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Hey all,
@Fangs …SOP, OPS…those speak to me. Of course, I thought SOP = Standard Operating Procedures when I first read it, but LOVE the acronym!

So, I thought I was back here a couple weeks ago, and would be posting regularly. But, very sadly, we experienced an unexpected death in our family last Monday night. My husband and I have had to make haste in trying to get his home cleaned out as there are things at play that require such actions. But, while the circumstances led me to eat outside my carnivore ways briefly, I am back 100%. You know, when someone close to you dies, and you’re left to clean out their home, you also see how they ate. In addition to copious amounts of cereal, nuts, crackers, and chips, he possessed an extreme fondness of Velveeta cheese blocks. I’m just gonna leave it there. Imagine what you will.

So, I am tasked today with unloading yet another trailer of goods, (lost count which one this was). Just had my first meal of the day…canned chicken chunks with a splash of horseradish mustard - zero sugar.

We did get the beef back from our last steer, so we are going to have steaks tonight. That I am truly looking forward to.

I do hope all of you are doing well, SOP, and rocking it. Since its fall now, I got that football feeling. Wish I could just jump in the huddle and shout out words of encouragement to each of you - slap your helmets, and go! That is how I envision these challenges. Form the line, and just keep moving down the field until you win. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Edith) #122

Maybe that has something to do with being a morning person versus a night owl. I almost always wake up energized, even if I don’t get enough sleep, but I’m a morning person. If I don’t get enough sleep, the low energy strikes me a few hours after awakening. My husband is a night owl. He is never “energized” in the morning, even if he’s had a good night’s sleep. It takes him about an hour to really get going.

(Michael) #123

While I was only eating beef, I think any grass fed ruminant should work equally well however. I will save the crocodile steak for another month, but I have a few choices with which to experiment today. I will also leave the buffalo tongue for another day (too long to cook and I am not ready for that seemingly disgusting attempt today!), so…that leave Venison, Elk or Buffalo muscle meat to try for the very first time today (all of these I have never tried). Decisions , decisions. Since they are all leaner meats, I will have a side of canoe cut beef bone marrow with whichever I end up choosing for breakfast (at 5 pm!) later today. They were out of ANY Ribeye cuts other than 2 beef (I bought them!) :(, but I placed an order to try the buffalo ribeye, heart and kidney’s when they are back in stock for next visit.

I have a very bland palate, so I am pushing myself here.


Crocodile looks so white, almost more fish than meat…what is a crocodile anyway?
Im used to elk here in norway, but never ate it as carnivore, its a stronger taste,Used to eat with heavy sause, and cranberryjam.

(Linda ) #125

Sorry to hear you had a loss in your family sending you and your family condolences…

@Naghite I have never tried any of that either except wild venison and that can be really gamey but great with lots of spices lol… be interesting to hear your comments

@Shinita sounds like you had a busy day.

I ended up eating 5 thighs to day, put toget her an outdoor couch /bed for the dogs to have somewhere to sit in the shade.

Not 5 minutes after the plaster guys left the rain came down pouring heavily …


For the tongue, if you’ve never cooked it before,I highly recommend using an insta-pot. From a frozen state, I’d cook high pressure for an hour. Peel, rest it for a bit, then slice.
I did a fresh beef tongue a couple weeks ago - better than tenderloin! Added to the water was 1/2 c aminos, 1/2 c W sauce, onion, and garlic minced. Gave the meat a lovely flavor.

(Michael) #127

I will come back to this post when I am ready to give it a shot. Seems like you find tongue to be quite tasty? That is good news for my weak ass stomach. I ate 3.5 oz of (almost) raw liver yesterday, and I had to force it down. Almost threw up a few times, but I will not concede defeat!

(Michael) #128

Crocodiles look a lot like Alligators and are not the same, but obviously related. Here is a croc:

The meat is from the tail portion, and yes, it does look just like a white fish meat

(Karen) #129

!my evening meal. Pork and lamb chop too well done for me… my fault i dhould have mentioned how I wanted them cooked when I ask for steak rare.


Ham n eggs for brunch after long walk.


@Naghite: I only ate pork tongue this was but that is very very good!!! Liver is totally different, I like that too (though it depends which animal, they are vastly different!) but properly fried! My SO isn’t choosy and likes liver (it depends which animal, though, he dislikes beef liver while I love it) but raw liver was among the maybe 2 things in China he wasn’t willing to try…
Tongue is a proper muscle, firm and everything, very different from liver, no matter the animal, I would think… And the fatty back part of a pig’s tongue… It’s among my favorites. Wonderful meat.

@Azi: Not really busy, I got temporarily braindead and tired after a little time of packing things… It was a very bad day, I even napped, I was so exhausted… But we created a new character and I partially designed and colored it :smiley: Still, awfully little time was spent on actual work :frowning:
I did a little workout but barely even walked! :frowning:
Even the evening didn’t bring energy and great mood but it’s better.

I ate leftovers and in the end, sour cream (it makes stew so different but similarly good), a bite of cheese and even a little keto bread with butter and tea… The microwave made it crunchy, I so need to hurry up with my crunchy carnivore biscuits…
But my last sponge cakes were a bit crunchy too, they dried out a bit even in my kitchen with usually high humidity! I should make another batch soon…

It was a 2MAD day with pretty normal macros.

(Edith) #131

I read, “Steak: One Man’s Search for the World’s Tastiest Piece of Beef” by Mark Schatzker. It’s quite the enjoyable read. I like the author’s style. He mentions a few times in the book how tasty tongue is and how it ranked it up there with the best tasting steak.


Polished off a lovely ribeye for dinner tonight. I feel so satisfied!

Regarding the tongue, it looks rather off-putting at first. And, I really wasn’t too sure about it. But, one of butcher friends told me how to prep it, and I did a little search on Youtube as well. The mixture that I used is my old standbye for cooking meats I’m not sure about. Strong flavors, but very complimentary to beef.

After you take it out of the pressure cooker or insta-pot, you may want to hold it over the pot with a large fork, and make a little slit in the casing to drain out all the liquid. Otherwise, it will absolutely flood your cutting board.


Protein Sparing Modified Fasts (PSMF).

I think @richard from the 2 Keto Dudes podcast is going to shine an inquisitive light on to this bio-hack in a future episode. I can feel it in my marrow bones. It will be an interesting listen as some of the ZC crew are adding in ‘lean days’ in the mix.

@Fangs will quickly point out that a PSMF is a low food intake plan, whereas intuitive zero carb is an eating plan to satiety that may have occasional days of less eating and more eating in response to the person’s environment and physiology. Lean days and PSMFs may be two different animals?

Is it wrong to mix lamb and beef in the same pan. I’m cooking up a scotch fillet steak. But I thought I’d brown up to lamb shanks for baking in the cast iron camp oven on top of the wood stove.

The weather has gone cold again today after a few sunny Spring days. It’s raining and the wolves are nipping on the wind from Antarctica. A great evening for woodfire stove cooking.


Oh, pork tongue doesn’t do that!

I looked it up and yep, the hypermarket I buy my big pork slabs from has beef tongue! Yay. I must try it out! People say beef tongue is very ugly but very delicious. I don’t even see it very ugly :slight_smile: It’s a tongue. Tongue is good. I don’t want exquisite beauty from my food, I want good flavors! And it takes a lot to put me off :wink:

I am a big fan of mixing things… As long as they didn’t go against each other… I wonder what combo that could be… My combos are always good. I will mix pork chuck with pork heart today :slight_smile: But mixing organ meat with normal meat is a thing, now I now. And what a good idea!


oh my gosh you know me so well! :innocent:
Carnivore Plan is never force anything. Simple as that. But of course one can force a planned change on it if one wants to do just that :slight_smile:

I truly went forward by letting the plan change me. I never force anything. I remember in the other years in this thread when I hit very lean eating days, very low kcal days and writing about them, curious about the natural changes…now I just call them my lighter eating mood and my big eating food days ----- but that all came on its own. I also noticed one thing, you can get very ravenous when you cut your fat intake for X many days…like my personal tops is 3 days leaner and lighter kcals cause by day 4 I could take down an entire beef cow with my bare hands and woof it down LOL So making sure one does not go too long on the days of eating leaner/lower side is important. One thing you never want eating leaner to do is pull you off plan, get hangry, make one think screw it, I am starving I want junky carby crap, cause it can for many people. It can hold alot of slippery slope edge to it.

this is where the SOP comes into play for sure :sunny: Don’t unintentionally kill SOP out of your plan by tweaking and manipulating too much…past carnivores and reading years of forums and one thing goes down, you walk too far off a natural way of eating on this plan and you can’t hold the plan, people bail out, cause they walk themselves right out the door on their own with too much manipulation… :wink: So fine lines on playing the Carnivore Plan in a way…but good thing is the longer you are on plan, the more you truly know yourself on this plan and see/feel changes etc. and can fix up any issues one might be having ya know…so that is a good thing!!

---------------------So yesterday for me was a lower eating day.
Just really didn’t want much. Busy getting my mom here for a visit and running errands and food wasn’t a focus.

had some slices of taylor ham
ate about 5 of those country pork ribs
few slices salami
tin of sardines
few pieces beef jerky

My hubby got some store brand jerky, original plain flavor which was nice vs. that other junk like teriyaki etc…and I took a piece and it was ‘ok’. I didn’t mind it. It was not sweet, it wasn’t over spiced/herbed weirdo tasting in any way…cause I have been off jerky for a long time now, I have my zc beef sticks I hit every now and then but gave up that jerky line mostly. I doubt tho I will add jerky back into my life, cause in full truth, I don’t need it :slight_smile: but it might serve as a good travel food in the future maybe? I don’t know, but it was interesting to find a cheapy store brand jerky I didn’t mind.

Today is rest of those pork ribs to finish off
few cheeseburger patties for second meal

Nothing fancy but darn yummy to me. Off to get a few packs of burger out of the freezer and defrost, me got some burger frying to do later! :slight_smile:


Beef jerky is a good glovebox food for travel. I say good in comparison to the junkfood snacks offered up at gas stations. But I’ve gone off jerky as well as the SOP starts to make sense in the past few months.

The best thing I find is to separate travel and eating. the bottom line is that it induces snacking, which many of us do not do outside of a vehicle environment. Travel/driving is stressful and drives a stress eating response. This is where people will chime in and say they don’t find driving stressful. But that is human psychology ignoring human physiology. Driving will instigate a stress response.

Jerky makes good dog treats. I prefer to eat biltong, which is air-dried beef, rather than cooked. The softer version are the droewors sticks. Again air-dried. Less ingredients. Some of the more commercial beef jerky seems over processed and has too many unwanted ingredients (like sugar) added.


This was like honey to my ears, or even ribeye to my ears. I am eating carnivore, then i want to eat what I want, when I want, and I want it to solve all my health issues like overweight, psyke, psoriasis, migranes. I dont want to worry about any details of too much or too little. I just want to eat away hunger, and feel good. (Feeling more than full, is not a good feeling to me). And slipping back into binges is what I fear the most, so I keep eating to feel good at all times :+1:t2::slight_smile:

(Karen) #138

Opo may need to try that … never fancied it but my step dad used to love it.


I absolutely understand this and tons of us carnivores have to walk this path…one nice thing is I GOT OVER wanting to snack out or just eat in the car. Something I always did back in the day, now I just don’t require it and IT TAKES time to disassociate travel and car without having food at your disposal or buying something at your stops for petrol or more :slight_smile:

Old days I have beef sticks in my purse, a bag of some jerky and beef bites and more I could buy to have in the car and I made sure I had a cooler with me of tuna or leftover chicken etc. and I had to buy a cooler and ice packs to fit it along with insulated bags and more to ‘shop and travel’ easily for the carnivore in the car HAHA

Now I don’t require any of that, so time changes us on it too :slight_smile:
Like listening to your podcasts while traveling and more, make other things a focus and the ‘car eating’ truly can come to a halt. I still travel with some slim jims in my purse cause you never know but as of late now I don’t even eat them, don’t need them at all so…yea we all change on time on our plan for sure!

So agree alot of jerky and ‘beef snacks’ offered out there are sugar heavy and not what we want at all. Made for sugar addiction and sugar gratification foods for fast purchase…we carnivores know better LOL

yes you eat all you need, all you require, all you want at ALL times, any time of the day…this is the beauty of coming into the carnivore plan and a massive key factor to holding this plan and staying on this plan. Never allow bigger hunger to drag you backward cause when we start this plan it is eat eat eat and eat more…ALL YOU need to get off the darn sugar and crap plants and let the body eat all it needs to give you that edge to hold this plan.

I did it. I ate SO much and so varied when I started I thought how in the world can this be right HAHA but it is :slight_smile: When I wanted to backslide into all the junk and sugar all I did was fry up a 1 lb. pack of bacon, added some cheddar to melt over it and BOOM, I was happy, full, very content and said, there!! I ate on plan…stayed on plan…did not go backward and I am happy and it took me a good bit before the body heals and changes and you naturally start to eat less. Your appetite flips. You feel different ALL because your body has hit into a more nutritional balanced level and ALL real life starts to come back to you…real hunger, real NO hunger, just an overall well being of not being controlled by food ever again-------you hold this plan you got the best darn well being and health coming at ya Shatz! Not a doubt about that!! I didn’t force anything, I did like all the old timers said, just eat all you need at all times til you see some changes in yourself and just eat then what your body wants and yes you walk a changing path on this plan and it is wild and fun but thru it all, darn we never ever go hungry :slight_smile: While the body changes it also gives our minds a rest from ‘dieting’ and ‘controlling crap and macros’ and all that stuff that gets so overwhelming to many of us…we just live. Live carnivore and thrive!

(Linda ) #140

Resized_Resized_20210908_132156(2) [quote

[quote=“FrankoBear, post:133, topic:110194, full:true”]
Protein Sparing Modified Fasts (PSMF).

Lean days and PSMFs may be two different animals?

It is for me protein sparing if your following Maria is calories allowed hers is pretty low 700 800 but her plan is mostly chicken breast and egg white…I dont do that and I can’t eaten chicken breast idk it’s always dry to me…
My lean days are chicken thigh skinless but I eat them til I’m full…im allowed a strip steak but I tend to do be doing chicken only days and step it up to a chicken /strip day then fat with ribeye,short ribs. Repeat…
But the reason I’m doing it is because my a1c jumped twice it was 5.0 when I first went to cywes now its 5.3…that has him concerned so yes he is trying to manipulate things to get that to turn around…but he doesn’t care about calories…
What I’m finding interesting is I added salt back on my chicken days and It’s making me hold water weight can feel it in my rings and see it on scale…

Today I got up and did the early dog walk and then the pool guy came started all the gear…
So after all this time I now got a working pool… (NOTE: I’d just finished water blasting and along comes Jason (pool project manager) I’m his muddy boots both sides of the pool lmao…not just dog prints lol)

Chicken day today yesterday I ended up eating 7 chicken thighs…so far today I’m at 3…