The March of the Carnivores!


OMG, chicken hearts? That and chicken liver are my favorite meaty foods. I grew up on it. Here, it’s practically impossible to find. I could eat this dish of yours everyday and feel happy. I’m going to try to find it NOW! Super craving from your picture!

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:sunglasses: hope you find it , its super healthy and yummy.

Its not easy to find here either. I have made it a bit of a mission to find new shops, markets, to find the more exotic animal foods. They are out there, after 3 years I can find anything I want within 30km driving.

Go exploring, there is a lot to find and more veriety on offer in the animal kingdom than the plant can ever offer.
Vegetables are boring


FB, oh, ok, that is very super specific and interesting and thanks for explaining it :slight_smile:

I am jealous of your ocean swim! I bet that was wonderful, you live a very nice life FB!

icky cream in the coffee and ya got those gurgles…ewww, I don’t like them gurgles. Plus coffee from home would save alot more money…I saw a commercial on tv for if you only had $5 left and you had to choose between gas to drive to work or buy a fav fancy coffee from a shop, what would one do? Answer was to 'get $5 spotted from some company fronting money against your paycheck, yes a paid commercial on tv, but I thought, OMG get the gas, don’t buy the coffee and save more money and not borrow against future pay…I don’t know what made me think of that HAHA

wow you rocking work!! I did some 12 hr shift work long ago, I tell ya it can be rough some days! One time 12 hrs would fly by and another work day it would last forever and when I got home I would be more wired up and couldn’t sleep and it had some rough spots for me.

Corals, you are attacking the trial experiment time on carnivore in fine fashion. the stupid cravings will happen as you drop all sugar so you hold on :slight_smile: they will lessen over time for sure, plus DO NOT worry on that weight gain…and as hard as that is to do!, you need to not worry cause it can be very normal for anyone who was restricting food from any menu plan before starting carnivore…your body needs this weight/food for healing. It is correcting itself, will heal itself, and if you hold on thru this bit of small gain, you WILL lose it longer you continue! I gained around 8-10 lbs and freaked and said WTH? but long term zc people told me it was normal and HOLD ON for all my might and yes I lost like 6 lbs of it one week and then the final lbs a few weeks later and then I just started losing other weight…so the key to this correction is hold tight onto your plan! So many zc people can gain and then lose, it is what happens to some of us but if you hold this plan it will go away. Try not to let it freak ya out :slight_smile: I know truly, hard to do but hang on!

And I hope you hit a store and find the livers you want!

You got this, you are doing well and you are going thru normal adaption as we all do and ‘the other side’ of it all is just wonderful body healing and more!

and that is saying the best thing about them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

-----------good carnivore morning

WEE—finally down a 1b. Haven’t lost anything since my last 1/2 lb drop but now I got a lb. down!! I am happy about that. Just eat my fill and wait! Love my eating plan LOL Slowly, step by step, inch by inch zc is still treating me well! Could it be because I did cut back my salt intake? Who knows? I don’t care why, all is good in my book on it!

my beef tenderloin was super delish…oh so tender. I ate them all and enjoyed every darn one of them.

but after I was so satisfied I barely wanted a second meal later but I fried up 2 small burger patties and had those and was very content for the day.

Spring is coming fast at us now here and my eating is changing. I am going into lighter eating like I always do in warmer weather. So it is nice to know my eating pattern is doing it’s normal natural thing for me and I am dropping the ‘winter freeze hibernation type’ eating I was doing :slight_smile:

have to eat up the NY strips I got defrosted today…have to? sounds like a chore right? Ahhh, nope it is not HA

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Last night’s dinner was 2 flanken style ribs with a dab of butter it was super delicious then maybe not 20 minutes later the pain and bloating started so I took a couple of enzyme pills went to bed that lasted for about an hour followed by running to the bathroom…then I must have fallen asleep .

What I have noticed though that upping the fat in the last two days has definitely improved my sleep I’ve gone from insomnia to actually sleeping…so I’ll cut back portion sizes one rib rather than 2 and fight my way through this new challenge because I’m not giving up my new found sleep…and hopefully bathroom issues will resolve on their own

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Those 13 hour shift get me too. The first one this week i had trouble sleeping . And you are quite right some fly by and some drag, the first flew by but the second one was not so quick as it was overtime with the contractors during the day till 6pm so olenty sitting about and off to the reception for the evening duty. That was quicker as I had more to do and of course they are always more bearable when ypu’re getting paid overtime rates :wink: the only bit that wasn’t nice was seeing my colleagues from the contractor o/t go home at 6pm!

Before the pandemic the 13 hour shifts in the reception were very busy snd we could end up working through both lunch and tea breaks. The feet ended up very sore but the time flew by!

Good news to see you dropping the lb and also the spring showing up on your doorstep! You will be a happier gal now the weather is starting to warm up. It is freezing here, the wind chill factor making the bones cold. It is wet windy and cold… all the elements I hate the most lol. Supposed to get milder next week but knowing our British weather it will get warm then we will have snow again!!!


Hi @Corals nice to see you again! I feel a bit of kindred spirit with you because the discussion you started on my other thread was what motivated me to try carnivore — so thank you!

I’m mostly doing well, with pain levels way down. But I also don’t love my meat options, except eggs, and cheese—which I am allowing in small amounts. in spite of not eating excessive amounts of anything, I am also not losing (though not gaining either). But weight loss is not my primary aim. Also, since understanding that the body can rarely lose more than 1 or 2 pounds a week, I now ignore rapid fluctuations on the scale as just changes in fluid levels in my tissues — and not “fat”.

Are there any Latino neighborhoods where you live? Any bodegas? I’ll bet you find chicken hearts there. That’s where my Brazilian husband gets his! Wish I could stomach them…

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(Vic) #208

Some beef liver and uncured bacon for dinner.

Eggs and stuff for flavour


I could not finish this rib eye steak. 1kg. 35oz.

Ate and hit the wall. That hunger off switch. About 300g to go. So satisfying.


It would be better to stop drinking coffee.

It’s my drug addiction that I’ve reduced to 1 cup per day.

It highlights a possible loophole in carnivore eating. I take it as a drug, not for nutrition. It’s medicinal. I enjoy the stimulant effect, the faster thinking.

From an ancestral approach carnivore eating tribes would use plants as medicine for specific ailments or as an anti-parasitic. Some medicines provide a mental high. Some medicines such as methylated amphetamines (speed) are prescribed to weight loss dieters for appetite control. Coffee switches off appetite in some people.

Coffee is medicine not nutrition.

Salty bone broth was used as a successful satisfying substitute for an afternoon hot coffee.

The meat juices soup sounds delicious. I leave pan juices in the pan for cooking the next meal.


Hey all. Still on carnivore, and finally feeling like I’m back in “the zone”. Bone broth is the key for me. Just realized last week that was the one thing that I was missing. So, I made a couple roasts (in the crock pot) on Friday, and when they were done, I tossed in a package of soup bones. The smell is incredible. So incredible - that hubby did a 24 hour fast from Friday to Saturday evening, then had a cheese omelette and bone broth. Apparently, he has gone carnivore now!

I’m not sure if his change in diet is due to recent events…my boss’s husband passed away unexpectedly. Hubby’s cousin had 2 heart attacks last Monday, and had 2 stints put in. My cousin died unexpectedly on Friday morning… I don’t know. But, he made the change, so yay!

Working has been helpful in getting through OMAD. I did an 11 hour shift yesterday without one tummy growl! Bone broth keeps me full, plus having a big ole scoop of grass fed collagen in my coffee every morning. Aunt Flo came back for a surprise visit, which was disappointing, but whatever.

Well, today is an early one…7-330 (or whenever…) I’ll have OT this week. Happy payday for me! =)
Gotta go get ready. Have a great week, all! SB

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feel for you on that cold! luckily being southeast area when the spring comes it comes and everything is budding out and we got stuff blooming now. love it but now the allergies do come! ugh

eggs and stuff for flavor :clown_face: funny, I like that. You are eating very well and your food pics are just wonderful to see! I appreciate your posting them Vic. You keep me wondering what great plate you will be showing next.

wow on that ribeye. that is beautiful and I am definitely wanting that. You are eating very well to FB!! And that is what US carnivores do :slight_smile:

----------so coffee…I never liked it so I never dealt with it. I am happy about that tho :slight_smile: but it is so personal on it but yea, that stupid caffeine is not a good thing for the body in truth obviously, but so many don’t get bad effects from coffee and keep it is as something they do want in their eating plan. So everyone just handle coffee as you need to handle coffee :slight_smile: And we never have to tackle giving up coffee til one truly feels like it might benefit them or they want it gone. Everything dropped when we kinda feel we are walking that way when it comes to coffee/tea etc. You coffee people got this… :wink:

Not sure on food today but I have NY Strip steaks if needed.
Woke up very very very not hungry. Like I don’t even wanna plan for food later. No interest. I do like this side of my zc eating.

Hubby is getting that angsty look of pacing around a bit like he is gonna wanna drag me and kid out to eat somewhere later… maybe not but I get the feeling he wants out and about and he will make that all about food of course :slight_smile: So if I do get dragged out, I will be very zc of course.

I got tuna, chicken, steak, bacon, taylor ham, some leftover pork to draw on, one thing for me is I have my carnivore chow around me when required.

so gonna let this day just go where it goes and see how it happens.

I wish everyone a great carnivore day and did ya’ll turn your clocks? I forgot. Got up at 5:30am and got on the computer and it said 6:30am and I am like…WTH? totally forgot LOL

eh, who cares about time and clocks…not me :slight_smile:


I didn’t find any chicken liver, nor hearts.

@Wendy198, I’m so happy for you! As for the Brazilian shops, I know of two, but they’re inconvenient to get to. I don’t think they have what I want. It’s more processed foods.

On the plus side, I’ve made a chicken and egg mix that was tasty. I’m such a bad cook. I was watching air frier videos and wondering if I should get one.

There’s a farm not far from my place that sells their own meats. I was hoping they’d be able to reserve chicken liver for me, but they said they can’t, without any explanation. They just told me they don’t sell it. I’m wondering what they do with it.

Still craving lemon juice and cheese, but I’m ignoring the cravings.

My weight was stable today. Still up and worrying, though.

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My daughter bought me an air fryer for Christmas. I LOVE IT!!! :heart::two_hearts::heart_eyes:

(Vic) #216

Lamb, pork and sour herring.
For your Sunday dinner taste contrast.

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Mothers day today and felt quite emosh thinking about my Mum and Gran. Silly ol’ billy!
Did my stair runs which felt good this morning, not so tired.
Brunch 2 egg cheese omelette
Dinner finished off the beef short rib
1 slice of topside and later a bit more cheese and some tuna

In bed now ready for 4.45am start tomorrow … more overtime! Then a week pf lay ins yessss!:wink:

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Hey guys: Todays food 1 short rib 1 flanken short rib and a piece of chuck eye steak with butter…

Keeping portions smaller for now seems to be working no upset stomach or bloating so I didn’t eat all of that as one meal. But im still not allowing myself to be overly hungry when I am I eat another small piece of meat…

Sleep continues to be really improved I didn’t realize how sleep deprived I was on keto.
I also noticed the added fat seems to have improved bathroom issues so things are really looking up for me.
Weight wise I’m up less than half a pound from weigh in at drs on Thursday so no worries there either …


I know it sucks when someone says don’t worry LOL cause one still worries about what they need to worry about :slight_smile: but you will be ok. You hold plan, those few lbs will go away truly. One time is key now! So happy you are ignoring cravings, you are doing so well!

@VirginiaEdie, you got an air fryer, cool. Have you done meats in it yet. I read how so many love an air fryer. Got a fav yet?

@Carnivoor, sundary dinner taste contrast! I do love me a meal with taste vareity also. When I need that, I need it!

@Karen18, ahhh, on mom’s day. I hope all good memories :slight_smile:
I am sure you can’t wait for your lay in days! Bit of rest and relaxation, you sure deserve it!

@Azi, wonderful report. So happy you are improving that sleep and more. I love you said you won’t get overly hungry at any time, you eat a little if needed. That is the carnivore way to keep us on track! :slight_smile: Great post!

-------------good carnivore morning
about 1/2 way thru march and I think we are all doing well. Holding plan tight, doing our things we need to do to make this lifestyle work long term!

I had 1 lb. of NY Strip steak around 1pm and then BAM. Not hungry at all. Around 5 I wanted a little something, made a mug of bone broth…omg ICK. Never a broth fan truly, never use it but I didn’t want food, I wanted something. Drank 1/2 mug and ditched it and then I got this tummy cramping, icky stomach feeling. Put me off anything else.

Woke up not hungry again so…just still in an eating time change I guess. No biggie. This stuff doesn’t throw me off :slight_smile:

Allergies got me. Everything is starting to bloom and everyone is getting out their mowers. My car has yellow pollen all over it. I got runny eyes, nose clogged, sinus type stuff and all the usual head seasonal allergies. Normal for me, I will live thru it all :sunny:

defrosted 2 NY Strips again for today. with some shrimp probably. got chicken if I want more.

just cruisin’ along on zero carb. all good here.

(Edith) #220

I’ve cooked chicken wings, pork chops, lamb shoulder chops, hamburger, chicken thighs, pork tenderloin, shrimp, cod, brussels sprouts, potatoes, and cauliflower for the kids..
Everything has turned out great. Clean up is easy. I’m a fan!