Ketosis & The Liver

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Best Liver Cleansing Shake for a Fatty Liver! Dr. Berg makes a shake out of kale, parsley, beet tops and a small amount of fruit. This combination can flush fluid out of the body and is great for ridding fat from the liver.

The Best Liver Cleansing Foods Dr. Berg discusses the best liver cleansing foods in his webinar. In this video, he also explains the Liver and what it does to your body fat and weight when it is not functioning properly.

Dr. Berg talks about the 4 Critical Tips to reversing a fatty liver.

  1. Consume organic, no GMO - adding more toxic chemicals in the liver will worsening a fatty liver, the capacity for your liver to detoxify is dependent on glutathione, which allows your liver to turn poisons into harmless particles (this can detoxify glyphasate). This is in garlic, onion, radish and cruciferous vegetables.
  1. Lower insulin - this includes alcohol) Insulin makes fat which deposits in your liver. WATCH:
  1. Choline - this is in egg yolks, sea food, wheat germ, brussel sprouts, broccoli and other cruciferous foods.
  1. Add more vegetables.

Preventing a Fatty Liver as You Lose Weight Many people don’t realize that as they are IN fat burning, excess fat can deposit in their livers. There are 2 things you need to do to prevent this. Watch and find out.

Choline is the Vitamin for a Fatty Liver & Can Prevent Keto Rash Dr. Berg talks about keto rash and a fatty liver. You can also get a rash (keto rash) from autophagy, a conditon whereby the body is recycling old damaged proteins and cleaning up microbes in the body - a type of detox. But when the liver is fatty it loses the capasity to detox, clean the body and things can back up. Choline, one of the B-vitamins can help prevent a fatty liver. Choline is high in egg yolk, beef liver, and cruciferous vegetables. Your intestinal flora (friendly bacteria) have a lot to do with absorbing choline so if there is an inbalance you may not even absorb choline. Choline works closely with purified bile salts to break down fats.



Keto gives diabetes?

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Some other key points of interest:

  1. “…Sulfur depletion/deficiency and it’s effects on ill health - It’s crucial role in glutathione production, Importance of glutathione (the master antioxidant) for detox and enzyme function. Sulphur with regards to obesity and it’s role together with the liver in processing fat. …” …More
  1. How To Protect Yourself From Glyphosate: Dr. Stephanie Seneff “…a senior scientist at MIT, has done a lot of research on glyphosate and health. She has this to say about sulfur: One of the most important things [to protect yourself from the harmful effects of glyphosate] is to be sure to get enough dietary sulfur. …” …More
  1. “…I was intolerant to vitamin c, and to quercetin, which acted as pro-oxidants (rather than as anti-oxidants), at even tiny levels in my toxic body. It turns out that glutathione is a master anti-oxidant that regulates these anti-oxidants. …” “…According to Dr Ben Lynch, the glutathione cycle is the most important of these cycles. Until glutathione depletion is addressed all other methylation interventions are futile. …” …More
  1. “…Not enough sulfur in the diet which is vital to the breakdown of fat soluble-compounds-to-water-soluble-compounds and possibly using/ingesting processed (heat treated, refined, chem…) non-organic fats/oils that have missing electrons diminishing its ability to associate with proteins[1] to achieve water solubility vs. electron rich unprocessed fats/oils?..” …More


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