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@VirginiaEdie … You need to write and op-ed, girlfriend! Straighten them boogers out with facts. I love that you posted this. Sorry if I sounded awful. These people need to be taught a lesson, though.


We have AC installed and I bought meat :smiley: A leaner cut was on sale but it works for me sometimes and better for Alvaro. A nice fatty pork chuck roast is hard to share with him, fat everywhere! This one will work better.

I enjoy my dairy now, I so missed sour cream! Too perfect for scrambled eggs and I often have that now. I stopped eating boiled eggs for a while.

It seems I eat tiny one-course meals now. I had some eggs with sausage and a little fried mincemeat today for 2 meals. Food is totally off from my mind, it’s nice. If I manage not getting hungry at night (tricky with tiny meals), I won’t even eat too much…

I am sure it’s very different for different people. When people say “oh but enjoy it for a few days”, I never understand WHY they think suffering from sugar poisoning is a nice thing to have on a holiday… And I am pretty resilient, I can eat carbs without problems. But it’s not ideal if it’s excessive, I mean way too much for a day or a bit but still much for multiple days.
Well I wouldn’t even enjoy a carby day as I prefer the taste and feeling of my normal food… My off days are mildly carby and rarely near as enjoyable than my carni ones. So… Eating much carbs isn’t really hedonistic for me, most of the time (that’s why I am totally unable to do it for long. the more carbs I eat, the quicker I come back, inevitably. I am simply too much of a hedonist to stay). But a little, occasionally, well chosen? I definitely have nothing against that. But I go off keto all the time anyway (probably not for very long as those times simply aren’t so good most of the time, I changed and should behave accordingly. stupid old habits).
So I probably would eat the best meat there and that’s it :smiley: I go astray mostly when I have little or not tempting enough meat. I have luck with my tastebuds but probably it has something to do with my hedonist core, it’s very normal to prefer the food that make me feel better… I even trained myself a lot in the last decade. But I always loved meat, I just don’t feel any need to eat it as long as I have some other good food. But I can’t do the low enough carbs without it so it became a necessity. A tasty one :slight_smile:

If I had some problem when eating more carbs, the question wouldn’t even emerge. I obviously would stay away from food that is bad for me, I am a hedonist, after all… I don’t like to feel unwell.

It got too long and personal. Sorry.

Sometimes I wonder how damn easy it would be if my body wasn’t this resilient… But I wouldn’t like the idea not being handle food… I am very fine with the fact I can’t handle lots of carbs all the time well. I could survive on it if needed but my body made its choice and it’s smart to be stubborn about wanting what is right.

Holiday isn’t even about food, not even for me… As long as I have some great food… It’s okay. We don’t need to taste everything. And I only feel a tad hypocrite here, not a full-blown one :smiley: I am too curious and slowly learn, I only behave when I behave because I am not tempted at all. Good body, doesn’t give me stupid urges too often.

Fangs do something I can totally agree with. Of course each to their own, some people couldn’t handle the tiny extra either, they should go without that. And others may feel miserable without trying carby things, well, they are not ready for it yet, I suppose but I find it very strange than someone is ready for carnivore and can’t stand not eating carby stuff on holiday… But it’s due to my own journey, I never went back to multiple high-carb days from even low-carb let alone after trying out keto or carnivore. My body always latched to the new carb level (when it was ready for it).

I can’t even imagine this. I got so disconnected from carby cooking, I have a few things I make often, I don’t forget those but the rest… Sometimes Alvaro’s own cooking isn’t enough for almost the whole week and I ask him what people are eating? As I can’t imagine. I roast or fry some meat and that’s it. It’s even fine for one day for him but there is more, I am almost lost. And I clearly won’t do some time-consuming carby dish but I have no kids just Alvaro, my very capable partner who can cook just fine. He still needs his lunch when he comes home but some eggs in purgatory or fried liver should do the trick (while the first isn’t carnivore, it’s good enough for me now and then especially in less meaty times). I can make “pizza” too as I make bread anyway (but then I find it fair to have it too and I always forget how I make my own crust… It’s probably never the same. eggs and something else)…

Fat is essential, carb isn’t and sugar is bad, I think it’s known for everyone who knows anything about proper human diets - even if they still disagree, there are some basic facts…
I don’t worry about vegans in general if it’s about fat and cholesterol: the latter is made by the body just fine, we don’t need to eat it and vegans still can eat a ton of fat if they chose to. I surely would. But I only was a vegetarian, eating too much animal and other fat and I don’t remember how many eggs a day but it rarely was a low number. Stupid carbs, making me overeat fat… No one told me low-carb is a thing!

But now it’s painful to read things sometimes… Humankind should know better at this point…

More eggs sounds good. Though I probably should reduce my number, at least not drinking so many… Too much fat and calories if I eat too many when I eat lots of other food as well. The cholesterol is fine, I love cholesterol, it keeps my cells whole and healthy, among zillion other vital functions.

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Happy Birthday to you too!! :purple_heart::purple_heart:

My tomahawk steak was wonderful. I also had way too much dairy and I’m ready to give it up again for awhile. Definitely got my fill in. Had some bread cheese with the steak, then had my carnivore cheesecake with double cream and keto ice cream. I am stuffed beyond comfort!! But no regrets. No sugar was consumed and I am going to cut dairy back out after this week (have a few more yogurts to finish off this week).
image image image image

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Bread cheese is so delicious, it is almost worth the adverse side effects for me. Glad you enjoyed your birthday dinner. Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday tomahawk looks great

@Septimius happy birthday

Today I had half a lamb rack started with a quarter but was hungry so cooked ate and finished the second half but im still not hungry so today looks like it could be one meal today…

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I’m home in Belgium.
Enjoying life in between projects.

Frog legs, blood sausage and beef.


I’ve had joint pain for a few weeks. Mainly in the morning- shoulders, elbows, an ankle and stiff finger joints.

I am staying on plan with a mix of roast pork, roast beef and cooked mussels for dinner last night. Bacon (free range), eggs and cheese with coffee and cream for breakfast.

Twice I’ve had to take anti inflammatory medications to ease the soreness. And that’s not normal. The soreness varies each day and at different times of day.

My mum had a history of rheumatoid arthritis, so there’s family history with that concern, but it’s rare in males.

There are no other oxalate dumping symptoms with the joint aches.

The main thing is I’m up in the city and not cooking from scratch at home.

It seemed to flare up at about 10days after having the first Pfizer COVID vaccination. I don’t feel well enough to get a vaccination booster.

Might have to squeeze in a visit to a doctor.

I enjoyed reading the rant. :+1:


Happy Bday to you 2 carnivores :slight_smile: and I know your birthday meals were fab!!

@SecondBreakfast—PREACH IT! I so get ya on all you said!

@Carnivoor—happy you are home and enjoying life! Nice to be off the road a bit :slight_smile:

@FrankoBear, are you doing anything different? Like when I drive long times my finger joints can ache or if I sit too long in a car etc. my hips can take a hit etc…but if not ‘from activity’ that is different in a way and can get ya…you might be coming down with something?? Joint aches can be from so many issues ya know plus the vax shot and other issues can arise later, I would just wait it out a tad and see what is going down with you but hoping everything evens out for ya fast!

-------------yesterday was 1 lb of hamburger and a ribeye.
I had a tbone defrosted but gave that to hubby as I had to hit the store for other stuff and hit a markdown price on a big old ribeye at the meat dept and grabbed it and ate it up. yum.

no other food, the 2 big beef meals did me fine

today I got a big hunk of pork boston butt cut to make in oven.
plus a lb of hamburger for second meal

keeping my eating very very simple. very clean. very just me and zc life is going wonderful :slight_smile:


Today will be very simple. I was quite sick yesterday, barely ate and didn’t digest even that… I am still not hungrier than usual but I am looking forward to my leaner than usual pork roast. It is pretty especially after low-meat days! I always regain my interest after a few days ;).
I run out of eggs (only have 3 and sponge cake from 5 and a ton of egg whites… still, it’s very low for me and I normally gets very uncomfortable at that point) so I focus on meat today anyway (but with fresh roast and leftover mince - mostly heart - , that’s a quite logical route anyway).
I think I got bored of heart and especially it’s strong smell. Alvaro doesn’t smell it but he can smell cooked cabbage while I feel absolutely nothing there. At least we both have problems with our own food… :smiley:

I looked up food for upset stomach/nausea again, I always found it very odd that mostly carbs are advised, my body surely wants that the least… but of course the results were all over the place. While bland carbs (sometimes spicy food though) and certain very sugary things are popular, I found boiled meat and eggs too. And popsicles. Wow. WHY that? My stomach is still a bit tender and just thinking of it - though I need time to figure out what that thing is, it was so long ago - makes it worse. Oh well.
It’s very easy for me as when I am very nauseous, I definitely don’t eat. And in any other case, I want my usual.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be at full health, I am a tad cautious today. But I have lots of soup I didn’t eat since 2 days so I should know… And that is even advised.

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Both my mom and brother have psoriatic arthritis. I believe I would also have it if I didn’t keep my diet under control, particularly with dairy. My dad has heberden’s nodules on his hands which are from osteoarthritis. So, joint trouble definitely runs in my family. If I can avoid that or at least keep it to a minimum, I will be very happy.

How has your salt intake been? The second my salt intake drops too low I get headaches and muscle stiffness along with muscle cramps during the night. Sunday I was busy and didn’t get my salt. I had a headache for two days and my shoulder muscles were achy like I had knots in them. Getting my daily requirement cured all those symptoms. Maybe you need more sodium?


The bed I sleep in is a bit too soft for my liking. Plenty of differences in city vs country. Just the eating is stable. S.O.P.

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[quote="FrankoBear, post:227,

I’ve had joint pain for a few weeks. Mainly in the morning- shoulders, elbows, an ankle and stiff finger joints.

I’ve woken up last couple of weeks with stiff sore fingers not sure if it’ because I hold my hands clenched when I sleep or if it’s it’s just something that comes and goes I had it before carnivore off and on as well…

Yesterday was just the one meal I didn’t get hungry again til this morning… I cooked up the other half of the rack of lamb but today I couldn’t quite finish it all… so today maybe one meal as well.


That looks divine.


Sorry to read you’ve been unwell. I always find broth/soup the easiest on my stomach at such times. I stopped looking up advice online for what to do on such occasions because everything is geared towards SAD / high carb.

Hope you feel much better by the time you read this.


Ended up with 1/2 lb of burger and that pork steak which was EH…only ate 1/2 of it, I am SO over pork right now but since food isn’t calling my name much I did just fry up 1/2 pk. of bacon and added some melty cheese. So not alot of food yesterday but it was fine, my allergy/sinus is just irking the crap out of me, kinda dragging me down and even this morning woke up with a ‘who cares what I eat’ today attitude. But this too shall pass :slight_smile:

today I got a few lbs of burger to make myself some little fat meatloafs for bulk in fridge to exist on. I don’t think right now I am gonna defrost steaks and more, I just don’t want them.

I do have some chicken defrosted for family dinner for tonight to hit on if wanted…when I feel icky with the allergies I best not defrost too much cause in the end I don’t want it so…wait and few days, get over this sinus crap and move forward :slight_smile:

Carnivore on strong everyone…SOP!!

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I know bacon is pork, but I really feel that bacon should be its own meat category. :yum:

I think this happens when our bodies have everything they need and decide it’s okay to take a little rest from food and digestion and do some “housekeeping.”


agree a million percent here but ‘it feels as a life eating not just I ‘desire in crap’ is just OH so wrong’ but yet I put it into the category of you are ‘oh SO right’ and that eat food, 24/7, carb binge and holidays and more from the ‘old me’ just make me think I no are OH so wrong…what is wrong with me? and I also find that OH so weird that I do not fit the ‘norm of eating out there’ anymore…just a crazy chat from me when I think about it all LOL Hard to think control and old life and real hunger and nutrients vs why am I not eating and more but I do ‘get it’ ya know but in the end the mind must be trained to learn truths, which I work on …my ol’ work in progress thinking I guess.

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Spanish pork and north sea crabs.


How was the crab meat? Been ages since I had crab!

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Today was sirloin steak I cooked two both came in weighing about15 ounces when cooked I ate All bar 3.5 ounces and went back about 45 mins later and finished it…so my eating is certainly changing but jake wants out the door for his walks earlier he tries go get me up to go at 6am but I tell him it’s too early we usually out the door around 7 still taking them both together …So im
also eating earlier about 9am now and if i go back to finish something like the lamb rack or todays steak its about 9.30…
Now i won’t eat until tomorrow…and its back to lean days…