The Importance of n=1


You have no doubt heard the term “n=1” thrown about a fair bit, but what does it mean?

n=1 - the subject size of an experiment is 1

That’s it! Basically, all it means is your experience and what you have found to work, or not work, for you.

So why is this important? Think about it logically. Who knows your body and its needs the best? YOU! There are of course others who have valuable insight and are there to help you (at least by intention) but they don’t always know best. Educate yourself and get back in touch with your body so that you can be your own expert.

Everyone has an opinion right? Remember though, that is all it is - an opinion, their own n=1 or a regurgitation of someone else’s.

Soaking up the experience of others is invaluable. What worked so well for them might work as well for you or maybe it will give you an idea how to tweak your own woe. They do not know and cannot dictate what is best for you, however. They may make a great argument for doing so but they can’t, not for sure. Do not be swayed by the age-old “I have been doing this for years so I know more than you” argument. Have faith in your own instincts and don’t be afraid to experiment. Be your own subject, your own n=1.

n=1 is your formula for your success. Own it because you will have earned it. KCKO my lovelies. x

Update. An interesting quote from Phinney in a video on YouTube…

…this is part of the personalisation of this process - figuring out what works for you. I’ll just say, I never want a diet named after ma and I don’t want ever to get up and say, “see it worked for me, so it will work for you”… because you’re not my clone or my identical twin, so…

If you want to see it in context. It is the answer (or most of) to a question at around the 44 minute mark.

Stop telling newbies to eat more fat!