SOP September, CarnivoreStyle


So it had to be SOP, I just loved it when I read it before ----

SOP…Stay On Plan…and that is exactly what our carnivore September is all about.

Any goals, little changes or more you want to concentrate on this is the month to do it :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is ready to SOP our September—Carnivore Style!

--------------------finshing leftover pork ribs I made yestereday for today
and cheeseburger patties…easy peasy as usual.

No real goals for Sept other than hope a lb. or 2 shifts off me and hope I lean up more…I want this to be an easy cruise month for me…not ‘tackling anything’ kinda, just a zc cruise along the days and just chill out on my plan and enjoy the heck out of it!

@Frankobear — sorry to hear about your Mum and her nose, my hubby’s Dad has alot off the side of his nose thru the same thing, they also had to do a repair/rebuild type thing with extra skin and all, came out pretty good so hoping your Mom also gets that good extra repair step!

I so hear you about food intake and health and HOW we so want to change how other’s eat…but your Mom made a small change and even that IS good, heck my mother in law won’t make 1 change at all and she is truly having massive side issues now from many many years of diabetes and injecting insulin, she is now internally rotted and the body is breaking down and 20 years ago when I said…focus life on protein and go low carb she couldn’t and wouldn’t do it…and thing is, she got the good Dr who told her the same, her Dr would say if YOU HAVE to eat fast food out with your friends, or a breakfast sandwich, take the egg and sausage OFF the biscuit and eat that, and throw the biscuit away and I thought, damn this IS a good diabetes Dr but she never made any effort…but boy it can weigh heavy on ya when we see it and have to deal with the family being sick etc…but it shows me one thing, I ain’t ever going down that road :slight_smile:

Question from first timer

Ahoy! :smiley: Dairyless Carni Day #3! I am very fine at this point, we will see what the future will bring!

I made biscuits :smiley: If they are somewhat thin and made in the muffin mold and I wish they would be crunchy, they are biscuits. If they are thick, they were muffins in the past but sponge cakes are sponge cakes, no matter the shape (and that they are 100% egg). My sponge cakes became very pretty yesterday…
The soft biscuits contain egg, pork and spices. Mincemeat this time. Two kinds but the one without egg whites is for frying, I just had some space in the mold…

And I am a bit hungry since some time, I just waited as it wasn’t too hard, I can’t eat before noon without a good reason! :smiley: 3 is early enough but I have various days. I can eat at 10am or 3pm if I must… But they aren’t ideal, to put it lightly. I am an afternoon eater, that comes naturally, that feels right, that works best.

About 120g pork and a very modest amount of egg did the trick for now…
The biscuits have potential, the thinnest ones almost became crunchy! I will play with the temperature more.

Goals…? Well, let’s start with some modest ones, maybe?
Not going off keto every week, that would be nice. My track record is quite horrible. And we plan goulash… We will see.

I basically want to squeeze as many dairyless carnivore-ish days into September as I can. I am quite sure I won’t last super long without my precious sour cream but if I can stop there, that’s something. I stopped buying cream and I am not even interested in cheese.

Oh I forgot to mention yesterday! It’s very very special for me as I usually eat dairy… I tracked 4g carbs yesterday :smiley:Not like it matters but still, I like exotic numbers among my macros… I rather wouldn’t like to see too high ones this month though if I have a reason to eat a ton, that’s great. Like going for a super long cycling trip (for me so over 40km. it puts a burden on my body at various points and I need to stop zillion times. and I am slow and poor Alvaro must handle it but I don’t go alone)…

So I just try this dairyless style and curiously wait what will happen and when. This far I am very fine, I eat wonderfully little (but not too little… but it means nothing yet, it’s my 3rd day only) - and stupid coffee is still with me…

I would love to have some stability, rare and moderate off days only and first of all, NO late night eating. The no dairy rule automatically triggered the loss of desserts and the non-existent desserts can’t even bring desire for extra sweetness… I barely eat added fat and now dairy is out so I very nearly almost only have very satiating food and the kind of food I stop eating when not hungry… So I expect my energy intake being the lowest ever - but I still can eat enough and I don’t even need many meals for it, I don’t have that insanely too quick satiation now, thankfully. I try to be braver with meat too (it probably won’t make a big difference though) but my supplies are low at the moment (enough for now but I will run out of meat in days), I will need some shopping very very soon. Village shop and butcher visit is planned on Friday. I want some organs :slight_smile: But I probably would starve without eggs as meat isn’t that tempting (it’s great but not after a pound… okay, with processed stuff and organs I would be okay-ish) but it’s super satiating (I wonder eating at night could balance it out but I don’t want to try).
Eggs and meat, it sounds a great combo, it did from day 1, I just either hadn’t enough meat or felt it boring without dairy. But I changed.

Even if this won’t last long, I expect good changes. I probably always will have dairyless days here and there unlike this far. I always had such days but extremely rarely (main culprit was pancake making almost every day, I did that for several months, probably), eating dairy was the norm, I usually had multiple kinds (I know I ate cheese and sour cream and cream almost every day some time ago) and now I am fine without any. And I probably will feel things sweeter again.

I am 75kg now, it would be nice to lose a bit but I want energy, first of all! My health is fine as always but it can always get better I suppose…

Moms and changes… Alvaro’s Mom made some after the doctor told her she shouldn’t eat sugar and white break when having diabetes… But there would be so, so, so much room for improvement and she won’t make those (she even eats sugar just not much). But she eats a lot of meat and fat and exercised even in the worst Covid times… Though she must eat a bit too much considering she never loses fat and she is quite obese… Sigh. But she is a strong one and while her body clearly isn’t in good shape, hopefully she manages to live for a long while more, without too huge problems that makes life not very worthy to live… She has problems but she isn’t inactive or almost in pain yet, she has all their limbs. Alvaro’s grandparents got lots of gradual amputations or what but the main culprit for it was smoking. Not like his Mom wouldn’t smoke, she totally does… Who cares about health? I really don’t understand people…
I would sacrifice so much food items for health if I had to!!! So, so much. I did a lot without any serious health problems! But I don’t simply want to be way healthier than an average young person (the bar is so low…), I want to be in optimal state. Unless it’s a huge sacrifice, near optimal is enough then. I just want to feel great and to eat whatever I want. It doesn’t seem that hard but I took my sweet time, I am probably not so far now. Except that I don’t even have much expectation about my food, if it’s nice enough for me to eat, it’s fine, I lost most of my desires, I had very specific ones, they were annoying. I still want crunchiness at some point… It’s tricky with meat and eggs only though I have some chicken skin in the freezer… But that’s not much. We don’t have pork rinds here and our super fatty fried pork skin (with lots of fat tissue and ideally some meat) is softish, not always everywhere, the skin can get crunchy but usually not super crunchy like a cheese whisp or roasted piglet skin, that was amazing! We order one this year too but a bigger one. I need to clear out the freezer first, it’s fine… I don’t know when I stopped keeping vegetables there but they aren’t there anymore. Alvaro handles it well but I canned some for the usual vegetable soups anyway and we totally don’t do those soups since… As he usually make other kinds and I don’t cook veggie soups. He can adapt a lot, he probably has his lowest-vegetable times ever. He mostly eat them raw and one needs little in that way.
That’s good, vegetables often are quite expensive especially considering they aren’t good for much… Even Alvaro can’t get satiated with them but he really needs them raw with his food. It’s often nice but not needed for me. I never held back though, I eat as much vegetable as I want all the time and that amount is either zero or tiny. I surely won’t stress over 2 thin slices of cucumber if I fancy that (almost completely tasteless but juicy! capsicum is crunchy at least) and I never experienced any problems with vegetables, not even in big amounts - except the overeating, less controlled behavior that carbs trigger in my life (possibly only plant carbs, hard to tell as lactose does its own negative things but due to other things, not the carb content as far as I can tell).
But I am very fine without any, usually. Like today.

So I don’t try hard or at all, honestly. What else would I eat? Yeah, sometimes sour cream crosses my mind (like today when some biscuits became too salty) but it’s no sacrifice not to eat it yet.

So no problems regarding my woe for me right now :slight_smile: It’s chill, nice, I like my food but not to the point of eating without a real need.


I really enjoyed reading your post and I love all your ‘muffin experiments’ :slight_smile:

I so hear you about you are changing now and I am seeing you all in with experimenting a bit and finding your sweet spot. You are ‘feeling’ you more in this whole change vs. ‘looking at numbers’ and ‘hitting goals’ that don’t directly give a ‘a big feeling in the body’…you are putting that first…let it show you the way and darn that is when we do our best…you are becoming carnivore savvy for sure!! :stuck_out_tongue:
You hang with carnivore people like us we rub off on ya at some point :clown_face: but nope, you are finding you as it suits you and I sure am happy you are finding your own path here!!

Ahhh, it was sad to read of those limb amputations thru med issues like that, it just makes my skin crawl reading it cause the man I bought my land from long long ago for my farm house here had that…lost a few toes, into the knee area, then up to the hip, then the diabetes ruined his sight and more, it was sad to see and I thought, my gosh, how in life can friggin’ SUGAR DO all this and it was one step, long ago, when I saw my neighbor and it actually prompted me to do more research into why sugar rots our veins and more inside, why it can be a silent misery to come later with med issues and why sugar became such an evil issue in the lives of all…it was an eye opener…which led me thru all those years to carnivore :slight_smile: I don’t get it also S, in that we see, we know good info, we have it right in our faces and yet some won’t react? but it is what it is for each of us I guess in our lives so? but you are changing, I am changing and all us carnivores here are working on us and doing a damn fine job doing it :sunny:

The bar is low on young people’s health now :frowning:


Stay On Plan. Good call!

This month I think I’ll lean into a surf and turf plan. I’ve been enjoying mixing mussels and beef, salmon and lamb, prawns and steak.

I’ll probably lean away from chicken and pork, unless I know they are free range and not grain fed, or grain product fed. That will go for eggs as well. I’ll mainly go hunting, in the grocery store, for beef and lamb.

I started eating meat with pate instead of risking ‘gravy’, so I’ll keep that going.


@FrankoBear— Hey when I read you saying SOP a bit ago, I locked it in for Sept…it just fit so darn well with that S in September-----we are SOP’ing September, simple as that :sunny:

OHHHH FB, surf and turf. One of THE best meal combinations known to mankind…I am a surf and turf lover…some great meat with some stellar seafood and each bite is a drooling morsel of heaven to me!!!

gravy, oh I walked that path…gravy is a gut killer for me. Had to leave it behind…too much ya know and the final bathroom issues showed me real fast to walk away :clown_face:, sometimes having ‘it all’ from the fat in the pan or adding anything to make a gravy type thing taste isn’t worth it, my body said no and eating that pate gives you SO much nutrient and heal stuff than that ‘gravy’—hear ya on that!


Today was a work day, so it turned into One Meal A Day OMAD.

Coffee, plain black in the morning. With a clean carnivore palate I can taste the coffee.

Work, no worries. Then market shop.

Meal was 1 roasted lamb shank, wrapped the meat in Atlantic smoked salmon 100g, then 300g of roast beef with 100g duck liver pâté. Water to drink.


I suspect I will eat more ruminants in the not so distant future… If I find the meat too chewy (or it annoys me getting in between my very close teeth), I always can make mincemeat!

I love my pork but my “I am poor and must buy the cheapest and still okay-ish stuff” is a bit too much at this point (I got super good at that except my desires and compulsions still made me spending a bit more money on food than absolutely needed. but I use the sales well). It’s not like we are THAT poor. And this poor mindset isn’t healthy.
I won’t eat lamb all the time (that’s not even easy to get!) ever but beef frequently… That’s doable.

Seriously now, I ate beef last time maybe 2 months ago? Probably more. I don’t know but it was very long ago. I can respect it but I shouldn’t worship my 1kg beef to the point that finally buying then not eating it for several weeks… Alvaro can make his goulash from the next slab…

But it’s not the first time I realize it’s a bit hard to shrug off certain habits and attitudes… I like optimization anyway. But sometimes one needs allowances and a bit of luxury…

I think I still don’t know what gravy is :smiley: It’s good I completely avoided that, just like marinades and sauces and sugary whatnots and herbs on meat. We probably don’t do that here…? As I was a vegetarian and an almost-vegetarian for decades and Mom cooked meat very simply, I am not particularly aware of these things. And when I ate meat at restaurants, that was mostly stew. We are huge on stew here. Almost anything edible can be made into stew and the things that can’t, they can become super alcoholic booze… Fine, it’s an exaggeration but not a huge one. People make vegan cucchini stews, I mean, normal people, not vegans or dieters or anything, it’s a thing. Not a highly popular one, people like their meat here (in moderation, usually as meat is considered expensive…? I don’t fully get it, honestly, my current woe is the cheapest ever, by far, I am sure of it and I don’t even base it on cheap-as-dirt chicken) but still.

Mmmm, stew. I avoid it for a while as onion is a must in all of them here. It’s fine for now.

(Edith) #8

For the past two days my husband kindly threw together lunch for me. I had browned up a couple pounds of ground beef and thrown in some extra beef fat that I had skimmed of the bone broth. Unfortunately, it was just not enough food. I felt like crud by the time I got home from work yesterday: headachy, lethargic. For dinner I pigged out on chicken wings. My, did I feel better after that! Today I have put together my own lunch. I may have over compensated, but I know I will have enough. Lol.


your bit of onion for flavor is fine…don’t give little things like that a second thought while you are changing your lifestyle :slight_smile: the bulk of life is meat, if we flavor a tad with whatever at some point, that little add means nothing to us and shouldn’t make ya feel ‘off carnivore’ in any way :sunny:

I am sure your food menus are way diff. then alot of other countries but we always work with what we got :slight_smile: Carnivores always find the right way to roll with what we got and you are doing fine!


As much as some thrive on burger meat, many of us do not.

I think you are seeing those meals that work oh so well for you and that ‘just get by’ meals that we get in our day and we seem less than on them and we just learn more about what we need, when we need it!!

Very cool hubby to be feeding ya carnivore and I applaud him, now tell him to cook up a few dozen wings into the fridge and you are set LOL…I lived so well on wings and thighs for at least a year when it was all I wanted and desired and darn I did well on them til I flipped more out of chicken now.

Others can try to ‘feed us’ as my hubby tries to do alot of times and I appreciate it but for some reason I ‘require and need and know’ what meat/seafood fish or fowl I GOTTA have and I get into that knowing if I don’t have what the body is saying to have, I do less than like you did…we kinda are loners in a way on our daily eating :wink: but darn it is fab when the family wants to help us!!!

you said in the old thread-----She will never go the higher fat, higher salt route. She has been too brainwashed by the establishment over the decades.
The other thing she really needs is to do strength training to maintain her muscle mass. That is not going to happen either.--------------

and that is the key. it won’t change for so many but ya know what, from US…the ones walking into older age, US being that next gen step…WE SEE it and know it :slight_smile: My mom is 93 now and around 88 the Dr said ALL protein is key and go ‘on ensure’…kill me…but thing is I got her to go bacon and eggs and hamburger steak and ‘softer meats’ cause of her damn dentures LOL but in the end…PROTEIN AND FAT IS LIFE as simple as that and I made sure my mom kept up ALL that protein in life, I made sure of it cause at her age she can’t ‘do it all on her own’ but darn if she ain’t thriving now at a high age…I think too if older you ‘feel a change’ faster it is a great thing to go further but to get the ‘olders’ onto a real menu change is hard, at older ages we say, screw you and let me do me LOL I know I got that personality HA

what kills me, until the Dr said protein is key at your age she wouldn’t accept what I have been telling her for a long time…ONLY WHEN her Dr said up the protein (and recommended Ensure drinks at her advanced age) did she ‘accept’ protein is key for ALOT OLDER people…so I won and lost on that in that the doctor ended up being the KEY to the change…my mom is ruled by the white coats also! ugh


I will count August as my 30 day challenge done. (I started the 4th). And im sold. I will do 6 months carnivore, and make status then. Becouse im 52, menipausal with hotflashes, and I think i must give it 6 months to be sure im fully adapted and healed, and im so hopeful!

August has shown me I can turn it around and change for the better. 11 lbs lost, 4 holes in my belt smaller, daily unease and anxiety ALL gone, and ive already cut 25% of my high bloodpreassure medisine dose. So ofcourse i will go on as carnivore :blush: what would be the alternative really?


That’s so brilliant to hear.


Well carnivore is ‘seen’ as the ultimate eliminating plan to ‘learn all about you on a very personal note!’

some after time on plan can easily jump back into an extreme LC menu or ‘walk up a bit’ that is great for them!

Not many can stay carnviore all in but with time on plan, we learn so much on ourselves and how food effects us but IF WE can do that time, oh boy what we learn.

Keto Plan/extreme lc is a path you can walk more power thru our immune system LOL but for many of us we can’t go there anyore, I could not so just find you as I tried to walk backward and my told me NO!! But not yet for you, give it easily that 6 mos. time frame to say…am I one who can change or not and feel the way forward. You got great carnivore mojo and wonderful expectations and learning that what it will take for you to find your sweet spot to flourish long term!

(Linda ) #14

Well first day of sept half pound down this morning 2 more ounces and im 5lbs down…
So its def working …im happy with the results so if I want to lose weight cut everything back to whole foods. And go basic …
Goals for this month well I check in with Dr Cywes tomorrow morning I decided I’ll do it by phone this time as its alot easier and I don’t have to drive an hour to get…
But im hoping he be on board with how I’m doing it lol and I’ll keep going. My aim for next month if Dr C is happy is to keep working on getting the last few pounds I gained off…

Had to dash out this morning and send my husband his birth certificate came home and the plaster guys truck was in the drive way…
I’m so excited this is the last stage of the process and then I can add water…

@Shatz so happy for you :heart: 11lbs nice and all those notable benifits…can’t wait to keep following your progress

@Shinita your finding your own way and I think that’s what makes carnivore so amazing it works in its own mysterious way we each got our own tweaks that we add to make it our own that we can live with…

@FrankoBear omg seafood and steak my most two favorite foods lol…I’d like to eventually head in that direction myself for eating…I absolutely love muscles used to buy them by the sack full, years ago, scallops I love too but im so used to them having the orange bit attached don’t see that here in america…so I often just don’t get them lol…and stick to fish…

Food today I started with lamb and 2nd meal will be strip steak.

(Bob M) #15

Stew might be good, as you cook these for a long time. I added bell peppers to some stew, and sometimes bell peppers give me issues. But after cooking the stew for hours, I couldn’t tell the peppers were even in there.

Anything you cook a while should help reduce the level of whatever it is that disagrees with you. Peter D from Hyperlipid says he can have coffee, but only if he boils it a while. Otherwise, he’s carnivore.

(Karen) #16

Brunch king prawns followed by sirloin steak and bacon
And then had a bit of Cheese
Dinner duck burgers and 2 eggs

Busy day stairs run and hedge trimmed on front drive. Then had to fart about all afternoon, 2 long phone calls and a trip to town to sort out a washing machine engineer for my sons washer/dryer. The guy in the shop also had to make the same 2 long phone calls but eventually sorted a date for me … took the whole afternoon for heavens sake …what’s that all about!!!

Stopped off at lidl on the way home and picked up 4 x fruity ciders for my son for next week. They will be his daily 6pm tipple before heading out for a meal, he will be happy with those :smile: also got the duck burgers below which were quite nice and far nicer than the awful lamb burgers I had yesterday.

(Daisy) #17

Today was just another carnivore day of eating. Today is my oldest daughter’s birthday but other than that it has been a pretty massively stressful day to go along with my massively stressful week. I had a decent size breakfast of eggs, Canadian bacon, bone broth and collagen powder. I had a couple options I could go with for lunch, but when I opened up the refrigerator a raw roast Yelled at me and said eat me, all of me, raw! So that’s what I did.
Goals for September: my 41st birthday is in two weeks I would like to get back on plan because my plan was to get on the scale on my birthday. My week is going to get even more stressful tomorrow, then should hopefully settle down after that and I can get back onto my plan. No other specific goals, just continue with consistency and progress.

image image


I am not perfectly but quite healthy, I don’t know about any allergy or sensitivity, my body merely hates much carbs all the time. I probably still could eat 1 kg of onion or any other vegetables without a problem (if I managed to put into my mouth and swallow them… I eat as much vegetables as I want but it’s a tiny amount now)… But my stews aren’t carnivore. Not like I have many pure carnivore days (especially in fruit season. I barely eat fruit nowadays but sometimes I taste them) but still, the plan is staying as close to carnivore as I comfortably can. And I like my carnivore dishes too so as long as it’s not too boring and Alvaro doesn’t cook some, I avoid stews. But I like them very much and they provide variety, making eating meat easier and nicer sometimes so I eat them now and then. And eggs in purgatory when I am bored of other egg dishes (that’s tomato puree and very little. my onion may be little but it’s carbier)… But I put my more boring/tasteless meats into it too if I happen to have them for some reason. So they are for emergencies and occasional fun but I can avoid them for a longer time without feeling deprived.

I don’t eat normal, red onions raw as I always found them too strong that way. I used purple or white ones when a recipe called for them raw.

But I usually hate cooked/fried capsicum (we have bell pepper but it’s a tad exotic, not the common kind), I always eat it raw. There is a very popular Hungarian recipe where it’s fried, well I use 1/20th of the normal amount or less :smiley: And if a recipe have it cooked, I simply omit it. (Though I tend to do it with almost all veggies nowadays… The recipe uses more vegetables than meat? I use zero, it sometimes works, actually… :smiley: I still didn’t make my ragou soup but adding spices - bay leaves and black pepper - and ignoring the vegetables was done a few times, it was nice. I just never added dairy and I won’t start it in the near future.)

I wondered about the onion in stews and looked up a recipe. Barely more meat than onion and a ton of other vegetables. Wow. We don’t do that. We use way more meat than onions (5 times as much works) and no tomatoes and capsicum at all. And the proper amount of paprika, not 8 times more like the recipe you made once, Bob if I remember correctly :smiley: That was a bit scary. I still didn’t do that despite planning it because I forgot and I basically never make stews (just tiny ones in a pan very occasionally), a big stew in the weekend is Alvaro’s job.

(Why I can’t reply in a more concise manner? I am me, that’s why, I suppose.)

I ate 3 times today in a 7 hour window. I opened a salmon spread, too rich even with eggs, it was so much better with sour cream… But I try to make deviled eggs with the rest tomorrow, I never made them without sour cream (or tomato puree, that is the original version and Alvaro still get those and me the sour cream ones, we both strongly prefer what we eat. but now my only option is egg).
I just tracked, about 2300 kcal. Oh well. I never was good at keeping my energy intake very stable. 1200, 1800, 2300… I don’t even like eggs very much now but I managed to hide 8 in my meat and coffees, there were the sponge cakes too for the too rich or salty items… And I could eat more but I am not hungry, just not satiated at the moment.

It’s a bit easier to make new recipes now as I only have egg and meat (and fat and skin). I don’t come up with zillion potential versions! Just a few. I always liked having only a few ingredients as options when cooking and Alvaro always hated it :smiley:

I wanted to put something into my boring scrambled eggs I don’t even make anymore… I was lost but realized that the smoked pork belly should work fine. It has some borderline okay meat content, it’s fatty too… I ate a slice when I was still a bit hungry after eating all my leftover pork (over a pound) and some eggs (for 3 meals. my separate meals were smallish). It’s good I have it. But it’s not perfect alone, it will be better in scrambled eggs.


I just uninstalled my zero fasting app, ive been using it as a tracker to se my eating pattern over time, but ive followed my hunger since starting carnivore. And since its not much to be gained in terms of lowering insuline by not eating, when im zerocarb, i felt good about letting it go now. Another little bit of freedom gained…

But my hunger is very different now. I dont get hungry slow, im fine and satieted until the moment im ravenous. Yesterday i had to get out of bed at 23:00 and make some eggs, becouse its just not an option to push this hunger. It will be interesting to see how this progress.

And without my fasting app, i will not even try to «eat enough, so it will last», i will be free to just eat what i want, and feed my body as often as required, even if it is late night or early morning. I expect this will change alot as im transitioning, healing, and loosing excess fat.

Im afraid that my oxelate-dumping sore/aching/icing teeth, might be a cavity :rage:. Dentist appointment tomorrow :scream:. I have such fright about dentist poking in my mouth, so I go early, couse if anything developed into something real bad, i might actually die. So i feel like the fox with the foot in the trap now. I just have to go. What is a carnivore without strong teeth, eh?


Out and about doing family stuff today in between administration jobs for work. So it was a coffee at about 11 am and one meal at about 6pm.

Tonight was good quality pastured bacon, fried in a pan with cold roast beef strips and 4 large pasture fed chicken eggs. Water to drink. I had some brie cheese on the side and had a few slivers but that bowl full of meat and eggs was enough.