The Entire Ketogenic Diet in One Sentence


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No time for Longo and his mouse studies (plus he advocates for veganism)

Tell me how much the body “needs” please

Which is what I do every single day…

To you maybe…

Then do so… I’m not gonna stop you

Yet you appear quite happy to pass judgement on what I eat… hmmm

Again define “immoderate”

Ah so its all about “moderation and calories” except that it isn’t of course…

What do you mean by “get sick”?

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Ooops. Wrong place…


You do that then, it’s your prerogative. Just like I don’t even try to eat such a impossibly tiny meal. If I eat, I mean business. A few eggs or 4 (or 12) oz meat just can’t cut it, they would make me hungrier, no matter how much fat I would add. And I need my protein, 4 oz meat is about nothing, it’s a joke, not a “moderate volume” if you need a substantial meal. If you do OMAD, you need to eat way more protein than that. Maybe you eat other food. If one eats only meat, they obviously need a bigger amount.

I do my best to avoid excessive protein myself, by the way. But I have no hard limit, if I am still hungry, I eat more protein, what else would I do if only that brings me satiation? My body never complained.

150g protein sounds fine to me, well, not for myself (short, not active woman in her 40s) but it’s okay for many people (or for me, ocassionally. my average is way lower so it’s fine).

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Wow … Mark,

Eat as you desire.

You asked me a few questions and I responded, but please forgive me as I did not sight up for an interrogation. Respectfully, nor am I your dictionary. Words like immoderate, excessive, and needed are not obscure.

I have stated what I eat and why, I have never told you what to eat, I only advise moderation. This was not meant as a criticism of your dietary choices. The only judgement that I made about what you choose to eat is that I am not willing to eat the same. In the end, we all choose what we put in our face and this necessarily involves individual decisions. Is everyone who does not eat exactly the same way that you choose to eat passing judgement on what you eat?

I come to this forum to learn, to share, to increase my understanding and to encourage people trying to change the way they eat so that they will have a better life. I am truly not interested in a never ending, and increasing caustic argument.

Please enjoy your dinner.

Keto for Life,

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Hi Shinita,

A 4 oz cut of meat is obviously not a complete meal. I eat other foods at the same time with the bulk of my calories cumming from fats. Respectfully, I do my best to eat what I need to eat, but please take care not to use words like excessive or need else you might also be subjected to an aggressive series of interrogatives.

When my doctor prescribed a keto diet two and a half years ago for diabetes, I was restricted to 1000 kcal a day and a moderate amount of protein. A piece of meat about the size of the palm of my hand. He also suggested fasting and OMAD. It is working for me although I now eat about 2000-3000 kcal a day. When I am feeling particularly hunger, I will just have an extra cup of keto coffee with 2 tablespoons of butter and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and a zero insulin response. Various vegetables smothered in butter are also on the menu.

4 oz of meat contains almost 30g of protein which allows me to have some room to eat things like pecans which have about 2.5g of protein per oz. I love pecans. Even a cup of broccoli contains about 2.5g of protein. I love such vegetables as a substrate for fats. I have been eating like this for two and a half years, mostly OMAD, without any problem. 30g of protein from meat and 20g from other sources and all is good.

Keto for Life,


Okay, I get your situation. But you wrote as you had problems with someone else to eat 150g of protein, as it would be unhealthy and 4 oz meat is the okay amount. For someone else, it’s totally different.

Oh I totally use the words I think right :slight_smile: I did braver things here in this forum. I use those words more freely for my own situation, it’s less clear when it’s someone else with unknown needs (not like my body gave me a list about its various needs but I accept certain things about the proper protein intake for a healthy human).


It makes more sense for you to eat less meat and it makes sense for others to eat more meat. I’m a woman and I found that as soon as I upped my protein, my hair and nails started growing strong again. Some need more protein than others. I eat OMAD, about 300g of meat per day + eggs. Moderation is a descriptive term that can mean very different things. Everyone is different, we are not nutrition experts, we are just people trying to get our bodies from a class-example in pathophysiology to physiology. Your comments can be read in a condescending tone, so I’m not surprised Mark responded in the way that he did. Each to their own…

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Same for me…

However maybe if you read back some of the things you typed you might realise why it made me see red.

I hate when people make blanket statements as “facts” that, whilst maybe true for themselves, are certainly not true for all. Also pejorative statements about what other people may chose to eat is another red flag…

See ya M

And yes I enjoyed my dinner enormously thanks without the need to “choke down” anything.

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In one sentence…keto is very frustrating and easy at the same time.

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Hi Mark,

I would note that is is hard not to make a blanket statement when formulating a one sentence description of The Entire Ketogenic Diet.

After taking multiple medications for T2 for the better part of two decades, this concept was a life changing revelation. A dietary treatment for my disease that my long term endocrinologist never even hinted existed.

Don’t eat anything that turns into sugar including excessive protein.

I started to write that I was sorry that you got upset, but that would not be the truth. It is not my responsibility if an idea that profoundly changed my life made you see red, or triggered your hatred. It is however, my responsibility that I allowed your unending stream of rather demanding question to give rise to some measure of resentment. You are not Socrates, nor am I your student to be instructed through inquisition.

Keto for Life,

(Richard Hanson) #206


I never wrote that I had problems with someone else eating 150g of protein a day. I wrote that I would have a problem eating that much and it would be excessive for me.

I don’t want to sound defensive, but I am studiously reluctant to tell other people what to eat. About the only thing I would advise is moderation and dietary diversity. I am no Dr. Keynes to tell people what they should or should not eat. What any of us knows about nutrition, including trained scientist, is easily eclipsed by what we don’t know about nutrition, but we must still eat. My recommendation it to eat like people ate before so many people started getting sick from the diseases of civilization by eating what the government told them they should eat. I view SAD as a model of how not to eat, but that does not imply instruction on what to eat.

Keto for Life,

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Seriously… ?

I would usually recommend when you are well into a hole to stop digging…

Also of course your one sentence

was fine… there was zero need to add the second sentence.

But you chose to…

Adieu x

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Good Morning Mark,

Thanks for sharing your opinion again.

Have a great day.

Keto for Life,

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Pleasure as always…

(Richard Hanson) #210

Hi Mark,

I saw your post about being 95% a carnivore in another thread. Your caustic behavior is a lot less confusing now.

Keto for Life,

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Thanks much appreciated.


Father has your name
And my mother loved haiku
This made me happy!


HI Larry thanks for your information.
I have been on keto for 5 weeks and 3 days. My body feels different, hands, fingers, face and in general.
Initially I lost a little over 7 pounds in 2 weeks. Since then the weight fluctuates up and down and today I am 4.6 pounds less than when I started. It’s disconcerting but I definitely feel a change.
I count steps but have not recently been diligent at the gym. I know that’s a big deal.
I’m being very good at staying under 20 grams. Also watching calories. Drink a lot of water.
I like to have strawberries with cream with my coffee and a little Stevia. Strawberries really add carbs that’s a bumber. Any suggestions…other fruit? I know berries. Thanks. -jan

(Richard Hanson) #214

Hi Jan,

Thanks for contributing to the forum. Welcome, most welcome.

One of the primary goals of the ketogenic diet is to lower insulin levels so that fat stored within cells can be utilized for energy. This is why keto is low carb.

Stevia does not do much to blood sugar levels, but blood sugar is only an easily measured proxy for insulin and Stevia does have an impact on insulin levels just as if you had consumed sugar.

I would not use Stevia, nor any sweetener.

Fruit? Once in a blue moon I will eat a bit of bitter berries or have a spritz of fresh lime on fish. I can’t recommend any fruit other then foods that are technically fruits that we are unlikely to think of when we talk about fruit; an avocado.

Watching calories? As long as your are keto, you can eat very few calories and watch a great volume of calories melt off your body.

Drink when thirsty.

Exercise if you enjoy it.

Trust that your body is smarter then your doctors.

There is also nothing wrong with feeling a bit hungry. It is not a sin and won’t hurt you, but gluttony will eventually kill anyone. I am not even hinting that you are a glutton, I am just pointing out that hunger is natural and their is nothing at all wrong with skipping meals and having an appetite at dinner time. Eat a bit of food, slowly, and then just stop when you no longer feel hungry, or even before. No worries, It is not like your hunger will never come back and one of the great joys of keto is that many people experience only modest hunger while loosing a great amount of body fat. Your energy needs are being met by the body fat you are burning.

Set a hunger goal … try to feel hungry at least 8 hours each day. Embrace that feeling, enjoy that feeling.

I always find it amusing that in America we have so many fat kids and the government has massive “hunger” programs. I would assert that we would be better off with more kids experience a git of hunger then with so many fat kids. Experiencing hunger is not something that should be banished from our existence.

Keto for Life,


Richard, Good to know about Stevia thank you! I am sabotaging myself. I don’t use a lot except in coffee.
I’ll stop.
I can live without the fruit right now. Lemon or lime juice is good right?
Again thank you. -jan