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(Edith) #301

My goodness, I’m away for a few days and everyone falls apart! Good thing I’m back from my vacation!

@Fangs, I’m glad you are feeling like you are on the mend.

@Ketodaisy, I hope you and your family are on the mend, as well.

@karen18, you are like a machine with those stair runs. I’m always very impressed with how active you are.

@daigo1, I don’t know how our prehistoric ancestors slept, but I would imagine they used furs, leaves, pine needles, grasses, etc. to give themselves a soft place to sleep. Maybe they even tucked up stuff for under their heads.

I use a pillow, but it is on the thin side. It’s also a down pillow.


Alvaro bought a rabbit!!! It was so, so long ago we ate some. Not my top favorite but makes a good stew (despite being lean) and it’s home-raised, young rabbit (so it has a tiny fat but it’s still rabbit, not much).
I bought some turkey (neck, good for soup) with more plastic I like but I really wanted some already… But hopefully I will find some in the meat counter tomorrow, we visit the city including a hypermarket where turkey on a great sale is a very common thing (and good without sale too). I can’t even buy turkey in the closest villages and towns or just very occasionally.

I skipped lunch today so no food yet, it’s 4:30pm so I hope for an OMAD day. I am not very satiated but definitely not hungry.

Oh I didn’t add details. My pillow is flat (though my old style pillow is small, not flat, not plump, very soft. I always had them. I needed a small pillow. I used my arm as pillow in nursery school, I need a pillow. I don’t know how I ended up with this flat thing but it works), the plump pillows are the decorative ones next to me, on their own mattress together with the plush animals.
I can’t sleep with a big pillow at all. As a kid, I still used the traditional style, big pillow (and my small pillow on it and my arm underneath, I never lost that habit but I have no idea where I could put my arm when I lay on my side anyway), not a too plump one, thankfully… But I realized it’s better without, my posture is more logical and comfortable if I don’t have a huge bump under my head and shoulders…

But I still don’t think it has much to do with my woe :slight_smile:

I tracked. Around 2500 kcal for today. I very rarely ate this big meals on HCHF (including on OMAD) and my meals tend to get smaller as I eat less carbs… But it’s pork shoulders roast and pancakes for you. Or for me. The meat wasn’t sooo great but I was a bit hungry. It seems I often don’t like meat without visible fat. The meat seemed not lean, it’s shoulders, after all… But i only liked the pieces with a layer of fat on them. But it’s not with all cuts. Thigh was good even when lean. Pretty, nice pink meat… I miss it now. But there is something with this meat, I ate shoulders numerous times and it’s different now… I even bought it in the same place but it’s a hypermarket and keeps pork from various sources.
I actually had a bigger dinner and an afterthought when I realized 1.5-2 hours later that I am still not satiated at all. So I did stop at 2000 kcal. My body has this illogical fixation for 2000 kcal. It is my minimal daily intake under “normal” circumstances (carnivore totally broke that, I typically eat less even vaguely close to carnivore. I ate this amount both on keto and low-carb when I ate as little as I comfortably could. except when I ate more, obviously as no way I don’t go over this tiny amount regularly - just because my energy need is smaller. hopefully I am more active than that now! but I had some inactive times) and it is my normal maximum for a meal. I can go over it easily but not without wrong choices, not wrong but special items or simply not stopping eating when reaching full satiation. But the latter is some serious eating disorder or compulsion, even I barely met it a few times.

I hope I will be okay tomorrow, I go to the city for my blood test to figure out if I can donate blood plasma! I hope I can, I need the money and the mental/emotional reward that I do something good! :smiley:
We will visit Alvaro’s mom more often, I really shouldn’t relax my ways every time, not even to the extent I do nowadays (in my old on/off keto times it was full blown cake and bun eating) so I packed a lot of pork and some eggs for tomorrow. I need it anyway, I often only get a a chicken leg, maybe 2 and it’s nothing to me.

By the way, 2500 kcal or not (probably less, the meat lost some fat. but not very much), I am quite energetic after my big meal. Maybe because it’s evening when my energy is highest - the energy I feel as energy. I have strength to do my workouts around noon but I am still a borderline zombie then. (I can raise my weight for my chest press, yay, it happened today!)
I feel the food and I like sitting now (I walked a lot and run too, I like sitting since then) but I feel energetic mentally or how should I call this. I don’t know, I rarely analyze these feelings. But I feel better than usual I think… I will focus on it more in the future.

(Karen) #303

Great news and I absolutely believe you are healing quickly due to your healthy eating lifestyle. So glad to hear you’re on the mend xx

(Karen) #304

Thank you Edith believe it or not I can sit still for a few minutes now and again lol

(Karen) #305

Up and stair running thisi morning then a chill time getting ready for dancing this afternoon. Had a fab time and my dance partner is getting more and more of his moves memory back since the long arduous break with covid lovkdowns.

Brunch was 3 eggs n bacon cos I forgot to get something out of freezer to defrost in time. So pulled a rump out for when I got back from dancing.

Got home later than usual as I needed to find a petrol station that had petrol!!! Grrrr makes me mad that people are panicking filling their cars up. There is no shortage of fuel but they are going to put the prices up at this rate! Damn media sets them off every flippin time… like lockdown and toilet rolls! Anyway I got some eventually.

So dinner was the rump steak followed by cheese slices wrapped in smoked ham.

(Jane) #306

Oh @Fangs - that sounds HORRIBLE!

I never get flu shots but after my Dad and my FIL got shingles it scared me enough to go get the shingles vaccination. My husband and I both got it last year. It is 2 shots and we got the first one right before they shut down the pharmacies from giving shots due to COVID. We were coming upon the limit for the second shot when they were allowed to give shots again.

(Laurie) #307

@daigo1 , I sleep on rubber mats on the floor (1 to 2 inches thick). I prefer it. However, as a female who sleeps on her side, my hips create a curve in my lower spine. I exercise/stretch daily, and make an effort to switch which side I sleep on – so it’s never a problem unless I skip my exercises for some reason. For men, wide shoulders might cause the upper back to curve.

I believe we need pillows. I grew up without a pillow, so the weight of my head bent my neck downward all night. This resulted in my being lopsided for life.

Elevated legs is probably good, but I haven’t figured out how to do it conveniently and comfortably.

@Fangs , I had shingles once. It wasn’t too bad, and it lasted only a few days. I thought it was insect bites, until I ruled that out. I’m like you, in that basically I refuse to get sick.


Oh, petrol is such a tricky thing to store safely as well - I remember the last time this happened, a woman was really badly injured because they were trying to share petrol out in a kitchen, not realising that it would ignite. Just awful. I have a real issue with the media stirring up such circumstances.

Good to hear from you @Fangs - keep wishing you all the best.

I still don’t have my appetite back. I know others found that around 6 months their appetite decreased; maybe my body took 9 months to feel nourished enough!

Oh well, the food bill will be lower.


Heading into winter is a test for the immune system it seems. I hope everyone recovers well and fully as they build their natural immunity. :heart:

From actual buffalo? My confusion stems from those things called “Buffalo Wings”, I don’t even know what they are.

I’ve reported being unwell for a few weeks with sore joints. So, I tried some anti-inflammatory drugs to moderate effect. They were a mix of paracetamol and ibuprofen. I thought on it a bit more and wondered about the intermittent nature of the aches and how it shifted around different joints.

The next thing I tried was adding copper sulfate (via a multi-vitamin) to my supplements. Current supplements are magnesium citrate and Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide). I noted an improvement overnight. Because I dosed with a “multi” who knows what may have helped.

But copper is one element that carnivores may not be replete in. Copper is important in collagen fibre type 1 production that helps joint injuries heal and strengthens bone and connective tissue matrices.

In my reading I found out the citrate salt of the magnesium helps spare bicarbonate when the body’s interstitial fluid becomes slightly acidic on a carnivore diet. That was a bit of new learning about micronutrients.

I hope to present a better explanation of the information I have found about bicarbonate levels not being optimal in people who eat a carnivore WOE. Yes, that is the sound of the worm can being opened.

The last few nights I have been feasting on an oversupply of baked beef ribs. To which I have added a soft boiled egg (solid egg white but gooey yolk) and some camembert cheese. I had full fat unsweetened Geek yoghurt last night. I have mainly been OMAD this week due to workload at work and that has been a good approach in terms of time schedule management. On the 2 days that I did eat a late breakfast it was the old SOP staple of bacon and eggs.

Typing this puts me to thinking about seafood, the ol’ surf and turf. But I have roast lamb shank and roast beef and some duck liver pate blocking my way to finding some lobster or mackerel.

Currently in the city for another week. It is “Spring break” time here, so not too sad that many of the noisy neighbours have probably gone away (to near where I live in the countryside) and taken their disruption with them - I’m doing the anti-getaway, called a stay.

(Michael) #310

Yeppers, actual buffalo (the larger cousin to the bison). I went to the farm (almost hit a deer at the gate that had jumped free), and I could see at least 5 buffalo grazing in a separate field. I am defrosting the buffalo tongue now. This one tongue weights 1.25 kg or a bit more than 2.5 pounds.
I think the buffalo wings are just spicy in some way and have zero to do with actual buffalo.

(Laurie) #311

The wings are named for the city of Buffalo, NY, I believe.


I wonder how long it has been since a buffalo was seen in Buffalo?

How to greet a buffalo in Hawai’i, “Buff-Aloha”.

We do have buffalo mozzarella at the local food market.


This was a really interesting post - thanks for sharing your findings. I’d be interested in knowing more if/when you make further discoveries.

(Edith) #314

I have not researched this, yet, but I have heard mention on a few different podcasts about the need for bicarbonate on a carnivore diet and in general since we no longer drink water straight from streams and rivers (and for good reason). I have found my digestive tract is doing better since I started adding some sodium bicarbonate to my drinking water.

(Linda ) #315

@Fangs great to hear you are on the mend and doing better
@Shinita good to hear your back to health

Hope everyone else who was sick or family was sick us also doing alot better.

The last couple of daysmy food has been1lb of ground turkey and a couple egg life wraps with sour cream

2nd meal is 1/4 of rack of lamb…I feel better when I eat lamb or beef so I’ve made my 1st bigger meal my lean meal but the lamb holds me over without snacking…


Wow, I didn’t know there are bisons in Europe!

I got some meat in the citym (cheese too, some interesting ones so I will eat some) and learned my veins are tiny and while they serve me well, I can’t donate blood plasma, just blood.

Let’s not talk about my eating today. I consider it an experiment at least. I forgot my food but it’s not an excuse, just saying.
I plan to behave very well in the near future though Alvaro makes some nice low-carb food (quite okay for keto) I plan to taste but truly just taste with copious amount of meat. I have lots of meat now, after all especially that I forgot to bring my pound of roast. So I still have 3. And liver and others.

(Karen) #317

Had a super lovely day today. Did my stair runs and then walked to the CrossFit Box and did a pairs workout with my daughter which involved a lot of running which was good and then we went off sweaty to pick my son up and take him to a bus museum where they were running the vintage buses. We went on 3 buses and got off the 2nd one half way round at a lovely country pub where we had a lovely meal before catching the 3rd bus as it came round back to the museum.

So I had a bit of brunch en route to the museum of 5 slices of topside beef. Then about 2.30pm had a 10oz ribeye steak at the pub and then at home had some smoked ham with smoked cheese rolled up inside… not as nice as yesterday’s sharp cheddar rolled in the ham but went down ok.

(Vic) #318


That looks tasty. :heart_eyes:

…huh, might be time for breakfast.

(Michael) #320

EDIT: Pictures did not come through, re-uploading

Buffalo tongue was in fact delicious. Have lots left, will have a bit with each meal I think. Good enough to eat a large amount but might as well spread it around

I ordered Buffalo heart and kidneys for next month, but I will snag another tongue on the next order