Supplements what to do and not to do?

(Keto life n' a little hippie ) #1

Ok so keto is going well. Because I am soon to enroll in a severe hectic 6 week camp with 3 exercises daily I feel a little inadequate. My life has been sedentary for more then two decades now. My fear is that I will not have the mental strength or the physical ability to endure this 6 weeks camp. And I really need that camp to break all my old habits and patterns, if I can power trough all 6 weeks I would likely do wonders for my self doubt, self image and give me back the core belief that I can actually can be in charge of my own life and my own future.

Because this camp is so important to me, I feel I need to look at any and all supplements I can get my hands on that can help me without harming me. I don’t care if there ain’t no documented cases yet, or if there are only small studies that shows benefits. At this stage if it might work I will put down the money and give it a try - as long as it is not harmful to me. And I don’t bother with any illegal substances so there is a line I don’t cross.

What I look for are faster recovery, more energy, mental boost and less chances for injury.
Any studies or own experiences about these supplements are welcome. I know most people will not need this, but for the camp will be a high stress situation that my body and mind is not really ready for. And to work out three times a day, it is crazy really for a man of my size and composition.

I would like to get some insight to supplements. There are are some that I take already, a few by doctor’s order. And a few because I think they can help me forward. Here is what I am currently taking, or have put in order for. Ketone supplements I have already paid and ordered so those I will take. Brain octane might be a hype, but I’ll give it a try along regular coconut oil to get quick energy and more slow energy from coconut oil.

Supplements I already take/ordered

  • Vitimain D on docotors orders.
  • Vitamin B B6/B12/folic acid
  • Multivitamin
  • Brain octane mct 8
  • coconut oil mct 10
  • Ketone supplements on order.

Supplements I consider:

  • Collagen protein
  • Creatine
  • Qo10 ***
  • nositol ***
  • choline ***
  • Magnesium ***

The ones marked with *** is because I am not sure of the benefits, what impact I can expect or if they are or should be part of the keto life for en shorter or longer period.

I don’t think I will be taking all these long term. But I will be taking them during the camp to have any little edge possible that might up my chances to make it to the end.

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Keeping your salt intake up will help regulate potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Recent studies have shown that the healthiest range of sodium intake is 4-6 g/day, which translates to 10-15 g of table salt (sodium chloride).

If you can eat a ketogenic real food diet, your need for supplementation should be minimal. But there are always exceptions, and your doctor can run some tests to give you an idea of what you need. This is especially important where potassium is concerned, because too much is just as detrimental as too little.

(Cranford Coulter) #3

One of the early podcasts with a doctor actually shared science that showed that folic acid supplements decreased folate in the body and are detrimental. It is far better to get your folic acid naturally from foods, where you can actually absorb and utilize it.
I will try to look it up.

(Cranford Coulter) #4

Magnesium is useful for muscle recovery. One has to be careful to use a form that one can absorb. Most do not absorb magnesium oxide well. When it is not absorbed, or one takes more than the body requires, one gets diarrhea.
Magnesium is essential to release adrenaline and the other electrolytes to heal your muscles. It can stop a migraine dead in its tracks.

(Trish) #5

My other half trains muay thai and ju jitsu and has also done six-week training camps in prep for competitions. He loves his BCAAs and swears by them. I don’t really know a lot about them, but I think they are counterproductive to keto so probably someone else with more knowledge on them could comment. On one occasion when he was cutting weight for a fight he did keto and didn’t use the BCAAs but for that training period he upped his carb intake at the beginning of his workout (those carby jelly things that runners and cyclists use) as he felt he was losing stamina near the end of his 2- to 3-hour workout and that worked well for him and didn’t throw him out of ketosis since he was just burning through it.

(Keto life n' a little hippie ) #6

That I can’t change, I must must trust my doctor. She does the blood work and check the lab results so when she put me on B vitamin I am sure she had her reasons. So I can’t change that. Nor can I do any changes to D vitamin, she put me on that one as well.

Then I myself decided to try the ketone supplements. Those I won’t let go either.

(Allie) #7

Salt, magnesium. Sorted.

(Keto life n' a little hippie ) #8

Any reasons why you think I shouldn’t take creatine? Or collagen protein? Those seems to be used by a lot of people with much effects.

These I am more unsure about. Not really read much about them.

  • Qo10 ***
  • nositol ***
  • choline

('Jackie P') #9

I hope you get some answers because this is getting ridiculous! I have been boasting that I have stopped 6 of my 8 prescription drugs, but my supplement dish is often bigger than my dinner!:joy:

(Allie) #10

Only that it’s not needed, like most supplements are not needed.


I would only do multivitamin, zma and creatine combined with clean keto foods (also surplus calories).

(Bob M) #12

And maybe iodine, possibly potassium. So, salt, magnesium, iodine, potassium.

(Bob M) #13

Oops, forgot Vitamin D. If I can get out in the sun, none of that either, but it’s hard to get in the sun, even in summer.


Does your doctor specify the type of B9? Instead of folic acid, I use methyated folate.

[edit, I typed B6 before]

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Ok, I am sure I will look at back at this and think I was an idiot, but I will go online and order all of them. Just to try it out. From what I can find online it does not seem like any of those will hurt me. So I got nothing to loose but some cash, and over the years I’ve spilled money on way worse things then supplements :smiley:

Btw I also take cod oil I forgot about that.

I am not planning to stay on all these supplements forever. I will probably stop taking most of after the camp. At least I am giving my body whatever it might need to recover, to keep energy level high enough for me not to drop dead at lunch already when there is two more work out sessions left for the day. And if those also give some mental boost, I will be happy. And I’ve heard good things about many of these, so I hope for a little placebo effect as well, anything that might work is great. Even placebo.

I can clean up my act when I get home, when I don’t need to be physical active all day all week long.

(LJ) #16

I started taking CoQ10 years ago as a preventative for migraines, to find it also helped muscle recovery issues. It may help with soreness from your increased physical activities, or if nothing else the antioxidant effects could help some with inflammation.

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I’m a fan of Airborne for a pick me up if I’m feeling run down or under the weather. Might help if you’re really feeling rough. (That and an anti-inflammatory :grin:)

(Allie) #18

So if you’re taking all these supplements, how will you actually know which of them is benefiting you?

(Keto life n' a little hippie ) #19

I will have no clue which one of them works or even if any of them works. If I make it to the end of the camp it could just as well be faith, my never failing charm, any or all of these supplements or it could even just my charm sprinkled with a little placebo. Or I could have more stamina then I give myself credit for.

For this, I really don’t care what gets me to the finish line, any and all of these might help and I take any help I can get, as the reality of my obesity becomes more and more clear to me.

I notice my weight even on those little things, like now when I don’t park just outside the door but make a “sane choice” to park as far away from the entry door as possible. Despite the short walk from the car to the door I do wet winded. And it has not become a new habit to park on the far side from the door. Every day I must make a conscious choice and almost force myself to actually do it. Every fiber wants the short cut closest to the door. To see myself having to fight myself over even those tiny things, of course I get worried about the camp. Am I in any shape to even be there? Will an old fat bloke like me stand a fighting chance to complete without injuries?

All these thoughts are draining RAM and CPU from my system, so I must make a tactical choice and that is to just start taking all them supplements, cross my fingers and hope it works.

(Parker the crazy crone lady) #20

Your lucky rabbit foot, eh? Sounds like you are making choices to get healthier. Good on you. :medal_sports: