The March of the Carnivores!


Can someone tell me if this is ham or something else? It was made at home by Portuguese friends. They say we can hang it somewhere but I’d feel better keeping it in the fridge. Do we cook it? (Feeling stupid but I never prepared ham myself — just ever bought deli slices.) Also, maybe this is actually prosciutto?? image

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@Wendy198 I try not to snack I think that was easier on keto for me…
What I was finding was alot of steak I was eating wasn’t filling me up… its like I have no full switch and wasn’t holding me over …so my bacon episode helped to stop snacking and now I’m trying to eat heavier fattier meat to help drop my triglycerides and also stay full longer and if I can eat twice a day but doesn’t always work sometimes I need something more…so I try to finish eating by 7.

For my meats I’m still eating short ribs… although I did have a hunk of tomahawk yesterday and cut off a huge hunk of fat from the edge to eat some with every mouthful that really had me full.

Strangely enough my weight was bouncing up and down half a pound the last few days and even though I seemed to eat more yesterday today I was back down would be nice if it stabilizes.
Your guys pictures of food looks amazing.
.food shopping is so much easier lately just head to the meat section and done lol I must say I like it.
Weather in florida is warm here. So hopefully before summer hits can get the house painted in a couple of weeks then swimming pool finished…
I got so many summer clothes I haven’t worn in years that finally all fit again …can’t wait for summer to he here.


Busy with work. Stories to tell and great to see everyone’s progress.

I found I wrote this once. I’m resting it here next to my coffee to think on it later when I continue the March.


you have alot of work happening for sure and do hope that pool is ready for you!! Super congrats on shopping for smaller clothes from your closet!!

@Wendy198, isn’t that a dried ham. Cured. Doesn’t have to be cooked or fridged…but then again, I am not even close to knowing cured, dried meats LOL but ham, yea but I also think there are different versions of it all ya know…sorry, not much help on that HAHA

----------great chat on the board for sure!!

today is big Tbone steak
maybe just chicken later for second meal.

woke up not that hungry. head a bit clogged thru allergies and leaky eyes and all that mess and it is kinda wiping me out a bit. But the big rains we are having is helping clear the air of all this pollen so that is helping.

just eating by what I want, when I want it. Right now I have no draw to food like my usual gung ho eating times. Now I am in auto mode. Eat only when hungry and don’t even worry about darn food. I go thru spells of just loving to eat and days of I don’t care about food one bit…so it is all normal and good for me right now.

I need some sales tho. My stores are not giving it up LOL
My freezer is almost bare, I keep looking and want to do a big score but my stores aren’t cooperating :slight_smile: I did buy some Tbones, not a great lower sale price but desperate for my steaks so I bought 12 of them…will hold me a bit :sunny:

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I belong to a very science based Facebook group called Trying Low Oxalates. They have a plethora of information, science papers and thousands of members. It’s owned by someone involved with oxalate research. They’ve accumulated a lot of information about symptoms. Oxalate dumping can affect any part of the body and of course, everyone reacts differently. Some people become quite debilitated by it. There are certain symptoms that appear to be common: sore teeth or gums, cloudy urine, joint pain, peeling skin or skin eruptions, kidney pain, fatigue, diarrhea, headaches, heart palpitations.

I went through a terrible dump when I first tried carnivore over a year ago. My whole body hurt and I had most of the symptoms listed above. Now, after a year of being low oxalate, the symptoms are not as severe.

Histamine is an amine that is produced by our bodies and also is found in certain fruits and vegetables and meats, In protein sources, it starts as an amino acid called histadine (if I recall properly.) As the food ages, bacteria break down the histadine into histamine. The older or more aged a food is, the more histamine it contains.

Our bodies actually need histamine, but when we get too much we can have what seems like an allergic reaction, although technically it isn’t. Our bodies have ways to break down histamine. An enzyme called diamine oxidase (DAO) in our guts, and other one that breaks down histamine intracellularly once it gets passed through the lining of the small intestines. I don’t remember the name for that one.

Some people don’t produce enough DAO to break down extra histamine. It becomes more common in middle aged women of which I am one. I discovered I had a histamine intolerance several years ago. Once I cut back on histamine containing food, several problems I had cleared up: stuffed nose always at night, an eye that watered for seemingly no reason, an ear that always felt like it had fluid in it. My sense of smell really improved. Other symptoms I had occurred after eating certain foods, my heart would race and have palpitations. Sometimes I would get itchy. Low histamine and now that I’m thinking about it, upping my magnesium intake, finished solving the problem.

Hummmm, typing all this out for you has gotten me thinking. I seemed to need to stop taking magnesium a few months ago, but magnesium is needed for helping the body breakdown histamine. I think I am going to try taking it again and see if that helps.

I know this was a really long post, but its got me wondering … Thanks for asking the questions.


If you want I may not come back (it doesn’t do good to my addiction either as it’s a very busy and tempting thread to me… but motivating too I guess) but I had nice photos and thought why not? Nope, I just couldn’t stay away as usual.
And started to read back, sorry to drag back old things…?
I personally had some times with usually quite low-carb and little meat (according to me, not Alvaro, of course). I had a serious egg phase (some carnivore-ish days with barely any meat never was this easy) but I got bored of it and now I eat more meat. My roasts are back and I do carnivore-ish again, hopefully for longer than usual. Even though it ruined my IF but it’s my fault to eat too early when I don’t have a very real need for it. It’s Zornfast now so I do my best to combine OMAD with carnivore-ish, it seems the most convenient and safest, best combo ever for me.

I am the opposite and I still don’t know how on earth to eat less than 100g protein a day… Fine, it happens on my lower-calorie days sometimes but in average… And on carnivore… Nope.
I had 170g protein yesterday, it’s normal to me (though only happens, like, once a week? dunno, I don’t track all the time nowadays).
One big charm of carnivore was to me that I need to worry way less about my food. I still think and tweak and exercise and have my own little personal problems but it’s very much reduced on this woe. And I never was into fixed macros anyway… To put it lightly…

So don’t worry, I am sure many of us eat high-ish protein without problems (and possibly with benefits. I needed higher protein in the beginning as higher fat made me nauseous. I need lots of protein for satiation too. 200g fat and only 80g protein? I probably will be hungry later). I think it’s very logical on carnivore. Not everyone of us can eat very fatty. I LOVE huge amounts of fat and fatty meat but I need my protein too. If I raise my fat intake, my protein intake never decreases, that’s not how I work.
Meat is more nutritious than fat anyway, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to eat “little” protein and lots of fat… But I don’t know, I just follow my body on my good days and it wants its protein.

There are so many ways to add more fat. Meat with a thick fat part is nothing like sausage or some marbled, fatty enough meat…

I never will eat like that I am as sure as can be but even I experienced that things tend to disappear. If I lived alone, I don’t know if I had cheese still… Cheese is nice but unneeded if I have enough meat and eggs. I need variety but I get variety using a few ingredients. Or it can be occasional. I can eat the same things for a long time.

And I am absolutely nowhere yet, I still have food obsession but less than before and it drastically drops on carnivore. Yeah, no way I stay away for long :smiley: I get too many benefits right away.

I will read the rest later, now photos! And then food, I start to get seriously hungry already and that’s very promising if I want a proper sized meal I enjoy much.

I ate some good stuff lately.
Alvaro kept to his almost no meat policy so I got out his lean pork from the freezer and ate the vast majority of it. I paired it with some extremely fatty pork last time, 86g fat in 100g, they say :smiley: It’s Hungary so I can buy such things easily and it’s covered with paprika too. Mmmm. I ate more than this and I had to practice moderation sigh. Super tender cooked fat tissue… Even the skin (not in the pic) is soft! And it still has a tiny bit meat.

Pork ribs without actual ribs…? I guess it’s some meat near the ribs.

Ready. Maybe a bit too much…? My usual method had problems with the too lean stripes of the meat. I prefer my marbled chuck. There is fried chicken skin too, I had to cut them off from the meaty bones for my soup, I dislike overly fatty soups (unless the fat is sour cream, that’s another thing entirely).

I did some shopping so even if Alvaro’s Covid test will prove to be positive (I don’t think so but we can’t possibly know yet), we will live, we started to run out of things. Yeah, a neighbour could buy stuff but I prefer to get my supplies personally.

(Linda ) #267

@Shinita I’m the opposite fat fills me up the more fat less food ill eat I’m trying to buy meat that looks like it’s half meaty half fat. Dr said I’m eating too much protein my uric acid was climbing. But I also noticed if I don’t get enough fat I’m hungry way too soon after eating thats when the snacking starts I don’t eat off plan person but the pork rinds and moon cheese get dragged out like last night grr self sabotage …
@ Fangs yeah hopefully it all gets done the dirt piles are enormous and so messy

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Well i enjoyed the rock n roll hiit stair runs so much
yesterday that i did them all again today, then sat drenched!

Brunch was sautèd chicken in butter and cheese.

Bought some belly pirk slices today in an attempt to try pork again, YUK

Mug of chicken stock and some more cheese. Followed by some prawns in cheese and a few slices of pork & venison salami.


fast one this morning
off for some errands, running out early here today

Tbone was delish yesterday
had leftover pork ribs
had 1/2 cup taco meat. family wanted tacos so I jumped on a little, added some cheddar to it.

All going well on carnivore for my update.
Feel great. Feel strong. Eating is in a normal pattern for me and I give it all a check, check, check, all good :slight_smile:

good carnivore day!!

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@VirginiaEdie I think the fact that you are joggin three days per week with less pain is definitely a sign that things are moving in the right direction for you. Before my transition to keto and then carnivore, I jogged alot - like 9 miles six days per week. It was absurd! My knees would hurt, my ankles would swell and hurt, but I loved the endorphines that went along with it. They were my “drug.” I tried jogging on keto, but just couldn’t do it. I had lost my love for it and the knowledge that I couldn’t outrun my diet (and no longer needed to) was a real eye-opener. I now do HIIT workouts, twice a week with strength training as part of them. I’m 48 years-old and I know that the older I get, the more muscle mass I lose. I am gradually getting stronger and I feel really good. I’m not saying that is a direction you should choose instead of jogging, you have to do you and what you enjoy. It’s just what works for me (even though I don’t always “enjoy” it, but I feel really good when it’s done :smirk:).

@Azi Isn’t so great to pull out those “old” clothes and find that you can get in them again? Good for you, Linda! I went up and down with my weight so many times, I just kept purgining my closet each time and buying new. This time, I know it’s going to stick. I’ve never felt better.

@Karen18 You are so inspiring with your workouts! I can barely drag myself out of bed twice a week to do my hiit routine - LOL.

My eating amounts had changed a bit over the past week. I found I was only hungry for my 1 lb. ground beef for brunch and a 16-20 oz. ribeye for dinner (around 5pm). This amount of food satiated me and resulted in several nights of solid sleep, fairly uninterrupted.

Yesterday, I knew I had my hiit routine this morning, so I ate the same, but added the boneless skinless chicken breast back into my dinner. I was hungry for it and enjoyed it. However, my sleep last night was not good. I woke up at 2:30am and have been awake since. I thought I read somewhere that too much protein can cause sleep issues?

Again, I’m always amazed at how clear our carnivore bodies are with telling us when they don’t like something we’ve done differently. :slightly_smiling_face:

DH and DD are both doing great! DH is amazed at how long it takes him to get hungry. I love that for him! Tomorrow will be two weeks. Woot woot! :clap::clap::clap:

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I’m 55 and totally understand about the muscle loss as we age. I do a full body strength training workout twice a week and jog three days a week. I would love to jog more, but my body likes three days. Every once in a while my mind thinks I can do more, and then my body lets my mind know it is an idiot. LOL.

I can’t image running as much as you previously ran. Sounds like you burned yourself out. It’s important to have something that you like. My husband always says, “Just keep moving.”

My daughters swam competitively for years when they were young. When they quit, they turned into slugs. I think they burned out, even though all
the swimming had been their choice. In hind sight, of course, we should have made them moderate until they were older.

(Karen) #272

Thanks Heather. I am an all or nothing gal so if I don’t do them daily I will just stop and I can’t stoo because I am just about at my 1 year stairrunaversary! The lockdown restrictions are lifted on gyms come April 12th so I am looking so forward to getting back in the CrossFit box but that won’t stop me doing the stair runs, I will just get them done and out the way before I go to the box. The coaches have kept us motivated throughout the lockdown, they have all been amazing.

I think the older we get the more important it is to keep at it. I have found that I feel so much better doing exercise on Carnivore woe as opposed to Keto, I have much more energy. I really struggled with my workouts for a time on Keto and could feel the energy just getting sucked out of me. I don’t feel I have lost any muscle mass in fact I think I may have gained. Proof will be in the pudding (pardon my french) when I get back to using barbells, heavier kettlebells and the rig.

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Hotel food

(Linda ) #274

Looks good!!! yum

(Linda ) #275

Today was another starving day for me, I ate what seemed like all day long and then finished off with pork rinds and moon cheese thats with eating my fatty ribs…

First reaction was omg I’m going to gain all my weight back and it is a real fear then I’m thinking I’ll have to try and limit what I’m eating but thats self defeating , I also remembered I’m not the only one going through this…its maybe alsiwhy shanita was up eating at midnight…seems like it’s quite common. So how long did it last for you guys?

I had to try and remain focused and fight the feelings of this is never going to work, I need to quit while I’m ahead thoughts.
I started internet surfing to see how other ppl cope with it and found a great carnivore. article called “Dont tweak the diet” just what I needed to read it covered most of my thoughts I had running through my head…
After reading that and feeling a slight bit calmer about not self sabotaging myself I decided to follow the advice and eat more meat.

Some how I will have to accept there could be weight gain but least it’s not crap food this way so one day at a time…


I’m struggling with cravings, but not giving in. I crave lemmon juice and cheese and now also sweet things. But I’m still only eating porc, chicken, beef, shrimps, butter and salt.

I’m experiencing more muscle cramps when I exercise. Yesterday I went shopping for food with my bicycle after a ride of only about 2h and fell down due to a cramp on my foot. It had been some time I had had muscle cramps so severe.

About supplements, I have a hard time with it. To be honest, I think the supplement industry is quack, just like, say, cosmetics, or McDonald’s, or astrology. If my body needs something so bad I’d feel like using a supplement, then I’ll look for a food that has it. Unprocessed and local to the best of my knowledge. I’ll never understand how come people are so critical of “big pharma”, but happy to take a supplement.


That’s super inspiring!

I’m trying carnivore for that reason, mainly: I feel a total lack of energy on keto. I need my energy back. I’m about to turn 52 and I’ve never felt so old, because of the weakness. A little over 1 year ago, I felt so young! Not my age at all! Before keto.


I’ve never seen it kept in the fridge. I always see this hanging somewhere (people’s kitchen, shops). Whatever it is, it looks so tasty! Fax me a bit! Lol

How are you doing, Wendy?


nothing new to report

loving my Tbone steaks
having some sardines, burgers, chicken every now and then, more pork than I normally eat but it is delish. Existing on my usual carnivore chow and loving it.

feel great
feel energized
waiting for HOT weather to come for my big ramp up with activity like swimming and more…which is coming sooner than later now.

All good in zc land. Hope everyone is gonna have a great zc day too!


There is no question that my joint pain is less than when I started this trial. My main goal is to reduce pain. Weight loss is secondary (very low priority, really, compared with pain). I would in no way say my pain is gone, but I’m now thinking I might need to continue this approach for longer than 30 days, because it’s possible that whatever changes are happening are slow.

I will not pretend – this diet is not easy for me. I don’t love most of my food. I need to improve my cooking skills. I’m probably not eating enough fat because the fatty portions of meat, chicken, pork or fish repulse me (sorry to use such a harsh word, but it’s an accurate depiction of my response). I’m trying to change my conditioned response, but it’s been hard. It’s important to enjoy what you eat.

@Corals I was also experiencing some moments of extreme low energy on my not-strict-enough keto diet prior to this trial. This might have been caused by going in and out of ketosis and my metabolism not being able to handle the quick switch. I’ve also experienced some moments of low energy on my carnivore trial but not as bad. My guess is that I’m not eating enough fat, but the only fat I love is dairy, and I’m trying to limit dairy. It’s a tough situation!

@Corals you said you are about to turn 52. Is it possible the low energy and weight fluctuations you’ve mentioned are related to menopause? Honestly, I’m not sure I believe any diet can help entirely with the transition. It is tough but it passes. Took me a few miserable years but now I barely remember any of it! Good luck to you.