Substitute for heavy cream in coffee?


Halo! I want to eliminate dairy out of my eating for a while and see how it goes, as I strongly suspect that it’s causing my acne. The only item I am having issues parting with is the heavy cream I use in my morning coffee. I have tried using butter or butter flavored coconut oil, but the coffee still tastes a bit too sour/bitter to me, I ended up having to add a bit of cream at the end. I don’t use sweeteners and don’t want a tons of calories in my coffee either. Any good suggestions? Is coconut milk the best I can do?

(Karen) #2

MCT powder



Maybe you can switch to black? I much prefer an Americano or lungo espresso to coffee and it is delicious without anything added.

(Allie) #4

Yeah MCT oil powder, the Quest one is good.

(Liz ) #5

Ok I have never used sweeteners, I do love HWC, I also struggle with acne (lifelong!! Ugh!! I’m 48!!) and I can’t stand black coffee. I find that if I need a break from dairy, MCT or coconut oil will do it but the key is this: you have to blend it!! It doesn’t work to “cream” the coffee if you just pour it in.

So I use a pinch of salt, which also cuts the bitter taste, and a tbs of oil in 16 oz of French press, then whiz it good with a stick blender. It’s kind of magic. If it’s still too bitter try a lighter roast, also cold brew is mellower. Good luck!!

(matt ) #6

Add salt to black coffee…it really cuts out the bitter flavor.

(Karen) #7

Not a coffee drinker. Started it on keto. I use HWC, I use monk fruit to sweeten, and yes the salt thing works for bitter foods and drinks.


(Sarah ) #8

There are several unsweetened brands of coconut or almond based creamers at my local health food store, or you can order from amazon. (I’m in the US but I’m assuming this kind of stuff isn’t only here). I dint love any of them, but I managed to go without dairy for two months and didn’t die. I went back to dairy though, since it doesn’t seem to affect me. Coffee with cream is definitely a needed part of my day, for purely psychological reasons.


This may be considered an insult to gourment coffee drinkers :grin: but I dilute with hot water (1/2 and 1/2) when trying to drink it black. I too find it bitter (regardless of the blend) when drinking without dairy. The salt does help. Also - make sure you are buying a decent blend. Might mean spending a bit more at the local coffee bar - but it’s worth it.

(Candice) #10

I use coconut milk or cream. I buy Aroy-D from Amazon. 100% coconut.

(Olivia) #11

A bitter coffee taste could be caused by:

  1. Too hot water >96°C
  2. Too strongly roasted beans
  3. Too finely grinded beans
  4. Too many robusta beans.
    Most often it’s the water temperature.
    Cinnamon added to your ground coffee beans also dampens the bitterness.


Thanks everyone for so many ideas and suggestions. Off to experimentation! :slight_smile:


Kerrygold and salt.

(Stan Brooks) #14

Why do you think this?

(A ham loving ham! - VA6KD) #15

This! I carry a little shaker of cinnamon in my car and suitcase (I travel for work). There’s also some good evidence that cinnamon has really good properties that help with insulin, glucose and triglycerides.

(PDXAnna) #16

I also don’t do well on dairy either, and I don’t like black coffee… sorry! So I make my own almond milk, and for coffee I make it double strength (only 2 cups water to 1 cup soaked almonds). Also I add a few grinds of salt to the almond milk.

(Lynne Hurley Perry) #17

I use grass-fed butter and mct oil. I know the butter is dairy but it does not cause issues as much as other dairy products.

(Jennifer Kleiman) #18

We just got green coffee beans and started roasting them at home. OMG OMG OMG it is a huge difference, making coffee from fresh-roasted coffee beans is a revelation. I’ve levelled up my coffee game! Green coffee beans are cheaper, too. It’s so easy to roast your own beans. We repurposed our hot air popcorn-popper since we don’t eat popcorn any more and 8-9 minutes, bam, BEST COFFEE EVER.

(Janet Maggio) #19

I am a chef and an Italian who has drunk espresso her entire life, or I should say cappuccino. I have no issues with dairy and since I drink strong coffee I would have to add a lot of cream to make a cappuccino. Now I am a bit of a coffee snob so I buy only fresh roasted arabica beans. Your regular American stuff sold in supermarkets is almost always stale and made from inferior robusta beans. For me, I use a small amount of fairlife whole milk to make my foam. Both the carbs and the calories are within my budget since this milk is low in sugar. I can also do heavy cream but prefer the foam. Just my preference.

(Darlene Horsley) #20

WOW! What a clever idea to repurpose the popcorn maker to a coffee bean roaster! :slight_smile: