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Busy day today. Got up and did a quick workout, helped my husband outside for awhile then had breakfast of Canadian bacon and eggs. Then worked outside for a while longer, then had some turkey/chicken and yogurt bowl. went to a baby shower, then worked outside the rest of the evening pouring concrete for the piggy’s pen. Had a very late dinner of ground turkey and some chicken.
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Thanks @Fangs, I really appreciate the reassurance.

I think what’s bothered me is that it’s coincided with me feeling a bit unhappy and I can’t work out if it’s an emotional toll that’s making me not hungry.

I think I’d find it easier to accept if it was just I wasn’t hungry, but I don’t want to screw up because my emotions are a bit all over the place.

And then I also wondered if the change in hunger / the emotion changes were because I’d added some other meats back into my diet - I suddenly lost the taste for steak 24/7.

But I think the food is probably nothing to do with any of it. I think I’m just a bit stressed and in need of a break from work.


hey ya know if that is your gut feeling then that is probably right. Just work on that a bit best ya can and put yourself in some type of positive mood if you can! We sure all go thru bouts of that stuff in our lives!

Funny thing is I have love affairs with meats and eat all that til that one day I flip…I was only steak, now I am basically pork but I just ate my last pork for a bit LOL I am now wanting steak again! It truly is a normal thing tho for our food choice to jump around, for our hunger to almost vanish at some points but one thing I can say, my appetite always came back :slight_smile:

What I am feeling is the season change coming. We went from nice and hot and sunny and just to me that is life, I love hot weather to now in the mornings I need a jacket on almost to let the dog out HAHA So I know I got a mood change coming, how I do summer just isn’t how I do cold weather. So yea your bit of stress and feeling work is overloading ya can truly change up your eating a bit…sending good vibes you can work on work :sunny: and bring yourself into a better place!

--------------SO FOR ME I gagged down the last of the pork ribs. It was like a switch flipped and it was all I could handle to finish them off. I tell ya, I ate a ton of those pork ribs, but right now my focus is back on steak.

I got a nice Tbone steak for later and will pair up with some beef burger patties for today. It is all about the beef in my brain now.

Plus I still haven’t scored any crab or lobster darn it. I really do what a nice meal of it…on Fridays only a place down the road has all you can eat crab legs, it isn’t low in cost but I think for me to get my fill I am gonna pony up that price to eat out and go for it. I don’t want a few crab legs, I want ALOT of crab legs and I can eat my price in those easily at this place cause I eat nothing else…family will eat all the other junk that is offered but me, I just hunker down and inhale crab, and alot of it HAHA So yea, my brain is there…I feel I need it for my mental stability LOL

All going well, just following the food and letting zc life just wash over me as usual. Keep rocking thru SOP Sept everyone!!


I’m due some leave soon, so hopefully I can recharge then.

I think I was anxious because carnivore has gone so well and I don’t want to screw up my progress by undereating. But I will try not to overthink it. Had some steak this morning - less than normal but felt it was enough. Maybe it’s just all things happening coincidentally.

But on the theme of the ‘stay on plan’ - the good thing is that I haven’t eaten my emotions, which is something I would’ve done years ago.

I really took to heart Ken Berry’s comment that ‘only dogs need treats, you’re not a dog’ :rofl: (I’m paraphrasing)


I went astray and I don’t even care, I finally could sleep at night but I am in a zombie mode still. Stupid throat, Alvaro guesses it’s not Covid after all as that probably wouldn’t make me sick… Whatever, I want it to go away… Even onion soup and garlic, sometimes raw didn’t help AT ALL. Except the warm liquid part, that’s always nice.

It didn’t help that I couldn’t buy meat on Friday so I have no proper meat now (just mince but I don’t really want that now)… I ate pancakes with quark and nice fried liver though… IDK what is with the village shop, I found no meat there the last 2 times (just chicken but I rather eat legumes with grains than common tasteless or bad tasting chicken, eww).
So I have liver, a tiny mince (pork and heart), quark and some tins of fish. And as much eggs as I want so I think I will survive the next 5 days without plants. Oh and some fowl necks, there was no label but small and lean so probably chicken, I can handle that little… And meaty pig bones… SO I will have soup.
And a tiny ham and sausages, I almost forgot those. So it’s okay. It’s a nice challenge if it’s just a few days, annoying for longer than that.

I am a hedonist. Hedonists need treats all the time if you ask me.
Not necessarily in the form of food though… But as we need to eat anyway, of course food treats are very important as well. Not all the time, that’s not mentally healthy… If one define treats the same I do… And never for rewards. I am a hedonist, I need zero excuse to eat something I find nice and special. I still don’t think I am a comfort eater (and carbs just don’t taste as good as my normal food most of the time, fruits are the big exceptions for me) but not keeping a lid on my rebel self can be nice in stressful times. Or baking. It’s tricky as Alvaro dislike crunchy things while I prefer crunchy things. Sigh. Whatever, I can’t bake crunchy things. So baking isn’t fully stress free either :smiley: But variety. I surely wouldn’t want to do it often. The baking something not-quite-crunchy, I mean. Baking bread and sponge cakes is fine, bread is for Alv, sponge cake is for me using good old recipes that works…

Oh and I saw pork rinds in the village shop so we have that too, after all! It’s so expensive it goes against my principle to try it (it’s not so much for a little bag so I could buy it without any pain if I hadn’t the principle about not buying irrealistically expensive stuff I don’t even need. maybe one day my curiosity will win but not yet).


:rofl: that is funny!

you know I never wanted to ‘reward myself’ for losing a few lbs on a goal…I felt like it was punishment and reward…if I lost 10 lbs I got 'a reward, a prize, a treat cause I succeeded, but then when I ‘failed’ I also tore myself up so much it just ruined me…so I dropped all that give myself a treat dieting crap trick nightmare junk and never looked, now I find I am in great company…Dr Ken said I ain’t a dog and need no treat! :100:

You are longer on plan S and I think that there is a point where we all get that ‘time to fail the plan’ feeling cause we never had an eating lifestyle that worked longer term…so if you got some emotions jumping up they could be compiled with worrying about eating a bit less and then you do start to overthink, just like you said…but this is the time you let carnivore just show you the way and truly try to separate any other life stuff off your eating plan. I also can get very wonky on some days so I know those crazy thoughts can mash onto all of us…but nice thing is if you just say to yourself that carnivore won’t let you down if you go by body/physical draw thru your day and eat as you do need, your body also won’t fail you. We can go longer not eating if that is what happens but you also know the body will all of the sudden say, hey feed me and feed me good and you will eat well again and want your food! But like you said, emotions can creep around us so making that little adjustment of working out life issues that we get hit with become a situation to fix a bit…and does help us keep a more life balance and in better fine tuned area for us.

Key is you see it…addressing it…got a handle on it…and boy if you see it, feel it, know there are some feeling wrapped around you…then you got it made in the shade cause you can address it as a real thing. One thing us carnivores do is face what is irking us…and that is a great place to be…knowing there is a change and one you are prepared to address head on! Cool


Thanks Fangs - it really helps talking it out.


no problem…that is what good chat forums and a great group of people do for each of us…we got an issue, we chat it out, work around it, read up stuff others say (some might fit the issue, some might not) but the beauty of it is we can just hash it out in our minds! Believe me I am super thankful for all those people who walked me thru weirdo times :slight_smile:
I found being on a forum and in a group like this very important to me actually. I thought I could do it all alone, but in the end, darn ya need someone who walked that path, had some issues you might have, doing the same plan as you and just grab onto any experiences they can give ya…so many people gave me such great advice!

So yea, hash it out in your mind and before ya know it, the issue will be gone and you will be like, eh, another journey on the carnivore walk

(Karen) #189

Stair runs and 9ff to work. Less stressful day than yesterday but still glad to get my boots and uniform off this evening. It got so hot and sweaty on the wing.

Took turkey cheese n butter again for the mikey and some corned beef and cheese as extras to keep me going till I got home.

Dinner 5 german sausages and half a pack of smoked streaky bacon. It was strangely very easy to get through, thought I would only manage a couple of sausages. Finished with a small chunk of cheddar.

Day off tomorrow and booked into CrossFit.

(Linda ) #190

Today is a light day both food and no more grass to day yayyyyy…didn’t think I had it in me but in the end I got it done… didn’t lose any weight. Haha so I’m still up a lb it could be water cos every muscle in my body sure felt ughh …

Today i started with ground turkey taco flavored on two egg white wraps sour cream a splash of salsa and a little quacamoli it was a nice change but not something I’ll do very often

Lunch was cod and jumbo shrimp I cooked 3 pieces of cod I ate one , one of the dogs ate another and the third prob will eat later with more shrimp. Which I did20210912_143834

(Daisy) #191

Today was my high fat day. I started with eggs and beef bacon. Went to church, then we went to the roadhouse. Had a small ribeye with blue cheese crumbles. Then I went back to the church for the entire day sorting clothes for a fundraiser we’re doing next weekend. Finally got home around 7:30 and had a little serving of the ice cream I had made last week while my tbone was cooking. Ate the tbone and was still hungry. Thought about having some breadcheese or yogurt, but instead I went with another tbone. Topped with a little bit of blue cheese butter. image image image image image

(Vic) #192

Pork, tuna and burgers


WOWZA—the food meal pics on this thread are just glorious :slight_smile:

Now, come on, tell us we carnivores don’t eat great :slight_smile: I can’t live without bread! total bunk…I can’t live without veggies…what nonsense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Once full speed into carnivore, my gosh guys, look at our meals, how well we are doing, how great we are changing…I don’t know, just had to say hooray for how great everyone is eating on our thread!!!

-------------yesterday for me was 6 slices bacon, some taylor ham slices, tin of sardines, Tbone steak and a few slices salami.

Yup…I inhaled that Tbone and I wanted another…I didn’t have anything defrosted, wasn’t ‘that darn hungry’ but right now, I have 2 ribeyes and another Tbone defrosting in the fridge for today.

I AM ALL about the BEEF again! No draw to pork at all right now.

I still have big beef in my freezer from my beef loving food buys…and yes now I am gonna attack them full speed ahead :slight_smile:

Just zc’ing along!


4 eggs scrambled in ghee with ham, Jarlsberg and blue cheese. Coffee. Another birthday dinner tonight had chicken breast and squid some vegetables and a fork of birthday cake, ate the cream on the side.

Things are going silly at work with a colleague having a mental breakdown and physical collapse from their workload. My boss wants me to take on more. But I say I have plenty to do already. It’s ok to say no.

(Edith) #195

Did your boss not learn from what happened to your colleague?!?!

(Linda ) #196

The scale totally hating on me this morning I’m up 3lbs lol not sure this fat non fat stuff works for me so well haha

Today I cooked a pork tenderloin in instapot so it’s what todays food is going to be…


Key is never feel guilty about what you can take on cause while another might go down easily thru our life’s journey…how should IT EVER become you…IT SHOULD NOT and you hold your ground, simple as that for mental health thru hard times!!

NO IS OK cause there ain’t one of us on this planet that ‘can become some super hero!’ so you walk your walk and help and plan ONLY TO the capacity you can, cause after that, you will be that colleague that will be needing others to support some silly crazy…and is there any ‘real support from the biz… heck no, they dump it point blank on others’ so…nada, never and I mean never put that silly crazy from another on YOU and I KNOW you know just that :wink: You are fine and you draw a line to let management deal with it ‘as they must’ without taking U down in an easy way out for them!

I was darn near drawn right in the BS like you and I took my life away from thru my corporate years working and thing is I am happier now never not ponying up too much than I truly can ever give :slight_smile: SO BE YOU here FB AS YOU NEED! It is you and all about Mrs. You at this point :slight_smile:

I get it! I f’ing big time get it so you hold true to you right now and put YOU first thru the politics of the BS of your work!!!

OK this might be off on what I am saying LOL but some crap triggered in me where, ya know, thru work we are not defined, as a whole actual person, but what are desires how we want to live are so you hold those dear…sorry bit of a me rant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


always remember we bloat up for XYZ or who the heck knows and I still wonder to this day when my ZC is stellar, believe me thru our lives we are not a scale, we are physical human beings functioning off nature, so for me if I get sinus hits thru weather changes and I need OTC meds to correct I can easily see scale changes.

they mean nothing thru all the years I been carnivore but darn if that site don’t nail ya…keep on being Azi on plan as you need, you easily got this lifestyle!!

I feel it from you and US Carnivores got your back truly…Sept is SOP month and the more you hold what your desire thru the crazy life we all live, I can say one thing, you will always be ‘the one’ who gets it longer term and health! Carnivore on and if crazy goes down, darn eat more steaks, eat more seafood and drown those what ifs in more butter and fat and what you love, love to it!!! :wink:

(Karen) #199

Stair runs done followed by CrossFit. Cant say I felt enthusiastic about going to CF but forced myself anyway even knowing it would be mainly bar work… which i don’t love :laughing: t’was very hard going but I got a pb on my 1 rep max thruster (must have been the break hahah) and managed to get the wod done well within the 12 min cap. Set me off coughing though cos I got quite dry and it took about half n hour for the cough to subside.

Went to The Company Shop and picked up half price steaks, cooked chicken, org beef burgers, some cheese and crayfish tails. They have brought in a new ruling - only 6 half price purchases per person!!! :astonished::astonished::astonished::flushed: I had 12 at the checkout, 6 ribeye and 6 sirloin steaks! Anyway the cashier was so lovely and put 6 on her membership card, so how nice was that?

So brunch was 4 burgers with some cheese.

Took Raymond to the g/c for a brew and I had a lovely look around for ideas of the trees i would like when my garden is done. Seen too many lol.

Dinner was a sirloins steak and crayfish tails and soz but ate 3/4 before thinking I should have taken a pic! Oops!

Finished with a bit of cheese.

Cooked up some hard boiled eggs and some more beef burgers (they were lovely) for tomorrows day shift.

(Edith) #200

I had a late breakfast today and so no lunch. I probably shouldn’t be looking at these food pictures. :drooling_face: