Started a Ketogenic Diet 14-10-2018

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Wow! Thanks - and you are so welcome. I just happen to be a measuring freak! Blood, liver, ketones, glucose, weight. During Chinese New Year, I get out the measuring tape to re-measure my house, to make sure I have all the dimensions right. God forbid if my contractor husband steals the tape measure. And I am not at all mathematically inclined. Far from it. I even know, depending on the size of your tv, how far away you should sit. I measure everything! As has been said many times before: “What can be measured can be managed!”

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Thank you. I try.

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Love following you too, Janie. Thanks!

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I use Stevia and heavy whipping cream for my coffee. I hope that isn’t sabotaging my ability to
Stay in Ketosis.

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Hi, just catching up on the interesting conversation. Wow you guys!

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Still chugging away on Keto. Having a jolly ol’ good time. I just finished watching Dr Berg’s transmission live answering caller’s questions. He mentioned to one caller who had just achieved their optimum weight, that they could now go back to a regular healthy diet. He said essentially that their body had fixed itself and it could now handle the transition off Keto. Although he mentioned to be mindful of keeping the carb intake relatively low. Then that made me ponder what am I doing staying on Keto and intermittent fasting?
Then, fortunately I saw this video presentation by recent Masters graduate (Nutrition & Dietetics) Jessica Turton discussing ‘Evidence-Based Practice: Low-Carbohydrate Diets’. That locked me in for the long run to curb the onset of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and a whole host of other serious illnesses. Another wonderful scientific based presentation on low carb diets which I highly recommend.
Jessica Turton - ‘Evidence-Based Practice: Low-Carbohydrate Diets’

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Is it just me or does Dr. Berg kind of seem like a hack?

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He does have a certain cardealership manner about him. He is selling his products so there’s that. But I think on the whole he has been invaluable to the low carb awareness cause.

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Not just you, no.

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I love it - I liken him to a funeral director. Anyway, he does seem to have the basics, and probably has many keto converts. But I much prefer Dr. Ken Berry, and Annette Bosworth (who I have just started watching).

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Hey Regina!
Lol. He has a modus operandi which has worked well. He got me onto apple cider vinegar amongst many other things. I think he tries his best and so I admire him for that despite what prejudices I may have about his characteristics.
I almost always prefer Doctors outside of the safe Keto realm to tell me about diet. I have linked to them in my previous posts. Having said that, I will definitely check out those people you mentioned above. Do you have any videos you recommend in particular?

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Certainly not just you…

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Hi all,

It’s been a while since I updated y’all on my progress on Keto. That’s probably because I made a bit of an arse of myself in another thread called ‘My first keto argument over dinner’. So my apologies for anyone caught up in that.

Anyway still plugging away on Keto. I shan’t lie and say it’s been alcohol free all this time, but I have it under more control than at any other time in my adult life; in the sense, I consume way less (only low carb beer too) than I have at any other time.

In the first month and a half on Keto I was probably more of a stickler about my daily feeding time and intermittent fasting, but now I just eat when I want which is ordinarily two times a day and maybe a quick Keto snack at 6pm. I don’t have to be mindful about my weight, so I don’t care that much about my feeding window anymore.

I eventually did buy a wonderful coffee machine. It’s called ‘Caffitaly capsulas express’. It’s my new toy and I love playing with it. I’ve been downing the coffees (normally two) in place of breakfast. On the exercise front, I’m working out a minimum 5 times a week alternating days between Kundalini yoga sessions and cardiovascular. My leg muscles (thigh) have built up a lot since starting Keto. I have lost lots of weight around the rib section of my belly and a lot of my cheek fat (facial) has gone, which I know isn’t sexy but I don’t care. Haha

I continue to feel very energetic and my general worth ethic and attention has continued to improve. It’s as though my brain has found a new lease of life. I like studying a lot more for my own personal development. My communication ability in social situations has also advanced. I’m less introspective when speaking and more focused on what others are saying when listening.

Probably one of the downsides on Keto is I really dislike eating out. The food just tastes terrible compared to what I prepare here at home. So yeh, I really am wasting my money eating out and health-wise it’s just not a good idea. I can tell my body rejects it afterwards.

Due to my progress and learning about low carb - high fat Keto diet, I have become somewhat of a go-to person for three people who started the diet as a result of talking to me. They have lost considerable weight. I even made a Keto Beginner’s guide in Spanish so when I come into contact with more people I can just point them to that. I also find it perversely satisfying seeing that disdain on people’s face when I state I consume high fats.

I honestly think that there is a huge market here in Colombia for adopting the Keto diet. Generally speaking, Colombia suffers (also) from this obesity - preexisting or existing type 2 diabetes epidemic. If I had a skerrick of an entrepreneurial bone in my body, I could find a way somehow to make money out of all this, maybe even in a not for profit way. Perhaps by developing a health advisory group and running meetings and going round round people’s houses and clearing out their pantrys etc if you like…keeping people accountable.

Since my recent brain rejuvenation I got my wordpress blog out of the moth ridden dark web and started tinkering with it and writing up new posts. Some of these have been about Keto and videos I have posted in this thread. For anyone interested in my blog, it is called Observation Blogger. Here it is.

Thanks as usual for reading.

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Long time no see. Welcome back!

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Sounds like you’re doing really well and coming up with some great ideas too. A while ago I read a thread (or maybe just a post) about a few people who started getting together to share a keto meal; after the meal they learned how to make oopsie rolls or oopsie bread. And years ago I attended weekly meetings in a restaurant; there were about 5 of us, and we’d all order Atkins-appropriate meals (steaks with butter, etc.) and talk about the Atkins diet. So there are lots of things you can do!

(Or start a podcast or YouTube channel in Spanish. If your Spanish isn’t good, you could start a blog and get someone to edit it for you.)

Good work on the alcohol. I know it can be a real problem for some people. My own struggle is with food.

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Some great ideas Laurie. A nearby University classified my Spanish as High Intermediate B2. My pronunciation and grammar still needs work. I will probably go to Uni next year to perfeccionar mi español.

At the moment I think my all encompassing Keto for beginners (in spanish) email and personal blog is sufficient. But who knows what the tide will bring in.

Thanks for popping in. I always enjoy reading your posts.

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Regina, nice to see you again! Hey btw, I found a great video about how to read blood tests. I will post about it below.

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This is an extremely informative video. I wish I had found it much earlier.
Also I hope that Dr Mason and Dr Attia’s videos will soon have Spanish subtitles.

# Dr. Paul Mason - ‘Blood tests on a ketogenic diet - what your cholesterol results mean’


Just watched this video!
So clearly and succinctly explained, and I love the fact it is in Aussie units - I struggle to convert in my head while listening to US units.
I am ploughing through the 7 hour podcast of Peter Attia with Dr Thomas Dayspring on blood lipids and it is heavy going. This is a great summary of what I need to know.
Thanks for posting :slight_smile: