Skin Improvements with Keto, Eczema gone!


I just wanted to share my favorite NSV. For the past several years my skin has gotten progressively worse. I’ve had terrible histamine reactions, including hives, difficulty breathing, and horrible, incessant eczema. I’ve seen numerous specialists (dermatologist, allergist, immunologist, naturopath, nutritionist, acupuncturist, etc, etc.). I have had biopsies, done multiple elimination diets, and tried every cream, ointment, and oral med available. Nothing has worked. I’ve been strictly Keto for eight weeks and my skin is now completely clear. I have no eczema patches, no swelling, no hives, no itching, no tight chest. This is nothing short of miraculous. I haven’t lost a single pound on Keto, but even if my weight doesn’t change, I’m never going back! My body is finally healing. Yay Keto!

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(Empress of the Unexpected) #2

Wow. So happy for you. That’s how I feel about keto. No matter how much I brush and floss I have had gum inflammation for years. Yesterday I saw my dentist and she couldn’t believe it. Inflammation gone. Just think what wonderful changes are occurring on the inside, as well. I bet you are absolutely thrilled!


Thanks, Regina. It is miraculous! How wonderful to know our bodies are healing from the inside out. Best to you on your Keto journey!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #4

You too. Please post updates frequently!

(Sarah Slancauskas) #5

That is seriously impressive! I can’t believe the difference! My skin has also improved (eczema and regular outbreaks of acne) and I haven’t had a single spot for over a month now. My eczema (which used to bleed) is all but totally cleared as well. The biggest change though is in my eyes. I was going to write a post about it (might still) but I have had pinguecula (yellow patches on whites of the eyes) on both eyes for about 12 years. They are fading! In the past I’ve been to specialists who have said you can’t remove them unless you go for surgery… they are definitely clearing since I went keto.

You look really lovely (before and after, but especially after) and I’m so happy for you!

(Danielle) #6



Thank you so much! Please post about your eyes. I’d love to know more. Thank you!


Wow!!! this is wonderful. Congratulations!

(Jane) #9

WOW! That’s amazing!

I’ve been keto for 5 months and when I was gone on busness for 2 weeks I did a 4-day fat fast and the next week a 4-day water fast. The dark brown spots on my hands and arms were either fading or peeling off altogether leaving pink skin underneath.

When I pulled up to my house my husband met me at the car and asked me if I “got gussied up”, meaning did I have makeup on? I only wear makeup base when I am in meetings with important people… so no - didn’t have a speck on.

He couldn’t believe how much better my skin looked!

(Maha) #10

Holy cow! That’s a dramatic difference. I’m so happy for you that you’ve found your solution and in a healthy and natural way. That’s just amazing!

I experienced skin improvements too. Aging spot on the bridge of my nose developing. Gone. Hard dry heals. No more. Dots of warts on my left ankle that looked like the Hawaiian islands. Gone. Overall skin glow - achieved. One other skin improvement - it’s a little weird. When I used to shave my arm pits, I could never get a good clean shave because I had bumps there. I also couldn’t shave too often because it would irritate the bumps. Most are gone now, and I was pretty surprised that one day I noticed I’d gotten a really clean shave because the bumps have been disappearing. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s really nice having smooth arm pits ;-).

I was not expecting these changes and was happy when I got them. I’m sure you’re quite happy too, and you look very radiant in your picture. Congratulations!

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #11

Very pretty!

(Karen) #12

What a blessing for such a pretty lady!


(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #13

That’s incredible.
I have dermatitis on my hands, so it’s particularly hard to manage considering I am cooking, cleaning, working and washing them constantly.
I have noticed significant improvement on Keto! It’s amazing isn’t it?


It is. The almost constant rash on my hands and knuckles is also gone, too. It is remarkable. So happy you are having success, too. Now, if I could only get the scale to move a bit. I figure I’m healing on the inside first, though. Best to you!

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #15

It definitely sounds like you are doing a lot of repair work internally. KCKO :slight_smile:

(outlawpirate) #16

Amazing!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Been on the Keto WOE for about 12 months now…really hardcore for about 3 of them…I have been plagued with under eye milia for the last decade…dermatologist told me only way to remove was by lancing (no way was I going that route)…have begun to notice that the milia has decreased by 50%!..who knew…love Keto!

(Susan) #18

My husband and I have been on keto 6 weeks, neither have huge weight issues, just wanted to lose about 20 lbs. But I have bad eczema, mostly on my hands. We’ve not watched calories, protein grams, or the macro/micro things, just cut all starch, legumes, grains, pastas and kept carbs under 25 g a day. We’ve both lost about 14 lbs, but my eczema is worse. I take flax oil daily which helps a little. May you briefly describe your diet? Thanks.

(Lesley) #19

Hi Susan, Not exactly the same thing but my psoriasis on my scalp/neck/ears completely healed on keto BUT, It took months and in the meantime the flare-ups were worse then they had ever been in the past. I started May last year and by Xmas my psoriasis had cleared so perhaps you just need longer, and it might be that it has to get worse before it gets better.

(Jane) #20

You didn’t mention how much fat you are eating.

My skin didn’t begin to show noticable improvements until I started adding butter to my coffee every day.

I was scared I would start gaining weight after years of ingrained beliefs, but I didn’t. Now my skin (and hair) look so much better.