Sizzlin' September


It just dawned on me that September is here! The fall semester got started and it has been the usual craziness as we settle into a new year. But that doesn’t mean it is time to let go of doing some intermittent fasting. Thought maybe we should try for another month of encouraging each other to stay strong with keto and peppering our month with some body resting fasts. What do you have planned for the weekend or coming week?

(Liz ) #2

Hello! So nice to find this new thread :smile: Well today I am in my studio for Open Studios. We do it once a month and I used to have to make and eat a lunch and now I just snack on pink salt and water and it’s so much easier!! Im pretty much doing 20:4 IF unless I feel like I want to eat earlier. After Open Studios we’ll go get bunless bacon cheeseburgers NOMZ. Tomorrow is actually my 48th birthday and I put out a call to my local peeps online for steak houses they like and we found one that looks pretty great so tomorrow’s dinner is set too. Hang in there through the chaos, looking forward to hearing how everyone is doing!


@irishred Daily IF for me, switching it up all the time. Sometimes 18:6, other times 16:8 or 21:3. I also switch up the amount I eat everyday. Sometimes 1100 cals, sometimes 2400, others 1500, depending on how hungry I am. I try to keep my body guessing as Megan Ramos suggested on a 2ketodudes podcast.

I’ve had a hard time fasting longer than 42 hours lately. I don’t know if it’s psychological or because my body fat is getting lower.

(Doug) #4

Happy Birthday Liz. :slightly_smiling_face:

Big party today for my mother-in-law’s 80th; baking a yellow cake with cream cheese frosting. Keto definitely going to suffer.

(Liz ) #5

Thank you @OldDoug ! Happy bday to your MIL as well :smile:

I’m excited because I hit my milestone lowest adult weight, 179, yesterday, in time for my birthday! I haven’t seen this number since my last successful weight loss, about 4 years ago, where I held onto it only briefly before my weight started to slowly climb again. So though I’ve been at full Keto since March & have lost 33 pounds thus far, I feel like I’m starting fresh from here! 20 (or 30?) pounds to go, no idea, uncharted territory!!

Hope everyone is having a good day :slight_smile:

(Steve Browne) #6

Hi, I’m also doing the 18:6 IF and it feels really good in the mornings. I just started on this Keto journey so i’ll see how it goes.


Hope you has a fun fulled birthday Liz.

Autumn can mean lots of signals for putting back on weight. Sticking to IF and other fasting protocols should help with that.
It is the Feasting Season:
Labor Day

New Year’s Eve & Day

Stay strong, stay on plan, and enjoy keto goodies instead of the bad stuff.

(Brian) #8

Happy Birthday, Liz!! Hope it’s a great day for you. :slight_smile:

My birthday is at the end of the week and I’m planning to make myself a keto cheesecake, probably chocolate.

About 12 years ago, I had bought a springform pan with the intention of baking a cheesecake. Before I ever got to use it, a big hurricane (Katrina) came rambling over top of our house and wiped out just about all of our stuff, including that new springform pan. I just bought a new one today! (along with some extra cream cheese) Have had over 50 of these birthday celebrations and don’t really want a whole lot of anything, well, except maybe some good eats. No close family nearby other than my dear wife so it’ll probably be a quiet day at home mostly.


Hey, happy September @irishred!
I just did a fat fast today (after the ten day vacation that amounted to at least a 5 lb weight gain and entirely too much protein!). When I checked my blood ketones last night, they were at only 0.3 ugh!
Thus, the fat fast, since I was too “into” eating after being on a 16:8 and even having breakfast yesterday :open_mouth: I knew I wouldn’t make a full fast today, I just “had to have” some butter and cream cheese, coconut oil, HC and a wee bit of pepperoni. It was a pretty heavy fat fast to be honest!
Anyway, tomorrow the plan is to straight-up fast; water, salt and probably some coffee. If I make the evening alright I’m contemplating taking this fast right through until Wednesday or Thursday.
I feel like I need to jump right back in and get myself back to burning some body fat! But, time will tell…I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I’m glad I’m working tomorrow and Tuesday, that will help me to keep my mind OFF of eating. Let the head games begin!


Hey, hope that cheesecake is spectacular, have a happy day!


Happy Birthday and congratulations on your weight goal!
One new day at a time and we can find success, I love the hope and help we get from each other as well. KCKO and may your next birthday see you at that -20 or -30 you have in mind!


Happy Birthday Liz! It is a wonderful thing that you are starting another year with keto and if in your toolbox of health. Hope it is a year filled with joy, fun, and love.


Switching it up is also good for the keeping quiet the little voices that tempt us astray. Mentally it just seems to keep the “I am being deprived” messages away. Hope the week goes well for you.


What will Labor Day be this year for you? Feast or fast? I don’t really associate it with eating like a lot of people do. I deeply appreciate those who work hard and provide the goods and services that make my life better, but have never had eating related celebrations on the day.


It is a wonderful week for celebrating your Birthday, especially with your wife. Maybe to liven it up just a bit you should put on some of your favorite music, tell some of your favorite stories from birthday past, laugh, and enjoy your keto cheese cake as you start a new year. Happy Birthday to you!


It is certainly a huge shouting match in the mind to get back on the straight and narrow pathway of keto and if. Did it help to start with the fat fast? I have not tried that for transitioning back to strict eating plan. Does it help with the mind talk? Did it make it easier to water fast? I hope your day today goes smoothly.

(Jim Russell) #17

Since I’m in Texas, there is a pretty good likelihood that September will be sizzlin’. :bacon:

Since today is a holiday I’m feasting today. Maybe tomorrow too. Then it’ll be time to start on an extended fast, I think.

I tend to do intermittent fast most days. I rarely eat before 3 or 4 pm and stop eating around 10 or 11pm. Not something I plan, it just comes naturally for me with this WOE. That’s on my off days. I work 12 hour shifts at night, so on days I work I don’t eat until after I’m at work, usually I eat starting at 9 - 10pm and stop eating around 6 am. So I naturally gravitate towards a 16:8ish IF almost every day. I’m not strict about it. As long as I’m not doing an extended fast, if I’m hungry I will eat.

Hope everyone is doing well and has a great month.


Well, I think the fat fast was a real help, because it felt indulgent and yet I know it is a good thing at the same time…so, a win overall.
As for today, I’m starting it out right with water, salt and some coffee…so far, so good and a busy day of nursing before me will help as well!

(Brian) #19

Oh, we’ll do a few things together, I’m sure. :wink: Didn’t know how much I should say here…

Thanks for the kind wishes! :slight_smile:


In the USA, it is an end of summer celebatory day. Many families and friends get together for huge picnic type meals. I am IFing this morning and will be having pork ribs (I don’t like BBQ sauce so they will be nude) cole slaw, cherry tomatoes in keto mayo and raspberries with whipped cream. Had steak last night so ribs it is today.

Editing to add, I will do a fast for the next 36 hrs. at least after I finish off eating today.