The March of the Carnivores!

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wow you are sure giving your air fryer a big trial run and you are thrilled with it! I tell ya I am ‘‘this close’’ to getting one but omg I am not a gadget type person but if it does so much it wouldn’t be a useless add to the kitchen and probably would be a fantastic addition to my RV camper kitchen too.

Ahhhh that picture is just to die for, no kidding, that is me on a plate!


first meal
about 8 oz NY strip, some taylor ham slices, shrimp

darn near overcooked my steak thinking about taking a pic LOL


me happy

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Since all the frying is done within the air fryer unit, there is no greasy splatter like you get when cooking things on the stove or as much smoke for that matter.

I had thought about getting one for over a year and then I would think, “Nah, I’m just not going to use it enough.” But then I was given it as a gift, and it turns out that I use it almost every day.


that is great info cause when one is not sure, but ya get it and can’t believe you lived without it, lol, that is a great insight for me :slight_smile:

I do hate splatter but I deal but it would be nice to have that gone but how much ‘wash up’ is required for an air fryer? is it one of those pain the butt cleanings or easy?

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We have the Power XL Vortex. It’s the brand my daughter picked. I included a link just so you can see what it looks like. We’ve only had it since Christmas, so I can’t comment on its reliability over time. It has a pull out “drawer.” There is a tray in it that the food sits on so the air can go around it, and it is dishwasher safe, but the drawer has to be hand washed. It’s not a big deal because it has a nonstick surface.

I recently did some research via Consumer Reports, because we were gifted the 3qt size and I wanted a bigger one. The Power XL Vortex gets okay reviews, so I stuck with the same brand and got the 7 qt. . I considered buying one of the 10 - 12 quart air fryers that look like big toaster ovens, but after checking those out, I think they would be much more difficult to keep clean. Their reviews weren’t as good either. That’s why I stuck with the Vortex.

I gave the smaller one to my brother since he lives alone. It’s the perfect size for one. He loves it, too.

I just want to add, I am not getting paid by the manufacturer to promote this air fryer. :grinning:

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@Fangs beautifull picture :orange_heart:

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@Carnivoor Oh blimey i am making poached eggs tomorrow! Haven’t had them in an age and that pic just makes me want to eat them now… it is after 10pm so thats not happening tonight, i am about to hit the sack!

Stair runs and pu,'s done at 4.45am then work. Supposed to have been working till 6pm but the contractors kit didn’t arrive at the prison so they had to down tools at 4pm yess result , home early :slightly_smiling_face:

Pack up lunch was a small fillet of salmon with butter and cheese to make in rapid time in the mikey. Took 4 slices of tooside in, ate 3 but rhink they were just on the turn. Probably be ill later lol.

Got home and ate the sliced smoked duck breast that I had taken in to work and brought hone again. Followed with some cheese and some italian ham. Now for bed.

@Fangs yes only happy warm memories and emosh tears remembering them both. I had a very loving family very fortunate. Hope you don’t suffer too badly with the hayfever.

Now to enjoy my days off, not back at work till a week Thursday and thats overtime again, then in on the fri sat sun. Lay in yesss!


LOL, be nice if ya could right? :crazy_face:

Thanks for the link. I checked it out. It ‘seems very easy’ for use and it is good to know the 7 qt size ‘fits you’ cause when it comes to sizes on gadgets sometimes you aren’t sure to go too small or too darn big so your review on that helps me.

I like it. I might be heading into the air fryer market! :slight_smile: appreciate the good review and happy you do like yours that much.

So happy to read that :slight_smile:
Hope you don’t get any ick from that food being just on the turn!! I been lucky so far never having my steaks go too past cause sometimes I get caught also in that situation…I eat it anyway and see HA

-----good carnivore day
march is rolling thru.

my mom’s birthday. she is 93, on no meds except one baby blood pressure pill and mobile and doing really fine for someone 93!

big rain here but it is washing the pollen out of the air. Like that part but days of big rain. Yikes. It is ok, I got my carnivore chow to hold me :slight_smile:

woke up not hungry. definitely eating a tad less and food is not on my mind as much. Again I like this. I have steak and chicken for today. I think it is just that and easy peasy. I am defrosting some big country style pork ribs for tomorrow, I can’t wait to cook those actually but like a frozen rock so leave for tomorrow.

so got 2 days of easy food planned. zc life is going well.

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Hi Everyone, I figured I would check in with the histamine issues. I started taking Ancestral Supplements kidney, two capsules before each meal. They may be helping, but I do tend to get over zealous about these kinds of things: thinking I see improvement when it’s really just part of the normal ebb and flow. I will need more time to confirm.

I have been avoiding beef and trying to find new kinds of meat to eat. Last night I had elk burgers. I did not have any reaction to the ground elk. I also bought some ground veal which I will give a try sometime this week.

I do think I’ve stopped oxalate dumping for now. My back has been feeling pretty darn good the past few days. I’m very excited about that. I hoping that trend will continue. I’m starting to wonder if the back improvement has anything to so with staying away from beef? If the good days start to outweigh that bad days, I may consider that carnivore is a success.

@Corals and @Wendy198, how are you two doing with your trial?

Yes, the 7 qt can air fry up to 30 wings. It can fit 6 small chicken thighs or 3-4 pork chops. I also did two pork tenderloins at the same time. I’ve been quite pleased.

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Scrambled eggs with a bit of ground beef


@VirginiaEdie, that was the best post to read from you. You are one of the best ‘trial carnivore plan’ people I have seen in a very long time! I applaud that. You are learning you and what works best and giving it real time, and believe me, you are unique in your path forward and your changes. I just wanna say SO COOL to you :sunny: I hope more health benefits come and hold the longer you hold on plan and the more you know how your food choices work for you! In fact I will talk about just this in a bit when I type up later on my food, I had to change it up also and those who want to ‘work with ourselves and learn thru it’ do just that.

Plus thanks a ton on that visual what a 7qt can cook. That meant alot cause it gives me a reference and that amt of food cooked will suit me easily and thing is I think you are the first person in a long time that might get me to buy a new kitchen gadget LOL even my hubby can’t do that HA

fab pic! hey that is my meatloaf. I do burger and eggs and tad salt pepper and put into a loaf and bake. Heck your way is easier cause your delish scramble on the plate is the same meatloaf I make LOL

so hitting on noon and almost hungry, another hr or so I will eat.

that is about 10 oz small NY Strip steak and I will use about 1/2 lb. of burger…SEE MY burger choice— it is 90/10 now. I LOVE and require lean burger meat. might add cheese to my 2 burgers but will decide that in an hr :wink:

For me I was all OK on 'fattier type 73/27 or 80/20 burger. No problem but I never did ‘so well’ on more burger fat. I am one who walked right toward buying leaner and learner burger meat. Lowest I will buy is 85/15 and I prefer the 90/10. I do not want fatty burger anymore but back in the day when I started, yes I ate it and enjoyed it but thru the years I learned me and leaner burger is a must have for me know. Truly so many say that is ‘dry’ but to me, heck it is like eating a sirloin steak so that shows how I changed on my meat requirements and I just listened and followed…SO AT ALL times everyone eat what suits them and if it gets wonky a bit and ya say, hmmmmm…change things up a bit. It is ok to do just that and smart to do just that!

now I got this food on my mind, oh yea :wink: :sunny:

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I have two air fryers (one for home and one for camper :slightly_smiling_face:) and a Ninja Foodi. The regular clean up is a breeze. I just put the entire basket in the dishwasher. The icky clean up is when the element above needs a cleaning (about once every 2 months for us). That’s a little more messy.

When I was pounding down chicken thighs as my dinners last year, I used that thing every day. Now, my DH uses it for that, or for bacon wrapped chicken, which it works well for. Since 3 of the 4 of us in the fam are carnivores, I imagine we’ll be using our camping one quite a bit this summer.

DH is still cruising along. I was worried about him yesterday, as we had an 8 hour car ride home from visiting our eldest son and he was nervous about eating in the car because he’s been having pretty consistent diarrhea issues and he didn’t want to have to stop. He started the day eating 1 hard boiled egg before we left and then had 2 burger patties w/ fried eggs on top for supper, when we got home. He said he felt wiped out and naseous. I thought he might cave last night, but he stayed the course! :clap::clap::clap:

I told him this morning before I left that he would probably need to make up some ground in the food area, as his body would be calling for it. I’m hoping he takes my advice (even though I’m not a longtime carnivore) to heart.

I’m still cruising along with my “regular” meals - ground beef, boneless skinless chicken and ribeye. I’ve stayed off the scale (woohoo), but clothes are fitting looser and I’m starting to see a thigh gap. It’s horrible to say and it sounds so pathetically vain, but I haven’t seen that since 3rd grade! I’d be lying if I said I was doing this all for my health. There’s certainly some vanity involved.

It’s good to see everyone cruising along and I’m loving all the food pics.

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Yesterday’s food was more short ribs both braised and flanken style iI think I bought enough to last me the whole week lol but I really like them and I don’t seem to get sick of beef…

I bought a ninja grill for the same reason the fat splatter was def a issue with lots of bacon and steak and I dont think a day goes buy I don’t use it…I have both that and the foodi which I love also but it doesn’t get as much use since I bought the grill mainly because the grill does more food but for braising, boiled eggs steamed, lobster yes glad I have both and these braised ribs might be something on the menu more…

So far today I’ve had braised rib and as I type this flaken ribs are cooking.

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(Edith) #236

Glad I could oblige. :wink:

Yea, unfortunately, that seems to be a part of getting older.

I do have some hang ups about eating this way, because in reality, the food choices are rather limited compared to when one has a plethora of fruits and veggies to have along with the meat. My father has had himself on a very restrictive diet for years. His restrictive diet is mostly crap. His crappy diet has resulted in a lot of health and mental problems due to nutrient deficiencies. I know logically that carnivore is very nutrient dense, but I do still worry about heading in the same direction as my dad.

I HATE going to doctors, but I haven’t had a physical since 6 months into keto. I will have been low carb/carnivore for four years come this May. I’m thinking about going some time in the not-to-distant future, just to see how those blood numbers are.


My weight went a bit up again.

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Fairly good sleep last night, managed just under 8 hours and only got up a couoke of times through the night. My fitbit said I’d done 44 steps before getting up this morning … thats not bad for me. I was glad to be able to stay in bed this morning till 9 albeit i was awake a fair bit earlier and was just snoozing!

Got up and did a good workout with the stair runs.
Brunch was a nice omelette with cheese and king prawns.
Dinner was 3 frying steaks and they were really nice. Followed by some more cheese and a bit of chorizo.

Cooked a chick for sautè-ing and made stock with the carcass which smells devine.

I found it quite strange, since doing carnivore that not all beef tastes the same. I am loving ribeye, sirloin and these thin frying steaks and preferring them to other cuts including the short ribs, which I really liked to begin with. It isn’t just the texture but definitely the taste is different.

Like chicken when it is under roasted and then sautèd but didn’t enjoy the breasts that I cooked. Don’t eat pork but I enjoyed some ham recently which is odd as I have never really liked ham! Love duck.

@Fangs yes tummy was telling a tale this morning :roll_eyes: fortunately it hasn’t continued throughout the day. Happy birthday to your Mum, sounds as though she is doing really well for a lady of senior years.

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Wow! That’s some workout!


Me too! No question I am better than before I started but no miracle total pain relief yet.

I’’m also struggling with being hungry a lot. I need to eat more and make sure I have enough food thawed out and cooked in my fridge!