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Love this. The forward progress, key to it all, along with SOP :slight_smile: feels good doesn’t it, to see these changes and know that yours efforts pay off and we are really become new people in our ways!

oh wow, that is a long darn time and I would be right there wanting to lose my marbles too but fortunately we have generators on the farm, in my home it would be like we still had power :slight_smile: But without it for that long I would start to fret also but happy you got power back and you feel more normal again!!

@Azi…great post!! good info in there for all of us!!

--------------------yesterday was

3/4 lb. of hamburger with some melty cheese
few bites last of my pork ribs
4 slices taylor ham

appetite still on lower side. I do not have a draw for steaks at all right now, but I never fear, I know that great food will come back full force!

I noticed also I am eating a tad later, more in that 1 range vs my first meal around 11…so eating around 1 is starting to control my second 4-5 time eating meal…which is fine. I eat as the body says to eat and just let it go down that way.

Just cruising along on zc and letting it happen.


What is it? it looks great
@Fangs thanks. We have a small generator and gas was scarce so we were limited in what appliances we should use.


Stepped on the scale to see the aftermath. I see my weight management doctor Wednesday for a 3 month follow up and he is not going to be pleased.


OH NO @Southern don’t go there…it was a blip. Blips/detours and more thru Acts of Gods do not count LOL and you cut yourself a big break here…life hits us all, but if this never went down in a massive storm issue would you have been ok? Of course you would so don’t even ‘go there’ cause one thing we know…emotions are tough on us always and stress life issues are rampant to alot of us…so you look way past this and envision only the best of the best of you on plan down the line and the great changes you achieve!!! Sending you great vibes to just dump this and move forward with 0 thoughts that went wrong!! Life goes wrong, but they key this to it all all…literally…is what you do next :slight_smile: Next is all we got, the past is the past so forward great motion to you!


It was filet of pork.

Remember you filled your stores with glucagon with that carby meal, that adds ALOT of water-weight. You will pee it off in a few days :+1:t2::slight_smile:


yea when one goes ‘back’ into carby from carnivore we get nailed truly…your body goes into haywire zone and it is normal to retain ALOT of water from this move so…agree with Shatz…let it go and we know the issue and forward progress is key :slight_smile:



Key being SOP

Stay on plan and this PLAN has values, it has proven eating lifestyle changes that HELP vs would ever hinder us!

Always know that a massive ZC elimination plan menu might not fit the old you, but IF WE DUMP the BS dieting and macros and ‘controlled’ thru some science that ‘might fit all’ but not ever an ‘all in carnivore human being’, should we ever take that as a given? Nope.

Do you----eat the meat/seafood fish and fowl and and always follow the lean for today or the big fat you need but remember one thing…while the body can direct us ALL always know we are WAY more effected in life than jsut the body and natural changes.

WE ALL live a life of stress or ?? on a personal level so it is KEY to make zc your first choice and then ‘handle the stress’ of what is but this can then take time as we grow and progress on plan!

I say let the plan and food heal as it should be…we just gotta be in for the ride and not let old baggage inhibit us…old BS is just that…OLD BS diieting crap…so let the real carnivore take you away and learn and change thru.


just a chat
how I see it being here and doing it into year 4 now and learning/ finding me in it all :slight_smile: One doesn’t need ‘proof’ if one is thriving to this level of what we were, changing we are experincing and how our lives are progressing to healthy vs stagnation and lower health?

Think ZC forward and better yet to come! The plan heals, allow it!

(Linda ) #107

Today I started with ribeye steak it was a large one so I cut it in half and will cook the other half for dinner. I ended up salting it because it just didn’t taste as good to me without it…so maybe I needed a little salt.

I got to go to the store and get more chicken for my leaner days , but before I do that I took the dogs out and got their walk done so thats out of the way.

I decided tomorrow I’ll do chicken for first meal rib eye for 2nd then back to my chicken only for two days then a chicken and strip steak.
See how that goes…

(Vic) #108

Shure, its pork, bread, milk and unions.

Its for a ketovore days, so is black pudding or blood sausage.

Pure carnivores should stay away from it.

I still allow myself 20gr of carbs a week. Its usually spend on a few beers, if not then a piece of junk meat.

(Karen) #109

It wasn’t too salty tbh .

(Vic) #110

A chef gave me 3kg of leftover beef from a party.
Its gonne be beef and water for a few days.

(Karen) #111

Yesterday afternoon I needed to nap as i hadn’t slept much and was so cream crackers. Went to bed for a 45min snooze and ended up dismissing and resetting the alarm and sleeping a further 45 mins! Could have just stayed in bed,it felt so good.

Back to bed at 9pm and after a bit of solitaire went to sleep and managed to get my 8 hours in albeit broken sleep. Stair runs done and packed last bits for Norfolk.

Picked my son up and on our way. Stopped on way at burger King and I had an xl bacon cheese double burger and chucked the bun.suited me perfectly.

Arrived at our holiday park and our lodge is beautiful right at the end of the park so nice and quite. Then Ben wanted to go to the beach so got back in the car and went into Great Yarmouth. Hd a nice walk nd popped to a super restaurant. Super pricey too but hey ho we are on hols. Had a 12oz sirloin cooked perfectly rare. Beautiful steak albeit a bit lean, king prawns and an add of ribs.

Back to the lodge and hot tub and lovely sunset.

(Linda ) #112

The chicken was on special at the store 98cent lb so I grabbed two family packs…
I decided to cook up one pack to have as cold chicken in the fridge and since it was skin on I removed it and made fried chicken skins

So of course then I had to eat them…they turned out really yummy so I ate them all omg so full now but none to snack on in my lean days…

Here is a sample of how they turned out.


Wow, I wasn’t even here and so many new and long comments :smiley:
Well I try not to write just anything that pops into my mind, more like the basics of my day, some of my thoughts about it and maybe I grab some interesting topic to talk about.
But we will see.

I tracked. Yesterday:
IF 16/8 with 3 meals. 700, 1000, 200 kcal, abnormal but happens. Very okay food intake.
150g protein, I ate much pig tongue! And a little stew. My “not being shy with stew though I could have eaten more” day had 256g… That was a big much but I only do this occasionally so no problem.

Today I was very satiated at 3pm - and had an usually high spirit. Yay. I had no energy problems either but I never felt that I so much do something, it’s just not a problem to do what I should.

I got quite hungry after 4pm so I ate.
Boiled eggs (twice as much white as yolk as almost always) with tongue, sponge cake (twice as much white as yolk, I prefer this for fatty things) with a little pork belly (it’s a bit like ham, that deli meat type light thing, not the proper smoked hard one in pantries, my aunt had such things when I had a kid, mmm) and an eggy, slightly buttery coffee (not in the photo, you can imagine how it looks like. it’s brown but it’s not visible as it’s foamy! :D):


You are a hero… I would do NOTHING after a sleepless night… Let alone exercise.
I slept much and did my workout and I am better with some harder music or I just got better but I can raise the weights for my shoulder exercises, YAY! I finally raised them for my back, oh it’s nice to do 2 full body workouts per week (sometimes I cut one into 2 days). I just can’t do the normal 3, I need more time than that to regenerate!

I can understand them, it sounds so odd to me. Blue cheese in such a thing? I am a very curious one though and adventurous if it’s about food so I probably still would have tried it :wink:

Ours (not called pudding but something else) are full with rice… It’s always rice here. No one can miss the whole rice seeds all over it! The same for its sibling with liver. I can make something similar to the liver one but I can’t get blood.

Great goal but too unrealistic for me. If I have some energy after noon, I can consider myself lucky! Food and coffee doesn’t help. And I always considered it so odd that eating a lot of food lowers my energy (unless I am weak and need food), often drastically (carbs but still, they contains energy. and don’t give me any that I actually could feel). But I wasn’t a zombie this morning for some reason and I feel blessed now :smiley:
I wonder if it’s my long sleep (but I did that zillion times before. maybe it’s better with an early bedtime like midnight?), my new project we are very hopeful about (with KetoKoala and Alvaro - but I barely started and I did such things before) or my carnivore-ish for a whole week :smiley: Okay, I did that before but differently (it’s more meat, more proper meat and no dairy except a little butter) and once I did had a boost of energy while doing so…
We will see. I will look at my notes, my first week on this style is up…
I continue, of course, it goes very well now, no problem with my food (but I have really tasty ones now), no temptations (or I indulge them using tiny amounts)…

Are there long term very low-carbers who have this? I don’t know, I just know my weight changes nothing if I eat a ton of carbs… First it went up by 4lbs (it was my original water weight that I lost and gained all the time when I went on/off keto) then it reduced to 2lbs and then it became zero. My weight is 75kg every morning now. Well okay as it’s my weight since several months, I don’t often use the scales but when I do, I see this (except I think I weighed 76kg on my scale when I overate for a while… I probably did that at some point when my fruits brought their carby friends, if I go off, I often do it more seriously though never epically nowadays. and I stopped that anyway. I hope). Quite boring. My cycle, my extreme energy intake days, my carb intake, they just do nothing. And I never exercise hard enough (especially not after my meals) to deplete my glucose reserves…? I don’t know how my body works but it surely have those about all the time…? And that’s why I don’t have water weight changes…? And because my body dislikes retaining extra water… I am aware many people have great water changes due to many reasons. My body is super stable regarding many things.


I sent the previous comment just now but I wrote it after lunch. Well since then I had dinner, tracked and filled my totally hand drawn tables with data from a site I use for tracking…

I ate my egg pudding (made with the liquid left after cooking the tongue, the kind of broth was surprisingly tasty but not enough to eat it as soup so I tried it in pudding. it worked):

And my new biscuits… Too fatty and rich but not bad, eggs and pork skin and sausage spice was used.

I ate more sponge cakes and some stew, I was hungry and didn’t make a photo of that.

My satiation weakened hours later but it passed. I definitely didn’t want to eat again and super late at that. I don’t even have much left to eat… What will tomorrow bring, I don’t know. I would want turkey, everything else is kind of boring? Or maybe I will have some idea?

Today was my weakest day all week, macro wise… A bit below 1500 kcal and pretty low protein from me, below 120g :smiley:

So, I have notes and counted this and that… Maybe only I am interested about these numbers but I write these down.

My meat consumption is all over the place. I counted everything, skin too but my numbers for the last week (in grams):
550, 610, 368, 560, 1030 (“not being shy with stew” day), 583, 340. Last time I tried to eat a pound of meat a day for a whole weak didn’t end so well, I was mostly okay but definitely didn’t want to eat much meat for a while. I lost this, it seems as my average was 577g/1.28 pound meat a day. And I still could eat meat but only turkey if I can ask, definitely not much of pork for my near future…

I ate more than 7 eggs a day in average. While I wasn’t into eggs so I often ate them mixed with meat or in coffees. Well yeah, lack of cream resulted in drinking quite a few eggs during this week… And mixing meat with egg made my pork more interesting? And stew is nice alone but some sponge cakes don’t hurt… Oh and I realized pork belly in scrambled eggs is great.

Added fat was about 12-15g a day…? Not counting the fat in the stew. Seems a bit high but I put butter into a few coffees a day… :smiley: So that was the main culprit.

And I had my tiny extras but they aren’t significant (except I had a worse day - fruits, of course… quite high-carb ones as it’s autumn though I have no idea about the kind of wild, tiny, green and not too sweet peaches - but still keto and only one day, I felt no change). So that’s it for my mostly dairy free carnivore-ish.

My IF was all over the place but I have few notes about it. Doesn’t matter.

Average protein is 140g a day if I can trust the data of chicken skin but I can’t. But it was one day so I am still not very far I suppose? Unless my data about the other meat items are too off.
Fat was lower, it’s unusual and it’s not because I didn’t eat that small amount of fatty cream and sour cream. I ate more than usual bresaola and a significant amount of beef leg and that’s leaner than my usual pork. I had pork belly but in moderation. Oh my stew day. More than 2 pounds of meat just from my stew… Stew is so easy to eat and I ate 3 times…
I still like these “waves”. One day can be quite meaty, another way less so…
My calories are the least reliable due to eating fatty meat and there was the mysterious chicken skin…
But they went from a bit less than 1500 kcal (or not, who knows) to over 2500 (stew… and waking up too early. but mostly the stew). Average guesstimation is 1900 kcal, my guess for my energy need is more, it would be super bad if I wouldn’t use even this tiny energy as a 75kg/165lbs human… I don’t care that such people exist, 1900 kcal is very little, I need to do my best to eat as little as I can on my most satiating diet to go this low… I could go lower on OMAD and avoiding stew, yeah :smiley: But it’s good. I even do workouts and can raise my weights! I need the energy :smiley:

So I am quite pleased and only a tad worry about the future. The stew is so little (Alvaro is too cute and didn’t even touch it today but I told him he made it and it’s obviously for both of us. just because he doesn’t need meat as he can function just fine eating other food, he needn’t to avoid it. and it is probably good for him nutrition wise even if he isn’t in trouble anyway), I have no turkey… I have heart though… I think of adding a single dairy meal, it’s hard to ignore the siren song of sour cream when Alvaro doesn’t even eat it ever now, time is clicking for poor thing (the sour cream, I mean), it goes well with… almost anything including the stew and it would add volume and calories it will desperately need as tomorrow’s stew will be tiny!
We will see but I already wrote too much.


Last night I ate some baked chicken wing niblets. A niblet is a wing section cut at the joints. They are small and fiddly. That makes them satisfying. It was one bowl. A bowl I used to use for cereal, I just realised. I thought the niblets would be entree to some lamb chops, but they were enough on their own.

But my goal is to minimise pork, bacon and chicken. Unless I know it’s pasture raised provenance. The aim is to reduce polyunsaturated fats in my intake. Those chicken wings were from a local farmer. I have some steaks in the fridge for today.

1:30pm breakfast. 4 eggs scrambled in butter with 60g Jarlsberg cheese and 100g smoked Atlantic salmon - I’m wondering what they feed the salmon. Double cream in a second coffee.

It’s another sunny spring day here. The native orchids are just starting in this wildflower season. Working from home, so went for a swim at the beach with Mrs. Bear and the dog. The ocean was very cold. There was only one other person and their dog on the whole beach. So different to summer holiday madness here.


I still can’t consider chicken wings edible except the meatier upper part… Why people love them so much, I don’t know… I would want some turkey wings though, that has meat on it! :smiley:

I looked at my last week again. Fat was 55-69%. Yeah, I still don’t have fatty times but they are for maintenance and bulking in the future, I suppose… Interestingly, 55% happened on my high-cal day but I ate the stew then… Normally my protein is in its normal range so higher-cal days are fattier.
But maybe it isn’t even true without dairy…

I made exact plans for today, I am curious how I will mess it up :smiley: I have few options and about no food desires now so probably not much.
I decided I totally can’t experiment with mostly egg first meals even now that my body allows me to have dinner-heavy meals (lunch is smaller than dinner, it’s unusual in my life but sometimes happens. and now it did repeatedly! yesterday I had only 4-500 kcal before 7pm)… Egg are okay, I am not into them now but 3-4 for lunch in some interesting way? Great. But that’s it and no way I get satiated with that normally. So I pair it with something. Sardines today, maybe heart tomorrow… Maybe I should mix the heart with chuck… Heart is too intense (not the best word, maybe different?) and chewy alone, I often have this “intense so I eat little of it” with organs. While pork chuck is a bit boring right now. Combining them may be a good idea, I wanted to experiment with this anyway.

It’s 1pm and I am already a bit hungry but no wonder after my lowish-cal yesterday. I eat when it gets hard. Or when Alvaro comes home. Egg pudding, egg yolk omelet and sardines :slight_smile: It should be enough. I already had a coffee with egg and butter but will have another at some point, I guess.

I decided against using sour cream and cheese today. I have enough food to eat without it. But the time for them is close :smiley: I am looking forward to that meal but I am in no hurry. They are for the times when I don’t have better options.


Simple carnivore day

got me a pack of my country pork ribs

I am living on these things and loving it! At such a cheaper cost from steaks right now my wallet is liking it also.

I am kinda out of loving beef right now…pork is ruling my life and I am doing very well on it…and around yr 2 I dumped pork forever it seemed and focused only on beef, and here I flip again, pork and more pork is wanted.

still in search of reasonable priced seafood…I tell ya…I am getting irked and darn I do require it, I wish I liked fish, but darn it I don’t so…keep searching for my seafood options I want I guess. A can of tuna is gonna have to me my option right now :wink: ugh

carnivore on all!

(Linda ) #118

I got up at around 7.30 this morning and decided instead of going back to bed after letting dogs out I’d get dressed and get them out for an early walk it was nice alot cooler for us all but more wild life for them to want to chase down ughhh so it was alot more restraint needed…ohh well it was worth the effort.

Remember I said the plaster guy was here a week or so back well no I was wrong and disappointed turned out he was just cleaning the pool up ready to be plastered…

But this morning when I got home from walking the dogs there was a whole crew here to plaster the pool…yup finally it is actually really happening today they have already started…

Because I ate all those chicken skins last night I’m starting my chicken only today.
And because I was up and walking early come 9.30 my stomach was saying come on feed me so food also started early today.


I made a photo but it’s pretty useless, just egg pudding and an unopened tin of sardines (with my plastic salamander on it)…
The egg pudding was big, 3 eggs and 2 more yolks… I only ate 75% of it. Similar with the very not good sardines. It lacked salt horribly, I salted it many times but well, it’s sardines so it was pretty meh. I had sponge cakes with it. And I needed to balance it with some tasty stew, I was hungry anyway.

I packed old woods (the rebuilding of the house was maybe 8 years ago? We still have insane amounts of wood left) and they were so horribly tiring mentally I felt what I practically never, I need some comfort food. Drink but whatever so I made a hot chocolate again, sweetened. It didn’t help enough, what to do NOW? I don’t even have bresaola or anything :frowning: It’s good my Cherry Ripe is in Australia as it would be a temptation (and not necessarily would help).
I’m designing a new character, Thought Slurper (wip name but not too bad) who eats up useless or not but annoying thoughts when one wishes to sleep, rest or meditate… Looked at pink fairy armadillo pics, listening to childish fun music… And I am still not well at all… :sob:

AC guys will come soon, tomorrow only the… things… arrive and now I pack the wood away to make place. And it had to be done at some point anyway. I will make firewood storage(?) from some, we only have two and it isn’t enough for anything. I build other things as well… And poor grapes need something too, it will be such a chore… But nice if we manage to do it and we will have grapes everywhere above the terrace :smiley: There are below the eaves now, on a chain, among other places (grapes go everywhere quickly, they climb trees and everything) and pretty! :smiley:

Sigh. I feel so miserable now. But it could be worse. I want my yesterday’s mental energy back. I need things to do.

I would like to eat something nice too but WHAT? I have a tiny stew left but not that :frowning:
Maybe I still eat sour cream today… Cheese still can’t interest me but sour cream… :slight_smile:


That is golden! So glad to read this!!!