Started yesterday .. need help with this

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Hello all,

So, after 3 kids, my youngest is only 2, and a full time job plus years of eating processed foods on the go, I wanted a real change. However, I’m super busy and also don’t like many foods and I won’t even try them.
Yesterday, I ate eggs with olive oil and sausage links.
Then sliced boarshead salami and boarshead sliced cheese, deli meats on the go around lunch. Then at night I had some blackberries and a house salad with just oil and vinegar. Then today same eggs again with the sausage link, then Brussels sprouts with olive oil and after some sugar free jello pudding I made with half and half. Just a small cup of it. I did have some crystal light today too. I think I’m not supposed to have any processed foods, But I don’t like a lot of food. I don’t like avocados or much anything creamy. I don’t like butter at all. And, I really only like olive oil or coconut oil. I’m missing snacks and tired already of eating salads. What would be 2-3 days of super easy meals? Super easy :slight_smile:
Ps. I miss pizza and even fries and it’s only been 2 days… :(( help me

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Fathead Pizza by Zorn ?

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i dont know if i can offer any words of wisdom but i can say you are doing good. I am also a mom of 3 my youngest also 2 :slight_smile: and realized i need to change my eating habits . (not easy when everyone around me gets to eat the good stuff lol) But the first week and a half are really hard but just stick to it and you will be so proud of yourself. It is definitely worth it. I am 1 month and 8 days into it and i have already lost 40 lbs. Trust me ones you start seeing results you wont want to stop. Good luck :slight_smile:
p.s i miss mcchickens and fries the most lol, but we got to do what we got to do :wink:

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What food do you like? Other than carbs I mean.


i love steamed veggies, I like to fry up cabbage , you can have a pot roast and some veggies. I personally like alvocados. So like breakfast maybe a couple slices of bacon and 2 eggs I also like cooking up some meat and i put some pico de gyo salsa on it .If you miss sweats they have keto friendly chocolate chip cookies and fudge recipes online. What i did was just googled alot of recipes and tried them out.

oh and theres also a keto friendly recipe for chili and you can have tacos but you would need to make the shell out of cheese :slight_smile:

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We do a lovely taco salad - bed of lettuce, spiced meat, cheese, a little salsa, guac and sour cream. So fast and yummy.

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Hello and welcome Deaven.

For the sake of simplicity and saving time, I like to eat basic whole foods, sauteed or baked with some seasoning. Most meals take me less than 15 minutes to make and they are quite delicious. Here’s a link that gives a good idea of what things work well for keto.

As far as not liking or wanting to try certain foods, I will say that once you have eaten keto for a few weeks, your taste buds could change (for the better). Eliminating processed foods and sugar leads to a lot of healing and change in our bodies and it could lead to certain things you may not have liked before, tasting different or even better. There’s 4-5 foods that I used to hate but now I find myself eating regularly.

I know this feeling and it will pass if you keep doing the right things. Pizza and potatoes used to be a regular part of my life and I never thought I would stop missing them. But I can honestly now say that I don’t crave them any more.`

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You’re probably going to be missing a few things until you get adjusted to eating Keto. Try to keep an open mind about trying new foods. You don’t want to teach your kids bad eating habits that may take them a lifetime to break. You could challenge yourself to try one new food per week.
Make sure you eat enough to keep from being hungry and sabotaging yourself. Do you like bacon? Fry up a pound of bacon and eat what you are hungry for, save the rest for snacks.
I have never found a good way to get a tender steak at home, so I really like a big hamburger patty with cheese, dill pickles, mustard, mayo. That and a salad really fills me up.
I advise you to be careful with artificial sweeteners, Some manage to make you hungry, some give you loose bowels.
Good luck. There is enough info on this forum, including great recipes. It will help if you can stay positive. It will make your food taste better. :wink:

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If you make a little extra of the foods you like then you can vacuum seal and freeze mini meals. When vacuum sealed the leftovers stay good for quite awhile. I do meats egg scrambles and sometimes a little veggies. Take them out of freezer and in the fridge the night before. Microwave them and they still taste like last nights leftovers

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Don’t kid yourself, you’re eating the good stuff now and leaving junk behind. Your taste will change when you get used to eating real foods. :yum::bacon::bacon::avocado::egg::poultry_leg::fried_shrimp::crab::fish::lobster::leafy_green::cucumber::eggplant::broccoli::hot_pepper::stuffed_flatbread::coffee:

Learn about sous vide and never eat a tough steak again!

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I can’t get over how much my tastes with respect to liver have changed. I used to find the taste and texture absolutely disgusting, but now, since I’ve cut out all sugars and sweeteners, the sweetness from the sugars in the liver just pops and taste to me like candy.

Mmmmmm…meat candy.


your right i think the reason going keto was so easy for me was because i loved veggies and meat anyways so it wasn’t such a huge adjustment for me. But when my kids have a cupcake i always end up staring lol.


That sounds good

A keto diet is not about starvation or deprivation. Remember f is for fat and f is for flavour so you should be able to to find very tasty and filling food

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I’m hoping you like cabbage. I assume so since you like b-sprouts. My son and daughter in law started keto 5 days ago and I made them this. They loved it.
You will need:
a pound of sausage- any kind you like.
One small onion (omit if you are sensitive or don’t want the carbs)
A head of cabbage cut into small pieces
A quarter to a half cup of a yummy broth
Brown the sausage. If it is crumbled from a chub pack, cook til done. If you use links, cut into bite sized pieces and brown. Add the chopped onion and sauté with the sausage til it is opaque. Add the chopped cabbage, stir (the pan will be very full). Add the broth. Cover and simmer until the cabbage is well done. Salt to taste and ENJOY.
I wish you the best of luck on keto. Remember every day is a victory. Sounds like you are doing well. Keep looking for foods you like. There are so many to choose from.


I’ve had it before it is crazy delicious :slight_smile:
Works with bacon to

(John) #17

Its either the meat or the way you are cooking it. Cuts of meat are not the same from store to store and also there are just certain cuts that are going to be more tender. Yes you can make a cheap cut soft but to me there is a difference between soft and tender. I personally love a thick chuck eye steak(not a chuck steak). 450 degrees on the webber and 6 to 7 minutes each side. let rest for a few and enjoy.

(Deaven ) #18

Oh that’s a great idea! I’ll make a hamburger tonight! I do love bacon, but I just still am of the mindset that it’s not good for me. Crazy since I had no problem eating McDonald’s!!! Haha!

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This sounds amazing! How often can I eat something like this?


quick question can you have crab and shrimp? i thought i read some where its not good for keto diets. But i have been craving saviche and that calls for shrimp and crab.