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Well I was really looking forward to my first meal today my chuck eye steak lol …
I got on the scale this morning lost all that bloat from the eggs two days ago and hit my 5lb mark for weight loss…
So when they say listen to your body it really did make a difference dumping the eggs…
So I’ll look forward to dinner now another chuck eye steak…
Black coffee and water is also on the menu…

When I was reading strong medicine he was talking about our fat cells and how they were under the impression that they were just storage for fat just to be used as a supply in times of need but he said what they found was that was not true …it infact is a living organism that that completly empties and rebuilds every three weeks they used radioactive isotopes to follow what went where and what did what…
So all the stories we hear of our fat cells holding all our past toxic hormones etc is not true either lol…
And it makes perfect sense that our body builds and breaks down every cell in our body and regenerates on a set time line as is needed but if your not feeding it what it needs in nutrients then that’s when you run into issues of it getting them from elsewhere. Cos it’s not going to wait for us to fast or eat certain things to do It’s job.


I enjoyed reading your post.

Is that the one by Chris Hardy?

(Linda ) #83

No this one is from one of the first drs to use carnivore on patients in new york and the military in the 1920s…Dr Blake F Donaldson

(Karen) #84

It is black pudding and blue cheese pate! I was the only one on our table who chose it and everyone was interested to know what it tasted like but not brave enough to choose it for themselves lol. I gave a bit to Raymond and our lady friend sitting on the other side of me and both were like me, pleasantly surprised.


Oh! Yes, I’ve read that one - thanks! It’s a good read.


Black pudding is amazing - one of the things I do miss on carnivore, but the ones in the shops seem very heavy on the oats compared to when I was younger.

(Linda ) #87

I agree I’m in florida and the Spanish black sausage is amazing…just too much carbs in it.
So now a no go…

(Karen) #88

Arghhh I didn’t know it had oatmeal in it!!! Shock horror.! It is made with animal blood which i knew and thought it was all meat!!! Oh well it went down the hatch and I can’t change that now. Wont make it at home after all.


Don’t worry too much - I’m sure the one you had was better quality than the average store bought one. There’s a few farms that make their own and the blood and fat ratio is far higher - it’s almost the perfect food!

(Linda ) #90

Yours was made different the blood sausage here is actually a sausage yours might have been clean lol…

(Karen) #91

Phew! You have made me feel so much better. Over the last 21 years I have been Tee total I have never knowingly had a drop of alcohol, even my food choices in restaurants have been dishes w/o wine so I am going to continue in that vein with zc lol


7 days without power due to hurricane ida. At first, I was okay. I’d preboiled some eggs, baked chicken thighs and burgers. Day 4 we barbecued some chicken and steaks.

By day 5…I’d lost all my patience and all my marbles. I ate at whatever place had electricity. Getting back on track tomorrow.

(Linda ) #93

Just Glad your ok that’s most important


Woke up ready to eat. Woke at 8am. Breakfast at 9:30am.

Usually I wake up and feel ready for the day. It’s actually one of my main life goals; to wake up each morning energised. This morning I felt that more mental effort was required to get moving.

Now, there is some stuff I have learnt during this long war* with my self. If I feel low energy, coffee is a medication but it is not a cure. If I feel low energy I need to access energy first, or, micronutrients second. Energy for a low carb or carnivore eating human is dietary, or stored body fat. Looking back, I think I may have drifted into eating too lean for too long.

So, this morning I cooked 3 large eggs fried in a generous chunk of pasture fed butter, added Himalayan pink salt generously, added 60g of sliced Jarlsberg cheese, and topped it off with 60g smoked salmon. I haven’t sipped my black coffee yet but I feel better already.

My fasting blood glucose was 5.9 mol/l (too high - but it happens to me on ZC) and blood ketones 0.1mmol/l indicating a lower insulin state to be able to produce ketones.

My instincts tell me that today I am hungry for nutrition. *The war is over. Nobody, no mind, was benefiting. The detente and peace negotiations are difficult as they require a lot of learning and letting go of previously held beliefs. But the progress is toward a better place than facing constant daily battles and recriminations for actions taken.


Hi Michael, You appear to be a self experimenter. Do you have baseline blood measures before carnivore? A baseline fasting insulin and inflammation profile would be awesome to have to compare to the other data after 2 months or so.

Tucker has a compelling n=1 story and approach to low carb eating. The key for him was using it as an elimination diet to resolve his gut issues. The discussion with Dr. Paul Saladino was a good recent review, I thought. They talk about linoleic acid and how it is processed (or not), and how a small excess in the diet may create problems for some people. Linoleic acid is in many foods as well as the obvious processed seed oils.

A therapeutic benefit of a beef, salt and water diet for a limited period is to assess its effect on immune mediated disease symptoms.


The oat meal or rolled oats form the binder by soaking up the blood. Usually pig’s blood. It’s like many “meat sausages” contain potato starch as filler. But there are likely carnivore alternatives. You can ask your local butcher to make a batch of blood pudding (or sausages) that minimises the carbs. My butcher did it for me when I was revisiting eating blood. It was delicious. I ate blood pudding and white pudding* based BnB breakfasts when touring the west coast of Ireland in the 1990s (*I think the main serum ingredient in that is lymphatic fluids).

I’m thinking though, your entree was a black pudding pate. So that suggests that chef may have been combining blood and liver. Sounds so nutritious! I imagine saltiness would have been a key flavour.

@Carnivoor Vic could probably be able to tell us more about white pudding breakfast sausage?

(Michael) #97

I will watch that one next, I am watching a different interview at this time. Thank you very much for the suggestion and the link - guaranteed I will watch these two and more later.

I have a 10 day CGM taken from July 16-25. I took a baseline Insulin Glucagon at 17 hours fasted on July 23rd while wearing the CGM. Continued keto with IF until started the 10 day fast prior to carnivore on the night of August 4th - measurements matched well with CGM data. I had asked for other measurements including beta hydroxybutyrate, a CAC and NMR lipidprofile, but my doctor refused all of those as they were not appropriate for me (apparently based on her opinion). Hopefully she will be more open to these tests after we next meet (first time since starting Keto) in two weeks. Since starting pure Carnivore after the fast, I intentionally ate more than normal, and my pin prick daily measurements started normal but went up after a few days of high volume and have been high for over a week straight since. When I would expect a 5.0 to 5.2, I have been measuring over 6 before dinner. In the mornings it can vary, but usually either the morning or noon measurement is on the lower side, but both have been raised in addition to the evening measurements.

(Michael) #98

I liked your post. I think the key message that everyone should agree with is

While most carnivore’s may not fast, I am happy to push the benefits of fasting now before my diet removes all my excess fat and extended fasting may not remain a viable option, even if I wanted it to be. Despite my best efforts on carnivore, I am finding it almost impossible to re-gain weight, I am currently back to weight at age 18 at 143.5 pounds (lean mass is certainly going up pretty fast though, I can see and feel it when I exercise). I still have some fat around my belly, and I am confident that carnivore alone will remove that fat in short order.

(Michael) #99

I read the link, thank you very much. Here is something that caught my eye, and certainly makes it clearer in my mind as to why an apparent spike initially for me (a T2D who just recently changed to keto) on top of the GNG and glycogen replenishment phase afterwards.

In a T2 diabetic with *hepatic insulin resistance, the liver doesn’t respond adequately to insulin anymore, so it doesn’t get the message to stop putting out glucose. [In T1D, this happens because folks have little to no insulin. In T2D, there’s plenty of insulin, but the liver basically ignores it. So it ends up being almost the same as T1 – at the level of the liver, insulin no longer counterbalances the effects of glucagon, so glucose continues to be released into the blood. The diabetes medication metformin is designed to target this issue: it inhibits hepatic/liver release of glucose .)

I stopped taking my metformin back in June, and would prefer to stay off any medications if possible.


Is «lazy carnivore» when you dont bother about dinnerplates?

I penciled avocado-oil on these before grilling, and i can taste it a little. I will skip that next time.