Sizzlin' September

(Doug) #81

Good for you, Darcy. :slightly_smiling_face: You’re admirably patient, and you’re keeping on with experimenting and testing.

This month - where is it going? August seemed to be with us a good while, but this beast is almost half over already…


You are so right! I feel like I’m just getting started with September and here it is the middle of the month already.

(Liz ) #83

Hey friends! I’ve been lurking this thread with interest and enjoying following along with everyone’s progress and n=1 experiments. I’m still IFing every day, I try to change it up as Megan Ramos suggested so if I’m hungry at noon I’ll eat, if not I’ll wait until 3, or even dinner time. I try to stop eating by 8 every night regardless. The last EF I did felt very successful and it was natural progression from a very fatty day before. I’m keeping an eye out for another opportunity like that this month or next. Our 15th anniversary is coming up on October 5th and if I get the same steak dinner at that great restaurant we went to on my birthday, that might be my next chance!

I’m so grateful my husband is on board with my Keto WOE even though he is not keto (except at dinner time because I’m the cook, lol). He is so excited I’ve figured out what in particular is deranged about my metabolism and that the solution is working. He’s seen me struggle for years and it pains him when I am unhappy. It must be as much of a relief to him as it is to me that I am feeling so much better! All these years I knew something was broken with my metabolism but I had no hope there was a simple solution. I feel so fortunate that Keto works for me, so far, with out too many complications.

Anyway, I have a cold and it’s my TOM but I’m still pretty upbeat so I attribute that to ketones!! hahaha! Hope everyone is having a good September so far.

(Doug) #84

Congratulations, Liz. Your husband is a lucky man. :slightly_smiling_face:

Total believer in throwing some fasting in with keto here.

(Liz ) #85

Aw thanks! We are both super lucky. We found each other online in 1999. We used Yahoo personals with no pictures! We were in love from writing emails back and forth and talking on the phone before we even met, the match was ideal. I think I used up a lifetime’s worth of luck with that one, lol, maybe someone else’s too! Sorry to whomever’s that was… :smile:

Fasting is definitely the key to keeping me from stalling out this time like EVERY OTHER TIME I’ve lost weight and then watched helplessly as the losses reversed and the weight came back. In this regard I have Jason Fung & Megan Ramos to thank.

(Doug) #86

Right on, Liz - Dr. Fung’s writings were a revelation to me, and Megan Ramos led me to this forum. Regarding “stalling out” - I used to only get 3 or 4 days into a diet before the feelings of deprivation got large enough that I’d chuck the whole program (and usually have a compensatory binge of legendary proportions). Ketogenic eating, and fasting, are the only things that have ever worked and been sustainable here.

I met my wife online too - 1996, in an America Online chatroom. I loved joking around and being a smart-ass, but she was always a half-step ahead of me with humor. It is different getting to know somebody before you see them; the opposite of how it almost always is, offline.

(Liz ) #87

OK yeah so you had a different but equally useless experience of “dieting”. I hear you. I was always hyper disciplined and on program, still am, it would just stop working after awhile because I didn’t know about homeostasis, even on low carb!

Oh I love how you two met! That’s even older school and totally awesome!! Yes I told my future-husband after I saw what he looked like, “You didn’t even have to be cute, you know”, I just got lucky that he is LOL


Hey @OldDoug and LizinLowell, my hubby and I met online too! It was called Single Catholics Online, tho I think it is now called Ave Maria Singles. I wonder if there is a correlation between married forum users and married people who met online. :grin:

(Liz ) #89

Nice! Maybe just that we’re good at interacting with others on the computer?

(Doug) #90

The more time one spends online, the more likely one is to meet other people, perhaps including a very special one.

Prior to getting online, I would have scoffed at the notion of meeting somebody on a computer. Huh - 3 months online and I’d met my wife-to-be. There are the horror stories about people misrepresenting themselves, but I think 99% of the time you can tell if something just isn’t right.

What are the odds that the next person you meet will be compatible with you? Online, we can meet thousands of people who are already self-selected to some extent, narrowing down the odds by a vast amount, i.e. people with similar interests and outlooks will gather on various forums, for example.


It’s been great reading through these posts from this afternoon, from IF and EF to computer matchmaking for the “win”! :smiley: I can’t add to that, but I can really understand the benefit of getting to know someone before you meet/see them. It’s a unique opprtunity. It does remind me of some old-school “mail order bride” for the pioneer/immigrant sort of thing too!

So darcy, Dr Berstein likes a BG of 83…partly because of his salesman?! That’s too funny by half! Nice way to work out a longer fast. Somehow it’s easier to do a lot of things when someone gives you just that little extra bit of “yes”.

This morning’s FBG was 103. I’ve seen that trend but refused to get too worked up about it. I checked again this afternoon around 445PM and it was 79. I’m eating pasta zero and Keto pad thai and loving it. I had thought about an overnight 36-36 hour fast but decided against it. I’m going away for an extended weekend vacation and plan to have some very nice dinners, and maybe even a breakfast or two? I can get a fast in when I come home again.

Liz, it really helps hearing your words of hope and the positive experience you’ve had with adding EF to the keto WOE to get past stalls. I’m convinced that I need to keep calm, and etc, but keep IF/EF as well. Such powerful tools! As for your steak dinner idea, don’t you find it hard to keep from over eating protein?

These last few days have REALLY been an eye opener for e. here I am, trying Keto again for the second time. I thought I was really getting it and following the guidelines rather strictly. I have noticed that I wasn’t seeing much more w/ BG control (Dawn phenomenon especially), nor with weight loss or even NSVs. The thing is, now that I started to really be diligent to calculate the carbs and protein I can see that I was just plain over-doing it. Kind of depressing, but also gives me hope that I can get this back in line with the proper macros and possibly see some better results.

I’m so happy to have others to follow, hearing about their discoveries, questions and victories. Here’s to a great second half of September…Sizzle!

So, that’s my long winded, yes September is rushing past, hi-how-are-you post!

(Liz ) #92

Hello! I try to get between 50-60 grams of protein a day. I know some folks loathe it but I love keeping close track of my macros. In fact I generally log all my foods for the day before I eat them so I can see where my wiggle room is. If I know I’m going out for steak, for example, I’ll go light on protein for the day or fast until dinner. But honestly, I usually bring a third of my meal home with me anyway as my appetite is much lower on Keto.

(Bella Tricks) #93

you can! it seems. but not every day. You wanna access the body fat.

(Liz ) #94

Ate dinner last night, but never got hungry today so I’m going with it. I’ll eat tomorrow as soon as I feel like it. We’ll be traveling & tomorrow night we’ll go out for a really nice dinner. Spontaneous fast FTW!


Great weekend, with nice dinners, tried keeping the butter side of things high as well as the fat on the steak, so to eat less of that rare rib eye…so hard!
Long walk on Friday 3+ miles with my friend and then a 3.5 hour mountain hike yesterday. I can feel my calves today ;-D
But last night, even after the baby back ribs, I let go and opened the fridge after 830PM. I ate too much left over rib eye. I should have thrown it away! I think that’s the only possibility for now…
Going to check ketones/BG in a few hours and see where I’m at after a mostly good weekend, having used 16/8 and 18/6 IF schedule.
Not sure where the next fast will begin, but likely tomorrow and hopefully I’ll get a good 36 hours or more?


438PM BG 83 and blood ketones 1.8
After all the eating I’ve done, I am not hungry at all…so hopefully, the fast starts today. See where it leads me.
I hope all are doing well with September fasts, best wishes to all of you for success and lessons learned/shared.

(Jim Russell) #97

I decided to start an extended fast last night. Poor timing again probably this month. Isn’t the next Zorn fast next weekend? Oh well. Planning on going until Thursday night. Feeling good so far, about 12 hours in. Of course, I usually go 12+ hours every day, so it’s really business as usual so far. :slight_smile:

Hope y’all are doing well.


Hey Jim,
The Zorn fast, that is a no-go for me this month. Family weekend and all…
As for my hoped-for EF, I lasted 27 hours and after a LONG day at work (my BG at 430 PM was 71), Idecided a cauliflower/keto pizza was the way to break it.
Sometimes working and fasting work really well, other times, not so much.
Here’s wishing you the best for an EF that feels just right :wink: Maybe you’ll cruise right through on the Zorn weekend too!

(Jim Russell) #99

Very nice BG number. I don’t track BG as often as I probably should. I will do that more often on this fast.

I’m just starting my work week and I have found it pretty easy for me to fast at work. I might just cruise through if I can turn down the free food they buy for us on Thursday. :slight_smile:


Free food…oh ya, that’s not easy when it’s got cheese or something perfectly keto. but I think you’ll do well, you have a good attitude going into it.

I track my BG too often I think, getting a bit obsessed at times. But, it has allowed me to see the trends, as I now know my highest FBG is usually after 12-14 hrs of fasting. It has also allowed me to see the dratted 100+ levels most every morning between 830 and 1030 AM.

It’s interesting to see the numbers, and if I were more organized, I’d keep a record of them, graphing and etc. I suppose. But, not today!