The March of the Carnivores!

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Ok plant and fungi are not poison.

They are designed for us to eat.

Claiming they evolved to be toxic to those who want to harm/eat them is offensive.

Naaah, I’m not PC.
Nearly al, plants and fungi are poison.
So is my morning coffee and Saturday evening beer. My body can deal with the damage the poison does.

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have a great appt! Hope you get great new info and all. Super congrats on your lbs. lost!

It sounds like you won’t be going vegan any time soon :scream_cat::crazy_face::clown_face:
Beautiful pic of your plate!

-----------well today is a new carnivore day, seems like March is starting to cruise by quickly now, I feel like April is just around the corner.

today I have a big london broil for the grill. I am iffy on it but such a great sale price I bought one and IF I am back into ‘feeling londony broily’ again I will buy more but ya know, I mostly gave up buying this cut of meat. To me dry, flavor is blah and all but we shall see another one and just try it out again.

1st meal will be NY Strip steak I bought —at full price—HELP! but darn no sales but I had to get me 4 steaks at least. I am so wanting one. My freezer is getting bare on what I really like, my fingers are crossed for a big sale and I can restock but it is nice to clean out the freezer a bit and use up what is in there and do the rotation.

today will be all beef day. Sounds delish to me :slight_smile:

Carnivore on!



Our very own Elizedge who chats with us made a new podcast for Optimal Carnivore. E is thriving in carnivore and hit into her year 3 and is awesome.

I posted her podcast over on the zc informational thread. GO LISTEN…it is fab!

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I would love to hear how it goes.

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It was a good appointment I weighed in 6lbs down from last month …He went over my blood work on the topic of my triglycerides unlike most ppl im not in ketosis my liver is making too much glucose and sending it out in order to feed my cells which are screaming they are starving but they are still insulin resistant …so its staying floating til its picked up again and the body tries to deal with it so yup my triglycerides were increased again…He slso said I need to lower my protein cos my uric acid is to high which could give gout and kidney stones so I Stay carnivore and start changing my protein to fat ratio so ill feel full sooner but end up with less protein…
I bought up the mushrooms since they were the thing I was hanging onto until the end before carnivore…He said how he treats veges is if its a special occasion and his meal comes with broccoli or mushrooms he will eat it but that is a very rear treat and something that may happen only a couple times a year and if I was to do that with mushrooms he would have no problems with it.

Next visit is in 3 months to see if My cholesterol is improving and I got to work on being more positive in how far I’ve come and stop being so hard on myself. Give myself more pats on the back…

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Thanks for the update. I commend you for finding a professional to help.

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Pita for lunch, blood sausage for desert.
Had a dried pork sausage for 2nd desert.


yes and this is how so many of us have to keep carbs at bay. we have to ‘be super rarely’ people now :slight_smile:

thanks for a great update from your appt. It sounds like you are working things out and running toward a great treatment plan and 3 months will fly by, carnivore style!!

and yes give yourself more pats on the back. It is rough how tough most of us are on ourselves, it is time for some self lovin’ good care for each of us :sunny: Good post!

@Carnivoor, wonderful pics of your meals!!

----------So my london broil cut of beef on the grill was SO SO. kinda tough. luckily hubby did not overcook it so it was nice and rare but in that more flavorless mode then my other beef. So not running to the store to buy a bunch and freeze, I would rather put my money on something better. I just don’t care for this cut of meat much so will pass it on by.

have 2 nice NY Strip steaks for later
might eat up some burgers or chicken today

keeping it simple. I kinda woke up super not hungry. Which I always love so will just see where the day takes me but no food is on my mind so I am chill with that.

Sunny and nice but days of rain coming so will do outside stuff around the house today. Sun and smiles around here :sunny:


change of plans

got some marked down beef tenderloin steaks. Saw at store on fast stop/shop for a few things and said, yup, I WANT THAT! :slight_smile: little pricey but I haven’t had tenderloin in a while so treat for me. both packs weight in at like 12 oz total. So first meal of the day later is this!

YUM! Can’t wait!

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Yesterday was as big eating day for me. I was ravenous right away at 8am. I ate my 1 lb. ground beef that I typically have for brunch. I regretted not bring more food to work. When I got home, I wolfed down 7 oz. bacon wrapped chicken, 2 pieces of fried bacon, 2/3 lb. grilled burger and 3/4 lb. ribeye. Some days are like that…

DH is going into day 6 with no slips ups! He said he feels different about it this time–last time he was attracted to the idea of eating however much he wanted. This time, he is focusing on eating when truly hungry and stopping when full. He also said he’s feeling much less bloated. Win, win, win!

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Oh yes!! 1 raw for me please :heart_eyes:

My dinner, not very hungry.

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Well i have finished these silly 4.45am alarms for the next 3 days. Had a nice lay in this morning, a well deserved one. Done 2 x 13 hours shift and a 9 hour one in between and reckon if I was allowed to wear my fitbit to work I would have clocked up a good 75,000 steps and clicked up (on my clicker a further 100 plus floors over and above the early morning 100 done before work! Food over this period has been all good and just proves prepping and taking your own food in makes all the difference.

Today I have done 100 stair runs as
4 x 25 stair runs with toe touches every bottom of stairs
25 weighted russian twists
25 pu’s
Had to ease into the first stair runs as my legs felt tired from spending the last 3 days on my feet in horrid heavy work shoes. Tootsies not very happy but getting some respite!

20210312_180800|666x500 in my skechers today!

Brunch 227g ribeye steak cooked in lard followed by a piece of med cheddar
Dinner 227g sirloin steak cooked in dripping and covered with king prawns sauted in butter with melted mature cheddar
Will probably eat a bit more cheese or some cold meat later during the evening.

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You must be truely happy to hear that…its awesome

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So since I have got to up my fat ratio I’ve decided to try the 2:1 ratio so I went shopping yesterday and bought two different kinds of short ribs more bacon bought sardines…and ill add mayo to a chicken salad …and butter or cheese to steaks

I got up this morning and started cooking one of the packs of short ribs (4 ribs ) in the ninja so its a one pot meal then made a sauce with the liquid and fat… which was over salted husbands verdict…so much so my husband told me I cant accuse him of being heavy handed with salt no more…funny thing was it tasted fine to me haha…

I could only eat one rib the extra fat def is major filling if this is how 2.1 is I can see me liking this I love eating and having no hunger… and not over eating hopefully it will drop the insulin lvls and get rid of insulin resistance.

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I really do understand the pressure against supplementation as the default position on this. It’s an unknown factor and can be counterproductive. I come to carnivore from a paleo background and so I’ve tried to go as strict as I can to see it as an elimination diet, no eggs, no dairy, no ghee, no chicken, but my experience on being even ‘perfect’ zc is that on just grass fed lamb and grass fed beef it was only OK when I was eating meat that was defrosted and cooked immediately i.e. buying fresh lamb.beef frozen within 3 days of slaughter that’s frozen after cutting and defrosted and eaten asap in a water bath and roast.

Even if I was slow roasting the fresh lamb or eating burgers that were cooked an hour after grinding, it was still causing me redness and itching.

When I added calagua a couple of years ago, my chronic pain went away.
For quercetin I’m still not sure but this supplement worked better than kidney, treated itchiness and treated eczema that stil hasn’t returned.


Nose-to-tail carnivore doesn’t include fungi in the plan. Non plant food carnivore does include fungi and moulds. The moulds being in the cheese, for example.

Hungry now. It’s 2.20pm. I think the teenage barista at the organic food market put sour cream in my coffee this morning. I’ve got some gut gurgles going on. Just another reason to make food at home. ZC carnivore as a DIY home made project.

Fasting blood glucose before coffee at about noon was 6.1 mmol/L (110) blood ketones 0.1mmol/L. Thought I was hungry. Waited a bit and that feeling passed. I did do some physical activity before the blood sample with an ocean swim this morning after some lift and carry farm work. 2 hours later and blood glucose is 5.4mmol/L (97). I think it is the blood glucose drop of 0.5mmol/L is the ‘real hunger’ instigator, rather than the actual number.

Baked beef ribs last night on OMAD. And it’s time for an afternoon omelette now.


Hello everybody,

I’m sticking to it. Still craving lemon juice, but I won’t give in.

I’m doing the same exercising as before, which wasn’t much, since I’ve been feeling so weak. Somewhere between 4 and 5h exercise per week.

I’m not eating mayo, but I’m using butter. My foods: porc, chicken, shrimps, eggs, butter, salt. I’m not having cheese, because I want to give this my best shot. I’ll have cheese in one month. But I’m craving it like mad.

At the moment, I feel no difference in my body. Except for the cravings (lemon juice and cheese). Same lack of energy as while doing keto. Same blood glucose (how is this possible?).

I hope the cravings will disappear.

I only eat when hungry, because I don’t like the food (except for the eggs) anyway and when I eat is more like force feeding.

I need to buy stuff I love, like liver. But it’s difficult to find and I’m working very long hours. When I can get it, I’ll enjoy the food. Chicken liver, hearts… love it! Just can’t find it.

I don’t like eating processed foods with additives, like sausages, salami. So, my options are thin. I need ideas. I’m afraid to eat something I shouldn’t. I want to give it my best shot.


I have a question about coffee. It’s plant based food, therefore not carnivore, no? Wouldn’t it be better to stop drinking it?

I’m not drinking coffee, nor tea, because this is all plant based stuff.

I’m only drinking the fatty liquid that stays in the pan after making my porc, or chicken. I add a little extra water and call it a soup. It’s the tastiest and more satisfying part of my OMAD. I’ll try with shrimps for a seafood soep.

Edit: I forgot to say on my other post that I’m 3 kg (about 6 pounds) higher than when I started. Scary! If it continues up and my BMI gets to 25, I’ll stop my experiment.