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(Edith) #241

Wow! Those crabs are huge! We have blue crabs where I live and they are tiny little things compared to that. The amount of work required to get a tiny little bit of meat out of the blue crab is just not worth it in my opinion.

(Karen) #242

Forgot to post yesterday. Got up did stair runs went to CrossFit for a very cv wod and painted the door and window surround on my extension as it was still grey plaster from when I had new windows put in. Too embarrassed to say how long ago that was lol. Got a new start date of 27th sept for the landscaping so have to get on with a few jobs before they start.

Brunch was lamb chops dinner was rump steak and a bit of cheese in between and some tuna later.

Today stair runs done and then leisurely got ready for tea dance this afternoon. Super lovely dance as always.

Brunch lamb chops dinner sirloin steak and some cheese and 2 hard boiled eggs.

@Shatz have a super time in spain. Eat plenty fresh fish!
@Ketodaisy happy birthday x


That feeling, when you were hungry, and ate your fill of a good ribeye. The wellbeing is bliss. No uncomfortable feelings of stuffiness, bloating, burping or sweating. Now I know that «nourished» is a physical feeling. And its gooooood!!!


So, I’m not drinking any more.

I’ve given up a couple of times this year, but it’s something I really enjoy doing. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that the longer I stop drinking, when I go back to it, I feel much more unwell. Not drunk, not hungover - just terrible sleep, stomach ache, feeling suboptimal.

I know it’s probably for the best overall, but it’s a bit annoying when it was something you really liked doing. :rofl:

Oh well, I got away with it for a long period on keto/carnivore - in fairness, I thought the end would’ve come far sooner.

(Karen) #245

I’m 21 years stopped drinking and it was the best thing I ever did… in fact I would even go as far as to say it saved my life! I liked drinking far too much!

Good luck and well done, you won’t regret it in the long term.

(Edith) #246

That was my husband. He liked the idea of having a few beers on Friday and/or Saturday night as a reward for the end of a busy week, but then he never felt good the next day (and we’re only talking about two or three, no getting drunk.) His body is much happier with it.

(Karen) #247

Stair runs done this morning and then a pairs workout at CrossFit with my daughter. … Hard as but only as hard as what you put into it.

Brunch 3 lamb ribs and a bit of cheese.
Dinner large sirloin steak and small salmon fillet and a bit more cheese.
Later a hard boiled egg.

(Carnivore for the win) #248

Same thing happened to me on keto then carnivore. The more I cleaned up my diet and health, the worse drinking made me feel. Now, after almost two years carnivore, one drink makes me feel sick.

I have started wearing a Fitbit, for fun. The couple of times I did have a drink this summer, my sleep was poor, and heart rate and breathes per minute were up, with lowered heart rate variability. I was sick for a few days from food poisoning, and the reults on my Fitbit were similar to when I drank. So no more vodka sodas for me.


Yeah, that’s what’s got me. I tended to drink most weekends, but only the odd glass - we’re not talking half a bottle of scotch or anything.

I didn’t remotely feel anything during the transition to keto or to carnivore; I expected to feel more buzzed more quickly, but it didn’t happen for me - and I didn’t really feel anything the next day; I’ve felt worse on days when I’ve not had restful sleep (say, due to the hot weather in the height of summer) than on days after drinking.

But ever since I stopped a few months ago and started again, I’ve noticed a real difference in how my stomach reacted. I have been a real aficionado of whisky - it legitimately has been a hobby and I have some expensive unopened scotch in my cupboard - but I just noticed that I didn’t enjoy it quite so much. I liked the way it made me feel, but I was a bit more non-plussed on the taste (despite knowing that these bottles were previously a favourite).

Thanks, I appreciate it. I have given up for prolonged periods in the past; I was an oddity in that I rarely drank during uni, and I gave up for about five years in my mid 20s.

The idea of being sober doesn’t bother me, thankfully - although the only thing I am concerned about is when things are a bit more normal and I can meet up with friends again. Around here, you tend to just go to the pub because there’s not much else to do. When I’ve been sober in the past, I’ve always drunk diet coke - but I’ve been so proud of kicking my soft drink addiction with carnivore, I wouldn’t want to go back to that. But yeah, no diet coke and no alcohol makes you a fairly poor pub companion.

Oh well, I think that scenario is a long way off just yet anyway.

Thanks for sharing - I sighed when I read your post, because I knew this was going to be the real truth! I appreciate you sharing your experience - I suspected this would happen.

It makes sense - we’re eating such a reduced diet and our bodies are running really well, and then we literally ingest a poison.

I really appreciate you all chipping in; it’s helped me to feel that it was the right decision. @Karen18 @VirginiaEdie @Elliot-W

(Linda ) #250

Today started with 1lb of ground turkey on egg white wraps rest on plate.
2nd meal was jumbo shrimp steamed and added a bit of butter…
Finally got the all clear to swim in my pool…lucky its florida and the days are still hot …its raining now though…

Update I ended up eating another bowl of jumbo shrimp …no suprise I get hungry eating low fat…
Took the dogs out early this morning for their walk.


Thanks you, I am almost okay now. Still not 100% perfect throat but I feel fine, I just have a bit ugly voice :smiley:
Oh I never even tried to listen to any advice, be it normal or keto, I merely was curious what people write nowadays.

I will have my blood check next Saturday! I brought a brochure from the blood plasma center… My poor lil mind, I like confrontation about woe, that’s fun and I rarely have it but it’s a bit sad people read it and may follow even if it’s not for them.
But I got relieved as it write I only shouldn’t eat “disadvantageous” food in the previous 10-12 hours before donating blood plasma. Your mom is disadvantageous, I said first but okay, disadvantageous for the blood plasma donoring. Not like they didn’t totally write complete menu advice in the brochure.
The brochure writer had some odd idea about things like it banned every even remotely fatty things (full-fat yogurt? the horror!) while allowed nuts and eggs - but someone crossed out the latter and wrote it’s after donating blood plasma (of course without using much fat but the eggs are quite fatty to begin with. it’s probably no problem for normal people who don’t eat 6-10 or more in a few hours).
As it’s very very unlikely I will ever eat in the previous 16-20 hours, I am quite fine. And obviously they can’t dictate my normal menu. No one ever could I think… I am a stubborn and hedonistic one.

So 10-12 hours… Maybe that’s why it was fine for Alvaro to eat 80g fat in the previous 24 hours, he always had a low-fat breakfast a few hours before donating. 80g is not particularly low-fat, at least not according to their standards. Even I can eat only that amount during a perfectly fine extreme low-carb day. It’s rare but happens.

So it will be fine as long as they won’t have problems with my blood next week. No idea what lipid panel they want and what I have.

We bought lots of meat. Still no turkey but 4kg pork chops (Alvaro was happy they had such a piece. it was long, no way to fit it into the freezer in its original shape but I fried some anyway), 2kg pork shoulders - and some mutton!!! YAY! It wasn’t totally fresh - still looked good - so it was on big sale, just for the price of the cheapest beef cut.

I got my usual processed pork and bresaola as well, just a little.

And cream! :smiley: It was even on sale but with a somewhat close expiration date so I bought only 3 bags (250ml each) :smiley: That’s super much compared to our usual speed of consumption even before I started my no or little dairy times but Alvaro will help to eat it and I have plans anyway. I have coffee too, it’s so nice… Hopefully I will stick to my not too many coffees a day even after DAYS without any… I can drink cold water just fine now!
We bought cheese for Alvaro but I am fine without that.

Alvaro’s mom only had chicken so it’s nice I brought the leftover pork and some eggs with me.

I don’t get bored with pork yet at all but I wonder how I will feel about the chops (okay, it had a layer on very visible fat on it but it’s chops, some super lean pork in my world! I usually don’t like to go that low with fat)… Alvaro will be delighted for sure, he loves chop with its leanness… He loves the true lean meats too. I prefer pork chuck or fattier but it depends. I roast the leaner pork in bigger pieces so it won’t get dry. And if it’s still not good enough, I add some super fatty processed pork to it but I didn’t even need that with our last pork that had theoretically about the same fattiness as the chops. Every piece of meat is different so we will see.

Sounds a good decision for you! I never drank much but my current frequency and amounts are so insignificant that I have no reason to give up. Well we don’t have any booze in the house now, maybe a few months later, not in a hurry… The last vodka bottle (2dl) lasted several months, that’s how I do it but I still had beers many times this year. I only will taste fancier ones in the past, I don’t need summer beer drinking. I can drink carbonated water, almost as good to me… I love bubbles :smiley: And it’s a bit unconvenient to wait for Alvaro as I just don’t want to drink even a 0.33dl beer let alone a normal 0.5dl one. The last time I drank a whole beer by myself was quite a few years ago (but that took a very hot weather, a party and a longish time even then).

In the end, I never ever could figure out if keto did anything to my alcohol tolerance. Once I felt it after a tiny amount but I had that way before low-carb once, there are too many factors.
I simply can’t bring myself to drink a whole shot or beer anymore. Something happened to me after keto, maybe partially due to me keep drinking carby things so the amounts became tiny but I automatically started to do that with no-carb drinks too…
It’s great, I still can taste anything if I want but my body easily and quickly can handle the tiny toxin.

Oh. I hope it didn’t happen with my favorite whisky I didn’t taste since ages (but I will soon I guess. we thought we have to have a lot of money to spend it on such frivolous, unnecessary, pricy things… but a bottle lasts forever and it’s not like we need to sacrifice anything for it). It was such a nice-smelling, wonderful liquid… My tastebuds barely behave differently than in my high-carb days so hopefully it will be fine. But if not, Alvaro will surely can drink it in the next decade… He isn’t nearly into drinking as much as before and he wasn’t a big drinker to begin with…


Last night’s steak was a small scotch fillet cooked on the wood fire. I much prefer cooking on the wood fire stove to the conduction electric stove top. I have mindfully added salt as suggested. I like the flavour.

Unfortunately these aching joints still come and go, as well as general stiffness in hand and finger joints. Next step is to go carnivore. That is to say, just beef, salt and water.

I am back out in the countryside. The air is delicious and cold this morning. There is wind in the trees. Clouds and sunshine. The seasons are trying to make up their mind.

Staying on plan with chicken egg omelette breakfasts. Yesterday the ‘bacon’ was left over beef ribs, so that was a tallow pan omelette. Dairy has been double cream or cheeses. Usually Jarlsberg cheese, but I had some aged Manchego yesterday. I haven’t had seafood for a few days.

(Edith) #253

Maybe try no dairy. Dairy makes my joints hurt.

(Alex ) #254


Hi Linda, Is this guy your actual GP? I’ve seen his videos and thought they were pretty good.

(Linda ) #255

He is actually one of my drs yes…

(Alex ) #256

Cool, I like his style… always intrigued by these keto oriented Doctors…


Seconded. I found this too.

(Karen) #258

Stair runs done and then i have more or less just chilled today apart from taking Raymond to B&Q with me. He likes going there as he feels useful offering me advice even though it can be annoying as he tells me things I already know lol

Brunch was ribeye steak and lamb chops and a bit of cheese.
Dinner was german sausages cos that was all 8 had in fridge apart from eggs n bacon and never thought to cook them !

Hard boiled some eggs ready for work these next 2 days and got some stuff out of freezer to defrost ready for pack ups.

(Dennis Jacobs) #259

SOP for me has worked well for me. I have been C since June 2017 and have noticed MANY improvements in my health. T2D gone, RA minimized just to name a few. But this month SOP is really paying off. I’m 3 weeks from my 76th b-day and I’m logging off our property. I’m working with a logger friend and doing my share of the work. I’m cutting 20 -30 douglas firs one day to preparing logs for stacking and using my tractor to sort and stack for the next 2 days. Rince and repeat. Been doing this for 4 weeks now. Could I have done this10 years ago? You bet I could and I did. The diff was I had a lot of muscle pain [ back and leg, arm ] My day couldn’t come to end soon enough. Energy levels low and hated to start the day.
As noted I’m 4 weeks in and other than a small amount of tight muscles in the morning I’m ready to work and I’m supprized when the 1 o’clock day ends. What a difference WOE and SOP has made in my life.
Thank all of you for your words of wisdom and helping me keep on track.


What a fantastic post to read. Kudos to you, friend.