The Entire Ketogenic Diet in One Sentence


(Candy Lind) #125

When you are starting out you have to eat plenty of fat to “train” your body to go to fat instead of carbs for energy. Once you’re fat-adapted, cutting back on fat (based on your hunger level - you should NOT be hungry except occasionally when fasting) will cause your body to use your fat stores. This is “eating fat to satiety.” Eat a moderate amount of protein, to maintain muscle mass.

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(Candida Rodriguez-Lee) #127

Started last week, down 3 lbs. I have PCOS and slow thyroid. Plus I love my wine! I’m super happy to lose 3 lbs, diving into a more strict diet, much less wine. Having a late in life baby really changed my body, keeping the 23lbs I gained while prego realllly hard to drop. Not to mention various getting older issues ( bicepial tendonitious (sp)). Coming from a super hard corw fisherman, kayaker, weightlifter, it’s been a hard journey. I’m looking forward to my keto journey. I already feel better, more energy, clearer thought process, better skin - in one week! Can’t wait to post before and after pics!

(David) #128

That is also how the keto dudes starts every show, sums it up with this one liner. But I would add saturated fat. Wouldn’t want to live on veg oils alone :slight_smile:

(bulkbiker) #129

Wouldn’t want to live on veg oils at all?

(David) #130

So maybe “replace carbs with fat” is a bit to simplified, since most people thinks veg oils are the more healthier choice. Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler.

(James Maule) #131

Awesome! That definitely keeps it simple!

(Etienne Taylor) #132

I am going to be taking your lead and quoting | sharing at least that sentence of yours broadly.

Thank you

(Greg) #133

Keep it simple stupid!

You are my hero!


By eliminating sugar and carbohydrates, your body gets the opportunity to run on ketones.

(Karla Sykes) #135

I’ve been doing keto since June of 2018 and had no clue that I was actually doing keto. Ironically my doctor told me to avoid any type of carbohydrates and only eat meat fruit and vegetables. But because fruit is so expensive in the Midwest and primarily ate vegetables and me and when I can afford it fruit. I managed to lose 50 lb total originally I have lost 60 so I’m back to a stringent diet of Keto

(Janelle) #136

That’s awesome - you’re doing something right. Doing the same thing since Sept (well, no fruit) - 13 lbs. Maybe it’s better not to label what you’re doing if it’s working!


I told my family - “I am on a diet now, I have replaced, bread, rice and pasta with vegetables” … “and I’m not afraid of butter”.

It’s not a single one linear but I can dance around the “fat” word. If I mention fat that would blow their mind. And it’s a really simple formula to follow.

At dinner they see me eating steak and steamed veggies then I add butter on top. Not too scary. Yet all my numbers, carbs, protein … all stack up almost perfectly …

If I said I have replaced 120g carbs with 120g fat they would freeeeeak out.

(Jazmin Jones) #138

Absolutely! It’s a super simple concept and results are amazing. Once I started I lost a little weight here and there. Then I found a healthy balance and I’ve lost about 52 pounds. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’m so passionate about it that I created an instagram page. I’d love the follows and we can share keto info. holy_grail_keto

Happy New Year!


Here’s my one sentence to sum up keto and its future-proofing health benefits, especially to those who complain that it’s hard to adapt to and a difficult WOE to get used to.

Minor inconveniences now, to avoid major inconveniences in the future.

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:+1: yes I’m out of likes again. stupid software

Also, not following someone on IG who uses their first post to push their account.

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I like to post on Instagram with the hashtag #keepitsimplestupid to remind me not to over think what I’m doing. #kcko

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #142

They might rest easier if you told them that you can get the same number of calories from 53 grams of fat as you get from 120 g of carbohydrate.8

(Running from stupidity) #143

Sure to work.


Ah, yes, see what you mean 9 vs 4 Cals per gram, nice catch.

But still, any mention of fat has them worried due to years of SAD/CICO conditioning.