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Sorry you are still not well, it has been a long while. My sons symptoms were headache, sore when swallowing, slight fever and runny nose.

Are you able to rest alot? Or do you have work? I wish you feel better soon too @Shinita!

I feel like I have all the symptoms, but its probably all in my head :slight_smile:

Goodness, we are a sorry lot these days…

(Daisy) #282

@Shatz thank you! I hope your son recovers soon!!
@Fangs I hope you feel better soon!! My husband had shingles a few years ago, it is no fun!!
@Azi thank you!


My body surely wouldn’t break down but it’s plain impossible for me… I need lots of fat each and every day all the time. I just can’t pull it off if my food is super lean like pork chops, apparently.
(It doesn’t mean I won’t try lower fat in the future, I just expect to fail - or in some delusional cases, not just do it. way over 200g, probably over 250g fat when I went for quite high-protein, that was memorable… Now I go for low-fat, not very high protein as the two things are very different :D)

I eat low-meat for a while as I only have chops and will fry liver tomorrow and they are way too lean for me to eat much. The day after tomorrow I will fry some pork shoulders but it would be too much porky days in row now. I will be creative with my eggs but I have my processed things if I need them. I try not to gobble up all the bresaola, I really love it now and maybe they changed something but it’s tender and wonderful now and I liked it enough when it was chewy and occasionally too thick…

So you don’t have an exactly happy anniversary, @Ketodaisy, I don’t say that then but I wish your family gets better super quickly!

It’s good to hear about you, @Fangs (if someone disappears, my optimist-realist-paranoid mix self always think about the possibilities of bad things)! I am rooting for you to get better quickly!!! (Not like I am very effective, I can’t even heal myself, for heaven’s sake but the thought is what counts here…)
I have no idea what singles is like but sounds quite bad.
I should try to be good carnivore, I am so bad now that I have cold like symptoms, I generally care less about things and that’s not good in my current circumstances. It’s good I prefer eggs and meat but I still can stray too far for my liking and I can mess up my timing if nothing else… And I don’t even enjoy it and it annoys me. I should get my stuff together, finally.

@Shatz: I can rest, yes and I have the personality and body that I never neglect rest if possible. In the first week I couldn’t sleep through the night and that was bad, it’s okay now. It’s almost nothing, just a tiny thing in my throat (no pain anymore, that wasn’t fun, drinking copious amount of hot liquids and looking at the stars at 3am :smiley: I can’t fall asleep if I am in pain but I have problems with going back to sleep nowadays too. 10-something years ago I lay down, I slept. but I normally sleep through the night, I never wake up unless I have some problem and I rarely do), funny feeling in my nose, today I felt cold (it was cold) then I felt hot (it was cold, Alvaro came and shut the window saying it’s super cold in my room. but I was hot)… Nothing serious but I am bored with this. Why I wrote about it, it’s stupid. And nothing. Most people are way sicker than me all the time I am sure. I am just whiny as I am not used to this and it was ages ago I got sick. And I will be checked in the bloodplasma center on Saturday, I must be healthy then, it would be such an annoying thing to ask for another appointment… Especially that I wanted to be healthy a week ago already…

Catching something in the autumn, it’s so cliche :cry:

(Daisy) #284

Thank you! I hope you feel better soon as well!!

(Karen) #285

Oh my @Fangs how poorly are you!!! I will keep you in my daily prayers and see if we cant get some healing hands on you. Keep us updated and I will be praying you feel your normal tip top self very soon xxx​:pray::pray:

(Doug) #286

Fangs, good luck getting over it fast. That is one nasty feeling.


How awful, @Fangs - shingles is a rotten illness. I’ve not had it but my friends have and it’s awful seeing them suffer.

Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery. Rest up.


As we hopefully reached the bottom… I start the way upward. I woke well-rested and my throat wasn’t this okay since I got sick. Hopefully I will be okay now.
I expect you others and your families to follow into health! (To the usual extent, at least, few people are near perfectly healthy normally.)

So I have ZERO reason-excuse to continue having my eating bumps, it was quite annoying lately.
I fried chicken liver today, we have a tiny pork left, I have eggs… It should be fine and tomorrow I will make some fatty pork roast again. So, I have the usual, nothing exciting. But there will be mutton on Sunday! Yay!

Poor Fangs, I think of her multiple times a day, wishing for some record breaking fast recovery!

(Linda ) #289

Yesterday getting hungry so had more short ribs and pork rinds followed by 2 egg yolk muffins…

So today I ate the last of my short ribs followed by a porterhouse steak tomorrow go back to lean


I had a smallish lunch, I definitely didn’t reach satiation but I ate a decent amount (compared to my energy need, I prefer my meals more substantial) and had no proper meat so I stopped.
Some borderline satiation arrived later :slight_smile:
Less than 1200 kcal, much more fat than protein…
Eggs, liver, fatty processed bork, bresaola and a little sour cream. And cream in my few or several, I lost count coffees (but I drank liters of tea too and only half of the day passed and I always drink more later). 16ml cream in total, I was mildly generous with it, less would have been enough.

I wish I could do OMAD, I am not so good with smallish meals. But I got hungry. But maybe I just need some proper meat, I will have it tomorrow.

(Michael) #291

First time trying Buffalo Ribs today for breakfast at least - starting with 1 lb right now at least, we will see in hour or two if I finish the other 1 lb or wait until later today (most likely)

Here the larger half on my plate for breakfast and then the full 2 lbs cooked.

(Karen) #292

Stair runs done during the ads on TV this morning. Back was a bit twingey on one side and so did the runs bit by bit and thankfully the back eased off. Probably due to being on my feet for last two days at work.

Brunch was chicken thighs pulled apart and sauted in butter and melted cheese.

Spent the afternoon sorting through the rubbish in my garden seeing what to salvage and what to throw and got all the paving bricks safely stored in my front lean to so they don’t end up in the skip Monday when the landscapers start on the garden yesssss they are starting Monday and I am so excited. I have waited years for this to happen!

Dinner was small sirloin and seafood pie mix without the pie lol. Finished off with a bit of cheese.

(Daisy) #293

Food from the last couple days. Eggs and liver, then raw roast. Today was eggs, beef bacon and psmf toast, egg/chicken salad with primal kitchen Mayo, the little bit of roast left from last night, a ribeye, and more raw beef liver! We are on the mend. My husband is the worst and had been all day in the Er having tests and treatments.

image image image image image image image


how did carnivores sleep back in the day? just wondering because after i’ve corrected my diet, i’m looking to correct my sleep now as well. like do i need to sleep on a mattress, do i need a pillow, is elevated leg support detrimental at all, etc.


Isn’t this (as most things) individual and one needs to find what works for them best?
I always needed a pillow and always will. I don’t need a bed though just a very compy mattress (okay, 2, one for my plushies and decorative pillows and sometimes books) with blankets.
My woe doesn’t matter the slightest. I need the same bed, a similar amount of sleep and if my sleeping hours are similar (I mean the timing too), I wake up as a zombie every morning (a bit more energetic zombie if my carbs are lower). I am NO morning person, to put it very very lightly.

@Ketodaisy: Pretty food! My best wishes to your poor family. I think I am quite healed now, don’t want to be sick ever again. (I said it to you as well, my usually superb immune system.) Let’s get everyone better! Everyone in this thread. One never can be too healthy!

(Linda ) #296

I still sleep with my pillow I think as far as sleep goes I’m needing less not normally a morning person but jake has been getting me out the house before 7 am last few days although if he had his wY it be at 6 am…

Food today is chicken I got blood labs to do for Dr C tomorrow so I’ll have to eat lateras well so I don’t go over 14 hours fasted…

(Karen) #297

Usual stair runs, all in one go today but no CF as my back isn’t 100%. Did some more salvaging in the garden again today and then my daughter phoned to see if I fancied a walk n talk early evening. Sun was lovely and warm and so it was a no brainer! We walked 8 miles and it was dark by the time we got back to my house.

Brunch was 3 fried eggs n bacon
Dinner was 2 rump steaks
And a bit of cheese , stilton blue and cheddar.


I roasted my pork shoulders but it got ready after dinner, I mostly ate eggs, salmon spread and chicken liver. The tiny experimental liver made with cream and garlic was nice but nothing special. I am not used to such a strong flavor (I mean the garlic), never use it nowadays, I probably won’t use it next time or just a weeee bit but I had to try.

Tomorrow I want at least one purely meaty meal! It sounds easy but we will see.

2MAD just like yesterday, it’s okay.
I finally walked and worked out a bit! (I finish it tomorrow.) My activity dropped during my sickness and I had as much energy as before, I just lacked the mood after a while.
I have my little runs too during my walks.


hey Carnivores

Thank you everyone for the well wishes!

On the mend, doing better now vs. going down hill fast.

Hit the eye Dr. and he said everything was fine and my eye is perfect. My eye was something truly out of a monster movie, scary to see something like that on one’s own face :slight_smile: but he checked my shingles progress and he said for being only 5 days into this, I was recovering very fast and headed toward healing and being clear very quickly. He said most have the active stage longer than I did and my carnivore brain thought, hmmm, yea cause my body has a healthy immune system to fight off stuff and heal faster maybe?? I don’t know but I kinda put it down to being off crap sugar and junky plants! I know carnivore will never be a cure all and total deterrent to all things medical, but I also felt deep down my faster healing progression has a link to my carnivore so that kinda was food for thought for me.

I am one who is on the worst patient list known to mankind for sure. I don’t ‘do sick’ at all. The eye Dr said, what did you do, will this away faster and I said darn right I did HAHA

Still moving slow. Still got funky eye and crazy forehead and decent energy until it bottoms out fast, I guess a virus does that to one, but I do feel I am getting better faster now.

SOP Sept is going well. Holding plan. Didn’t eat a ton when starting to get sick but now my appetite is returning and I got a few cheeseburger patties planned for first meal and second meal, might eat up some of the london broil roast that hubby will be doing on the grill tonight for the family. Appetite is still lower, not raging but at least I do want something and thinking more about food.

what kills me, heck I am up like 5 lbs. The steriods, antibotics, anti-viral meds just icked me out. I feel puffy and icky ya know inside but I know that will drop fast soon and I know the good body feeling will come back sooner than later now.

Check in later, still recovering and a tad brain dead a bit still LOL but on the mend.

Everyone finish off SOP Sept in strong form! I don’t know where Sept went cause it seems like a blur to me now, but hold SOP Sept and we can go into Oct in fine shape!


Hey @Fangs, it’s nice to see you still have your spirit and even heal quick! :wink:
I’m glad hearing about you!

I plan a very pork shoulders heavy day today as I have 2kg (more than 4 pounds) roasted. A bit less than 2kg as I couldn’t help tasting it last evening, really just a tiny taste. Not the best pork I ever ate but it will be fine.
I really should get pork from the pig farm already, the little shop is back too, they were on holiday (as much as someone keeping pigs could though maybe they have people to tend to the animals at some point. maybe I will ask, we always chat a bit. but I rather ask about the fresh pork :D).