The Entire Ketogenic Diet in One Sentence


(Lisa McCoy) #171

Wonderfully helpful post!

(Bunny) #174

How come nobody ever told me low cholesterol is a precursor to cancer?

Thought that was a nice one-liner?


New and started keto on 9/3/2019 and gave nit list anything. Love your one-liner and am going to restart keto tomorrow using this advice and see if I have better results.

I think I’m overthinking this and concentrating too much on meeting my daily calories my fat protein and net carb %. I will say that I have stayed under net 20 carbs per day.

My other issue is that I think I’m getting overwhelmed by reading too much about keto. I’m feeling frustrated and confused because every keto calculator is giving me different numbers to go by so I’m nit even sure where to start and to focus on.

I’m 53F, CW 160, 5’ 2”. Any suggestions and help would be very much welcomed.

(Live Young) #176

Thank you! This IS good advice. I am on day 11 and so anal about charting every single gram of everything, probably stressing I am not dropping weight others are, and maybe thinking to much about it all. I will try to remember this concept and your article has helped. I wanted you to know. :slight_smile:

(PJ) #177

Try this link:

It’s easier to remember :slight_smile:

However the message they have on the site now worries me:

I hope it’s as easy to use as this one. And “research-focused” – I wonder what that means in this context.

(Robin) #178

Oh wow! Hadn’t seen that notice! Yes, let’s hope the new site is legit!

(Donna Baptiste) #179

Thank you so much for your post. Im near tears with so much information, I’m overwhelmed, I’m just 34 days in keto and spending money on stuff that could wait until I’m at least fat adapted. Thank you again.