Sizzlin' September


Ah…I think someone greased the wagon with bacon nectar, becuase I just fell off the fasting wagon after about 22 hours :smiley:
I had a too stressful day and decided that eating bacon, eggs and a cauliflower pizza was a great idea tonight. I had salt and water all day, but I couldn’t deal with the stress and wanted the comfort of yummy food this evening.
My FBG was 99 this morning and 76 tonight before I began to indulge. I’m OK with it, and happy to keep it Keto.


SO here goes another day…FBG is currently 103 :frowning: Maybe I can get through a 24-36 hr fast or more starting as of 8PM last night…
The Dawn Phenomenon is just so irritating to me…

(Robert Eilers) #23

While working night shift I tend to fast as I transition into my weekend. I find that if I eat while I am supposed to be asleep by cortisol and insulin levels are too high and everything goes straight to my gut. Literally. It is hard to find other night shift workers who are trying to be healthy to talk to though so most of what I do is just experimenting.


Hey y’all… been reading this thread and staying inspired. I just haven’t posted because I’ve been traveling and not fasting. I began to feel very bloated after eating out three times a day with my travel companions. Not used to that!!

But now I’m home for a week and so am IFing again – I already feel so much better! (Despite having an extremely painful hip flexor sprain, ugh…)

(Doug) #25

Back on the horse, so to speak. 9 ounces of tuna today, and a big black coffee. Giddyup, Fatboy!

(Kevin) #26

It’s hard to let go of old patterns of gluttony - certain foods which used to be for comfort, celebration, habit, etc. “Let’s get that because it’s been a while since we had it.”

And you know - it’s not that great. A little bit of tasting good, but overall a big letdown. Wasn’t much of anything but a big letdown. Not worth it to eat those carbs. Some months are going by, getting a little better at keto.

(Brian) #27

Went over to a friend’s house last weekend for supper. Wasn’t too hard as it was a light meal and with what was offered, I kinda made my own salad. Worked very well. But dessert was an apple crisp, and there was really no way to actually eat it and maintain the diet. My wife wanted some and had some. I took a tiny bit on a spoon, maybe a half teaspoon. It was good, but really, I didn’t have a problem saying “no” to any more. I kinda doubt that did any harm to the ketosis.


Wednesday early am here. Feel like doggy doo doo from seasonal allergies and too many carbs. I am going to fast today until supper and then eat strict keto. Need to figure out how to get my head back in charge and not fall back into the old woe.

(Liz ) #29

Hey friends! Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes! I had a super birthday weekend culminating in a (blurred for fasting folks) giant fatty rib eye slathered in Roquefort cream with grilled asparagus After I calculated my macros from that I realized it was a perfect fatty feast from which to launch a fast! So I fasted Monday, Tuesday, and I’m still fasted today! This is my longest so far. Previously I made it to 47 hours before stopping due to period related migraine. I read everything anyone writes about their specific fasting experiences so I can understand what might or might not happen and it’s been SO helpful! I have been using heavy cream in my morning coffee so it’s not a strict fast, but I’ve been using lots of pink salt and water all throughout the day. I’ve had almost no hunger even when I fixed my husband something for dinner last night! Astonishing. And no headache. Maybe just a little bit of blood pressure related light headedness when standing up too fast. I haven’t had too many psychological struggles with missing food either though it will be nice to eat again eventually lol. I was a bit nervous because pre-keto I’ve always felt nausea when drinking water on an empty stomach but that hasn’t been an issue while fasting, I’ve no idea why.

I’m not fasting for weightloss per-se though I’ve probably got 25 more pounds to go. I did want to reset my set point if needed, improve insulin sensitivity, and maybe get some autophagy working on this flabby skin suit I seem to be wearing nowadays :smile:

Anyway, hope everyone is well, love checking in here to hear your struggles and triumphs. Everyone sharing their experiences makes this a wonderful place!


I was a night shift worker for three years, stopped about 1 year ago. It was really hard and I feel your “pain”. Most everyone just gobbled “whatever” and I was trying to do keto for a while. It didn’t last…then I tried the alternate day fast and found I just ate every bad food that I could on my eating day…
At least you have this forum to reach out and get some encouragement.
I would try to get the best sleep you can and be sure to take some supplemental D3 as well…There’s probably a lot more to do as well, but one thing at a time and hopefully your job itself isn’t too stressful?
Best wishes for finding a way that will work!


Hiya Liz,

It sounds like you are really having a great fasting experience, congrats on the extended version too! Woo-hoo!
I came back after vacation and kept trying to fast, but I was working the first three days back and the stress was too much. I only managed IF for 20-22 hrs each day.
Today, I don’t have to work and I’m planning to try again, I feel a lot better and think I may be able to get in a 3 day fast, break it on Sunday morning when I go to a yummy after church breakfast! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So, I’m into the Celtic sea salt, drinking water and some black coffee, though I’ll move onto herb tea shortly.
I think it’s interesting how you can make food for someone else, and once your head is “in the right place” it doesn’t seem to pose any great temptation.
As I’ve mentioned somewhere here before, I feel like it is almost easier to fast than it is for me to eat…uh, eat “normally” I think is more appropriate. I enjoy eating entirely too much and learning to eat in moderation is not coming easily to me, even now. But I suppose that is a whole different issue!
I’m also looking for the reset point and improving insulin sensitivity, but some weight loss would be nice too!


I feel you @irishred,

Sometimes the head games are just not so easily overcome, especially if you’ve over-carbed and you feel icky to boot.

Keep checking in here, I’ll be peeking in and you know you can lean on the folks here at the forums for some support. I’m fasting right now, ready to drop some more salt on my tongue and start a pot of herb tea…then back to being busy! Cleaning, sorting items for a possible yard sale and whatever I can do to keep away from the food thoughts :smiley:

Strict keto tonight sounds like a great plan too. What does that usually look like for you, just some buttery eggs and bacon or a burger with cheese and some creamed cauliflower? Maybe a few fat bombs to finish it all off? Hahahaha, me and my “Not” thinking about food, mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!!!

(Liz ) #33

I hear you on trying but not finding it a good time to fast. I had many false starts before this! But reading how folks kept trying and eventually found a good natural fasting groove gave me confidence to keep at it. And the peace of mind I could stop any time helps too. I hope you can find your groove! I wish I could drink my coffee black but it just tastes so bitter to me. Which I find odd because everything else tastes sweeter or at least less tart since I stopped eating sweet things, only this one thing still tastes bad to me LOL! I guess tart and bitter are different animals.

It’s tough when fasting is easier than eating. I don’t have issues like that anymore but I remember well the struggle. For me, there is a kind of melancholy that food is no longer a drug, I used to use it to give myself a quick high and now it just fills my energy needs. It tastes good, no doubt! But there is no buzz from it so it’s lost a bit of its glow. Well worth the trade off though!! Will have to get my kicks from fasting nowadays lol. KCKO


Oh Lord, I’m hoping that I will lose the “high” of eating…it is really a horror sometimes. Is there anything in particular that changed that for you, or did you just become a “normal” eater? :wink:

(Liz ) #35

Well I’ve been low carb since 2003 so maybe it just takes time? When i went Paleo from Atkins about 6 years ago I did adopt the delusion that I could tolerate maple syrup, honey, fruits. Yeah NO. LOL. Was that me standing at the counter eating half a jar jar of honey with a spoon? Yes it was. So I am very strict Keto now with no deviations and no sweeteners. All my cravings are gone and along with that the effect of food as a soothing agent. I’m sure it’s different for everyone but I hope you get some relief because I know all too well the feeling and it’s so frustrating.


Wow, thank you for this. 2003, wow! That is fantastic!!!
I think it takes time, and I have not given up sweeteners, nor do I yet have any desire to do so. Therefore, it may remain difficult for me, but I’m hopeful that as you suggested, time may be the key.
If I can just stay strict Keto, continue with the fasting and “trust in the process” (that saying drives me nuts!) then perhaps all will work itself out.
I suspect there’s a lot more going on for me with the food addiction and it will likely be time that works a lot of that out.

(Liz ) #37

Thank you! I’m so glad I discovered low carb so long ago though I did deviate off the path there with my Paleo delusions lol. Yes it’s all totally complicated for each person but we all eventually (I hope) find what works for us. For me the hardest part of all this has been patience!!


Good to hear you are fasting so successfully for an extended period of time, Liz.

I agree learning about everyone’s experiences helped me when I started EFing. It is so great to have a forum that is in favor of science, n1=experiments, etc.


Ugh yes, patience is something I have prayed for…woops! But really, it is worth it and you are inspiring for sure. I don’t hear of so many people who have been maintaining a VLCHF lifestyle for any length of time…especially 14 years. That is incredible!
It stared with Atkins? You must have such a wealth of knowledge now that you can help others who see your success.

(Liz ) #40

Thank you! Yes I like to research things to death so you all are my people! Haha!