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Congrats on beutiful pool :+1:t2::blush:

(Bob M) #142

That’s really not that bad, and within error of the test.

(Karen) #143

Had a super day today very busy doing holiday things.
Brunch on the beach was 2 hard boiled eggs and 5 slices of topside beef.

Evening meal was crab claws followed by sirloun steak, very rare and king prawns

(Linda ) #144

No cywes does like it above 5.2 he says that’s when we start getting damage …so he let the first one slide but now I’m in damage range so we changing things up lol

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Thank you


Most carnivores probably force carnivore eating sometimes… Unless they are so lucky they never want anything else.
I am the one who never force anything… Except maybe when I am very, very hungry, I may force eating then but it’s super rare.
But people probably define force a bit differently.

I try a bit though, sometimes. Like today. I didn’t make onion soup, my only medicine for sore throat. I may try a little fried onions though, they may be good with the hearts. It’s 5pm and my painful sore throat got better but it’s still not perfectly fine… Maybe I got it from Alvaro who catched a cold last week, of course I won’t be sick as I never am, even his immune system is good enough so he haven’t missed a day and run like normal as well. But he had a higher temperature and problems. I merely have a sore throat for one day and that’s it. My poor immune system, it’s not as good as it can be… But still pretty good.

I am not hungry yet but had some coffees with egg white and butter. I try to lower my egg consumption. I have heart and pork chuck, no need for eggs I don’t even desire now. They are easy to eat but not they aren’t as satiating as meat! I suspect. We will see. Maybe it’s not the satiation but I just too easily gulped them down and would have been just as fine without drinking 3 on some day… But they are my top satiating food except fatty meat.

I NEVER have lean days, definitely not without “forcing” it a little. Or using tricks at least as I am really bad at forcing eating.
I may need a leaner day for donoring blood plasma (I still didn’t do it, we rarely visit the city and we had so much to do last time and I need lean days, maybe I just should fast, that’s easier than eating lean…)

Leaner days probably wouldn’t want me to eat carbs… They would make me to eat more fat, of course :smiley: I had NO lard now but some expired butter… Still edible but not perfect, I need to use it up soon…

Raw pig heart mincemeat is pretty :smiley: I always loved the look of blood…

I can agree if it’s me (let’s ignore the carby snacks in the car after a stressful shopping trip sometimes, it’s not what I consider really right. I just don’t have regrets, obviously. but they are extremely rare and often involve CRUNCHY things. I so need to be able to make more crunchy things… I won’t just lose this desire of mine! it doesn’t cause much temptation as I want a proper food at the same time, fitting my taste)… I can’t really snack (unless they are extremely tiny), I need full meals or nothing. Alvaro is the same. I must eat in the car as waiting until 7pm or something when we visit the graveyard and my aunt once a year, that’s just not hedonistic enough. I do my best to last long as it feels better to great food at her place but I always need some eggs and something else. A small but proper meal. And then the feast. I don’t usually feast, I eat as little as I comfortably can most of the time (and it’s usually still too much but not if I choose my food just right) but I do eat big at her place without worries :slight_smile: Yum. She has great food. Being a carnivore is zillion times easier than being a vegetarian when visiting her (I could get raw vegetables only, I suppose. I had to bring or buy or make all my own food). I don’t even remember what I ate when I visited them in my vegetarian years (she didn’t live alone back then) but I remember the resistance against my woe that I obviously fully ignored. I am a stubborn one. Still never regretted it, of course, that’s not my style. I needed my vegetarian years to escape the evil Sunday chicken at my Mom! I should have started earlier. Or born to someone who makes steaks and salmon or at least pork. Not stupid chicken.
And it was great experience to be firm when it’s about our rules and other people’s problem. Though I might have been born like a stubborn, selfish one.

Honey is probably quite fine for ears and wonderful for eyes… Entering our body may be problematic sometimes. I remember mine is against it in any sensible amounts, too high sugar concentration… But it’s not like I haven’t eaten a ton of it in my life (very good ones from beekeepers, of course, we have very many here) so I really didn’t miss anything. Is it just me or it’s normal to feel I ate enough for my whole life and don’t feel temptation to do it again? I don’t have this with everything that isn’t so good for my body. And mine could handle a tiny bit anyway. But I feel I had enough in my past.

What. People have this too? Not just with tv and movies (never understood WHY people eat in the movies. I want to see the movie)?
I only eat in the car when I am hungry (except the mentioned stressful and tempting shopping trips but I am usually not fully satiated at that point). Even more so on my bike in the past… I ate on it on the 48h tours, we had to visit zillion points of the country in 48 hours, one year it was all about ponds, another year about mountains… It was fun except when we had to ride all day in rain and anyway, we were slow so we had to ride a lot. One year we wanted to come home on the first day and ended up riding 17 hours (we stopped twice as Alvaro had to pee twice, I am better at that :D), we had to drive in the dark in woody areas, that was interesting, we sped up in villages and it doesn’t mean we drove like crazy there, it meant we drove super slowly because of the animals outside :smiley: My little bike had a lousy light anyway… Oh good old times.

Soon I need to think about what to bring with me when I visit my aunt in October… Though it’s not very hard, obviously eggs in some form (oh, multiple forms!) and processed meat in some form (bresaola!!! I have my bresaola phase. and pork belly too). Unless there won’t be beef or pork, I bring some roast too then but she always have a ton of food and we end up bringing some home so I don’t want to bring much.

6pm. I am borderline hungry since some time but with a super low appetite so… I don’t know. I probably will go over the treshhold soon. It’s amazing how much I lost my interest in eating. Well the act of it, I still am obsessed with food… But not eating until the evening only happens sometimes. I was hungry around 1pm yesterday. Things are like that. Good thing I don’t force fixed eating windows, I always preferred to be very flexible. I just know it’s very nearly always a bad idea for me to eat before noon or after 7-8pm. But I rarely feel any urge to do so in the wrong times so it’s fine.

I think I eat maybe around 1600-1800 kcal in average on carnivore? It never changed but impossible to track with some good precision. I had undereating times in the beginning but they lasted a few days. My weekly average never was too low - or high anywhere close to carnivore… It’s nice and stable. My individual days can go from 1000 (not nowadays) but usually 1400 to 2500 or a bit more. Not a huge range for me but the extreme numbers are rare and my average is really quite stable. It seems my body is like this. And it wants similar food, no matter the season.

In the end, I ate at 7:30pm. I was kind of hungry, borderline weak…? Whatever, I wanted to eat, I made so nice food! I wasn’t interested in it, just ate it, oh well.

I had my leftovers and instead of the fried heart/chuck mince on the pic, I ate fried heart. And chuck roast, the bony piece. 1400 kcal or something, pretty normal macros for a lighter OMAD day. A bit more protein than fat despite the sour cream I finally ate as it complimented the omelet that had the denser bottom part of the tongue cooking water. As I ate that too now that I think about it. And coffee with egg and butter and oh well, I have a sore throat, milk powder too. 2g of it. It didn’t worth it. But no one can say I don’t indulge my rebel/free inner self. It’s important, no one wants to see it wreaking havoc, that’s not pretty.
I even ate a bit onion and vinegar (what else would make onion soup an effective medicine?) and my throat still isn’t perfect…

I want to be fully healthy (I mean, my normal level, no one is perfect but I am basically healthy, never needing a doctor unless an optometrist or a dentist… unless some accident happen but I stopped that, I hope) and make my days stricter again, with less eggs now and maybe a bit sour cream if meat is boring and it won’t be in the near future, I would think. My chuck is super fatty, it would be hard to find a leaner piece for Alvaro for Friday lunch (now he has heart, a little is enough as he has his plant proteins, nicely completed without trying… and he eats eggs too)… But it’s little anyway and I need most of it!

@Azi, congrats for the pool!

We have the two AC machines in the house now, I don’t know when the people come to install them but heating season is so far away… Hopefully we don’t need to heat until November but we rarely are that lucky. When we leave the house for days in the end of October, it’s usually borderline okay and it just becomes too cold afterwards. The house slowly loses heat in September and October. Now even August caused a significant drop but that was a good thing. A 23C room is way better than a 26C one if you ask me.

Oh, my photos!

My planned lunch… I ate the tiny leftover dishes (egg pudding and sardine) for dinner but I never got to the fried heart and pork chuck mincemeat so it’s for tomorrow lunch!

Pork chuck roast, nice fatty. The photo isn’t as great as the meat but I don’t want to get awards or appreciation with them so it’s fine. At least I took a shot before I ate them all :wink:


Isn’t it pretty? :smiley: It is to me. Heart and pork chuck mincemeat for later, I put them into the freezer.

Still a sore throat sigh. It’s possible that Alvaro catched some other person’s Covid. But as it’s a normal coworker (some super dense low-level human. we really don’t look down people without a good reason. well Alvaro as I fortunately barely met any), we can’t know as they probably never got tested just stayed home for a week. But he lost his smell. Alvaro had a few days cold without missing any work or runs and I have a sore throat today and hopefully will wake up okay. My temperature didn’t change (not like we have a thermometer anymore, Alvaro managed to get it wet and it stopped to work) but I had a higher than normal temperature maybe 35 years ago…? I don’t expect it ever again and not without a good reason like sickness but I am never really sick.
I stop it, it’s so shameful my immune system couldn’t fully handle it but even it can’t do everything, not even with the help of the vaccine. That who knows how effective was. I got zero symptoms back then except a visible spot and a little soreness.
Oh well. I want to get fully well and forget it all.

(Daisy) #147

Yes they are very different. Psmf is targeting a specific macro and calorie goal. Basically protein at 1 gram per pound of ideal body weight, then carbs and fat under 30 grams each (obviously carnivore carbs would be negligible).
Lean days just mean choosing leaner cuts of meat and not adding any extra fat. No specific calorie or macro goal.

I’ve decided to go back to just lean and fat days and cut out the psmf days. I felt fine doing them, but it’s a lot of pre planning, calculating, etc and I can’t be bothered with all that.

I missed a few days and struggling to keep up with all the posts! Here are a few food photos from the last couple days. I tried bear meat for the first time today!! It was delicious!
image image image image image image image image image image


Eats today:
Dinner…another sirloin
Snacky snack before bed…half a porterhouse. :grinning:

After all that beefy goodness, I am an unapologetic Carnivore.


People eat bears?

(Daisy) #150

Yep!! It’s a big source of meat around here

(Vic) #151


SO HAPPY for you and that water looks so inviting…ok tell us when you have a pool party, all us carnivores will come and have a massive meat BBQ :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Love your pool, very nice!!

Those meal pics are so amazing…I am jealous, I want those claws so badly :star_struck:

You are in such a great place KD! Yup, the moral of the carnivore story is just eat as you need each day and just cruise the zc world :slight_smile: for the calculating and more, let the other plan people have to do that crappy work HAHA fab pics

AMEN! Preach it!!!

nice meal pics…are you in a new country doing new work now?

-----------all going well in zc land for me

Not sure on food today

I got a hankering for alfredo sauce…haven’t had it in ages. I want something ‘sloppy’ like a saucy type of day. probably tear up my guts but I did always do well on it, so gonna have some today and just see… who knows but I think I will go down that road…2 big chicken breasts with alfredo sauce and some parm cheese shredded over it.

got burger meat already cooked for my second, whenever hungry meal for today.

with Karen’s pics of those claws, oh boy that fueled me more on wanting crab or even lobster if I could find a sale…scallops are ok but not even close to the others. I do have scallops in the freezer and if deserperate I might be eating some of this guys.

Carnivore on full speed…enjoy your daily meals…enjoy your zc energy, your zc vibrancy, and that is what good food nutrition gives us!!

(Edith) #153

I had a neighbor many years ago who grew up in the “hills” of Pennsylvania. There were eight kids in the family and they all hunted to get their meat. She has also eaten bear and thought is was delicious. She had never eaten beef until she moved to suburbia and was NOT a fan.

@SecondBreakfast, I’m guessing bear is fattier than deer and maybe that is why it is so tasty?

(Daisy) #154

It was so unbelievably lean. Not a piece of fat in what I had.

(Edith) #155

Okay, thanks for the info. I would not have guessed that.

This has got me wondering… Grain finished cows get intramuscular fat because they eat grain which is not species appropriate. Humans get intramuscular fat because we eat grains (and PUFAs) which are not species appropriate.

The bear must have had fat, but it must have been only subcutaneous since you said the meat was really lean. How beautiful would our “meat” look if we ate our species appropriate diet our whole lives? Subcutaneous fat, yes, but no marbling, no visceral fat.

This contemplation has me feeling a little sad about where we as humans have gone with our health over the millennia and particularly the last 50 years.

Yesterday, my dad who eats a terrible, terrible diet (and that’s an understatement, he lives on cookies and rice pudding) eats about two eggs a day. He said he read in The Washington Post that he is eating way too many eggs according to the article because of their cholesterol. It is one of the few nutritional things he eats! I almost blew a gasket.

I instantly told him about bogus nutritional research and how it has been proven that dietary cholesterol has no impact on his cholesterol numbers. Unfortunately, he has some dementia going on, so he really won’t remember the conversation, but he’ll remember that goddamned article! I said that it’s all the crap he eats that causes clogged arteries.


Argh! And today when I was looking through the food section in the Washington Post, it was mostly vegetarian and vegan recipes!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(Doug) #156

So true, Edith - this really stands out for me. Bang-your-head-against-the-wall stuff…


@Fangs mentioned alfredo sause, and I happened to have a pack of minced beef intended for meatballs. I went shopping for parmesan and creamcheese, let it melt with butter in a generous splash of heavy cream. Spiced it with garlicpowder and tarragon, salt an pepper, and poured it over meatballs. I swear nobody ever trapped and killed that sauce, but it was so good, and its great that this is an option once in a blue moon, when I can be bothered with cooking.

Still, mostly im so happy about how easy and fast it is to sear a steak. And how delicious and satisfying that is for me. (Ive progressed from medium+ to something rare inside now).


too funny but yea, we can have some dairy if we do ok on it and I do ok on it so I used to have that alfredo sauce ALOT back in the day on zc, but I also got to where I didn’t even wanna bother cooking that but today it called my name…your meatballs sound great and my chicken is cooking and will get sauce’d in a bit…I gonna be eatin’ good like you!

I don’t do cream cheese tho, my body doesn’t like it and it don’t like me HA I just am some heavy cream, butter and alot of fresh shredded parm to melt and I do put a shake of garlic in it and done…yea my alfredo is even as simple as I can keep it :slight_smile:

Here is a pic of my 2 chicken breasts
I am HUNGRY also right now so this is gonna be inhaled fast in a bit LOL



It pains me too. Our precious, precious, innocent eggs!
I ate several again because my medicine onion soup required 4 (I woke up early, after 3 hour sleep, I was in pain. so I did what I could)… It’s good no one ever could persuade me eggs would be wrong (I don’t even remember anyone trying… maybe I was born at the right place at the right time for that? or I am that stubborn and tune out BS?) so I always ate as many as I wanted and could and it wasn’t only 2 a day for sure.
But I do try to go way below 8 for the near future. It was around 5 today, not so bad for this day… But I plan to eat pork roast for lunch tomorrow and maybe that’s it.

I can’t comprehend how some people function considering their diet…

And the cholesterol… It’s bad enough that stupid unproven things got to the masses. But the cholesterol myth is sooooooo old, it got debunked ages ago… Health/heart associations don’t support it anymore. But people don’t forget, I see that so many times :frowning:

Today was an off day, circumstances added up, my main food was eggs, pork and heart, of course… Tomorrow I go waaay stricter again, it will be easy for a while. No dairy and everything.
And I hope I will feel fine.

I had enough of drinking warm liquids (sometimes colder ones if it’s late enough) ALL DAY. But the vinegar-y very thin soup (that’s why I needed the eggs) felt nice.

(Daisy) #160

Big eating day for me. Fat refeed day. Breakfast was eggs and beef bacon. Lunch was lamb chops, lamb liver, goat Brie, and homemade (keto) ice cream. Dinner was a tbone.
image image image image image