice, satiated low-fat keto day once. But the protein must be high enough, 100g a day usually does the trick, I just can’t stay that low often.

Tomorrow I go for lower-fat! I happen to have some leaner protein (like beef liver! :smiley: all is mine as only I like it. I need to use up my pickled herring too… hopefully the sweetener didn’t ruin poor thing and isn’t noticeable… one can dream, right?) and I was curious anyway.

Oh you talk about exercise, nice. I neglect my weightlifting again, I forget, I am tired, today I woke up late and had a headache… Tomorrow will be the day… Last week I was so weak. And I have worse stamina than before, it’s horrible. I need to get in shape!

Yes! I always said so but people act like they should exercise only when they are young - or not even then.

Do that. One doesn’t really need much on carnivore (at least I don’t need anything fancy, my best food is putting some nice meat into the oven with a little salt for 1-3 hours :)) but it takes some time to figure out what works for us, I still need nice recipes but I mostly need variety and animal products have that galore.
It’s hard if one doesn’t like fatty parts… You limit dairy too… What about eggs? They are quite fatty and it’s nothing like the fatty parts in meat. But some meat is kind of fatty without visible fat. And even fat tissue can be very different. It’s soft, almost liquid on my meat when roasted, it’s more solid when it’s cold and cooked and it’s too chewy for me raw - and exciting and crunchy when fried (this is all about pork as I know and like that best). And we can mix things too… Hopefully you will find something that works soon!

I use red radish and something green nowadays… It’s spring and I like those colors on my plate.

I am scarce as I still do just carnivore-ish. I wanted to be stricter this week but we have all that egg stew… And I put cream into my coffee… But I still do well I think, no midnight eating (I wasn’t hungry this midnight despite I ate so little today… wow), almost no cheese (not a big thing as I don’t want cheese), I feel fine and not food obsessed (except I think and read and write about it a lot).
I have calm times and it feels they will last but maybe it’s my insanely high optimism again. If I had no egg stew, I probably would do carnivore now, oh well, it’s not like I can’t afford those carbs or ever had any problems with vegetables apart from carbs and not being satiating.
It still bothers me a bit. It’s the worst stew when I want to do carnivore and it was my idea :frowning: Yeah because there are so few dishes Alvaro can cook for both of us when he is adamant about avoiding normal meat dishes (he still eats sausage and he ate the tuna pizza I made for him) and we finally could cook over open fire (the weather was always frosty, rainy or windy in the last months) and 30 eggs were boiled. And now we almost run out of eggs but I have liver and pickled herring and egg stew for tomorrow, cheesy egg whites too so I will survive a whole day with only 12 eggs and I won’t even be too stressed.

It’s nice you could be with your son, Karen! :slight_smile:

People talk about not seeing their families enough nowadays, fortunately we see the close family just as often as before. But our Covid numbers shot up… Our mayor has it currently, Alvaro met him when he was tested. Poor Alvaro is a tiny bit upset about being conquered for a week from something that isn’t even Covid… Despite he knows that his immune system is still recovering after
the trauma and splenectomy. But it still should be pretty good.
He won’t get a vaccine for a long time, we are still at the phase when the elderly gets it and people with some professions. So he gets his tick vaccine instead, that is useful too and we already saw way too many ticks this year, the cats had many (but it drastically dropped when Big Boy died, he was the one who collected most of them), I got one, Alvaro was lucky.

Oh, weather. It’s totally spring but with chilly mornings. Lots of sunshine, not every day but often. My first daffodil bloomed! :smiley: My apricot tree will be beautiful soon. The hazelnuts have those inconspicuous little flower strings on them :slight_smile: And I saw primroses in the forest! And more and more flowers appear every day. I love spring, autumn is only my favorite because it’s always long and not cold and the trees are prettier.


@Shinita thanks for the encouragement related to cooking. I recently took an online class on how to cook a steak in an iron skillet, and that was very helpful. I’m looking for more of that. I’ve taken so many vegetarian cooking classes throughput my life but rarely a class on meats, so I come at this WOE unprepared.

During my final carnivore week, I will try something that is going to be exceedingly hard for me: no dairy and no coffee. I think I’ve got the steak cooking down. @Shinita since you love pork, can you recommend a cut and cooking method that is hard to dislike? The only cuts I’ve tried to cook are pork chops. They are fine — although a little dry the way I prepare them. I need something better. My husband will prepare slow-cooked beef ribs which are fatty and delicious! Gotta plan this week out!

(Edith) #297

Try a pork shoulder roast and shred up the meat. You can freeze the extra in 1/2 pound bags and then take out a bag for a quick meal.

Rub the roast with bbq seasoning or even just salt. Wrap it in foil and roast in the oven at 300 degrees F for about 4 hours for a four pound roast. You want the roast to reach 200 degrees and it will almost shred itself. If you want a crispy outside, set the oven to 500 degrees F, remove the foil, and crisp it up before shredding.

There are many online recipes. It’s great for having a lot of leftovers.

(Edith) #298

There is an autistic young man that lives near us. I see him walking his dogs. He listens to hard rock music and sings at the top of his lungs. He certainly enjoys himself. Makes me smile.

(Karen) #299

Ben is very quite until he sees something that he thinks is funny like dogs having a go at each other! Mind you we always know when he is happy in the car as he sings along to the music especially belinda carlisle and queen! Perhaps it is a trait of Autism … loving rock balads! :grin:


@Wendy198, yea VE’s pork shoulder roast is also called my ‘boston butt roast’ in my area. fatty and delish. You can buy a thicker chunky roast and also cut it into pork steaks. Big fatty delish and fry up very easy but sometimes they can be tougher but I love them :slight_smile: but like VE said, slow cooking a roast to shred is delish too!

-----------Slept like the dead :slight_smile: I sure needed it. Woke up alot perkier this morning.

allergies, wow with all the mowing around me my leaky eyes and more are just thru the roof, but I don’t care, some otc meds help me, I just let it happen and do my thing!

nice Tbone for later

hunger is controlled very easily. don’t have any HAHA
feeling good and strong on zc lifestyle.
just chillin’ and being.

not sure what I will pair up with other food today. Nothing is calling my name but I do have 2 cut pork steaks, from a boston butt pork roast I will be cooking up, so if wanted will jump on that or fridge for later? Will see how food day goes.

pic of my pork I cut from big pork roast to fry up later

this was a big roast I got on sale for .99/lb. I loved the price :slight_smile:

great day to all carnivores!! eat the meats!!


@VirginiaEdie @Fangs Thanks for the tips! Just so happens I have a beef brisket I will cook today (for the first time ever!), and I will use slow cook approach. Sadly, after taking out my crock pot for the first time in years, I dropped the glass cover and it shattered in a million pieces. So much for studying that recipe! Now I will turn to the oven and assume wrapping in foil and cooking at 300 will also apply here. Or should I do some more YouTube and recipe studying???