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I am happy for you, it’s nice to hear/read such things!

(Dennis Jacobs) #262

Once this job is over I think I’ll take bit of a rest. Problem is 30.000 bf into a 200,000 bf harvest. Just keep eating energy foods and keep going. Thanks for the kudos’

(Linda ) #263

Wow what an amazing testimony for carnivore and staying on plan…
Congrats On your success

(Dennis Jacobs) #264

SOP is important. I need all the help I can get. Thanks.


I think we can say it all. Even if our life isn’t that demanding and we are okay-ish on some other woe too. I want a very long, healthy, fit, energetic life and I don’t feel I can be too indulging when it’s about highly important factors like how I eat…
(And now I feel so stupid looking back to my recent past. I didn’t do it right enough and what did I win with it? Nothing. Doing way better than in my distant past isn’t enough.)

I have a photo! Pork chops. We might finish it today, it wasn’t much. 3.5 pounds? Alvaro is very happy with it, I appreciate the fat layer, the meat itself is too lean for me but I can eat it just fine. I use up the jelly and fat in the bottom of the pan while Alvaro mostly gets the pure leanness and it’s okay for both of us. I still wouldn’t want pork chops too often, next time I put some chuck or shoulders into the oven pan for me! But this cut works here and there.

(Linda ) #266

Today I’m eating chicken I grilled it with skin on this time took a bite and gave rest to the dogs they enjoy the skin as much as me lol…
I was hungry this morning so I cooked 6 chicken thighs but when I actually ate I only wanted two so the rest are for later…

(Linda ) #267

@Fangs hope you ok …you haven’t posted in a few hours not like you

(Karen) #268

Late shift for me today so a bit of a lay in and then stair runs. Brunch was a nice sirloin steak.

Pack up was chicken cheese and butter and 2 hard boiled eggs.

Just home and chilling and had a bit of cheese.

Early night for me cos I am back for a day shift tomorrow so up at silly o’clock.


I am still not healthy. It’s so odd, I never was unwell for this long since I was a kid and even then, very very rarely. I was a healthy kid.
So I drank a lot of warm liquid today and was in no mood to make my workouts, the sun wasn’t shining either and it was cold too and it bothered my throat so I skipped my walks too (only took a tiny one), I really need to be more active tomorrow!

Lean pork isn’t so great for me. I can eat it but as I quickly run out of the fatty parts and even those aren’t as tempting as my normal pork, I automatically eat little meat and I ended up with 3 meals in a big eating window (7 hours?) and that’s not good for me.
I will be more careful tomorrow, I opened a package of some very fatty boiled pork this evening when I realized the problem. I am still not very much into eggs and the rest I can eat isn’t as effective. I need my nice, satiating food. But pairing lean pork with some very fatty one sounds good for tomorrow.
The meat is nice and tender and juicy enough though, I just need my fat too, it seems.

By the way I realized we almost run out of coconut oil. It makes this week a tad more interesting but I have found some old olive oil and they together should be enough for Alvaro (he uses very little added fat just like me but some of our dishes still need some). I simply won’t use added fat as I don’t have any barred a tiny leftover fish oil (I made scrambled eggs with some and Alvaro complained about the fish smell in the kitchen…). I have butter though so in a pinch I can use that.
Hopefully my pork shoulders will produce a tiny lard. I really don’t need much.

I started to track today but I abandoned it at my 3rd meal…

(Linda ) #270

The 3 meals of lean protein actually isn’t bad for us according to Dr C but only for a couple days…then cycle back to fattier…

I do that on my lean days sometimes I’ll even eat 4 times by day 3 then the 4th day I eat my fatty meat…

(Daisy) #271

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. My family has the sickness, so we’re just getting by one day at a time. Lots of beef for me. Some pictures from the last few days
image image image image image image image image image


HI Azi!!

I am down for the count…medical.

I woke up horrible one morning and knew I ‘was very off’.
Normally I wouldn’t go to a Dr if my leg was hanging off but this time, yea I went LOL

Shingles. On my scalp, forehead, into my eye and into my nose and cheek a bit.

On meds. Got chills, eye almost swelled shut, painful burning OW all through the area, eyeball aching like hell, blisters and head is just insane I am so f’ing out of it.

Got eye Dr. appt for tomorrow to be safe on it.

Feel like a wet dish rag.

Ain’t sleeping. Massive fatigue. No appetite. Don’t even want water hardly. Gut getting upset with meds. Bathroom issues from meds with the D coming at me but thankfully without eating it isn’t too bad…gawd

Won’t be posting much for a few weeks, I just am so brain dead it is crazy. Moral of the story, maybe I can drop a lb HAHA but I got on the scale and I am up like 3 lbs…damn meds and wacked out body systems right now it is just too much to even worry about.

but I did put in some small pork ribs for ‘just in case I get hungry’ but only thing I am eating is some tuna and some salami slices to nibble but no real meat cause I just don’t want it.

EHHH, what won’t kill me will make me stronger in the end…back in a few wks to chat up and thanks for checking on me!! I hope to just let this run its course and I can get on with life.

I had to hit store for some tums cause tummy was burning from meds and I wore a covid mask, smashed down my bangs of my hair over my forehead to not show that red swollen blistering trainwreck and put on dark sunglasses to cover the swollen weeping eye. Honestly I am set for Halloween LOL ugh

-------------be good carnivores and hold SOP!! I am doing it but it is easy right now, don’t even feel like eating anything let alone crap so I will just recover and come back later :slight_smile:

(Vic) #273

Scallops, bacon and chicken for lunch

(Linda ) #274

I knew something was wrong…I hear shingles is awful so do rest up I should get a shot but I keep forgetting…

rest up Fangs take all the time you need to heal up…
We be here thinking of you…

(Michael) #275

Ack, shingles. I have not had, but as it is the same virus causes herpes, which also sadly I have, I know the pain can be excruciating. I hope your bout resolves itself shortly and you have my sympathies. Good luck Fangs!

I have been avoiding this thread recently while fasting to avoid looking at all the food, but I will be eating tonight, and I have taken my buffalo ribs out of the freezer and into the fridge. I will be downing those tomorrow, so I will post that picture of those then :slight_smile:

(Linda ) #276

Your meat looks great sorry to hear all your family is sick too…
Rest up well and take care if your self too


So sorry to hear, @Fangs, i wish you the best until you recover. I also hear this can be very tough, so I hope you have lots of support, we are here!!


My son also got «the sickness» this saturday, he is not seriously sick, and I hope I can avoid it, even tho we are in small apartment, so not so much distancing. I wish your family the best, and hope you stay well, @Ketodaisy.

(Linda ) #279

Keep well too hope your son recovers fast.

(Linda ) #280

It was my first fatty meat day and boy was I looking forward to it .
I’m thinking today will probably be one meal …