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Kidneys, like oysters, are a sometimes food as they can concentrate heavy metals such as cadmium into their tissues.

Breakfast in the city. Ribeye, coffee and ghee.


(Karen) #322

Yesterday was a bit of a chill day. Did my stair runs and then popped over to see my friend/dance partner. Brunch was 3 beef burgers and 2 eggs and dinner ham and cheese. A little later i had some canned pink salmon.

(Karen) #323

Today the landscapers arrived … yay at last the day has come!. They arebhoping to have the wall, fencing and one of the patios laid before the end of the week. They have worked very hard today clearing the garden.

I managed to get the stair runs done, almost all before they turned up and a few as they were trying to get through the secured back of the garden.

Brunch was 2 beef burgers
Dinner ham and 2 beef burgers and cheese.

(Linda ) #324

I had a hungry day yesterday i took out chuck steak although more chewy it has great flavour so I ate two huge steaks I n total but broken into a few meals.

Had my draw today ensued of Friday…really did not enjoy it Dr C orders so many tests they took 10 tubes but the girl doing it said my veins was small and she was wiggling the tubes around just trying to get them full…never had that happen before where every tube was a struggle to fill…I’ve had were they struggle to find the vein to begin but not this’…

She kept hinting I might be dehydrated
…but upon returing home u had to go bathroom three times after drinking so much…and that’s not counting the time at quest to get the sample they wanted lol…

I came home cooked my last chuck steak and will cook up some Carne Picasa for 2nd meal.


Yesterday was not a carni day but I did ate very much meat and some eggs first. Then dairy. I ate very much and it wasn’t enough. I blame the carbs from the previous days (but I almost never ate this much without a serious fullness effect before especially not using carni food. maybe I had one of my Insatiable Hunger days? it’s just wasn’t fully insatiable due to my food choices?), now I really do my best to go back to my guaranteed not-overeating state I always have after some days of carnivore-ish eating, just to be safe. And that’s my plan since some time anyway, I just manage to mess it up.
Oh well, such days happen. I sleep more than normal too. Maybe my body needs it. Still, it was unusual.

My immediate future won’t be really strict as we have various quickly spoiling dairy to eat (I leave most of it to Alvaro though) but I never eat much of them so hopefully it will be okay. Right now I drink way more coffee I would like, I try to do something about that as well (especially that we have milk now, I want to wait with opening the cream). It was better lately but I have these phases.

I have fresh soup (meaty pig bones with a little skin and duck neck) and old fried livers but I transformed it into some other (and slightly carbier) food to ensure I will finally eat it… My freezer is full now, I have lots of meat and I store apples there to pressure can them later. I put some more in after I took out the meaty bones for the soup… Frozen and unfrozen ones takes up way less space in jars and I don’t always have enough for a whole bunch (or I have but I won’t work with them so much in a day. a little at a time).

I still have leftover pork shoulders roast but with my current hunger I easily can overeat it (not the meat alone, though… it was ~1600 kcal yesterday. it was nothing to my hunger even after some eggs and dairy… and I couldn’t eat more meat. it’s good I almost always can eat more eggs).

I had 2 meals and a snack because I got hungry early but wanted to wait for Alvaro’s dinnertime. But in the end it was 30 mins before dinner so I consider it 2MAD if I won’t eat more. Not like it matters.
[I ate more. 3MAD with the middle meal, dinner being the biggest by far.]

Lunch (too early, at 3:10pm but I got a tad hungry and I am weak not eating when a tad hungry and it’s lunchtime): chicken liver and some eggs. Yeah, the modifications helped with the liver. Now I stay away from liver for some weeks I think…
Dinner (at 6:10pm): pork shoulders roast, Camembert (we have 2 to eat. fortunately Alvaro can handle it. I liked it but I really am no cheese person anymore), egg pudding (with milk before we run out).
And zillion coffees with milk and a yolk.
Snack was some sour cream and a bit of Masdaam cheese (my old fav, it was on sale… but as I mentioned. I can live just fine without cheese).

And second dinner was a little leftover roast and egg pudding, it was nice.
I never tasted the soup in the end but I cooked it way longer than usual so I expect tender, nice meat and a rich soup. I ate soup at Alvaro’s Mom on Saturday and the very young chicken necks were super tender! Mine aren’t like that after one hour, those are bigger too but I suspect 1 hour isn’t enough for really soft meat. Now that summer is over and heat isn’t exactly needed but welcomed it’s quite fine to cook and bake for hours.

From now on I am back on my stricter goals: not eating until properly hungry (I almost always fail this), very little dairy and rather meat than eggs. It should work if I manage to stick to it.
I start to feel bad to write here when I am too far from carnivore. Just having carnivore main dishes isn’t enough.

Did I say my pork shoulder roast is quite fine cold? When it was fresh (the best state normally), I didn’t like it so much. Now it tastes better. Both cold and warm.

A bit above one pound of meat for today? This amount doesn’t feel much anymore.

I really will behave tomorrow or I won’t come. I am supposed to be able to do things right for a while.


Howdy all

feeling better finally

I don’t ‘do sick’ well HAHA

yesterday was 2 bacon cheeseburger patties I made along with a nice Tbone steak for dinner time

I am defintely getting hungry again. Don’t want pork at all :sunny:, focus is on beef point blank.

Feeling more alive in and in the groove of it all.

So far so good…carnivore on strong everyone!!!


Yay you are back!

I promised I won’t eat until 6pm today, for reasons (normally I never do such a thing but it’s mild and probably useful) so nothing to report yet (beyond my plans and options). But it will be good, I want a proper sized meal that keeps me satiated for long. That’s convenient.

Soup (with some duck meat), pork shoulders roast, sponge cakes with some spread*, that’s my plan for today. Maybe a tiny quark cake, a salty one (egg and quark). Oh and egg pudding using some soup.

*I couldn’t resist and bought something similar to my childhood favorite. I prefer to make my own stuff since ages. There are a few exception, I can’t make a decent mustard or a salmon spread.
This is mostly butter and cream, “Hungarian” flavor (paprika, what else?). Not much carbs. I just need some bread with it so I make sponge cakes again. One of my few egg dishes I am willing to eat now.

(Karen) #328

So glad you are feeling tip top now xx

(Linda ) #329

Nice to hear your feeling better we missed you…


thanks Azi

I survived and good thing is my family survived also…yes I am one of those bad patients that make the family go more crazy while I am sick, lucky one of them didn’t take me out to get rid of me HAHA



80/20 first meal on the stove now

THEY shrunk SO much

I think it is more 73/27 then 80/20…so yea, we are paying more per price on meats point blank around me that I know…everyone’s mileage is gonna vary here for a while til price inflation changes nail us even more but I am gonna wolf down these 3 burgers in a flash right now LOL

off to eat and got a Tbone I got on a good sale later from my freezer for second meal…but darn…have to say it, prices are going crazy out there in my meat/seafood/fish and fowl aisles…ugh


Good to see you back, @Fangs.

I reckon we’ve swapped - after months of all beef, I really fancy pork now. Although I can’t indulge that for a while because my freezer is full of beef!


I eat pork as you know, cheap enough, very available and I like the taste, texture and fattiness… BUT I happen to have some mutton and a young rabbit in my freezer so I am quite pleased now (I just lack fatty pork but we have pork chop galore.)

Well. I just tracked. 2450 kcal (or not, it’s easy to miss hundreds of kcals with this meat, I suppose) for my dinner. I surely can eat. But I felt the roast doesn’t want to last much longer so I ate it all. 1500 kcal from it, then my obligate eggs, some dairy (camembert goes so well with the roast! not like the thing needed more fat)… It was a really okay day IF and carb wise. A bit too much food perhaps especially after my super strong last days but I got stronger, I use the energy a bit better now! :smiley:
I didn’t even went over 200g with fat so it wasn’t so excessive from me (that was my 3300+ kcal Sunday. with a bit more carbs).
It’s crazy that close to carnivore I easily eat way more in one sitting then in 5 meals on another day. I didn’t have that before, I usually ate more when I had more meals.

Duck neck was so hard even after 2.5 hours… Oh well, I will eat it whgen I will be hungry. I didn’t need it today for sure, my protein is high again.

So I reached the point where I easily eat more than 500g meat for a decent meal even if it has way more fat than protein and I eat a bunch of other stuff.
500g meat isn’t much. I still don’t get how people consider 4-6 oz meat a normal portion. I am more like the 20+ oz type, this feeling just gets stronger and more proven as time passes. If I wait long enough to get properly hungry. Not like my hunger ever gets strong, more like soft but odd and doesn’t go away…? :slight_smile: And I start to get zombify. Eating at 6pm was a tad too late, I experienced that before even o days when I had no hunger even then, just some need for food. We will see but with my 2500-3000 kcal very low-cal meals (I expect the number drop a little…) and way lower energy need even on a somewhat active day I really think I should go for OMAD. It was my plan since long but I often got hungry or tempted at lunchtime. I will make sure never eat that early (3pm) without a good reason.

But we will see. I surely will have some nice 2MAD days as well. I never was against them but if I can’t eat an OMAD sized meal, I often end up with 3-5 meals and that’s not fun.


that is wild! You are now wanting the pork and I just came off the pork.

my hubby cooked 2 big pork steaks on the grill and I could barely even take a small bite to try it and while delish, omgosh I had 0 pork desire in me

yea beef is #1 again right now, will be interesting to see when I flip again HA

Ahhh, you treat yourself a bit, one night cook up some good pork and indulge, an additional day of beef in the freezer is ok :slight_smile:


Yesterday was OMAD. Work day. 1 coffee at about noon. Late to the market after work - finished at 8pm. Missed out on roast ruminants. Last night was free range rotisserie chicken wrapped in 100g smoked salmon with 100g Camembert. Sparkling mineral water. Not hungry this morning. Back to work.

(Vic) #336

Glad yourr feeling good again


thanks Vic. feeling better beats being icky any ol’ day :slight_smile:

----------nothing much doing. taking life carnivore easy here :slight_smile: SOP Sept is flying by now guys, we will be heading into October soon…someone name October for us!!

burgers and steak yesterday

I think today is gonna be burgers and steak again.

I used to be a variety eater. I always wanted something very different each day…it amazes me I became such a mono eater, never thought I could do that but being carnivore just suits me so well. I can be one who eats the same thing over and over and I am super happy with just that. In fact throw too many options at me and I get flustered now, I want to be a mono eater! I like it :sunny:

Someone throw out a good Oct name for us and onto the next month we will be going…everyone is doing so well, we got such a strong little fab carnivore group here!


The mono eating thing is so strange. I always liked different food and different flavours, was open to trying new things, wasn’t a picky eater - and the idea of just eating the same things over and over felt mentally tough.

I always think it’s the most difficult thing when you’re trying to explain carnivore to others - it sounds awful and restrictive, but it doesn’t feel that way at all.


yea you hit a good point. So agree. It is hard to explain to others :slight_smile: Cause if you don’t feel it you just don’t understand it…very true.

Carnivore does ‘sound tough’ for sure but in the end, it isn’t restrictive at all, I am the same as you, it just doesn’t feel unnatural or limited in any way.


I think even I can relate with my never pure carnivore and off days (I hope I can make things better in the future, it’s not like it does ANY good most of the time. probably linger habits and rebellious self and whatever. but as it’s not extra joy, it’s a bad deal so I will stop).
Even ketoers eat such a wide variety of food groups and if they can’t eat one thing, they often are just as miserable as “normal” people (I never forget the gluten sensitive one I met once on another forum who wailed about her diet being devoid of gluten, making it so hard and expensive :smiley: yeah, rice is super expensive lol. rice flour as bread is a MUST in life as we know :smiley: I wasn’t very sympathetic as I had my own gluten and bread free years without any force as I can handle gluten just fine… I wonder if these are triggers here and I should blur something but what…)… Probably especially the newbies are like this, baking expensive keto cakes (I could buy good meat with that money…) or whatnots.

If I add something beyond my normal food, it’s not a big deal, I can live better without, actually. I don’t even understand why people add so many things to their meat. Good meat + salt = perfection (some fat if the meat is lean but I prefer fatty so…). Maybe it helps that I was a vegetarian and this country isn’t big on marinade and gravy (no idea how gravy tastes but KetoKoala sends me a packet. pretty useless but at least I will know… that what is a packaged gravy like, it may be different from homemade ones and they may be all different anyway)… We roast our meat or make a stew from it, more like. Or a soup. There is the horrible and very popular boiled beef with sour cherry (canned or sauce, I think), I wouldn’t go near that. Boiled meat is something I dislike as much as I disliked boiled vegetables. The soup meat is different as I have tasty soup with it and I only eat a little. Oh and I forgot but Hungarians bread everything. I don’t quite get why to put poor meat slices into bread crumbles after flour and eggs, it doesn’t make it better but people love that. It’s more understandable with vegetables as those have almost no calories and the breading adds a lot. But that’s even more work as one slice of meat is something but one slice of cucchini is nothing even with the covering… I never did this thing, big mess, items don’t cooperate and while I like the crunchiness (if I manage to do it) and the egg, I have so better ideas. I never would do that to my meat, I tried it with vegetables (eggplant is best that way, it becomes soft! :smiley: but TMI for carnivores, I suspect :smiley:).
But traditional Hungarian dishes are very carby anyway. And usually quite meaty too. It’s the combination I have almost zero experience with as it makes no sense to me (for me. it’s perfect for Alvaro).

But I didn’t want to write about it. But mono eating :smiley: Is it a common term? Never heard about it. One can use English for decades and keep finding new words (the language changes too during that time, of course).
Yeah, it’s interesting. When I just took away my veggies, without adding a proper amount of meat (oh my early troubled times before I just started to buy meat in the shops as the best route for my poor self. but I will improve things when I can. and my eggs still come from better sources), my woe immediately got more exciting. Carbs trigger a bigger need for variety in me, it seems. Taking most of them away makes my needs more modest.
And people change and adapt. And my body for one knows what is good for it. It makes sense, it’s my body, it’s aware about all the things inside I can’t know. I just know a few facts about humans and feel what my body tells me. So my desires are very closely correlated with what is good for my body. Not closely enough but it’s better than for most people and I am improving.
So I simply don’t want all the keto plant food ketoers eat. So it can’t feel restrictive as I basically eat whatever I want (okay, with some limitations, I still want some shrimps occasionally even if they aren’t so great just exotic :smiley: and I would like more salmon. and a bit more ruminant meat but I actually plan to buy a little more ruminant meat, we aren’t THAT poor, we are just used to spend as little money on food as possible without sacrificing much). It’s hard to say as I almost can’t desire things I can’t eat, it isn’t hedonistic and I am happy with my normal food… And my wrong desires are mixed and my training kicks in… So I only feel freely the desires towards my normal food. Sudden exceptions obviously happen and those are my problematic times. But it’s not often. My main off eating is related to my fruits, obviously, I don’t even have a resistance to them as they are to be eaten. In super tiny amounts if it’s me and not all the time. October is such a fruit month - grapes and apples - but not very dangerous as they are too sweet and as for the apples, I pretty much left them behind on keto already. I eat a gram or two… maybe a tad more while cutting them for canning but that’s tiny enough. I never want to eat a whole one. Or half. I never really want it, it’s just there and nice. Maybe I should stop that. “Being there” is one of my problems, not a huge one with my current desires but still, it occasionally makes things worse and that’s not what a good hedonist accepts.

I am sorry, I ended up writing about carbs and my problems too much :frowning:

I can write about meats, I so could have variety there if I had access or a lot of money so I wouldn’t feel it a waste to try something extremely expensive that isn’t better than some cheaper stuff, just new experience.
But yeah, I noticed I don’t need a big variety even there. I can eat pork every day now, I guess. I still am careful and have some liver day occasionally… But I rather eat pork every day now, I got bored of liver at this point. I still couldn’t buy turkey wings, maybe this week. We need to go to the city again as there was a mess with our parcels and the places to pick up parcels are there (cheaper than the postal office so normal people and companies often use them).
But I need to pair up turkey with some more substantial meat anyway.
And of course, I can have ruminant days too, I think I will do that instead of most organ days. Beef and mutton was something special and left for Alvaro’s weekend cooking so it never was an option for me on a mere Wednesday when I run out of my pork roast and didn’t want to make another yet… I should change this and have smallish ruminant meat portions in my freezer for such days. Along with some fowl soup and processed pork it should be fine for a day.

But I still need variety during my meals. Both Alvaro and me are the same in it. We could have almost the same week all year but the weekly dishes must have some variety and even the meals are rarely very simple. I can’t just eat meat and that’s it. My weekly ingredients are very simple and similar but I must combine and my eggs become different things. My pork roast is a fine, fixed item in my woe (I make stew or mince meat if it gets boring) but that’s meat (and I use 3 different cuts anyway. 5 if I include the too lean and the too fatty cut I occasionally use… and no 2 pieces are the same. and I can eat it cold or warm…). I can’t eat 6 boiled eggs every day. I usually can eat pancakes and sponge cakes all the time but I take breaks even from them. Fortunately one can do sooo many various things with just eggs and if we can add some other carni item, that’s infinite variety :smiley:

But I use so many things, even condiments, of course it’s not restrictive for someone who actually doesn’t need or want carbs. (If I WANT something, any woe lacking that single item is restrictive.)
I saw some kind of variety from people with a truly restrictive woe (only beef and very little protein due to a condition), one can get quite creative when the precious variety is at stake but health demands big restrictions.

Only meat is super restrictive to me. I don’t even often do no-dairy days. Yeah, I don’t need them, it surely matters, I am perfectly sure that I could live without them just fine. But no one should dare to try to take away my precious eggs… Or even my processed meat. I need those. Or give me all the meat variety I can’t afford and can’t even buy in this part of the world and then I may give up… A big part of them? Not all. I like my (extremely reduced amount of) sausages (I don’t have any lately. I have smoked pork belly and bresaola, it’s enough).

Apropos processed meat items, I will depend on them today as I have no proper meat now. Just soup meat. It’s proper but not good enough for me and little. So there will be pancakes filled with head cheese (I love that) and sponge cake muffins with butter spread on. Probably some cheese too, I had crunch so long ago so maybe Masdaam whisps.
(I got out some pork chop from the freezer to be safe, though. I remember putting a slice with a decent amount of visible fat on it ;))

I still can write about food forever…