Soooooooo hungry

(Brooke Hammond) #41

I recommend they have some amazing recipes with varying amounts of fat, and they should keep you full. The website will give you plenty of ideas on how you can consume more fat in a yummy way.
I make a batch of fat boms… just coconut oil, unsweetened/natural cocoa and crushed nuts, either macadamia or hazelnuts or whatever you think you’d like. I pour the mixture in an ice cube tray and keep them in the freezer.

(Brenna) #42

What’s the rate that you use?

(Diane) #43

Bacon, hard boiled eggs, pork rinds and cream cheese, various cheeses, pepperoni, and sliced cucumbers with blue cheese dressing: these were all my friends those first 2 weeks or so.


Eat! Just no carbs

(Mo Ait) #45

HI,check the labels may be you are eating more than 20% carbs.thx