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(Bob M) #161

I gotta disagree. Have him get you a CGM.

It could simply be that your red blood cells live longer.

(Karen) #162

Another great day here in holiday land. Weather has really been kind to us again though supposed to rain tomorrow, hey ho we will be on our way hone so won’t really matter.

Brunch was a bacon cheese and prawn omelette.

Dinner t-bone steak.

(Linda ) #163

Today is My 3rd lean day it was chicken day again 5 chicken thighs total…
Took the dogs for their walk, scrubbed the pool then my loving husband decided to order two pallets of sod for me to lay all by my self :pleading_face:

I. Actually suprised how much I have got done but sure pleased I’ve lost all the weight lol no waY could I have done all the bending and carrying before on my sad diet…
But tomorrow is my fat meat day I’m sure I’ll be enjoying the ribeye and a sirloin probably…


ZC is good

yesterday was
6 link sausage
2 chicken breasts in alfredo sauce
salami slices
beef stick

today I am cooking more country pork ribs. I still got those burgers I thought I would reheat yesterday but didn’t want…will be for me or heat them up to feed hubby and kid tonight, I gotta use them before I lose them :slight_smile:

appetite going lower still. not raging for anything other than some crab and lobster which is not on the radar just yet til I can find a good sale…but that is fine, just zc cruising along as usual.

Carnivore on Strong everyone! SOP it!


Still a little lack of sleep (personal record, my painful throat woke me up at 2:50! yay… but I looked at the beautiful stars while drinking a ton of tea, it takes ages to bring my throat from painful to just sore… I actually had enough of tea ages ago but it’s warm… I heard deers too! it’s nice our place has super low light or sound pollution :wink: “in the middle of nowhere” as not nice people who knows nothing say. the people who brought the AC machine was a nice one and said good things instead)… I was hungry in the evening (hard to tell with my pumped-up-with-tea-all-the-time and messed-up-sleep state but I finally noticed) so I ate. Mostly cold pork chuck roast, fatty and lovely, it was great! I barely have any now, I try to buy turkey today. Or duck. Something that isn’t chicken.
I run out of sour cream, I only will buy a little for emergencies :wink: I plan not to eat dairy. But if a dish is better with it or I have no better idea? I won’t keep myself from it. No dairy is just my default attitude now. It matters a lot.

I have thought about the next months… October is clearly a fruity month but not dangerously so, I expect it to be similar to my September, well the bar isn’t high enough… So I want a nice carni November. That month is simply perfect for carnivore just like January (and probably the first 5 months of the year but January is after December… I may not go crazy in December anymore but I will get a parcel again… I so will depend on Alvaro but the sweets are tailored to my taste. I probably will be a bit torn with my double attitude towards not my own sweets. I don’t want other parcels like that in the future, by the way. It’s already problematic and I don’t feel I would miss anything. I ate way, way too much sweets in my life this far). Blur just to be safe, I didn’t mention specific things though.

So I do what I can, put extra effort into my November to keep it nice and clean enough… No idea what that means yet, we will see… I probably won’t go overboard with dairy but if that could keep me from eating a tiny bit off…
And it would be really great to have a very long January-May pretty much carnivore time. I never went beyond 2 weeks and it was true even for keto since years. I can change this in 2022 I am sure. And maybe miracles happen. I really expect them, doing carnivore(-ish? but in winter, with many days without the ish) for longer is already a decent sized one…! But it doesn’t seem too hard just a bit tricky.
So I try to get ready my mind for that :slight_smile: Determination is powerful!

(Michael) #166

tried the Elk I bought for first time. Seems denser/more filling than the beef. Added bone marrow for the extra fat. Pics :slight_smile:


@Naghite. beautiful to me on how you cooked that. Never tried elk but I do deer and have tried mountain goat and more but you just gave ELK a big thumbs up for me to try when I see it and can get my hands on it…my daughter loves elk sausage I purchase online from a farm in Tennessee.

Love your pic! Thanks for adding great carnivore meal pics to our thread! Carnivore meals rule and make us drool! :slight_smile:


Have been trapped at the computer working the past few days. That can generate cravings.

Black coffee with a dash of standard cream this morning. Then 300g scotch fillet steak, 2 large pasture eggs, 60g mature cheddar for breakfast at about 1:30pm. Just ate a rotisserie chicken, 9pm after a 3 hour drive, small bird, fed most of the breast meat to the Labrador. Magnesium rich sparkling mineral water.

I’m back in the city for a week. Working a convention on Saturday. Sunday family birthday. Monday back to teaching. Stay on plan is the aim.

Just noting the ghost of rotisserie chicken visited me at about 4am with some heartburn. PUFAs or seasoning? Never get heartburn with beef.


What is mountain goat like? I only tried normal goat and don’t really remember so it was normal… Goat milk is fun though :smiley:
I know deer, good stuff :wink:

Couldn’t find turkey, sadly. Alvaro wanted pork belly to make a veggie dish (bubble and squeak) he only heard about recently and is connected to our little mouse story he is writing and I will illustrate. I just wanted SOMETHING (not chicken) as I run out of all meat very soon. Only could get some chicken liver and necks for soup. But we go to the village tomorrow and surely can buy some pork.

Next time I saw turkey, I sooooooooo buy a ton of it. I miss it now. It’s elusive lately for some reason… I need it for variety. I can get away with pork/organ/fish for a little while but fish is very temporal and sometimes I don’t want organ… I could use more recipes though. I try to find something for my liver to avoid simple fried liver (though it’s different if I mix chuck mincemeat in…).


Absolutely…when forced to work longer and not in terms we want, our mind wanders and darn right food comes into play, I sure get this!!! More power to you on holding your SOP AS A THING that is important and it will all help towards future issues that hit us all, like boredom in work and more and ‘cravings/boredom of the job or whatever’ hits. Loving your commitment to SOP! :slight_smile: SOP is what changed me…SOP no matter what!

to me very lean, very chewy more like ‘muscle’ meat that was grilled when it coulda/shoulda probably been in a stew to cook longer or in a crockpot to tenderize. Hubby is a hunter…that damn big ram sheep head he had mounted is enough to make me not like mt goat again HAHA

Plus of course he is wild…he isn’t ‘fed grain’ and more thru human contact like a farm goat so just think truly gamey and wild tasting and muscular cause he has to be living on the edge of cliffs and more :wink:

I used to love turkey and ate alot of it but for me personally it is just too lean and not tasty enough to be a carnivore focus now for me, but darn yea, if you love it, you eat up those turkeys!! Alot of good skin on a big old bird too :slight_smile:

--------for me

going in the oven now…for time it takes to cook I know I will be hungry when it is ready! big YUM, my pork is STILL my focus for some reason but it is cool, I eat what I need when I need it!


Turkey isn’t a focus, per se, it just helps with my no-or-little-pork breaks along with organ meats (or I just roast it together with my pork so I won’t get bored of pork so quickly. not like it’s particularly quick nowadays :)). Pork and eggs are the pillars of my woe for sure! And I eat a significant amount of chicken liver too, it’s nice and tender if I manage to get the time right :slight_smile: But sometimes I want to take a break from that too. If nothing else helps, I can get beef but I really like my occasional turkey. It adds variety as it’s a bird and what other birds would I eat? Turkey seems the best choice for me now.

I find turkey tasty enough while chicken is either completely tasteless or a bit bad tasting. That’s the cheap chicken. Home-raised or not but still better raised fancier chicken is nicer but it’s still not substantial meat and it’s way more expensive, I rather buy pork or beef with that money! Not a big chicken fan, me. Once a year if it’s some great home-raised chicken made by some amazing chef? Lovely! (That happens at my aunt, she gets it from her neighbour in copious amounts… Still can’t satiate me but it’s a joy to eat for sure.) But that’s enough for me. I eat some at Alvaro’s mom when it’s the best (basically only) option but I can’t get satiated with a chicken thigh… I need to pair it up with some pork if possible.

And… I didn’t eat turkey before my carnivore trials. Except once as a kid. And rarely do it since then too. So it’s still quite exotic for me. But it’s nice, even the size! A neck or a wing is meaty enough. I can make nice soup with the neck. I like the leg but it has those many hard parts inside (tendons acting like small bones? I only found those in turkey legs), I don’t want to bother with that often if I can just buy wings :wink:

4pm, still not hungry (but not fully satiated), it seems I have these times now.

(Karen) #172

Forgot that I also had some burnt ends (belly pork) as a starter before the t bone and it was a 12 oz steak.

Arrived home from a super week away at the seaside. Stopped about 12.30 at mcdonalds on way home and I had a bunless double cheese and bacon burger w/o all the gumf on top. It was nicer than the burger King on the way down. Also one hard boiled egg and 5 slices of smoked ham.

At home I had some bacon, cheese and corned beef. Feel full and ready for bed.

Work tomorrow but thankfully not on the very early start, just a normal weekend shift.

(Linda ) #173

Walked dogs, rubbed pool laid alot more grass

I started with a ribeye steak and then decided dinner would be part of tomahawk steak…
Of course me being me had to eat all the fat on it I could see lol20210910_134920

(Doug) #174

One of the most beautiful ‘gnawing’ things there is.

(Daisy) #175

Big lean eating day but I was just hungry!!! A lot of carbs today in the form of yogurt. Breakfast was Canadian bacon and eggs and bone broth. Lunch was beef bites, chicken and turkey and my yogurt dish (small version, was the end of a container). A quick early dinner was more chicken and turkey. Was hungry later so had a yogurt and some more cold chicken and turkey. Still wasn’t even comfortably full, so had a full dish of yogurt/psmf bread and pumpkin pie spice. Still needed more, so had another bowl of bone broth jello with collagen powder. Finally felt comfortable (still not full). I’m currently trying not to track or weigh my food but if I keep eating like this I may have to go back to it :joy:
image image image image image image image


this is part of that little bit of ‘beware the devil’ when tweaking…you could end up eating a ton of smaller crap that your body kinda does not ‘really want’ or your taste buds and it doesn’t truly satisfy… and in the end you could be ‘taken down even further’ cause in some mental way you try to make up for the ‘crappier eating day’ ya know…I walked that so just from experience, always be on your toes when you get into a ‘grazing the day away’ and never truly satisfied cause in the end, if you just cooked a big ol’ steak ya mighta been fed well and done but also not left in some way ‘still wanting’…I had to experience those days to realize they don’t work well on carnivore for most of us so just ‘watch you’ a tad here and IT IS always OK if you ‘said today is my lean day to eat’ but you are truly hungry, don’t lock into ‘this lean day’ as some type of schedule…key to carnivore truly is eat as you feel you really truly need.

ok just some thoughts on it and I know you got it handled :slight_smile:

great pics on the board too!!!

----------------I cooked my pork ribs. Delish…Ate 2.5 of them and BOOM…last bite I said I AM SO OVER PORK right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::100:

I hit my, what 2 mos. or so of full on pork…had my limit.

defrosting a Tbone steak for today.
I think with a lb. of jumbo shrimp and I got burgers and taylor ham for backups

All good in carnivore land, just doing the eating, feeling good, loving it all and ‘feel calm’ as always on this plan :slight_smile: Hope everyone has a great weekend!


I am weirdly not hungry of late. I seem to have really lost my appetite. :thinking:


@Septimius-- it is ok…normal…for ‘us carnivores’ as we walk the walk :slight_smile: on this lifestyle so when you get hungry again, just eat what ya love and eat what suits you!

key being, if you ‘feel a little hungry’ it is smart to ‘fry up a little’ and see if you eat…you might easily inhale it LOL or ya just don’t want it.

absolute normal walk thru appetite on carnivore. More healed, more in balance you are with hormomes and more we ‘truly hit a real life, mother nature appetite’ that seems very foreign to many of us, but darn it IS real life so to me you are ‘in a great spot’ :slight_smile: It means you got ‘another great benefit change’ to ZC that will benefit you down the line so don’t ponder it, just eat thru it as you feel you need to it.

one thing I loved my years on carnivore was ‘the weirdo changes’ and how I had to put them to ‘real mother nature life eating’ vs. ‘the controlled BS menu of what life should be when someone tells me when to eat, to eat this plan only, don’t eat this or that.’…we are well past that thankfully!

Your move forward, JUST DO YOU! at all times :100:

(Linda ) #179

I had that same hunger a couple months into carnivore I was just eating non stop… thankfully I
finally pushed past it…

I adjusted by going to strip steaks one each meal so two for me…
But dam I went shopping this morning and the prices of meat in this last week have gone crazy high…and just when tgey were starting to drop alittle.
When I do lean I dont count either but eat til I’m full…

Today was the rest of my tomahawk for breakfast I bought a strip for dinner…
Grabbed a couple bags of shrimp to have with some cod for tomorrow …

(Karen) #180

Back at work today so up early stair running, bath and then off. Bit stressful in visits all day some days are just that and others very laid back, all depends on who’s in charge lol.

Brunch was a hard boiled egg, turkey melted cheese and butter mikey’d

Then had another hard boiled egg late afternoon before coming home and cooking lamb chops and a think sirloin. After a week of thick huge steaks it is rather nice to be eating my thin steaks again AND cooking them in lard instead of having them done on a grill of sorts. So missed the lard! I could immediately tell that the omelette i had on Thursday brunch time had been cooked in an oil of some kind as I could even tell it wasn’t olive oil … probably just a veggie oil. Arggghhh! Lol.