The Entire Ketogenic Diet in One Sentence


(Norma) #104

Thankyou. This has cleared up so much for me. I’ve only been doing Keto 4 days. I have lost 2 lbs, but I am freaking out trying to keep my protein fat ratio around 4 fat to 1 protein. It’s really hard. I am still trying to learn so much, but I have such bad silent reflux and am 30 lbs overweight that it’s unreal I must do something quickly. I am choking a lot of the time it’s so bad! I can’t get in to see a gastroenterologist for over three months. Again thank you

(Candy Lind) #105

As you get into this, your reflux will settle. If you are taking oemeprazole, consider STOPPING it. Have a tablespoon or 2 of ACV (apple cider vinegar - organic) in water after meals instead. It will cause your esophageal sphincter to close and prevent reflux (unless you have a medical issue or have had gastric surgery? Not sure in that case).

If you respond like me, you won’t need to see the gastro dr. in 3 months!

(Rob) #106

I am not sure from the post but make sure that your 4:1 (or more achievably 3.5:1) is in calories NOT grams. Thus 70g of protein would only require 110g of fat to achieve 3.5:1 ratio in calories.

You are probably doing this already but just to be sure. 4:1 in grams would be really hard :open_mouth:


Been LC/Keto for a year. Never worried about ratios. 20g carbs, 1g of protein more or less per kilo of lean body mass and whatever fat I wanted until I was not hungry @Nmgammon

(Tom McMillian) #109

I really like “Ignore the noise” Great advice. Thanks

(Nathan Hall) #110

Hey! Great name!

(Raj Seth) #111

Challenge accepted :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:

Since I just started a 7 day fast, I will have 1gm of butter, and be infinity : 1 for the next few days :stuck_out_tongue:

(Katie) #112

I thought about doing a ‘fat fast’ like this, but lately if I consume too much fat I get severe stomach pain.

(Raj Seth) #113

1 gram of fat. Prolly won’t cause me much discomfort

(Katie) #114

Oh, I thought you meant that you would only be eating butter all day.

(Raj Seth) #115

Nah. Fasting. 1 gm fat. 0 gm protein = 1/0 ratio or infinity : 1

(Robert) #116

Thank you. This is just what I needed to hear today.

(The remembrance of bacon past.) #117

Go for it, Raj! :bacon::bacon:

(Nathan Hall) #118

Same! I’m actually surprised at how common the name appears to be. I actually did a Facebook search a while back and found a guy with my exact same name (first, middle, last), what’s stranger is, he looks like pictures of my dad back when he was in his 20s.


Thanks for some good points here.

(The remembrance of bacon past.) #120

“Let’s do the Time Warp again!” :notes:

(Tina) #121

So i don’t have to eat a lot of protein but I need to eat plenty of fat?


Thanks so much for this. It is nice to have it distilled simply for those of us overwhelmed by too much info.


Great post!

(Deborah ) #124

Excellent post! Follow the KISS rule! :slight_smile: