The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!


Agree with Doug, it is quite a story. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing your story Rebekah. I wish you well on your journey.

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Goodness! I’m hoping that you are certainly on the road to recovery. Blessings to you

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Rebekah, thank you for sharing your very inspirational testimony! I am moved. :hugs: I think you’re in the right place to find support and encouragement.


I’m so glad you finally have support. Love the muscle pic! Way to go!

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Growing up, I had a lean, athletic build. I never struggled with weight until after the birth of my first child at the age of 20. I gained some extra weight during the pregnancy, and like many women, it never left. I could not conceive again until I was 26, not for lack of trying. I was diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis. The term “insulin resistance” was not a part of that conversation. My doctor urged us to try IVF, but this did not feel right to me. I was told without appropriate interventions, I would not get pregnant again. Somehow, I did-despite not changing anything in my diet or lifestyle at that time. I didn’t know any better. Yet. After the birth of my second child, I was categorically overweight. My weight went up and down several times over the following years, not by anything I intentionally did or did not do. I was also suffering with migraines and many times, this included loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. When I did eat, it was as close to the guidelines as I could. I did have a major sweet tooth and soda addiction, which I credit with getting me through the last few months of school while working full-time.

Fast forward to a few months before my 40th birthday. I elected to have a full hysterectomy to treat my unpredictable, painful, and misery-inducing menstrual cycles. I’ll save the gory details, I’m sure many of the ladies are silently nodding right now as the list of complaints seems to be so common. I recovered slowly and found myself at a 270 pounds on the scale. That a size 20. A trip to the ER for abdominal pain revealed that I was likely diabetic. I was not surprised. My initial visit with my doctor did not go well when she confirmed that I was, indeed, now a diabetic. I plainly replied, “I refuse to accept that.” I was given the standard “diabetes is progressive, you need these pills and will someday probably need insulin” talking to. The diabetic nutritionist assured me I needed to eat three meals a day with 30-45 grams of carbs in each, plus snacks in between. Eat. All. The. Time.

When I told my doctor and the nutritionist that I had no intention of following their advice and was going to cut out carbs, I was laughed at. Told it was not sustainable, maybe even dangerous. My husband was concerned, of course he was because of the dogma that is our nutritional guidelines. Eat fat? Cut out crabs?!? That can’t be healthy…can it? I dove in head first, thanks to the advice of a coworker who was using keto to treat her own PCOS. I read everything I could get my hands on, which at that time was not much compared to now. This was in late 2016, so at the beginning of the upswing we are now seeing. Keto is everywhere, because more and more people are talking about their success (like this forum here). Being the stubborn gal I am, I wasn’t going to let my doctor or nutritionist bully me into what they thought was best, I was going to show them. And that is exactly what I did, but not for them, for myself. And despite everything they were telling me. My A1C was at 6.8 in August of 2016. Thanks to Keto, in a mere four months I was able to bring it down to 5.1. It has remained at 5.0 for over a year now. I lost 120 pounds in 10 months and have kept it off for a year and a half now. I feel amazing, like a new person. In fact, I did not really understand how awful I felt until I got well. I still suffer from migraines but no longer take daily medications for them. The back problems that plagued me for years are virtually non-existent. My thinking is so much clearer.

My nutritionist sent me the following message, “You are such an amazing person and congratulations for living a healthy life. Keep on doing what you doing and show the example it can be done.” As if that wasn’t awesome enough, I inspired my doctor to try keto and she herself lost weight and now recommends lowering carbs to all her diabetic patients. My husband also lost 60 pounds. I talk about Keto to anyone who will listen! Thanks to Carl & Richard and all the other inspiring people they have brought together, Keep Calm and Keto On !!

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@JenniferLanhart no telling how many people you have potentially helped because you refused to take the standard advice, and just accept the prognosis. Amazing job! Thank you for standing up for your own health, and thanks for sharing your amazing testimony with us!

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Totally awesome!

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Jennifer, Thanks so much for sharing. Rock on. What an inspiration. A doctor and a nutritionist converted means many more successes. Lives will be saved.


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Thin and athletic woo hoo!


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THIS above “ letter “ literally just have Chills of Joy!
Tingling w excitement. :slight_smile:
So awesome

Thank You kindly for sharing!!

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I understand! Remember my older sister, bribing me to lose weight, at age 6-7. My weight has been up and down my whole life. In my 50s now, I was really feeling old in the joints, too many chronic hurts that just wouldn’t go away. Final straws were visiting my son this summer, and hating the vacation photos afterwards. My son, who is 32 and had been overweight since middle school, had lost 70 pounds, now has a 32 inch waist, and keeps it that way with a gluten-free, Keto lifestyle. I also have 2 siblings with Type II diabetes, on insulin, and one was diagnosed with cancer last year; I don’t want to go there! My son’s first son is due in November, and I don’t want my grandson to ever know his grandparents as obese and unhealthy examples for him. The trip photos in November will be so much nicer!

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I’ve been meaning to post on here for ages, if only to pay back in some small way for all the help and support I have received from the 2 Keto Dudes and the wider low carb community out there. I have struggled with my weight from childhood and been a yoyo dieter for 30 years, with some successes, but always ending up heavier than the last time once I take my eye off the diet ball. As most of us know only too well, calorie restriction is relentlessly hard to maintain as a lifestyle.
I have come very close to losing my pilot’s licence numerous times due to my weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. which would have deprived me of my career. I was probably pre-diabetic too, but I don’t have any blood records.
I discovered Low Carb in March 2017 when I weighed at least 20st / 280lbs / 127kg (I was too scared/embarrased to step on the scale). After a few weeks on LCHF I switched to full Keto and I have mostly stayed in ketosis ever since.
By Feb 2018 I was down to 15st8 / 218lbs / 99kg.
8 months later and the weight has stayed off. It varies between 93 and 100 kg, and I would like to lose another 10 kg ideally, but I already feel so much fitter and happier.
Keto has given me the control I have never had before. 3 day fasts are a breeze, and I can cycle 100 miles in a fasted state no problem. I won’t be going back to eating carbs!
I love talking about the Keto WOL with friends and colleagues, and a number of them have taken it up too. Once again a big shout out to the 2 Keto Dudes and all the other rock stars of the Keto community. You are saving lives every day!

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Well, I think you’ve done that, and then some!

Wonderful testimony, Eamon! Thank you for sharing.
Love the before and after pictures. :+1:

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the pictures tell a great story. You are an inspiration. Its good that friends will listen to your WOL.

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Congrats Eamon! Over 60 lbs lost makes an enormous difference in how you feel, how you move and everything else.

Great before and after pics, too.

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Great job Eamon. What do you fly? That looks like a pretty posh rotary wing.

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Impressive :smile:
SO awesome

Great testimony
Thank you for sharing

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Almost exactly 1 year apart July 2017/2018. 48 lbs down and steady eddy for the past 4 months. Love this keto WOE and everything this forum has done to help me on my journey. image

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@hoverjumper @Mnketo46

Kudos to you both! You have each made an amazing transformation. Thank you for your contributions to these forums.