Started yesterday .. need help with this

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I’m going to look into that! Thanks!

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I would love pot roast. I need to make that! Thank you!

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Ate crab, shrimp and lobster yesterday. The shrimp and lobster had abou 1-2 carbs each, the crab is zero carb.

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Wow! That’s awesome!! 40 pounds is really wonderful!
With kids birthday parties and processed food all around… do you cheat or have a way to control the cravings? I’m pretty hungry often and I’m a carb lover! I rather Diet Coke, fries and ice cream then a hamburger and no bun. What helped you make it through the first week? I want to make this happen.

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Frozen pizzas, poppers, snacks, enchiladas, etc.


Believe me i never thought i could do it but i started drinking 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar before each meal. ( it really does help curve your appetite. And I just really wanted to be healthy for my little ones and I knew that feeling really out of breath and being constantly hungry was not normal. So i just really had to make myself stick to it and ones that first week passed it was just easier.By second week and i started seeing results it made me feel more confident and determined. And by summer I hope to get down to my goal weight.And its still a little hard being around the chips and cupcakes and cookies but I just check the calories and think wow i would have to run for 20 in to burn just that one cookie off . Definitely not worth it lol


AWESOME im making saviche this weekend lol


one of my faves lol and and i steam some broccoli cabbage and cauliflower and put some of the drippings from the roast on it mmmmm good lol

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Just so you know:
2T lime juice = 2.5 carbs,
2T lemon juice = 2 carbs
2T raw chopped red or white onion = 1.5 carbs
1 Roma tomato = 1.7 carbs
1 Jalapeño = .5 carbs

I find this quite useful and you will too, great to have in you phone while shopping or cooking.

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You are super, super awesome and I can only imagine the challenge you’re dealing with. With that list you gave I know it’s probably not PC but I gotta say it: eat more food! :slight_smile:

Absolutely, absolutely I think casseroles, stews and soups are a lifesaver for busy people. Cook at some point where you can snag the time, then eat from that dish a bunch (though yeah, you will have to be eating leftovers, I feel like a lot of the stuff is so good I love eating it more than once, and I also love that day off from cooking.) If you’re doing stuff differently for you vs your family, maybe have some dinners where all you need to do is sub in a “carb alternative” for yourself. Like a curry where other people have rice and you have cauliflower rice (which I think you can prep ahead?)

I totally agree about chili and Fathead pizza and trying to adapt foods you liked before. My husband and I used to have taco night as a go-to dinner, ground beef tacos with my own mix of spices, with flour tortillas. Changing that up just means we have taco salad instead, and use higher fat ground beef and I no the avocado big time. If you guys do stews and soups, maybe look for lower-carb alternatives (I’m gonna try beef stew with no flour and a bit of turnip for fake potatoes, maybe?)

Re: cravings

I used snacks to get through this phase (experts will probably disagree.) I feel like if you’re burning energy being the mom of a two year old, having low or zero carb snacks might help you get through this initial OMGHUNGRY phase (YMMV, there are way more experienced folks here.)

When you have time: keto baked goods. Just about the first thing I did was make muffins and cookies, because I knew I would want bready stuff. (Luckily I like shortbread, sadly you probably don’t.) I made the spice muffins from the ibreatheimhungry lady, and ate about one every day until they were gone. Sometimes 2 at breakfast. They we’re surprisingly muffin-like and satisfied the need for something bready.

I feel like there’s no reason you should deprive yourself of calories when starting out. My concern looking at your post I’d just maybe you’re not getting enough. Especially because being a mom probably means you’re doing a lot and remain fairly active with a toddler around. Maybe if you can manage it, I would suggest using a fitness tracker to get an idea of your activity level and extra calories burned. (I have these yoga pants with a side pocket for my phone, I try to wear it all day to track general activity even if I forget to track a walk or workout actively.)

Also-- talk to your doctor about your intake needs just for maintaining weight, to make sure you’re not going too far below that in terms of your calories.

Even if your busy life won’t fit in tracking food/calories as a permanent thing, consider trying it short term to get an idea of what your quantities should look like. (After a week of seeing what an ounce of pecans looks like in my hand, I could just eye it out.)

There are also places you can sneak in the fats / extra calories / electrolytes you need. I use chicken dark meat instead of breast, even if a keto recipe calls for chicken breast. If you like sausage / bacon, keep some around for snacking and have some. Maybe if you don’t like olive oil for the taste, try avocado oil (pricey) or use a light or regular olive oil rather than extra virgin.

Electrolytes: I’ve been using tons of lite salt. Use the veggies that are high in potassium (you already are eating them) - Broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, etc. Mileage probably varies around here on vitamins and supplements, but if you’re ok with them, maybe consider a magnesium one. Or maybe smart water, to boost electrolytes some (I don’t like buying bottles of water, but I think it might be cheaper than mix-in electrolyte drinks?)

Fiber will help too, because it will make you feel full.

KCKO! The cravings will go away (for me it was less than a week and I am a serious carb addict). Especially if you eat when you’re hungry. Once I realized that and kept a grab bowl of snacks on hand, plus increased potassium intake, things went way better for me… Then once I didn’t feel that hunger so much, I could eliminate snacks.

Sorry this is so long! I hope it helps – I am less than a month in, so I just went through the starting up phase.

Best wishes and bonus will power!

P.s. have you tried jicama fries yet? Or restaurant style chicken parmigiana or fried zucchini? :slight_smile:

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I have not tried jicama fries, but I have used red radish or daikon for potato substitutes. Super low carb.

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As far as stuff like Fathead Pizza, keto lasagna, keto chili it kind of fits into your diet if you plan for it by watching your carb intake for the 24 hrs surrounding that meal. Because while these are low carb foods they do have a bit more than other keto selections like broccoli and steak. It’s easy to go over if you make a pizza and eat most of it that day. I like these items as a treat to break things up but they can’t be the mainstay of your diet. Think of them like keto cakes or something that you’re just having now and then when cravings hit you, as a treat. :sunglasses:


(This applies only if you are doing wheat products)

Pizza- Flat Out Light (6 carbs) or Tumaros (4-6 carbs, check labels)Flatbread wraps. Crisp up in oven before adding sauce. Rao’s, Di Salvos, Alessi or other tomato sauce that doesnt add sugar (2 carbs per 1/4 cup) Sprinkle with garlic powder, salt and red pepper flakes (spicy), add toppings. Pepperoni, mushrooms, italian sausage (watch carbs). Top with cheese.

Enchiladas, same wraps as above (heat up on stove top to soften). Fill with meat and cheese. Top with enchilada sauce and cheese and bake. I usually make it in burrito form so I am only using one wrap and more meat.

Snacks- celery or cukes with cream cheese spread, Queso Frier fried in butter, bacon!, nuts, pork rinds with a dip (google keto dips), fatty meat slices (pepperoni, salami, etc.) and cheese (great with stone ground mustard) Cheddar cheese crisps with jalapenos. Sweet snacks-

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I suppose you can eat as often you want so long as you watch the carb count.