The Entire Ketogenic Diet in One Sentence


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Thank you for this post. You are very right
I have a small anecdote that shows how this works. I have worked hard on getting my mother to cut down on sugar for years. My ultimate goal is getting her to go at least LCHF. Now I finally managed to get through with the first tiny change:

  • Morning tea with coconut oil instead of 1 tablespoon of honey
  • Midday “wakeup” snack of nuts instead of coca cola or chocolate milk
  • Afternoon tea with coconut oil instead of 1 tablespoon of honey.
    Yes I know, there is a long way to go to BUT after 4 weeks she writes me and says “I have lost 2 kg and now I can fit into all my pants”! I think she will now start listening to my other advise about what else to cut out. It starts with simple! When Simple works you can take the next step.

(Ana) #42

Awesome! Thanks for sharing that.

(cheryl) #43

thanks for sharing this! There is so much info out there and it is becoming overwhelming. I’m new to the Keto world and because of all the research I’ve been doing it’s making me hesitant on starting.

(IDM Educator) #44

Stick with us. If we don’t have the info, we’ll get it.

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Thanks, really feeling the :heart:

(Jo Lancaster) #46

Yay! The first post I’ve read on here and bam you’ve nailed it for me. If the rest of the info on here is this succinct and informative then this newbie is here to stay!

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This is inspired. So much better than my offhand description: “I eat animals and leaves.” Makes me feel like that grammar book with pandas.

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This is great. I see so many people starting keto in groups on Facebook and they’re so overwhelmed trying to get their numbers perfect and I try to tell them to calm down. As long as you’re keeping your carbs low, that is key! Eat fat until you’re full. It’s really not that complicated. I do track my macros, but I enjoy it and I’ve been at it a while. I don’t think it’s necessary in the beginning (and maybe never, depending on individual goals).

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@WhoAteMyPsyche!! Hi! Glad to see a familiar face!

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Great info!! Keep it simple to get in the habit, get into ketosis, and start the weight loss. THEN worry about fine-tuning.

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Woohoo! Hi, Pam!

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Great advice - straightforward and concise. Thanks!

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Well written Larry


at the beginning yeah I can see that. As you lose a lot of your stored fat you need to begin reducing the fat or your going to stall.

Once tour body gets used to fat you dont have to be quite as picky about the numbers. It all depends on what your doing. If your a weightlifter trying to build muscle your protein needs to come up. It can get a bit tricky and you kind of have to experiment with what works for you and how far your willing to go

(Sandra Watson) #55

If I may, for me I would add “good fats” and “good protien sources” otherwise, simple and sweet :wink: Bad fats (if this is what they would choose, might be an issue, some people do not know the difference)

(Tim) #56

My interpretation is that, for beginners, just specifying “good” or “bad” fats or proteins is over-complicating the approach. I think his point is that until and unless someone can simply replace carbs with fat for a month or two, regardless of type, the additional nuances are meaningless.

The first and most important step for me was to eliminate the carb cravings. Only after I got to that point was I ready to start fine tuning the rest.

(Christopher Avery) #57

I’ve been ketoing for two weeks @tsyork and I’ve not had to deal much with carb cravings. Yay.

That’s a good thing since there are two bags of Fritos in the pantry that I thought I would binge on before starting keto. I did eat most of a bag of chicharrones (fried pork skins) a few evenings back. I think it is a sitting-in-front-of-the-tv habit thing that I want to interrupt.

(Mike W.) #58

It’s fun to go back and look at old posts during my initial “freak out” phase :joy: Now it’s just what I do! KCKO

(Mike W.) #59

What is a “good fat” or a “good protein source”?


Thank you for making it sound so easy! Now it is just being able to do it and make it a lifestyle!:+1: