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I like what you said here.

you are so right in that many ‘meat hounds’ and lovers of meat can gear and head towards an extreme lc meal plan or right into carnivore cause it suits us thru our eating preference. I was always a meat hound in my life. From day 1 I would go at ribs or steaks over the other stuff, but sadly as most of us do I was addicted to that other crap also…typical bad diet in my life and I paid the health price on it, but when it boiled down thru my lc walk into carnivore, I knew right away meat/seafood, fish and fowl was my desire. I thrived on it. I wanted it naturally so yea, I see what you are saying here for sure! It was a more natural walk. I was a very variety eater on lc…it drove me nuts trying to make pretend lc substitute meals, useless to me, but on carnivore I thrive cause I am eating my natural preference I do love most. But it also gave me a mind shift of not needing that food variety anymore which I still love to this day I achieved.

I so wish you had open access to big meat purchases. I wish in some way you could get a big azz freezer and set it up and go into the big city for a run and nail yourself a ton of meat and just live on it :slight_smile: I think somehow you are gonna score some big meats in the future, you keep on trying !!!

gravy packets. stuff in jars and cans. So inferior to real gravy just made thru meat drippings and add a tad of fresh cream and you got gravy…other stuff ‘isn’t gravy’ in my eyes but of course people love packet convenience, love just rip, tear add water and eat the chemical laden crap. Hey I was one who did that, not anymore tho :slight_smile:

I can write about food forever also HAHA


NoFUN 4 large free-range eggs with good bacon and some Jarlsberg. Plain black coffee. Had dinner with Mum. Cold rotisserie chicken leftovers,100g smoked salmon, 100g duck liver pate, 60g Jarlsberg cheese, sparkling mineral water. Stay on plan while others at work are sick sick. Looking forward to beef ribs tomorrow.


I would so love love love to be at your Mom’s house eating beef ribs with you guys! It sounds so family type fluffy and fun and familiar and cool and happy! So fab your Mum does this for you and knows you :sunny: I love it.

My mom at 93 says eat some pancakes I make for she wants and I say nope and then she remembers, only meat, so eat all my bacon, she tries to give me all her bacon to feed me LOL

I don’t know, your post just made me happy to read :100:


At least my high-cvalorie dinner was effective :smiley: It’s 4pm and I am so perfectly satiated :smiley: It seems carnivore satiation kicked in and I will have an easier time again :smiley: Not like eating a lot of fatty meat was so hard but it was odd I ate that much. I know I am prone to eat much when I have such a fatty cut and it would be actually fine but I had such a super long overeating period (almost all my life? and I suspect it was very serious. I never could gain quickly while people can gain something noticeable during the holidays! I needed a year to see any change on the scale - that I didn’t even own most of my life :smiley: but my relatives had so I checked it sometimes. I never go to a doctor so that wasn’t an option) that I am a tad afraid my body realized how it can do it even on carnivore, all the time and I will be doomed (well maybe not doomed just staying this fat. I suppose I am healthy enough and I never was beatiful. oh but I wanna see my growing muscles I am working on! and finishing fat-loss. I was so much lighter before the stress gain, my only quick gain - without even eating a ton - and a bit leaner too). I am an optimist and I am not very much or actually afraid, I am hopeful but it still caused some uncomfortable feelings. Especially my 3300 kcal day that doesn’t even count as it wasn’t a proper carnivore-ish day after proper carnivore-ish days. But I so wanna lose this fat already. So it’s up to my body to be cooperative…

Oh it will be fine :slight_smile:

Apropos meat. I still have phases. Sometimes I wonder if a time will come when I just can’t imagine eating meat. Maybe but no way it will last long. I think. It would be problematic to eat extreme low-carb without meat. I don’t feel meat is something I necessarily want but what could I eat without it? So I need it.

21 hours, stomach growls. Not perfectly but still definitely satiated. Negative appetite. No compulsion (or is it a bad kind of appetite?).
And now that I write it down, I suddenly got hungry with appetite. Stupid mind. My body is surely smart :smiley:

Oh I have drippings and I like cream, it sounds nice! I will try it out. Not like I need it… My fatty meat is fine all alone. Usually. Sometimes when it’s not day 1 or 2, it’s more interesting with something with it… I guess the gravy is good with the leaner cuts, those need some fatty addition more. I already wondered how I will eat all the pork chops, we have so much. It’s actually Alvaro’s kind of meat but if I have no fattier option at the moment, I eat it too. Thanks for the tip! I have read about keto and probably carnivore gravy before but never was very attentive…
I never would buy packet gravy even if I ate gravy to begin with, I had no idea it existed… But KetoKoala can’t send me real gravy, I didn’t even see her cooking that. She just fries up everything. That’s nice, I always was a big frier myself but a big slab of meat needs the oven. It’s more convenient too.
I make everything I can since I went low-carb. I didn’t even ever buy coconut milk, I made it myself… It seems almost another life, I dislike it now. I make everything I can myself. Some condiments are just too good and I buy those but it’s minimal. Especially now that I don’t eat boiled eggs so I don’t use mustard, that was a frequently though sparingly used stuff. The others make some appearance once in a blue moon.

Oh I am fine with my tiny freezer (not forever, I imagine a richer life with half sheeps in my freezer :smiley: well ONE half sheep fits, rackas aren’t that huge after butchered but what about my other meats? even if we started with a big stew so only part of the half sheep would go into the freezer), I get good enough (for now) meat with good enough prices in the village and a monthly city visit is enough for getting a decent amount of meat too…
And our fridge gets old, buying a new one isn’t so far away and it will have a significantly bigger freezer. I can’t buy huge amounts of meat for cheaper anyway and there are farms nearby. Though some kinds of meat are sold rarely… Like the wonderful mutton. Or certain breeds of beef. Piglets are sold once a year. Still, my house isn’t big enough for me wishing for a big freezer. The tallest fridge I can find will do :wink: And a simple fridge, not those 2 door ones or what. I would rather learn to can meat, I don’t want spending much on keeping it cold. Yeah, the fridge will be the most effective one that is worth it, we are big on it, we spent a small fortune on making our house close to a passive one but it’s a principle, why to store a ton of frozen meat all the time when it’s mostly for me and not really needed.

Yeah I changed my mind about that too. 1 pound a day was so excessive for many months, whenever I tried it, I experienced that and now I so easily go way higher without a problem or actually, effort…
I always could eat big. I still can’t imagine eating only meat but 20oz for a meal sounds quite okay now (with my current bigger meals).

I still drink coffees btw. With milk now. Yesterday I drank all my coffees until dinner (just until dinner, I obviously didn’t stop, that’s not my style) using 10ml milk in total, I am impressed. Still dislike milk in coffee but black is worse and no coffee is only in my future (between two far apart coffee drinking, I don’t want to give it up completely. maybe I will though, who knows? if I break this close relationship, I may realize I am fine alone).

I love (my) pancakes and I can handle some carbs here and there but well, the thing people call pancake… I never liked those. They aren’t worthy for sure and Alvaro’s Mom makes such things. They contain a ton of flour!!! Eww. My Mom started my heavily eggy pancake journey :smiley: My baseline was already good, well tasty enough back then… And then I progressed.
Alvaro can eat my almost-okay pancakes. He calls mine omelets. But they aren’t… They contain dairy… Just not flour… Whatever. I put 10g flour for 2-4 eggs if it’s for him and he is happy. It’s still not the very starchy, flour tasting thing people call pancake… (I looked it up. 60-200g flour per egg. Oh my god. 12 ingredients. I use 3.)

Erm sorry but pancakes and me, it’s a love story even if they had to change with me :slight_smile: No idea what I do if I stop eating dairy but no sour cream, that sounds impossible for me at the moment.
I rarely eat pancakes nowadays anyway. They trigger my sweets eating when it’s summer so fruits are around me and I am way less disciplined (and it gets worse when I can’t eat my normal food but am hungry. as I always can eat pancakes. I don’t always enjoy them but I always can eat them when hungry. usually even if I am not)…
I feel only safe if I have head cheese as they are so, so good together. And I probably will have that soon. Not sure, I can’t know in advance how much food I will need.

I would look forward to beef ribs myself. I rarely eat beef but ribs? Never. It’s not the cheapest cut. But I don’t have much memories about the farm beef I started with either. We struggled with finding a nice and not super expensive cut. Ribs were too fatty, Alvaro complained. We both are happier with leg stews. But we couldn’t even do things right back then and surely ribs aren’t the same. Just like I have fond memories of pork ribs in my childhood and when I made them in the last years, it wasn’t so good.



11 and I am hungry

Tbone and burgers together.
I felt one of these was not enough, lol, I wanna eat

so tonight maybe some tinned sardines or ? some chicken breast if wanted but right now, hounding down the beef as I require :slight_smile:

(Edith) #346

That Tbone is a thing of beauty. :yum:


Weeee it is and I also trimmed off that small line of fat on the side of it as you can see it is more naked there…cause I decided to eat my 80/20 burgers with it but I usually don’t eat 80/20 due to so much fat in it, so I trimmed the steak a tad to compensate for the burgers and I ate every single bite except for one. I literally could not put the last bite of burger in my tummy…almost got it all down HAHA but I know me, I knew the fat content of the higher burger plus the steak was gonna be too much so I offed that little line of fat on the steak to make up for the extra fat in the burger.

1 bite in the garbage…for me to throw out a bite is almost unheard of but when ya get enough, ya get enough :slight_smile:


Something is wrong with me. I just looked at your blurry raw meat pic (though I never need some super fancy gastro thing with decoration ever… I tend to like the photos in this thread a lot) while being super content with my satiating dinner and now I so could eat more :smiley:

Well yeah I had no proper meat today. I had a sausage, soup with a duck neck, lots of sponge cake with the butter spread and some quark. A tiny bit of cheese and bresaola but I stopped after I started to eat them.
No idea how much but the spread was fatty. And not satiating as it wasn’t protein rich. Pairing it with egg doesn’t make it satiating longer-term. But we will see. I feel content enough. (But I have half-frozen meat if I really need it. Good to know. Still don’t want to eat at night. But being hungry is worse.)

I never throw out food. I can eat it next time - but I have cats anyway. Not like they ever get my good food. They should be happy with the hairy pig skin we got from Alvaro’s Mom and the duck vertebrae from the soup - and all the commoner/fat/edible dormouse they catch lately… sigh Of course they have their normal cat food too, sometimes some raw broken egg or boiled yolk gets old in the freezer, still good but I can be choosy and they get it… They loved eggs so much I could feed the worm medicine to them for a while mixed into eggs but not anymore. It’s good there is some tempting chewing medicine for them, more expensive but they love it, yay!
Tofu isn’t skinny anymore. She never will be chubby, she is just normal after being very thin despite I fed her and she had an okay appetite, often big. But she was very active so it never showed. At least I think that’s why, she always seemed healthy.

(Linda ) #349

Idk why but i hit a couple of super hungry days today I started with strip steaks 2 of them at just after 9am then around about 6pm i got hit with hunger so I threw some fatty short ribs in the instapot and munched down 4 pieces of that…
I need to get back to the store get more chicken and get back into a few lean days but I was trying to eat up some older meats first.


I probably will get leaner days myself, with all the pork chops… They are a bit intimidating. So lean!!! (IDK if pork chops is plural but I have multiple pieces. The fatty one is MINE! That’s the small slice :frowning: ) But I do what I can :slight_smile: Probably skip tracking as I have meat in my soup. Pork, with a totally unknown amount of fat (it has skin too) for the totally unknown amount of raw weight. Not much, though so maybe my curiosity and habit wins.

I tracked. Yep, eating little meat and one meal (and maybe getting the fabulous Carnivore Satiation Effect) made my calorie and protein intake way smaller. So I have great numbers for today as they couldn’t drop too low, it’s me! :wink: Only 124g fat! And some people eat even less, it’s so surreal… My tracking shows 190, 151 and 268 for the last days (backwards, 268 was the slightly carbier day 3 days ago). I am curious what happens on proper, longer term carnivore-ish, today was the first day that matters as I finally got my usual satiation changes. And the same without any dairy. And when I focus on meat and eat barely any eggs… If I ever will have that. Eggs are like fat: they just find their way into my day, no matter what I do unless I am super focused and forceful but I am not that.

OMAD is useful, I have notes about my macros per meal this way. So I know 150g protein for a meal feels pretty normal. Oh and finally I could test fat over 150g per meal. In my low-carb days I felt a bit off after more than 150g fat in one sitting. Nothing like that now. It took long to test as even I didn’t eat so much fat for a single meal normally (the problem happened once too so it was just a hypothesis that it was too much for me). And when I did my first carnivore trial I couldn’t even go that high in a day as I got nauseous. But I guess this will happen more often from now on.

I am curious about tomorrow. Will my smallish OMAD meal (big meals start at 2000 kcal in my world) last for long? How is pork roast with the butter spread (I hopefully get away without trying that, I rather add some camembert)? The thing was kind of okay, very similar to my nostalgic memories just way too sweet. It already had some sweet veggies for the Hungarian flavor and a lot of cream, it was naturally sweet, WHY they put sugar into it? I didn’t know but as I tasted it, it was almost completely clear. I just looked at the carb content in the shop and the first ingredients… It has little carbs let alone added sugar but it’s very unnecessary, even bad for me. But I wanted to make my own anyway. So I had to add extra salt to it to balance out things (my sponge cake was unsalted as always but it’s usually fine. I don’t get why people put salt into everything. even desserts! they must be very different from me.)


yea my pics are blurry, I use a very cheap old tablet to take pics and I can never seem to hold the damn thing still when it does decide to snap a pic LOL

I sure wish you could get a load of proper meat. Carnivore without it is very hard. The fat that we eat helps with hunger of course but darn that big chunk of good ol’ meat protein in our meals is very important to hold us, feed that body to nutrition ya know, without it, no matter how we graze thru the day on smaller foods, it just won’t satisfy and then we just get darn hungry.

@Azi, I also am hitting the store today fast to load up on some chicken. I just used my last pack from the freezer and I do need some for back up times and for leaner eating days just like you :slight_smile:
Chicken hunting we will go!

------------remember someone throw out a name for October…our SOP is flying by now and into the next month we go.

Octopus October? HA I have no idea for October other than OctoberCarniFest maybe?

I have to hit the store fast for a few items…definitely checking meat dept. for any sales and markdowns but I am there mostly for chicken…freezer empty. Must refill cause that darn chicken does become a very important backup meat when required so…

today will be beef with probably come chicken…have to see what meat is marked down and buy it and bring it home then I will know exactly wht I am eating today

Finish SOP off in great form everyone
I can’t believe the holidays and more are coming at us in full force.


Oh I am fine, it was a single day and I was very well-fed in the previous days with my over a pound meat a day (that’s plenty for me, around my personal record). And I did have some half-frozen meat but didn’t need it in the end, I got perfectly satiated with my other food (including a tiny meat) and I am still in that perfect state but it was only 18 hours that I ate so of course, I should have the most energy at this point too. I wanted to do my workout but my muscles disagree, they couldn’t regenerate in one day.
Actually, it’s surprising my little low-meat food satiated me so well as it had lots of added fat this time (the butter spread). Maybe the well-fed state, maybe reaching the nice satiation again, whatever. I am glad. Time to test if I can keep doing OMAD with smallish meals as well!

When I had a few bites of super salted smoked pork and some chicken liver and nothing else meat wise per day in the first 2 weeks in November, that was hard. Or I would think, I found it pretty easy. Until this day that was my longest carnivore period and it was really carnivore, not what I do in summer… I was so disciplined then but I readied myself for months before :smiley:

I remember my 0.25 pound of meat per day times in my first carni times, that was hard. Not what I have now. I do have meat just not my usual fatty pork I like. The rabbit and mutton is for Alvaro’s weekend cookings so all I have is pork chops. Edible and we have a lot, it’s just leaner than what I normally accept. BUT it turned out more pieces had visible fat so I cut those off, Alvaro should be happy with the lean part and I know he will be. So I have a pound of okay meat for today as well. Yay.

So today we eat pork chop roast and I will have soup with pork and duck meat in it and I either will have poached eggs or make an egg pudding. I still have quark too, maybe I eat pancakes as well.
It’s easier to eat one meal, I don’t need to wonder about how much to eat and exactly what. Everything I have and as much as I comfortably can (ideally but actually as much as I consider right and enjoyable. I usually very easily decide when to stop), simple. But I need Carnivore Satiation Effect kicked in for that or else I easily overeat. I still suspect I only can overeat with some extra carbs in the previous days (single higher-cal days don’t count, they happen and they are fine and probably needed for my body as I always had them, in my nice fat-loss times too). I feel lucky. Well I probably could overeat easily if I chose my food very wrong (lots of added fat and cream) but I don’t do that. With my normal satiating food it’s easy.

Chicken. I am so glad I won’t eat chicken, like, ever :smiley: Except sometimes at Alvaro’s mom and the wonderful (though not satiating) chicken at my aunt. We go again as a year passed. I decided not to tell her to have something else but chicken as those are fancy, precious, valuable home-raised chicken, very good tasting (still wouldn’t eat them every week but once a year it’s great), made by a great home cook (not my aunt, she never could cook and had no time either, she was a very overworked physician). I am ready to eat 10 thighs again… I just bring my pork and eggs to get satiated. Maybe then 6 thighs will be enough… :smiley: This is great at my aunt, it’s not 3 legs like at Alvaro’s mom. It’s several. And no one bats on eye if I eat 10, without the carbs.
I still can’t process that someone told me on this forum that 4-6 oz meat is the proper portion and eating 6 eggs is excessive and for eating contests (I forgot the record again but looked it up. 141. I can’t comprehend that either)… I realized I am more like a 20 ounces meat person but I eat a bunch of other things with it. And I do need that energy… And protein to get satiated. It’s not excessive AT ALL.
But I suppose it must be odd for people too used to tiny snack sized meals. I am used to seeing people who could and need to eat substantial meals. Nothing excessive but not small for sure.

Her comes my hugest anti-carnivore paragraph ever. and it’s something coming from me. I warned everyone.

Oh the holidays won’t that bad for us. Alvaro’s Mom surely will give us some candy but Alvaro can handle that as always. I will try to train my hedonist to be a true one, not the one that follows habits and compulsions. But we will get A TON of (carefully chosen, tempting and probably very tasty except too sweet) sweets and I mean, like, 8lbs sugar content? I totally feel dread. But it will be a new experiment, we will see if Alvaro can reach sugar poisoning. My self restriction abilities don’t need experiments, they are horrible. But my hedonist self and self-protection is good. So I am hopeful but still dread the day and the next days and weeks and I wanted carni months after that… And I will have them. January is especially sacred. It is my keto month since quite a few years and now it’s my carnivore month.
I will do everything to avoid such a situation in the future. I didn’t want that. Things escalated and I had not enough power over them as it wasn’t what I did personally.
I probably need to think over things more. But I still will feel a bit sorry for Alvaro.

(Edith) #353

Maybe just simply CarniFest or OctCarniFest?


We got a winner here :slight_smile:
I like the month, the plan. and a darn festival of eating our lifestyle for the month…cool

OctCarniFest it is and we will all just eat the meats and other stuff we love and thrive…neato!


Nice :slight_smile: We eat the sausages and leave the beer! :smiley: If you ask me, sausages taste better than beer anyway, in general…

I thought October is too fruity for me to be really committed but with my past and future… I go for a nice (mostly, let’s be realistic) carnivore-ish October! A better one than my September and it wasn’t sooooo bad but not my best month for sure. I feel I am comfortably on track now. And going off seems more and more stupid as time passes. So yep, I try to do my best.
I think OMAD helps tremendously. If I don’t eat until 5-6, I don’t eat carbs until 5-6 but not only that, a nice big carni meal silences my lingering misplaced desires. I think. We will see what happens longer term.

I try to stay away but my thoughts are around food too much again. I never was the type who didn’t think about food for long hours when having free time to do so… And I never was the type who ate just because food was on their mind since hours. I rarely eat when I am satiated but I still like thinking about food.

(Karen) #356

Oh dear miss one day … cant read all the posts! Last day of September and still on track.

(Linda ) #357

I finally went shopping oh the price of meat ouch I left the store spending just under 300 dollars just on meat…that wouldn’t sound so bad except its just for me lol…
But they didn’t have rack of lamb so i got 2 packs of lamb chops and a roast of lamb had to have some lamb lol. …I got my chicken ,I got a few packs of strip steak and I bought a bottom round roast ll tr roasting that long and slow and it should fit into lean meat days…
So 2 meals today first was chuck eye steak 2nd meal was 1 chicken thigh two lamb chops…


I am so, so full, I ate as much as I comfortably could. But it was a leanish day (40% protein, I rarely see that. and my fat intake below 100g! well okay it’s a guess. I ate much pork with totally unknown fat content. I tried to guess based on the feeling. I have some experience with differently fatty pork, after all) so it was an even smaller meal than yesterday’s. I ate about 2 eggs only. And my soup with pork, my chop with fat layer, not perfect but okay (Alvaro decided it’s his ideal meat. and I grabbed all the visible fat with a thinner meat layer… and was glad that piece had it. I don’t remember this cut having any visible fat normally. but that huge single piece had it all along it. yum), tiny cheese and even a little bit butter spread.
My carbs are lowest since ages :slight_smile:
And I am a bit too full.
I want to eat well tomorrow, fattier as I do my workout! I started today with a single exercise and 12 repetitions, yay, I can raise my weights for my biceps, my favorite albeit small muscles :smiley: I mean, it’s a small muscle, half as big as the triceps and even that is a small muscle. Obviously mine is super small just like the others. But it’s bigger than in the past. Probably not measurable yet but I see the curve :smiley:

Why am I this bubbly, maybe my little running in the sunshine. I am almost okay with my activity, I just forget to go for my evening walk in time. I didn’t used to sunset coming that early.

My meat. Do you see all the fat on top? Mostly thin layer but it existed and helped a lot.

Meat prices are normal here. I still don’t spend more than ~$6/kg on any meat (not counting tinned fish but I barely eat that ever) and I have some options even below $4 (I should buy beef liver again…) where my staples are. Even without chicken that I won’t touch except the liver.


What about “Hunt for Red”? as in Hunt for Red Meat October.

OMAD Yesterday. 2 coffees though. 2 (too) large baked beef ribs and 200g Brie cheese. Sparkling mineral water.


@Azi, OW is right but it sounds like you got a good score on your meat. Enjoy every bit of it :slight_smile: Prices are climbing for sure…ugh.

OK everyone, OctCarniFest is up and running…jump over into the new thread and away we go for October…On plan and feeling fine!!!