Supplements what to do and not to do?

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I wish you all the best <3

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No she prescribed the ones I am on right now. I will talk to her about it next time I am in for a check.

Why do you avoid the folic acid and prefer the methyated B6? I think I’ve read that folic acid might cause the B12 levels shown on blood work to be untrue, that the B12 levels might be lower then what shows up in the lab work, is that correct?. The folic acid kind of mask the levels some how. Other then that I’ve not seen anything bad about folic acid.

Should I maybe ask for a few B12 shots in order to just up the B12 levels then find another B12/6 supplement that is without folic acid? Is there such a thing as too much B12?


Too much B12 should just be excreted as far as I know.

I have a heterogeneous MTHFR mutation (not uncommon) which alters my capacity to methylate. I also make sure I get adequate choline and glycine. That whole topic is a pretty deep rabbit hole, but if your up for it I recommend these:

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I am kind of unsure to why my B vitamin levels are low. Might have to do my bad eating habits. I’ve consumed enough junk food the past decades to keep at least one junk food place open. But I never did dive into this with my doctor. She said my levels was low, and I should take prescription strength B vitamins. I said sure and that was it.

I just read the B vitamin deficiencies symptoms and those are really kind of vague, so not much to base anything upon. Because most of the same symptoms will apply to wide variety of other disorders and diseases. But as long as she put me on B12+B6 supplements I am sure it was not only low levels of B12’s.

Anyway I will drop by her practice at the end of next week for a check up and blood work and I will ask her about the B vitamins etc.

Reason I kind of got caught up in this now, is that I read Keto and fasting can require increased B vitamin supplements. I am not really sure as to why, but that’s what I’ve read on multiple sites. Then when I read that folic acid could mask the true value of B12 I got unsure if my B vitamins levels are actually accurate or not. And especially now with keto and fasting I need to pay attention, I doubt my doctor know a whole lot about keto or fasting. So I will need to be my own health care person, and try to read up and gain a better understanding of what we need to pay attention to while fasting or doing keto.

And as I see Keto as a long term commitment I better start right now the read up and gather knowledge before I drive myself into a ditch.

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Regarding salt intake while fasting, is there a set rule to how much salt we need to add each day? This fast I’ve been taking 1/2 a teaspoon of salt 3-4 times a day. I mentioned it to a friend and she said that was crazy high salt intake and that I should really cut down.

What do other thing, and are there any science here to better understand this?

I mean hot weather we need more salt, and when fasting we don’t have any other sources for salt. When not fasting about everything we eat or drink do contain salt so we do get a lot of salt trough the diet. But still many people need to take extra salt especially during hot season.

What do you more experienced users think, 2 teaspoons of salt each day when fasting too much?

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My doctor asked me to start on the b vitamins as well. Oh, and D. I admit I started feeling better very soon after, including no longer having Raynaud’s syndrome symptoms. I don’t take folic acid supplements, and my vitamin levels in blood tests are great. Can’t help you there.

Oh! As for salt, since we don’t consume many carbs, we don’t keep much water (and thus electrolytes) in our systems, so we differ from folks on who eat SAD. At least, this is my understanding.


One other thing with B vitamins is they are not absorbed well if you have Celiac disease (the pathological form of gluten intolerance) and that may require B12 shots. My mother had this and I have one gene.

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Don’t think I have ever had problems with gluten of any sort. The only thing I notice when I eat lots of grain, bread, pasta or pizza is that I go more often to the restroom for number two, we are talking 3-4 times a day. But it all feels normal so I never given it any thoughts.

Even eating loads of greens, getting large amount of fibers does not send me that often to the restroom.

For no, I don’t eat gluten so it is nothing I need to address anytime soon? I think my list for what to ask the doctor is long enough already.

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I wasn’t aware of how badly grains effected me until I drifted into keto and naturally eliminated them. Oats I knew were an issue, and Bulgar wheat, so I avoided them already, but on the rare occasions I have had wheat / gluten since being keto, it’s been very clear to me that I need to stay away from them.

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I just received at text that my final supplements have arrived. The final ones that I don’t think made the list are some Bulletproof products. Expensive, so I really hope they work. If you tried and it didn’t work, pls don’t let me know. Because I gamble on a little placebo on top of whatever effect I can gain from the supplements.

From a shop that sells bulletproof products I get L-Tyrosine, Sinc and Copper, Unfair Advantage, and Iodine. I think that was all. Tyrosine is not in Bulletproofs inventory anymore so I clicked buy when I came across that site as their inventory was low as well and won’t be restocked.

Then I got something called 5-Htp I think. Used to be sold by bulletproof as well. Not anymore. But the store had another brand. This put together makes what they use to call a Mood, Boost and Stress stack that boosts energy, and let you deal more easily with stress. So I bought into that, markering people are clever, they sure know which buttons to push. :smiley:

I think I got all the supplements I need now, and it feels kind of silly. Borderline insane to stack so many pills and powders. I payed a pretty penny for it, not to mention our bodies should be able to tackle stress, activities, weight loss and whatever we encounter. Evolution has made sure of that. But as I am so uneasy and a bit shaky about it I thought it was best to give nature just a little nudge in the right direction.

I think most of all this will be consumed during the camp, and I don’t really see myself restocking when I run out. A few products maybe. But not this crazy amount.

Some of them might work, others might not work, and some products might work in conjunction with any of the other supplements. If not there is always placebo.

The past week I’ve been upping my mindfulness sessions to daily. And in the end when I picture myself mixing powders and pills, getting super stamina, really high energy and that I can exercise for hours without being fatigued. Don’t know if this helps but I’ve done what I can to prime my brain to have blind faith in those supplements. I cross my fingers it will help.

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I’m absolutely positive that you won’t end up needing these things. Use em up and once the camp is over, re-evaluate. Electrolytes will likely continue to be a good thing to include. I’ve done the same thing as you are, and as things are running out, I’m dropping them from my life, as I focus on whole foods which give my body what it needs. Phew! Long sentence there! :rofl:

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Good point made there ms coffee. Whole food, the natural source for all things good and great. I am not so well travel’d into keto yet that I have taken the time to actually take a closer look as to what I do need more of in terms of vitamins, minerals and amino acids nor have I checked if the best sources for things are eatable for use keto heads. But I keep reading up on the topic and try to educate myself so as time passes I will know more about it and then I can make a sane and well informed decision. This was all bought from a point of distress, anxiety for my own performance&stamina without anything else then anecdotes, great ads and likely inflated description and presentation on various websites, blogs and articles.

But it’s ok, having that insane amount of powder&pills relaxes me and calms my nerves. Buying it all online was an easy task in preparing. Yet it is already working just sitting in the shelves. And if all else fails, well there is always placebo :smiley:

Next time I hope I am more informed.

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I understand. I was, and sometimes still am, in that place. You’ll figure it out as you keep learning. :blush: