The March of the Carnivores!

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Is that a salad plate repurposed as a white board :slightly_smiling_face:

Weird isn’t it? My taste also changed and still does. In a positive way that is. I seem to enjoy my food more and more.

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It is wierd , i never really noticed before how different each cut tastes. Beef is beef right? How wrong could i be lol. I always new i preferred plain meats to rich sauce covered meats because you could taste the meat and know whether it was a good or bad piece but hadm’t noticed the individuality of the cuts.

:laughing::laughing: the whiteboard it a spare lid to a storage box. How i came by 2 for the one box i don’t know but it has come in handy for my home workouts during the lockdowns! Sometimes being a hoarder comes in handy :wink:

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I plpd through it Edie :laughing:


clapping right along with you :slight_smile: It is cool to read he is doing carnivore and holding, sorry tho he got some adaption issues! Something alot of us dealt with but you know RR that once you get thru that darn adaption, the other side of carnivore is a great place to be!

and your body composition changing so much…WOO HOO, heck yea some vanity is in all this ‘health we try to find’ :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I hear ya on that one!

@VirginiaEdie, remember too tho you are eating nutritional food the body wants vs. crap and more crap so your experiences truly won’t be like anothers. And I know you know the differences but it is hard not to compare and get those feelings…but comparison like that isn’t an apples to apples thing so it is good ya know it :slight_smile: but yea, hard to deal with the emotional side of stuff we worry over!

It would be cool to see some keto/carnivore new numbers on you if you want to go get some bloodwork. It would be hard for me to go tho, I am one of those ya can’t get me to a Dr unless I got one leg hanging off and one foot on a banana peel and into the grave and even then someone has to convince me to go HAHA yea I am that type LOL

You are ok! Hey I re-posted something for you to read. I posted it in the ZC Information thread…just go read that if you haven’t already and it truly helps give you more of a settled mindset/thoughts about what happens to many of us when we start carnivore…hope that helps but truly Corals you hang in there :slight_smile: I gained also when I started! I know the weirdo feeling on it.

Absolutely. When I was eating SAD/crap I couldn’t tell hardly any big diff in meats at all. It was all just meat to me but I knew I loved it.

but once carnivore, omgosh I can SO tell the diff. in beef cut tastes and chicken breast vs chicken thighs and all that SO MUCH. It is crazy. I say a ribeye is so diff than a sirloin steak and that varies a ton for like a london broil cut and so on. I was surprised too the huge taste diff. It is cool isn’t it? It truly shows us what we prefer as we hold our carnivore plan.

You are a Stair Queen energizer bunny in your workouts :slight_smile:

-----------HI guys
all good in carnivore land here

Nice steak and burgers yesterday. First meal done me in mostly. I couldn’t do a second one but I did fry up a few slices of taylor ham later in the day just to nosh a bit. Get this, I was so not hungry I let hubby have my ribeye steak I had slated into the 2nd meal slot. I shocked myself letting him have my steak cause I truly did not want it LOL Even he was like, I CAN eat this? HAHA yes you can, as long as I give it up and you just don’t take it.

Did not wake up ‘not hungry’ like I have been the last few days and eating less. I woke up hungry this morning…not bad, just knowing I am going to eat more today then the last days for sure. I can tell my appetite so clearly on how my eating day is gonna go most times. Something I love, being able to gage me so easily on things like this.

Got a big Tbone steak defrosted.
Pair with shrimp probably.

got country style pork ribs going into the oven later as my second meal to eat. Yum. I will be eating fine today!

(Karen) #245

What is the difference between pork ribs and country pork ribs?

I am tempted to have a bash at some pork but I have, for a good 15/20 years, eaten according to my blood group, which is the hunter gatherer meat eater thankfully and pork was a meat not on the list of meats I could eat. Having not eaten it for many years is probably why I couldn’t get along with bacon and found the pulled pork at my daughters wedding evening buffet just icky !

Of course I have got used to fatty meats again now and think I could maybe give it a go. When I was younger i used to love pork and really enjoyed finger licking pork ribs. May buy some today :thinking::thinking:

Tbone and shrimp sounds good n tasty. There’s another funny thing when I see your photo of shrimp it is definitely the size of our king prawns!!! Our shrimps are about a half to third the size of our king prawns. :grin:


Following up on my previous post about being hungry, it’s especially hard for me when I’m hungry before bed. What are others’ evening rituals? I would love to be the person who can eat early and be fine until the next morning, but after over a year of keto, still not there. Does anyone snack and if so, on what? I was so hungry last night around 11pm that I ate a chunk of aged Parmesan cheese and a scoop of sour cream. Did not wake up feeling great…


Karen here is a pic of my Tbone and country style ribs.
the pork ‘ribs’ are just a big old boston butt…they cut the big roast into ‘rib style’ and sell it all chunky and fatty and delish and cheap too :slight_smile:

Pork is a weirdo for many of us. Some do so well on it, others have to ditch it and for me personally…I dropped pork, then loved pork, dropped pork and now I like it again right now HA

Yea my mind says that too :slight_smile: but my body tells me different LOL
I get ya on that.

Don’t ‘snack out’ even if eating later. You are hungry by george you fry up some bacon and eggs and eat, you love a nice hunk of steak you fry up one and eat til you are satisfied. You love chicken and have some go for it.

If you do cheese and sour cream etc you are not ‘feeding your hunger the meat/seafood it wants’ and you are ‘cheaping out with dairy’ that won’t fill you up truly in a ‘good way’ ya know.

It is hard to think it is OK TO EAT late but it is IF you do ok on it. I can’t eat before bed heavy, I tried LOL so what I learned is be sure after your ‘what you think is your last meal of the day’…if a few hrs later you are hungry eat something good. Just eat. It is ok and what needs to happen. You might think well I am not that hungry right now but if you fry up a few burgers and eat all, yea you were hungry and if you fry up a few burgers and eat only 1, then you ate…good chance you will not get that tough later night hunger that irks us.

It is a game of ‘find you’ and what you need to eat and when to make it ‘all suit’ you and you will…longer on plan you will truly find that sweet set point that works so well in your lifestyle.

So final thoughts are eat all you need when you need it, don’t be shy and snack out on little junk…you go for steak and eggs, or chicken or whatever you love at any time you need it. We all had to go thru that walk a few times but it pans out, evens out ya know and we get way more settled in our eating patterns. You will too for sure!! Hope some of that helps!


oh and Wendy there is a carnivore thing in that ‘if you think you are kinda hungry but not hungry’ and think you can go longer and easier thru the rest of the day, but you are not sure, ya know…yea we ALL get this strange time…eat.

Key to it all on carnivore is eat. Eat for real. I tried the ‘small food’ to ‘hold me’ but on carnivore it doesn’t work well cause then you are like, darn, that sucked for food LOL and ya get a tad crazy thru those times but you will absolutely even those out. We all do but we all go thru what you are going thru easily so it is a super normal thing :slight_smile:

When in doubt and you fight that 'am I hungry? really hungry? nah I don’t need to eat now? cause I am right there on 'that big maybe I need food or not? :skull_and_crossbones::scream::astonished::clown_face: I tell ya it is a weirdo time but in the end, number 1 priority of carnivore is eat big, eat ALL you need at all times cause if you do this, you ‘even out’ much faster on your personal body eating pattern. So it works for you and not against you actually with this eating plan lifestyle.

ok ya got me thinking what I had to go thru and tons others and just throwing out some more junk to think about :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


LOL! @Fangs !!! We read each other’s minds-almosr! I just tossed in a package of beef short ribs!
Feeling like a bit more fat might keep me satiated for a longer period of time. And, hubby loves ribs. Gotta cook so they are tender- so I use the crock pot. Then, crisp them up in the oven.

Been eating steaks - ribeyes and sirloins all week, plus a bit of salmon, a little tuna, some eggs and that’s about it. Feeling quite good on OMAD. 23:1 Working my way up to a longer fast, to jump start the weight loss again. Its a bear - trying to shake off the extra holiday pounds I put on, and also detox from oxalates, etc. I feel so energized when fasting, but finding the time frame to get started is the challenge. There needs to be a few days in the beginning to ride the roller coaster of highs and lows, and then once on the high- stay there. (I’ve worked a solid 40 hour week - twice - while fasting, so I know it can be done.) Then, streamlining carnivore to the point where I only need to eat once every 2-3 days. That kind of “intuitive eating” makes me feel a little wild and free - and quite geeked with energy. And, the coffee consumption plummets- which can only be a good thing considering how much I can drink.

Sorry to bore you guys, but typing/writing this out helps me to plot out a plan and goals. Geez, just reading it back now is quite exciting, and definitely see myself embracing the challenge. I know this sort of thing is not for everyone, but it’s what works for me. And, that time of purging toxins, etc is what helped me to stay carnivore for so long to begin with. so…off we go! Have a wonderful day, all! SB

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Packed a few carnivore meals for the road, travelling the next few days.

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I also struggle to stop eating at a reasonable time before bed. However it isn’t often I would stay up as late as you. I go to bed anytime between 7 and 9 as a rule! My go to is usually cheese and sometimes bit of chorizo. Can’t say its through hunger though, just a need for the taste i think!

Was just thinking before i actually read your post that I must go back to not eatung after 6pm which I managed for a few years because it really is just greed on my part.

Perhaps you are not eating enough during the day that makes you hungry at night?

(Karen) #252

Ahh thanks for the pic, totally not what I qas imagining. I think of pork ribs like the ones we used to get from the chinese takeaway! Smaller like a rack with ‘bones in’

(Vic) #253

Ones or twice a week.

Leftover meats or cheese.

(Karen) #254

Well a pretty decent amount of sleep had albeit ilI woke numerous times still got about 8 or 9 hours. Mind I always give myself the opportunity to get my full wack.

Got up and was going to plod the 100 stair runs through the TV adverts but decided to put my 50’s rock ‘n’ roll tracks on and run up and down to the beat of the songs. Hmmmm forgot how fast some of them were :scream: and it ended up as Hiit . Really enjoyed it though so I am guessing I am a bit of a masochist!

Had chicken sautèd in butter with melted cheese for brunch.

A mug of home made chicken stock
Sone pork &v enison salami

Dinner was a 220g ribeye steak follwed by king prawns with melted cheese. Usually I put it on top but thought about the leftover prawns after I had eaten the steak! Followed by some more cheese! I think I have definitely failed at giving up cheese :roll_eyes:


Karen, 8-9 hrs? but yea your work schedule and all I get it but geez, I am ‘maybe’ tops now 6 hrs and that is not all in, LOL, I am best at 5 hrs.
being a farmer truly from old times I was up with the rooster but never in bed before him cause some livestock or whatever issue from farm life/biz meant I stayed up til whatever was done.

I guess that timing is me now LOL

yea this isn’t a ‘rack of ribs’ at all that most would think. but they are super tender and FATTY and omg so good, just ate darn near 3 of them and got my eye on the other :slight_smile:

(Karen) #256

No way could I survive on 5 hrs sleep which is why I am sparked after a few days at work.

Go on eat that last rib and enjoy :wink:


yea my 5 hr all in is a big plus for me. Once my eyes open a little I am up, again, with the birds and farm time I guess LOL

I might just eat the rest but right now I need a minute to digest what I did eat HA

never required alot of sleep but I am one WHO MUST have down time and ‘get the heck off me moments’ thru the day…maybe less sleep means I am more ‘special’ in how I deal with others in my day…I run and hide from those ‘who want from me’ now HA

(Edith) #258

@Wendy198, I’m coming to the end of a seven month trial. I did the trial to see if carnivore would help my joints, particularly my back.

It’s been a mixed bag. There are days that I feel really great and think that carnivore is working and days I feel like crud and wonder. I went through a big oxalate dump for most of the first five months. I’m hoping that clearing the oxalate out of my body may help with the arthritis. That takes time.

In the past two months my histamine intolerance has really reared its ugly head. It can be related to oxalate dumping, leaky gut, hormones, missing nutrients, middle age. :woman_shrugging: It’s my latest carnivore hurdle because beef has been particularly troublesome. I have seen people on other carnivore groups run into the same problem. So… is it carnivore or a phase that is a part of the healing process? :thinking:

There are some good things, though. I no longer need to supplement salt or magnesium which were musts for me on keto. I do think my back is improving. I am jogging three days a week and it’s not leaving me crippled on the in between days. I definitely have less hunger, but I still have bottomless pit days. Most days I can eat 2MAD, but I certainly didn’t start off that way. That started to change around the four or five month mark. I think because I couldn’t eat enough meat at one meal when I first started. With that being said, the past two days were 3MAD and Monday night I awoke starving at 1:30 am, so I ate a hard boiled egg.

I would suggest if you are hungry eat. Going to bed hungry just interferes with a good night’s sleep. Over time you will find your eating schedule will improve. I eat dinner by 6pm and I’m
in bed by 10. Then I have a late breakfast around 10 am. I’ve been up for four hours and gotten my exercise in by then. Sometimes I can’t make it until dinner time, so I eat a snack. This week my snack food has been hard boiled eggs. I am trying to give up processed meats, but pork rinds are still finding there way into my belly somehow. :grimacing:

I hope this information is useful. Many people start carnivore and say how great it is, yadda, yadda, yadda. It has not been a smooth ride for me so far. I think it’s important for people to know that the transition may not be so cut and dried. In some ways, I WANT carnivore to be the answer, but wanting and reality can be two different things. I’m trying to be as objective as possible and at some point be willing to admit, yes, it works for me, or no, it doesn’t. I have seen people on other groups who were carnivore for a year or longer before they really started seeing benefits. I’m not sure I’m willing to give it that long.

(Edith) #259

I was never a farmer, but I’ve always been a morning person. Once my eyes pop open, I am rip roaring ready to go. Drives my night owl husband nuts.


Thanks @VirginiaEdie for sharing your honest experience. It is very helpful! Just curious, how do you know you’re having an “oxalate dump”? And what exactly is histamine intolerance? I find it hard to identify specific foods that are a problem because I almost never experience immediate effects. It’s hard to figure out and with a restricted diet, it’s easy to eat huge amounts of specific foods that might have offending substances. For example, been thinking about the 1+ avocados daily I was eating on keto and the amount of fodmaps I must have been consuming…