Sneakers/trainers for walking that gives great support and dampening for obese male?

(Keto life n' a little hippie ) #1

Decided to get another pair of walking shoes. I need a great pair this time. I would prefer if the shoes are designed and made for us heavy people, that way I can be certain the shoes will work as intended and not just be compressed as soon as I put any weight on my feet.

I stopped by a sporting goods store today, but the seller looked at me like I my head was screwed on the wrong way when I asked if they had any shoes specially made for heavy people. His reply was; heavy people don’t buy shoes like this and they never stick to exercise.

Needless to say, I was done in that store.

So are there anyone that have come across a pair of great walking shoes you can recommend? Like a sneaker/trainer style but it will not be used for running, only walking. I use EU size 45, US 11 and UK 10.5. I have a big wrist so the “opening” of the shoe needs to be wide, and the internal height should also be on the roomy side. I did an impulse buy online for a pair of Adidas Alphabounce. I didn’t notice the shoe does not have a traditional tongue, rather it had an elastic band across the the top of the tongue, in which was none removable and restricted the opening. I couldn’t even get my feet into the shoe. And I went up half a size because I ordered online. So had to return those.

I got another Adidas Alphabounce Rc 2.0 and those are working well for me, but I need another pair and thought to ask if anyone came across special shoes for us fatty folks?

If not, you might have a favorite shoe for walking that helps take the jonit stress away. I am not locked into any brands and all models will be considered.


I have heard great things about the Saucony brand by those exercising and of various sizes/fitness levels. I realize this isn’t the same thing, but our youngest has near impossible feet to find comfy shoes for due to width alone. We were able to get him X-wide in kids Saucony…he chose those from that time forward over Crocs (this was a first). He has sensory challenges so comfortableness is #1 priority. I believe Saucony carries same width selections in adult sizing, they may be more expensive than Adidas/Nike though.

(Brian) #3

I’ve done well with New Balance. Can’t recommend a particular model number but generally like the cross training type shoes the best.

Seems they’re always changing, though, so what works good today might be discontinued a few months from now and I normally don’t go by exact model numbers. I just go try them on and see what feels good.

I used to work seasonally in an Amazon fulfillment center so spent a lot of time on my feet on concrete, many miles of walking a day. Brutal. But the above served me pretty well.

Good luck!

(Jamie) #4

Have you considered military/tactical boots?

Lots of military folks walk a LOT of miles in them with crazy loads.

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Yeah I have, and I have walked many miles on those during the time I served, many moons ago. Those aren’t really made for fat blokes. And to be frank, dampening is not a priority. Longevity and bulk price was main focus. At least back in the days.

Those are warm as you know what too, and are the right choice if you plan to start growing fungus :D.

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Will look around this week. Seems like it might be a fit, like that they have shoes made for various shaped feet.

I will also look at the new balance shoes.

I am after good quality shoes that will work well and be an asset for my lower back and joints. If those are a bit more pricey then the adidas I had to return, well its been a long times since I bought training shoes for training so I as long as I can pay up its ok.

(Jill F.) #7

Look online for Brooks tennis shoes. I believe they come in wide sizes and they have a great arch support system. Also SAS is an American company that sells specialty shoes. You may also check online under diabetic shoes. Hope some of that helps!

(Susan) #8

My goodness, what a verrrrrry rude sales man. He has no business working in that store. That is just terrible. I would have got him in trouble, and reported him to the manager.

(Scott) #9

I like the Hoka one one shoes. My current is Ariha and I am due for some new ones this week as I am approaching 350 miles on my current pair. Their ad use to show a marshmallow running around a track. I am an urban runner on pavement and concrete so I value a good shoe. They are not cheap so I recommend dedicating them to your walking routine and not wear them “around” if you can help it. The app I use to track the miles on the shoes is Runtastic. You can use it to track walking miles too. I kind of think it help motivate me to go a bit further.

(Bob M) #10

How heavy are you? I’ve switched to flat shoes for running and weight lifting, but I’m now just under “obese” by BMI.

(Keto life n' a little hippie ) #11

Still very heavy. 45% body fat and BMI 48. I’ve lost a lot since I’ve started keto but I got a long way to go to become healthy. Due to my heavy carcass I will not be doing any running at all. Only walking, and exercises that are not hard on the joints. Like swimming, spinning, roing, weight lifting, and the occasional ball game. I think only low intensity basket and tennis to avoid injuries.

Flat shoes, like converse style shoes? I got converse’s but those are not great for anything but to look nice. Its like those are made from wood. Rock hard and no give, or at least they feel that way.

No I definitely need a new pair of great shoes that soften the blow each time the feet hit the ground.

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I’ve seen Hoka around. Never had them myself but I know of them. Will try em when I go shopping. Runtastic you say, I might just try that.


Maybe take a look at Lem’s shoes…specifically the Primal 2. Best walking shoes ever, especially if you have wide feet. They are only available online and are “minimalist” type shoes so they are basically as comfortable as slippers with support.

(Bob M) #14

Well, the subject of minimal support shoes is a bit complex (just like nutrition! :grinning:). These are the shoes I bought and use, and go jogging with on asphalt:

Now, I only exercise 3 days per week, about 2 hours and 45 minutes or so. And I’m “lighter” than I used to be.

The reason I went to these is because supposedly highly supportive shoes teach rear heel striking, which actually causes more injuries than does front foot striking (which you basically have to do if you have thin soled shoes). But the studies for this are probably not using heavy people.

(traci simpson) #15

Hoka shoes have a lot of padding. I found some online.

(Keto life n' a little hippie ) #16

AFAIK rear heel striking does only apply to running, not walking correct? I think I just start out with great dampening because I feel I need extra support and cushioning in order to avoid injuries at the weight I am at today.

If I one day get so crazy I start running, I will look for better shoes. :wink:

(Brian) #17

If I’m reading you right, you’re not looking for running shoes, at least not now. I bought a set of running shoes for my stint at Amazon. They lasted less than a week before they got dumped for the cross trainers, which lasted the rest of that season.

Maybe if you were really going to go running, a running shoe would make sense.

Just my take.

(Scott) #18

You gotta walk before you run!

I started walking after I had rotator cuff issues in both shoulders that kicked me out of weight lifting. I tried to run but being 50 pounds overweight combined with no pain no gain mentality gave such bad knee pain I had to walk. Later I found that if I gradually added short bursts of running and eased into it I was fine. With your weight just walk or swim like you said for some general fitness if you like but no need to beat your body up. Let keto do the heavy lifting for now. Good luck!

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Yeah I reckon I need to loose about 100 lbs or so before I can run, go skiing or other activities that puts strain on the joints and back. I will start very slowly in the gym, gentle lifting. Just to see if I can make it a habit. I enjoy swimming so that will be easy. Spinning, well I kind of hate that. Nothing worse then giving it everything yet stay stationary. It goes against nature :smiley:

At least the walking part will be outdoors, with fresh air and daylight. So that might be a great break from the gym, and the spinning.

But I will clench my teeth and keep my chin up and just keep on spinning. Its only 6 weeks. And who knows. I might even learn to enjoy it. At least it will be a good cardio workout that is easy for my back and joints. And I do need that cardio. I move like I am 95 years old, while breathing like a whale.

One great thing about being where I am right now. Things can only get better. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Little Miss Scare-All) #20

Aesics and New Balance have some really great ones, and ones specially for wide feet. When I was heavier, I needed the wide feet sneakers because my ankle always wanted to turn. But the Aesics and NB solved that and offered support and comfort. I blistered the least amount in both of those brands. NB, in my experience, lasts much longer than my more expensive Aesics. I spent like $145 on my best pair of Aesics, and they wore out so quickly.