Sneakers/trainers for walking that gives great support and dampening for obese male?

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The last couple of times I bought New Balance shoes I bought the 1080V9’s Fresh Foam wide. They are so comfortable. I don’t run in them, but great for walking or looking cool. ;). My other best shoes ever were Merrell hiking boot Wide width like the Moab 2 on their site. Also bought the same pair two times in a row, wear them winter and all the other seasons. When I wore them out walking I used them inside on my eliptical. Very comfortable.

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^^^^next week’s goal!

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Found a pair of shoes that was suited to my feet. New Balance fresh foam something. Best thing I found it locally so I got to try it on before I bought em. Also tried hoka one something that also was a match. Didn’t buy them Hoka’s because the clerk whispered they where to go on sale at the end of the month. Nice! :smiley:

And I bought a pair from a brand I never new existed called mizuno, can’t remember the model name. Last year top model according to seller so that one was half of half price, so I paid 25% of retail. Those felt really nice when I tried them on, there was plenty of room from the top under the tongue to the bottom, wide opening with that makes it easy to move the top part of the tongue forward to get em on. I could kind of feel the cushioning of the shoes when I walked around the store. It was like I was walking on the thickest carpet ever. If these holds up in use they might be a favorite of mine. Don’t think I ever had such comfy shoes before.

I didn’t like the color scheme, minor detail. Black with bright green stripe and sole. But they where dirt cheap and nice enough to wear to the gym or just around walking. Does not mean much to me really as I never heard of them before. Will see how they work out and how long they last.

If I remember the sale I will drop back by and pick up a pair of hoka one just to have some variety. And I probably should not use dress shoes as much as I do because of my weight, and those casual converse’s and van’s I fancy so much feels like they are made of hickory wood. No give whatsoever. I’ll save those until next summer when I am a much lighter version.

Well I stretched my lunch going shopping so I better return to tasks at hand and finish my work.

Ps: What a strange thing to do for me, go shopping in sporting goods store . Don’t think I’ve done that since my early twenties. And I surely thought my workout days was behind me. Way behind. Life is a funny thing. :joy:

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I second the recommendation for Hoka’s, and I’ll also suggest gifting yourself with a visit to a true running-shoe store. They’ll check your stride and pronation, and let you try on a lot of different styles, and they WON’T make aspersions about your size. Instead, they’ll encourage you, and many of them have walking groups. Being larger myself, I learned the hard way that the right shoe can make a world of distance not only to my feet but also ankles, knees and back.

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So a little update. The mizuno’s are just amazing. They work so well for me. The opening is wide enough so I can get me feet down in the shoe, not like a pair of adidas I tried once…
The sole is thick, very well dampening effect and they really feels great to walk in, and I haven’t had any issues with knees or lower back. Only negative is that they don’t vent very well, and the colors. Well let’s just say they are not stealth.

I stopped by the shop to pick up Hoke one on sale, but decided to try em on one more time. I had sort of a point of reference from the mizuno and for my feet the Hooka was not right. So I looked at various other shoes and found a more toned down mizuno. Black and grey knitting. Not on sale but according to the seller those vented very well. As the hoes was so much more normal looking I ended up with those. Same nice wide shoes. Plenty of room from the bottom of the inside to the bottom of the tongue and great dampening.