Sulfur - Heath and Diet

(Chris) #1

Fascinating Dr Mercola interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff on the importance of sulfur (7 parts)


Amongst the topics covered:

First and foremost, The positive effect that actually changing to a low carb, meat, seafood and saturated fat diet has on health and disease prevention just through sulfur intake alone!

Sulfur depletion /deficiency and it’s effects on ill health - It’s crucial role in glutathione production, Importance of glutathione (the master antioxidant) for detox and enzyme function.

Sulphur with regards to obesity and it’s role together with the liver in processing fat.

Sulphur’s role in detoxifying metals in the body - particularly aluminum (vaccines) out of the body together with its role in preventing “leaky gut” / autism.

And much more…


Best souses of sulfur are: Sulfur containing cysteine and methionine amino acids found in meat (particularly grass fed) and seafood, whey protein powder.

Other sources include:
Raw milk and raw cheese (contain high levels of natural MSM)
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Cruciferous veg (depending on the soil they were grown in)

Very doubtful that you can consume too much, In my opinion, the best simple shortcut you can do to ensure enough Sulfur is to take lots of MSM powder.

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(Carpe salata!) #2

Interesting that ‘grass fed’ has more benefits than just fat profile.

I think eggs have some Sulfur . And there’s Epsom salts.

(Liz ) #3

Interesting! I’ve been taking MSM powder for my joint hypermobility disorder (genetic collagen production problem) and it’s been very helpful for that. Nice to know it may have other benefits!


The allium family is high in sulfur, interesting onions, garlic, leeks, and chives are not mentioned.