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(Bob M) #201

3 pounds is probably water, mostly. I gave up on the scale because I could gain or lose 5 pounds when I was fasting, in a single day.


It is so interesting that through awareness of one’s health and staying on plan and getting the strength and resilience from eating this way that we remain standing as others fall over.

I’m not Superman, I do have my aches and pains, and weaknesses all to obvious to my self. It’s just that generally those around me, even though they are younger, seem to be in a worse state.

I can see the bosses, the managers, seem to cope by off-loading their real work (the stuff that needs to be done) to the workers and fill their time with meetings on how to get more “efficiency” from the workforce.

The two lecturers I work alongside are vegetarian and vegan. Quite a bit of my admin time is spent tempering their emotions and helping them make decisions. It’s like the can’t think very well. They appear mentally fragile to me.

Today is a teaching day. I’m not hungry this morning, so I’ll fast and work on the ketone cool brain fuel. To me it actually feels cool inside my head and when I’m breathing ketones out. It makes my thoughts feel fresh, clear and energised.

Interestingly this post has nothing to say about how I look and how my clothes fit.

(Daisy) #203

Lots of beef today! Breakfast was eggs and beef bites. Lunch was beef bites and bone broth jello with collagen, dinner was beef bites and carnivore pumpkin spice roll. It’s just a roast that I’m cutting pieces off of. I have some more for tomorrow. Then Wednesday is my birthday, so I have a tomahawk steak for Wednesday. :heart_eyes:
image image image image

(Vic) #204

Tuna steak, full fat cream sauce and north sea shrimps

Chicken heart’s with eggs


We are birthday twins.

(Daisy) #206

Woohoo! Happy early birthday!!


I am sorry, I shouldn’t even be here though I am very very optimnistic about the carnivore-ness of my day. But I didn’t start to eat yet and I have serious supply problems. And my minuscule health problem affects too many things. Or it’s something else, I am very stressed now but it’s good, I need to make big changes in my life.

Maybe I mentioned already but once I came across with people with a gluten sensitivity… They were so very miserable, they had to use rice flour for “bread” and that’s so expensive… At that time I was quite poor and used 5 times as much expensive oily seed flours (well okay, not everyone can do things perfectly from day one when leaves high-carb) - I didn’t eat bread though… And at that time I did low-carb, my original 80g carbs one. With gluten free years just to try it out. And they ONLY had to skip gluten and were so very upset about it… Well I understand that we have lots of very popular basic items and traditional dishes with gluten… But if I could do it without a huge force (I mean, I could handle everything edible well enough, maybe not too much sugar… but that really isn’t a big restriction IMO… I just wanted to find my ideal woe even if I can survive without big problems on others), they surely could. Maybe they miss bread and pasta a bit for a while, big deal, they can eat so much else!
I considered carnivore very extreme at that time… Super extreme, something I surely never could do, I would go vegan first! It was a very educated guess from me but people can change in surprising amounts.
Now I stop and wonder when I read carnivore is very restrictive. It doesn’t seem so if it just means animal products and not a super strict version… But my viewpoint changed so much :smiley:

But I still have a long way to go. Yesterday was a bit carby in the end. I made a mistake, I forgot food so much that when I got hungry and made a big omelet (and got hungrier, not surprisingly, it was only 3 eggs and another in my coffee), I suddenly had no food to eat. And I still have no normal meat.
Today I won’t forget I actually have sausages. But my sickness is definitely bad for my decision making. I just don’t care about my woe. It’s very surreal as I always was way more conscious about it.
At least I don’t eat until dinner, it mitigates the problems. But today I do carnivore, seriously now… I am not even very sick, I am better. I don’t even think I had such a long sickness since decades… I had a cold a few years ago, nothing in the previous 15 years… But even before, I had 3 day colds since ages. It’s day 5 now I think. Just a tiny odd throat but water didn’t feel good last time, I have no coffee and I am sick of tea. And hot cocoa isn’t carnivore. Drinking broth isn’t fasting and makes me hungry anyway. But I stop whining, my mood actually isn’t as horribly negative than it was in the last days.

I miss meat now as it reduces my options horribly. I don’t miss the taste, per se, I never had that attachment to meat, that’s why it was quite easy to be a vegetarian while I had no problems with 40g or more net carbs a day. Though now I see vegetarian keto is way more complicated than carnivore. But normal keto is more complicated anyway, lack of meat only adds a tiny additional difficulty. At least in my case. I think. I have very little experience with a keto style containing both meat and plants.

So… Today I probably will only eat dinner, I feel very satiated now at 1:40pm, after all. I gave the liver to Alvaro, it’s a tad boring anyway and I rather don’t make some full-blown carby dish for him. But we have sausages as well. And I have soup, the necks turned out to be not lean duck necks! But I put some meaty pig bones into it as well and poached eggs will be nice in it. I should be okay but I actually have a bit mince in the freezer, I just don’t want to eat it when I am perfectly fine with something normal - that I don’t have but I plan to visit the village shop soon (not like it’s sure they have ANY pork… I don’t even understand). But it possibly can’t be helped. I don’t even like to go out much now, this cold or what plummeted my desire to do so despite the great weather.
Yesterday I opened a tin of fish when I got back my sanity (my body was on autopilot, it’s a bit uncomfortable but I never can stop when I am hungry anyway), it’s herring, I am normally kind of okay with it but I disliked it now. So I have leftover herring now as well.

People will install the AC tomorrow! We won’t need it until the end of October at least (probably. it would be very bad to have a very warm and humid autumn, we never had it before. as the thing can help with that too) but it will be nice to have it finally! :smiley: I am looking forward to our electricity bill for the winter, it will be so, so tiny… Too bad we can’t spare money this way but it makes things more comfortable and we even will be able to heat the house a tad warmer. Sometimes we used all our electric heaters and they barely were enough. And this house needs only 1kW on a normal winter day
(a normal hairdrier’s power output)… Some people don’t believe it though it’s nothing extreme. It’s just a well insulated house. Not even a passive one but we went as close as we could. And we aren’t people wanting hotness in winter, we are fine with wearing warm clothes inside too…

(Edith) #208

Salt intake update:

I really do think that keeping up my salt intake is helping improve my sleep. I believe its been about a month since I started being strict about it and in general, my sleep is better, not perfect, but definitely better.

Sunday I was busy and I forgot t to get my required amount. That night I slept terrible, awoke at 3:30 AM anxious as heck and had a headache all day Monday. I made sure I got my salt yesterday and last night I slept great and feel back to normal today.

Sigh. I would like to not have to ingest salt like medicine. It does make me question keto and particularly carnivore for me. It seems the salt requirement is even more necessary for me on carnivore. One day into carnivore, if my salt intake is not high enough, instant heart palpitations.

Fortunately, my feet are starting to feel better again and so is the back. It also had started to get tweaky again towards the end of my time away from carnivore. So, this way of eating does help with my joints.


Yea, I have seen this also in people. As I became more clear headed from not eating junk, I also saw really how people ate around me, (because I became one of them people----I WATCHED how other’s ate for a long time!!) It was very eye opening, but now I don’t care what the heck anyone else eats cause I DO for me for health so in the end, I have to say I saw it also as you commented…but after that it is scary to know people in food wrecked body comas are handling our society HAHA

I do know point blank I changed in vibrancy and clarity of thought on this plan. I don’t have a doubt about it cause at one point I ‘felt’ it, some mental brain fog lift and it is kinda freaky but darn if it ain’t real :slight_smile: I loved it.

I think that is a key factor in our lives. I think ‘dieting’ is all about the lbs. All about body image and all that rolled into one but in full truth…dieting is useless. It is that overall well being on a healthy eating plan like carnivore that gives us clarity of thought to KNOW THAT our well being and brain function and energy levels to participate in life beat the hell out of being another 10 lbs down that scale which becomes so damn desperate for everyone on ‘a diet’.

I got my last 15-20 to lose and I lost a few of them but in the end, I don’t care how long it takes for a more trim body because in full honesty of my thought, I feel TOO darn great to monkey around ‘with dieting’ to combat those lbs. I also now see life for what it is, it isn’t about my last 10-20 lbs…it is about what I do today, how I function thru my day, how I ‘see the light’ of it all in my day and just live my life…if my life becomes all about a size down for a smaller pair of jeans then I have no life at all :slight_smile: I finally get it all now ya know…well, I get what suits me now and what feels right to me now.

Wonderful post FB!

@Septimius and @Ketodaisy
Birthday twins, are you guys gonna eat the same thing tomorrow too? :slight_smile: Happy Birthday but I will say it again tomorrow to you guys also! Cool!

This must be so hard on you S! Without a great supply of meat or fish or sausages or eggs etc at your disposal at all times to cross over into carnivore is going to be very hard. It truly is that function to rely on the meats etc. for us to heal up more and change the body to be able to hold the plan and change ourselves.

I wish you had a closer store or farm or something that could be more dependable source for you without buying and then finding out you are coming up short in your supply! Sorry for all that on you at this point :frowning:

@Carnivoor–as usual great food plates for your meals.
Are you in another country working now?

-----------Got me 2 nice Tbone steaks for today!

I bought some flounder fish to ‘try’. I so wish I was a fishy person but a can of tuna and my wonderful sardines is it for me mostly but I can ‘handle flounder’ a bit. I think I am gonna pan fry some with some butter and just ‘go for it’ and see if the taste and texture is something I can side dish to a steak. OHHHH, look at me…expanding my carnivore food list into fish :slight_smile: Hey what the hell, might as well try all the critters on the planet and see what is delish and sticks in my life.

ZC’ing along and SOP Sept is going well for me.

I have to watch emotions, cause with my hubby’s mom getting sicker with the diabetes issues she is having, she is now on full oxygen and isn’t driving to shop and ‘we might have to deal with if she can live alone soon’ and all that crap and of course I am dealing with my 93 yr old mom too…I don’t know I got that emotional crap hitting me yesterday, damn near planted my face into alot of ice cream and had that --screw it–feeling to eat anything sugar in the house but I didn’t…I held on…I talked me off the ledge. Life is gonna happen all around me no matter what truly! To eat to get sick on ick sugar isn’t an answer, so yea, I saw the light and held SOP hard.

oh well…this stuff goes down for all of us…emotions…ugh

Hold strong guys! Only thing that is a more important thought than staying on plan is knowing while you do just that, it keeps you strong and healthy and improving each day!


don’t think of it like that. Sodium is one of the key elements for us in our bodies. If you need more ya need more :slight_smile: I gotta tell ya, if 5 deer are at a salt lick and get their fill but that one deer needs more, that 1 deer requires more licks, coming back to that salt lick sooner than the others for a lick…then that deer KNOWS what is required of its body ya know…that deer doesn’t give it one extra thought at all. It doesn’t say it is on medicine. It doesn’t feel it is less than the other deer or anything at all…of course being humans we can think more HAHA but one thing I find from simple comparisons like this is that we have a tendency to just put ourselves in such tough categories. We label us. Then we find fault and weakness and more and then we get very negative.

Now this is me just chatting it out as I would feel to approach it :slight_smile: See you know I am a super salter and I NEED my salt. I function on it, I do well on it and I love the taste of it. I also have the heart PVCs issues but haven’t connected them with low salt yet…yet cause there isn’t a day I don’t have big salt LOL

I don’t know, I think you are ok and alot of us know when keto or extreme lc etc. salt intake goes up for alot of us so you kinda are just following the normal of it all in a way.

If you aren’t a salt lover for taste, I would just buy a salt pill. Get it in small form cause at some point drinking salt water and the like is gonna annoy the heck outta ya…for ease of it if you needed to go this way I would buy small salt tablets and pop one so you don’t have to ‘taste all the salt’ you might not be wanting on your food or in your water.

Then kinda think, hmm, a salt tablet or more salt on my food—vs. diabetic meds, water pills, high blood pressure meds, acid reflux meds, probiotic crap for gut issues, ibuprofen and more for achy joint issues----ok your salt is a small fix here for your health LOL :wink:

You are getting some signals and you see your way, just follow the salt, fit it into your life easiest you can and thrive lady!! just thrive :sunny:

(Linda ) #211

Still walking dogs each morning and scrubbing the pool twice daily…
Todays food was ground turkey a bit of sour cream and a teaspoon of salsa on two egg white wraps…2nd meal was jumbo shrimp with a bit of melted butter.

For tomorrow I took out rack of lamb

(Edith) #212

Good point! I shall change my mindset. Thank you for that perspective. I guess after all these years low carb, there is still a part of my brain that is concerned that if the diet is causing me to supplement something, even salt, there must be something wrong with it.

(Karen) #213

Up early, middle of the night stuff lol, 4.45am stair runs done , bathed and off to work. Spent the whole day running back and forth to the wings and up and down the stairs to the landings so tonight my feet are tired and sore. Did a good 25k steps and 55 extra flights of stairs!

Took pack up of 4 burgers 4 x slices of cheese and 2 hard boiled eggs… 9nly ate one.

Dinner was hams slices and crayfish tails and a bit of cheese again.

(Daisy) #214

This week is another crazy week. I had steak bites and eggs for breakfast, then steak bites, bacon wrapped (disassembled) filet and bay scallops for lunch. Plus a carnivore pumpkin spice roll. Then I was gone all afternoon and evening running around like a crazy person. I didn’t get home until late and bought a couple cold rotisserie chickens for dirt cheap at Walmart. Ate some of the chicken cold and then had some yogurt. No pictures of the late evening feast :joy:. I’m so excited for my tomahawk birthday steak tomorrow!
image image image


food yesterday was

1 lb. hamburger meat
Tbone steak
few slices of salami

Today I got planned another lb. of hamburger meat and another steak.

Heavens, my meals are so tough to plan :wink: So much kitchen work, not!

Just zc’ing along. Simple day, simple delish food.

WELL!! I am now editing it cause my kid is in school, she didn’t tell me the few things she wanted from the grocery on a fast trip and I figure get this cookie and some yogurt, the usual, but she says I want lasagna tonight. OMG I haven’t made that in years truly LOL I babbled a bit and she said please mom and I caved.

so now all the friggin’ steps to make lasagna is happening in the kitchen for me right now…shoot me but I like my kid so…well, you guys know HA


I am still SOP, and also making it so simple, i have sirloins in the fridge for easy meal, and egg n bacon for first meal today. I mostly eat two times, and im mostly hungry in the morning at 9-10ish.

So far I dont really have much problem sticking to carnivore, maybe twise in these 6 weeks, ive entertained the idea of bingefoods, but the thoughts passed within an afternoon. The normal is I just dont think about it. (Pritty radical that, when it used to be constantly on my mind)

But I booked a five night holiday at christmas, for me and my son (16y.o). Flying to Spain, staying at nice hotel. And now my addictive brain is working daily on how to approach this. I have a strong urge about, just eat all you want, those few days a year when your out of the country, and holidaying. I will not restrict my son, I want to just follow him and let him have what he wants, and think it might be too difficult for me to just watch… But I also have a new voice in my head, smaller maybe, but its there. Saying dont spoil your healing, bloodpressure, and all feelgood gains, even for this. But tbh, at this point, did i go tomorrow, I would not be strong enough to resist. Its in my head everyday.

Anyone recognize this? Im glad its 14 weeks in the future, maybe the carnivore voice will get stronger? This is my 6 week, I keep loosing at almost 2 lbs a week. And I think im getting to a good fat-adapted state. More even energy now, not that lactic acid feeling in my legs when walking.


I got you on this one :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I had the exact problem and had it for years on plan…vacation/holiday time was a ‘pass’ but for me it became a month of binges and more til the day I realized, I don’t get a damn pass like others do :wink:

I learned real truths about myself. No hunger, cravings at a minimum as I changed over, I feel so darn great that how could I go backward and I tell you one thing thru my experience, we can justify ANY DARN EXCUSE in a flash :slight_smile: ask me how I know LOL

Key being what I did was put a massive ‘carnivore only’ challenge on myself thru all vacations and holidays. I played a ‘carnivore game on the road’ in any vacation or holiday or social events. I MADE THIS STAY ON CARNIVORE NO MATTER WHAT a real life challenge and darn I passed it with flying colors…and believe me I ate well! What I did allow easily was some sauces or they fried it in veggie oil and I decided I will eat as much as I wanted point blank til super fullness no matter what! That was my pass…to engage in tastes but not full on carbs for a meal…let the sauces and oils and ‘tastes’ they provided that were different on my meats or seafood or fish or fowl to be my pass and I allowed me to eat all the damn time, any time I wanted to make the vacation a fun time for me.

Like we would eat breakfast and hubby loaded up on junk but only thing for me was some bacon and eggs…well we know that don’t hold us long :wink: so while out and about I saw a steakhouse early on and I am like, I want a ribeye steak NOW and he is like I am not hungry and I said tough, too bad, you order anything at all and I am gonna inhale a steak and you can watch HAHA and HE was the one not eating much yet I enjoyed the heck out of my steak and it satisfied me to no end so…In the end I put me first on my carnivore challenge and gosh it worked so darn good…that now, every vacay I do is ALL about me and my food, the other ‘adults’ in the trip can handle their food and deal with me needing my food…but being family, of course they handle it to accom0date me when I need it!!

So my carnivore challenge to enjoy every taste out there in new vacation area land and enjoy my time was ‘eat carnivore but have fun with the taste of the region’ and it worked out so well for me.

Now—just throwing this out there----might hit home with you to go this route, but a challenge to me laid down meant to me personally I was gonna achieve it to hold plan.

It was the only way I could hold plan but enjoy tastes of the area I was in and put me ‘there on vacation’ with everyone else saying wow that spice is great, or that sauce is fab, or ?? and I felt included all the while holding carnivore.

so I did this and I do it to this day :slight_smile: just saying what went down as I had to change my mindset and maybe something in this will work for you too…take out of it what might motivate you to not eat crap and what might work in some situations for you!!

Also…I research my area before going, check out steakhouse, BBQ joints or we make the best filet mignon restaurants or the best seafood crab house restaurants or whatever suits you in your taste on carnivore. I made sure alot of restaurants could easily ‘handle me’ but gave the others alot of food choices to suit them and that is a win win also!!

ok me done, saying how I got thru the changes required :sunny:


Happy birthday! Hope the steak is awesome.

I am celebrating mine with roast pork.


Thanks for the good advice and peptalk :grinning: I hear you, but my addicted brain is resisting :laughing:. But I will work on this, hard, I have 14 weeks to prepare, and muster some backbone…

Happy birthday KetoDaisy and Septimius :clap:t2::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::fried_egg:🧈🧈


OMG. Read this post right after I ate a 3-egg omlette stuffed with ground beef, that I cooked in beef fat. It is so hard to wrap my mind around this nonsense, but it is just a narrative.

I think, and this is only my personal opinion, that we are being fed (in both the literal and figurative manner), that veganism is good. You have “plant-based” options for damn near every grocery store meat out there. Fake cheese, even. (I get the dairy allergy issue, but who would eat that otherwise?) ****Uh. Oh. I think this is going to turn into a rant. I’ll apologize in advance, and I promise I will put myself on a time-out after I’m done. *****
The problem in part, is, many people–including the authors of these “Eggs are Evil” articles-- don’t take the time to educate themselves about the biological ramifications of going on low-fat, no-fat, vegan,etc… kinds of diets. So, let’s take our nervous system, for instance. Recognize that not all nerves in the body are protected by the spine. What are they protected by? Mylien Sheath. What is that? Well, mostly a firm form of fat and cholesterol. Will Edamame, carrots, sprouts, and hummus replenish and rebuild the sheath constantly as radiation and wear constantly deplete it? I don’t think so. Will eggs , beef fat, fish oil, etc? Yeah, and they’ll do it very well. When any of these otherwise unprotected nerves become exposed due to depletion of the Mylien Sheath, what happens? Nerve related disorders. Malfunctioning nerves, malfunctioning organs. What happens then? We limp off to the doctor, who write us a script for a drug, that we take faithfully with the hopes of repairing the problem, but it only treats the symptom not the cause. And then, there’s the side effects of the drug. Gotta take more Rx’s to deal with those. …yada yada yada. I am really sorry if all this screams to some people is “conspiracy theory”. It’s not. It’s just reality. That is what happens.

I work in a pharmacy. I’ve spent days filling hundreds of scripts, and when you do it long enough, you notice patterns. You will know some of the patients. You will see what they buy, what they eat, more importantly- what they don’t eat, and what issues they have. Many, not all, but many of their issues would be completely erased by changing their diets. I went through this with my own family years ago. They are all dead now. My Dad ate the most healthy fat, and he lived to the oldest age. My Mom, on the other hand, was a low-fat guru - who had heart issues, etc…she died way too young. My brother - who was obese, ate everything and drank profusely - and could have changed, but chose not to. He died at 52. He had depression, A-Fib, asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes, cirrhosis, etc… And, btw, I quit doing the pharm job - just could not be a party to that anymore.

So. Freaking. Sick. Yes, SICK, of all diet lie: vegan, low-fat, no-fat – all BS. FAT IS GOOD. SUGAR IS BAD. How hard is that to understand? Carnivore diet is life. Healthy, healthy life.

Hopping off my soapbox now, and going to sit in the corner on a “time out”. And, I’m gonna eat more eggs.